My Husband Has Been Sending a Friend Money

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"I was on my husbands phone because mine died…i was sending money to his mom who we owe for a phone billl…i noticed that he has been sending money to one of our mutual friends that i did not know about so i went to their texts and there was only one that said “coming over tomorrow at 6”…the rest were deleted…so not only has he been sending her money she has also been coming over when I am at work and i didnt even know abouy it…how should i confront ithis?"

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"Actually call out, make him think you want to work, hide in your house somewhere and figure it out for it yourself, that way there’s no misunderstanding"

"call out of work but don’t tell him. leave out and swing back about an hour later or so & catch them"

"Definitely show up to their little meeting and confront them both at the same time"

"hmmm I would leave work early, but park around side where they cant see you if they leave, if they dont, after a little bit walk in house and hopefully you don’t catch them doing anything, if they leave follow them see where they go"

"Yea… I'd call out, go back home. Park a lil ways away and sneak in. See what’s up."

"Don’t let on you know and let them dig themselves in deeper, more evidence you’ve got the better"

"Call off work but leave like your going to work show up at like 615 maybe even park down the block so he doesn’t see or hear you pull up. See whats going on because he could just make something up if you ask"

"Just walk up to him and ask him"

"I would put a nanny cam up."

"I really really hope there is a surprise he is planning or y’all have kids and he is lazy and paying her to watch them so he can do his own thing (which is kind of bad, but not near as bad as it could be). But this is super suspicious… I’d try to get evidence. Like act like you’re going to work but put in a personal day or something and show up out of the blue at home in the middle of your shift."

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