My husband makes our 9 and 13 year old do yard work: Is that okay?

We started mowing and weedeating at 6 in my house growing up. We lived there. We had chores. It definitely didn’t hurt us. :woman_shrugging:t3:

I think it helps them to give them work to do and help out. I do feel they should be supervised out there though. Also not in extreme heat.


Definitely overreacting.

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As long as he is out supervising then I would say it’s okay. My son has been doing both of those jobs for my mom since he was 9. Now he does it without being asked😂

Make your husband do it

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Kids need to learn to be responsible and working around the home helps them to learn and teaches them skills they will use the rest of their lives … more kids should be cleaning the house, cooking and doing the yard work … great job dad!

YES that’s great and amazing. Teach them discipline and that serving others is what matters. I’m surprised y’all didn’t do it earlier. I had to pick up trash, poop, and toys every time we mowed until I was 7, then my step dad had me doing the mowing. There ain’t nothing wrong with what your husband did. You should be proud.

This post is the reason kids are the way they are these days. I’m sorry but a 9 and 13 year old are perfectly able to do almost every chore there is especially yard work.


Be glad they electric tools to do it. When i was 11 we didnt have a weed eater so had to the edges of the yard with sheep scissors. Back then we hated doing yard work. But today i am glad my dad showed us how to do all these things including improvising when we didnt have the right tools.

You are over reacting and baby’ing your kids! Let them learn ‘life skills’ early!


Are you kidding right now?

He is teaching them a valuable life lesson. Responsibility for one. Hire someone… Lawd hammercy… Im glad he has them do it. They will appreciate it and have an awesome feeling of self worth! Started them kinda late though.

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I’m not saying they should do everything in the categories and make them slaves but this chart is more of like a guideline of what’s more appropriate for children to learn or should have know by those ages! My kids do most of these when they were these ages (all grown up now tho). Teaching independence and how to do basic work duties around the house are important in every child’s life.

Your husband has the right idea. Teach the kids some life skills along as they are supervised nothing wrong with a bit of hard work! My kids all help out with house work and gardening and have done since they were little. If they can operate technology I.e tablets phones ect then they are quite capable of helping out with chores!

Nothing wrong with helping and chores. Makes them learn responsibly.

Your husband is making your kids do chores?! Oh my god how dare he teach them to become responsible adults! :joy::joy:


Not too young at all

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You have a wonderful husband. Looking to girls future in the world today. Need responsible things at young age.

Ok this posts kinda makes me upset in a way. It’s because of people like this that the Kidd nowadays do not know hard work. My children have all been doing chores since they were young. It’s not going to kill them , in fact it teaches them! When my children ask for something, I turn around and say,” ok, what chores are you going to do to earn the money for what you want?” Get over it and stop being a helicopter :helicopter: parent and teach those kids responsibility ! Good job husband!

It’s good for them to know how

It is too dangerous for the nine year old. I would hire someone. If you are putting food on the table and working extended hours, it would not hurt him to hire someone. He could not help them if they got hurt.


Nope the girls need to learn responsibilities and help out around the house

My son and soon to be step son are both 7 soon to be 8 and they are already learning to mow the yard and yes they are supervised and my fiancé’s nephew is 12 and we pay him to mow the yard sometimes as well

Nope my kids are learning the same thing right now. My kids ages are 13 12 10… Good for them to know responsibility.

I wanted to cut grass and yard work but was not allowed until mid teens. If they are capable of it, you are setting them up to not be reliant on another. Please let them learn anything considered “the man’s job”.

The fact this is being asked is just reinforcement of my belief the new generations are screwed from childhood


This is how children LEARN how to be responsible, self-sufficient., independent. Kids now a days don’t have that, cause parents do everything for them!!


My 6 year old operates one with no issues. I was never taught to weed whip and mow grass as a kid and honestly wish my parents did. I literally learned at 34 years old from my husband because I wanted to know what to do should something happen to him. It’s something everyone should know how to do and is a valuable skill for when they own their own homes someday. I think your husband is correct on this one.

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My kids have done all chores and yard work since they were like 8 or 9 i dont feel like they are too young to be doing any of that

I was mowing 2 acres at 13yrs old…stop coddling your children & make them learn responsibilities.I was also making full meals,doing laundry,washing dishes,& babysitting by 10yrs old.There’s absolutely nothing wrong with children learning wtf manual labor is about

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They are definitely old enough. Teaches respect, responsibility keeps them active and that hard work pays off


Sounds like a great dad.

This is teaching them and building character. They will have to know how to do basic chores one day so why not start now. I believe you should be teaching children basics as soon as they are able to comprehend how to pick up their toys when they are done playing with them. The basics.

Side note:

I am a restaurant manager and I have to teach 18 YEAR OLDS HOW TO SWEEP A FLOOR.


I think it’s good that your husband is not only teaching the girls a little hard work ethic, but also looking out for you!This may be more about you than you realize. You said you’ve been overloaded with work and not able to do these things like you normally do- your husband probably noticed the struggle you were having, and he took action. That is a good partner- and good parent.
As long as he taught them proper safety and gives supervision until they’re pro’s- it’s totally acceptable for them to be doing yard work…and other chores.

Well done to there dad.

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thts good hes showing them… they wont have to depend on a man to get it done!!!

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Yes they’re totally capable and should be helping. It will teach them a good work ethic

I get ur safety concern. I don’t think weedeating is a good thing. But mowing absolutely. My 7 year old cuts our grass. She loves to help. She also knows the value of money.

Why is this killing them at least one of the parents has good sense

I was going the lawn at this age range. I don’t think there is anything wrong with it. It teaches them to be self sufficient, and have an understanding that chores and household that’s should take priority over spare play time.


Good for him…kids need chores…teaches them responsibility!


They eventually need to learn to help out at some point and especially if they are glued to they’re phone and tablets it’s good to detach and be hands on , it’ll teach them skills for when they grow up

Heck I was helping my grandpa do all that and then some at 5 so no, not unacceptable.

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No not to young at all I was doing yard work at 9. Its also really good for them.

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Gives them responsibilities

Hell no they are not to young at all

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I started mowing and weedeating when I was 7 years old. Had a full time job as a landscaper at age 15. He’s teaching them responsibility. Kids these days are way too spoiled and are clueless when it comes to simple shit in life. Good for daddy for doing this.

Yes my kids now and weed eat , the older one 11 weed eats and mows the middle kid 9 mows and is learning to weed eat and we let the 4 year old ride with an adult when we do the bigger yard with a riding mowing and he helps pick up sticks ect …they are the right age

At 9 and 13 of curc their old enough! Their isnt anything they shouldnt be able to do at that age to be honest

What? That’s awesome that he took the initiative and those girls will one day appreciate the hard work they’re being taught. Your hubby is doing the right thing IMO


My sisters & I always did yard work at early ages. It’s totally fine

Go Dad, kids these days go off to college and have no cooking and cleaning skills. Stop babying your kids. My son has been doing his own laundry, cleans his bathroom and knows how to cook. Skills were taught in cub scouts when he was younger and we continue adding on to his responsibilities every year. He’s 12 now. Our child could probably survive on his own now.

Nope it’s not wrong. It’s good they learn and do things on the outside of the house.

They are absolutely old enough it’s good for them to contribute to the family. It’s perfectly fine for your husband to have expectations and boundaries there’s nothing wrong with yard work to earn screen time.

Never too young to learn, kids in 3rd world countries have it worse.

Hes teaching them responsibility. Be proud of him and them.


I see nothing wrong with anything your husband did. He’s actually teaching them a valuable lesson. Is he out there monitoring? Did he explain safety? Taking their devices away was also a valuable lesson.

Smh…no he not wrong that’s the problem with the world now children need to learn and be taught how to do things and he doing a awesome job if I would say they are learning life skills that they may need one day…

It only helps them be better adults to give them responsibilities like that. I did it when I was I kid :woman_shrugging:t3:

Is this a serious question? Teaching children responsibility?


My brother had a full time job lawn mowing. Making money on the side at 13. Kids need this, it is healthy . Builds confidence.

My 9 year old will help with yard work, she needs help getting the mower started but she’s more than capable. I’m a single parent of 4 and I really appreciate when they help

They’re not too young. You shouldn’t have to pay someone when the kids are perfectly capable. I have my 5 year old folding her own clothes.


There is nothing wrong with them doing chores. If you look at past generations, kids always did chores including yard work & plowing fields. Good for your husband. He’s raising badass women.


My daughter is 10 and she helps! If they can work a tablet/phone they can work a lawn mower& washing machine!!


I think it’s a good learning experience. As long as they are supervised I don’t see a problem with it.


Never too young to learn to help out, they live there they help that’s how we raised ours

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I was mowing the lawn when I was 12

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Are you trying to raise sissy ass girls? I can’t believe that you would even put this out here in fb land looking for a debate on this! That’s the problem with this world today and no one wanting to WORK! QUIT CODDLING them and by all means it’s not like your husband is having them climb trees and do chainsaw work, it’s just lawnmower and easy peasy weed eater. They want phones, I-pads and internet right? So why not make them
Earn those commodities and teach them the necessities of life. Furthermore your husband is trying to help mold them into young women who won’t be dependent on a man for everything.

Me and my brother were 8 and 9 when we started mowing the lawn. My daughter is 13 and helps her grandfather mow and do other lawn related things.
The kids these days don’t know how to get a little dirty. They don’t know how to earn things that they want, it is just given to them. That is the problem.

It is totally okay…as long as he gives them the safety talk and provides safety glasses…it won’t hurt them…will make them stronger

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My parents made me cut the grass and weedwack before I was 10.

No when I was 9 my parents had me throwing the trash and mowing the backyard

You are over reacting. He is a Great father.


I think its a good thing to teach kids young to do any kind of chore it builds a strong work ethic at a young age bravo to dad for teaching them how to contribute to the household and it takes the responsibility off of you :blush:


Omg yes its ok, they are capable to do work and learn some responsibility


Really? I was shovelling the walks and mowing the lawn without supervision by 7 years old. You leave your kids in a bubble for too long they will develop slower in the real world as well.


ONE IS A TEENAGER and the other is perfectly fine to do it. ESPECIALLY under circumstances listed. Stop being a helicopter parent they will be fineeeesw

Are you kidding? Honey my generation did it and we grew up fine.


Its a great way to show your children ther are capable, loved, valuable. They learned that their contribution to the family is valuable. The things they have like phones and tablet are earned because they are capable. You love them enough to trust them. Thats what I learned anyway. My dad always expected me to help. I started out with the weed eater and edger at about 8. I even had to fix it if it got tangled. Put gas in the mower etc. It a great way to start teaching them for the real world. Time goes by so fast.

I don’t think she was looking to be bashed by others. We ALL parent differently.

Personally, I don’t think 9 is too young and definitely don’t think 13 is too young. My 10 year old will push mow and weedeat. He doesn’t do it every time, but he does occasionally. I think in this situation, it’s important to be more grateful your husband is taking initiative to 1.) teach them life lessons and make them knowledgeable on what we have to do as adults. 2.) take some of the burden off of you with working long hours. 3.) finding a way to get it done since he can’t do it himself.


My son has been pushing a mower and using a weed eater since he was 5. Supervised always. He’s now 10 and makes money mowing and weed eating our neighbors lawns. … It’s a good skill to have. Good on their father for having them do some work.

Our daughters have helped us with the yard work since they were little. It teaches them hard work and that everyone should contribute to the upkeep of the household

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Absolutely agree with your husband he’s teaching them responsibility


Wish more parents were like that!!!

Not at all teaches them to be responsible and get them off their electronics which in my opinion is ruining our young people… great job dad!!!

My kids do all kinds of work. I’m all for it. Life skills and lessons.


I used to cut weeds with a machete when I was 10 with my grandpa I think your kid is safer then I was lmao


My kids are 2 and 4 and they clean up after themselves and help with chores (sweeping, mowing, yard work, ect) and they love it. We always make it fun but it still teaches them responsibility


They are too young to be attached to electronics and absolutely should be doing chores! Oh my god I cant believe a parent even asked this🤦‍♀️


Life skills! Growing up mowing was my brother’s job, now as a single again adult woman I don’t know how to use mine. Teach them young.

as long as he is supervising, ABSOLUTELY!

Lol they’re plenty old…

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Yes mom you are totally overreacting. They should be doing their own laundry, cleaning the bathroom and kitchen, vacuum mop food and put their clothes away. Clean out the fridge…life lessons mom

I think it’s great. My son has been mowing since 9. They just need to be supervised for safety.


That just means that daddy isnt gonna let them rely on a man to do yard work and house. Independence like that isn’t always taught to young women nowadays. I know I damn sure did and my daughter’s 3 about to turn 4 she loves helping do yard work planting flowers raking leaves mowing the grass as along as someone else is driving the push mower and she’s sitting in a lap. He is being the perfect role model for then girls teaching them what a real man is suppose to do but also showing them that they don’t always need a man to rely on in life to depend on themselves.

U better put them kids to work!!!

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Really… They can work

Lmao…My 9 and 13 yo boys mow the lawn, help chop wood, help oil changes, rotate tires, clean chicken pens, rabbit houses, pick weeds, clean garbage up, do dishes, cook…eat ect… if they don’t learn it now they never will.

Never too young to learn hard work! He’s doing them a favor! It builds character, a sense of responsibility and appreciation.

It’s a good learning experience, for sure! My kids help with yard work. 7 & 9. Both help with weeds and the pusher.

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My neighbors 8 year old girl knows how to get things done.
She will grow up to be strong and independent!