My husband is staying in the hospital while a female co worker gives birth: Advice?

I feel like this is common sense or a fake question. Him not leaving her side… What woman would want any male they don’t have a relationship there? He may be telling her y’all are through and the fact that he didn’t leave for days would be convincing to her. I’d put money on that child being his.

Do you know the name of the co worker? I would call the hospital and ask to be transferred to her room and introduce yourself and ask if there’s anything she needs. It may be possible she doesn’t know about
You. IF your husband is in a relationship with her and IF it is his child I’m sure she’ll tell you or at least be dumbfounded.

Sounds like his kid. I was thinking it before I finished reading your post.

Was he there for the actual birth? Idk this whole situation seems sketchy to me and the fact he lied about it like why. I hope he was just being a good friend but I would prepare yourself girl cause that’s probably his baby. Keep us updated

More than likely, he was there to watch his baby being born. The fact he lied and said he was sleeping at work is a red flag. If he were really there to support his co-worker, he would have stated that. Also, who is that close to a co-worker of the opposite sex that they are allowed to watch you give birth? That’s a very intimate moment.

Definitely lots wrong with this. I’d be assuming it’s his until proved otherwise with a paternity test. I’d show up at the hospital and see whats going on. Maybe hes not the only one there. Hes lying I’d dig deeper

Don’t leave him because he’s the father of his coworker’s baby, leave him because you have to maintain self respect above everything else. When you’re married and there’s lies the only way to get your point across is to hire a realtor to put your house up for sale. When he gets home and sees the sign, he will know.

It could be his kid
It could be he’s just being a good friend to her and staying with her until she gives birth even though that’s kinda odd if they’re just co workers though.
Tell him he want a dna test done on the kid and he’s not allowed back at home until it’s proven it’s not his child.

Nope. That’s his baby or he’s been having a relationship with her while she’s been pregnant with someone else’s baby. Either way. He is invested in her and cheating on you.

Weird… if he had good intentions and wanted to just be a support person he wouldn’t have hid it imo. Along with imo for a man to stay like that it’s got to be like a super close family member or it’s his kid

Girl… Leave now! Any updates? Was it his kid?

He that’s baby daddy!

If I had no family and few friends near me, I’d be more inclined to ask a female co-worker to be there for me during delivery than a male co-worker… but my co-worker(s) would be at the bottom of my list preferred people to be there while I deliver my child.

Why would he feel the need to lie to you about where he was and what he was doing if it was innocent?!

I’d definitely be have a one on one talk with ur husband. And than I’d be having a talk with the so called Co worker. I mean why would he lie to u if something wasn’t up?

I would be gone!!! You already know that he is the father of that child!!! If she was really just a co worker he would have talked to you about her and told you she was expecting and asked you to be there also so she had female support also!!! Don’t be stupid

100% the father. You are being played.

There was a recent post by Steve Harvey the black TV show host and comedian… He was asked by a women’s talk show I don’t know if it was The View or not. But they asked him. "So who are your women-girl friends"Friends? He said I do not have women friends I have a wife! She is all I need! He said I know how men think and having a women friend is not possible for men without thinking hoping for a sexual relationship! What a smart man and a lucky wife!

The fact that he lied about it is what makes me suspicious. It may not be his, but I would definitely wonder if something was going on, at the least, because he felt the need to lie about it.

I would think this is his kid too with the lies honestly. If he didn’t lie about it I would be more understanding.

I hope he is just helping out but my gut feels different. I hope it all works out for you.

Don’t go to the hospital. She’ll be out in a few days. Let her take care of the baby and ask questions after. A couple days isn’t going to change whether or not he is the father.

Call the hospital, and ask what their labor and delivery policy is currently. I do not recommend going in as you will probably be kept out, or arrested. Contacting a lawyer is probably your best starting point. Do you really want to be with a man who’s doing this regardless if it’s his child?

He lied to you, a huge lie. That would honestly be enough to not believe a single word he’d have to say. How did he manage to become a “support” person to a woman that you don’t even know the name of?

Aww I’m so sorry girl. That is a terrible situation to be in. My thoughts are with you. Let us know what happened!

My husband is the type who would do something like this, but he would tell me and make sure I was okay with it first. He wouldn’t lie about it because there wouldn’t be a reason to. For me, the lying is really the red flag.

Sounds to me like the baby is his. The only other thought would be she is close like family and he has had her involved with you and everyone like family.

If there was nothing to hide, he would have confided in you,
Hell if im wrong I’ll be the first to apologise,
I think there’s a lot more to this story,
Good or bad you have a right to know, why he kept you in the dark.
Hope you find the answers your looking for

The red flag to me is he lied about where he was at. Had he been up front, I don’t think I would have questioned. Id confront both parties at the same time.

The only thing weird is you knowing nothing about her. I have a very close male friend that would be there for me through ANYTHING. However, our spouses know each other and they know how close we are.

my first thought was that’s his kid

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Oh girl…I’d be finding out asap. Men don’t just randomly go to hospitals while coworkers deliver their babies.

The fact that he lied means he knows it is wrong. Very suspicious.

Ouch. That would be him staying with his new child and women. Women don’t ask male Co workers to be a hand at delivery

I hope for your sake you don’t have children with him. Leave this man. On every level this is wrong because he lied about it. Something is going on.

If it was important he would have told you or asked you to go with to support. That’s so freaking messed up. I’d pack up and be gone before he got back

Sounds like your friend is right. If he was close enough friends with her to stay at the hospital don’t you think you would know her.

Ooooo it kinda sounds like that might be his baby😬 he lied to you and you had no idea about this woman at all so yeah you need to look into this. Thats his baby

Go to the hospital & see for yourself what’s going on !!

Ask him the inches and oz of the baby. If he knows it, it’s def :triangular_flag_on_post: as men NEVER care to know that stuff unless it’s there’s. Barely even then do they know it honestly. Lol

He lied :lying_face: to you. That’s his baby, sorry to tell you that.

Yep he’s lying. It’s his kid or they’re at least involved.

Go to hospital demand to see birth certificate and see if he signed it

Yeah… why would he lie about it if there was nothing to hide? Very weird to me.

All them locks would be changed and his stuff would be outside waiting on him.

Sounds like a douchbag run far away take everything he has…It’s not a good marriage if he is lying to you

My husband would never ever think that is okay. Red flags!

If they were close, you would’ve known her

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I’d be headed to the hospital to meet your husband’s baby :baby:

If he’s okay with lying to you about where he’s sleeping he’s okay with lying to you about everything else

I definitely would say it’s his kid.

hes definitely the babys father

My first thought was it’s his baby. Why would he be there with her for multiple days?! Plus he lied…it’s his baby.

Oh that’s definitely his kid :laughing:

Sounds more like it’s his baby. Why would he lie about sleeping at the office?

That baby is his baby most likely.

I need an update on this :eyes:

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Do you all have any children? Be interesting to know the name of the father listed on the birth certificate.

Lol. Seriously he is the Daddy or why lie

I think it’s his kid too.

Shady. Maybe you need to drop by, you know with flowers. Unexpectedly.

Just have a conversation with your husband

Sounds like that’s HIS baby

Well it’s probably his baby so…

I need an update on this :eyes:

Congrats…you have a new step child

I’d be investigating everything.

No this isn’t normal baby. Eff him!

99.9% his child.

Ermmm that’s he’s baby! :woman_facepalming:t3:

If she’s a “friend” & you’ve never heard of her, & they’re so close he’s staying with her after giving birth, & lying , You can pretty much bet that it’s his baby. Kick him out, file for a divorce. You should also introduce yourself as his wife to her :rofl::rofl:


Yes, it’s very odd. :triangular_flag_on_post::triangular_flag_on_post::triangular_flag_on_post::triangular_flag_on_post::triangular_flag_on_post::triangular_flag_on_post::triangular_flag_on_post::triangular_flag_on_post::triangular_flag_on_post:

Your best friend is right, obviously

Thats his baby. Otherwise why lie

People telling her to go to the hospital… That’s just wrong… Yes if it’s his, he’s wrong, but this coworker may have no idea he’s married, plus you are telling her to go disturb a patient… In a maternity ward at that which yet wouldn’t allow her in there anyways I’m the maternity area

If he’s not doing something wrong, you would’ve known about it. I don’t know a single person that would do that for a co-worker! I’m sorry, but that is most definitely his baby!

I’m not saying it’s his kid but… it’s his kid.

Yea that sounds like it’s his kid

He wanted to be there for the birth of his child.

I’d dig a little deeper. An honest man would have told you where he was and why. When I gave birth to my son one of my friends stayed with me (male) and he told his girlfriend where he was and why he was doing it. She wasn’t happy but she ultimately just said “that’s so sweet of you” and dropped it. There were no ill intentions, therefore nothing to hide.

Your situation seems off :grimacing:

If it were innocent or true, he wouldn’t have felt the need to lie in the first place.

That’s his baby.

I would think the child is his…

Ohhhh… that’s 100% his child :neutral_face:

You don’t know what to think? Write up some divorce papers pack his bags. :wave:

Weird that he didn’t tell you and weird that he lied.

If he has nothing to hide why lie?

You cannot be in the hospital unless your the other parent Covid rules still exist in the hospitals …. So sorry this is happening to you

I think he had an affair behind ur back and got her pregnant

There’s no way in hell a “friend” that’s a male would be in the room with MY vagina in the air if it ain’t HIS child :bangbang::bangbang::bangbang::bangbang:

Can you update us if he was lying?

This has to be his kid. He never mentioned wanting to be there, so he is hiding something.

ain’t no way in hell. I’m sorry but I’d be at that hospital before even finishing typing up this post. My husband was deployed while I gave birth to our first daughter. I’d rather birth alone than have a random ass man or “coworker” in the delivery room. This man is lying his ass off. Support my ass lol. There’s no way this post is real. I’d be in there with dna testing and divorce papers.

I’d call and get records of his text messages and calls, so the stupid m*ther f**ker can’t gaslight you into believing somehow you’re crazy for feeling this way. That way you have 10000% proof. Because the hospital isn’t going to tell you anything and chances are both of them will lie to you. So find out the facts before you do anything else.

Ok so most men never want to be at a hospital honestly :roll_eyes: let’s be real so if he’s tht invested and lying to you it’s a major red flag it’s definitely his child without a doubt I’d put money on it. If they were tht close of friends you’d know her by now. And I’m sorry no female giving birth wants a strange male co worker there while she’s giving birth come on now that’s a sentimental, bonding time of parents and I wouldn’t just want any random person there if I had no family & friends I just do it alone! Don’t walk run and file for divorce!

Honey it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what’s goin on there. You answered your own question sweetie… I’d go get evidence and take it to court where hopefully you’ll be getting a divorce!!! If you believe that sack of :poop: story then play baby sitter to your husbands side chick baby after they come home from the hospital

I’m not sure who the bigger idiot is-him or you.

All of his shit would be packed and waiting on the porch for him when he returned. :woman_shrugging:t3:

The fact he lied to say he was at work makes it sound like that’s his baby :woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging:

1 it’s his kid 2 if she was just a friend why lie about it 3. It’s his kid pack his stuff and drop it off at the hospital.

Go sleep at a males home, tell him som BS nonsense lying excuse. Then tell us how that goes.

You know already the answer

Girl…I’m not trying to be mean or ugly but maybe some tough love.

Stop being this naive. You know dang well what’s up. You’re just afraid to admit it to yourself.

If this were your best friend in this position what would you tell her?

Now, look in the mirror and be your own best friend cause honey, that man is in the hospital with his baby mama.

He has showed you he is a liar as well as sneaky…theres nothing else to know.You need to be done done…Also that is his child, But you already know this, As a woman your gut instinct is talking to you right now.

That is a cheating lying piece of crap …. Leave his arse girl !!!