My husband makes our 9 and 13 year old do yard work: Is that okay?

Should I be upset with my husband for making our 13 and 9-year-old daughters mow and weed eat? Let me start off by saying my husband is paraplegic and can’t really use a mower in his wheelchair though he does weed-eat sometimes. I work full time, and I usually keep up with the mowing and weed eating, but we are short-staffed at the moment, and I am working 50-60 hour weeks sometimes at the hospital, so I’ve been slacking. I wanted to hire someone. Instead of paying someone to mow, he bought a small electric weed eater for my nine-year-old and had her weed eat, and my 13-year-old mow while I was at work. He took their phones and tablets away from them until it was done. Am I wrong for thinking they’re too young for this kind of work? Especially the nine-year-old operating a weed eater?? He thinks I’m overreacting. Do your kids mow??

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I don’t think they are too young to do yard work. 13 yr old mowing grass is great. If 9yr old was properly taught how to weed eat and safety then I’m ok with it.

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Mikki Sexton
They’ll be better off for giving them chores like this. Good for your husband putting them to work. Relax, mom, they’re not made of glass. I did all that kind of stuff from the time I was 6 years old, started washing dishes, vacuuming, dusting, progressed to other things as I got older. Creates a good work ethic and responsibility. Bravo, Dad!!

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Honestly if they are capable of using the tools properly I think it’s wonderful they are learning to help. They will learn to respect your dedication for working as hard as you are for your family while learning how to help the disabled. I think it will help them appreciate more the sacrifices you all make. If you google age appropriate chores these may or may not pop up and even then children should be learning responsibility from a young age to be successful on their own!

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Seriously by 7 i had to vacuum floors, 9 I was learning cook and clean house,by 10 taking care of my siblings, washed laundry in a wringer washer. I had to help cut the lawn and roto-till thegarden. It is long past your girls learning to help, your husband is doing right by teaching them that they are part of a family everyone has to help. It also keeps them off their electronics. They will be better people by learning some responsibility and pride in doing a job . Stand behind your husband on this one.

This is what is wrong with our society today. Kids being pampered and people thinking it’s mistreating them to make them help out around the house. Get over it. It’s good for them. Teaches responsibility and to work for what they want. Should not be hiring anyone to do yardwork when two able bodied members of the family can help out. Give your husband a hug for being a loving father.

I come from a family where my father is disabled and my mum worked a lot. I have always done house work and yard work. I believe I was about 8 when I first started doing the lawn, and other “heavey duty” tasks. It’s good for them to learn household tasks and have responsibilities.

I was supervised as much as possible and it’s honestly made me a more capable adult in comparison to some friends I have.

I was mowing and using the weed eater by the time I was 10 and I taught both of my boys how to mow and weed eat when they were 11.

I’ve never heard anybody call it a weed eater so that was weird but if your child is 9 years old and Is (in your eyes) old enough to have her own phone then she’s old enough too enough to do some work around the house. Your husband is definitely Doing the right thing. I would be more concerned With why you let a 9 year old have her own phone then I then I am about your husband Making them do yard work. If your husband is watching them making sure they are doing it safely then in my opinion a cellphone is way more dangerous than yard work. Young girls go missing every day from being on social media meeting random people getting abducted. A weed Wacker should be the last of your worries

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. My husband makes our 9 and 13 year old do yard work: Is that okay?

I feel like its fine as long as he is supervising.

Kids need to do chores to learn responsibility…some kids today can’t even cook for themselves and that’s sad…


I was doing yard work at 8. Supervised of course. But we had to help with the yard work.

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It’s okay, teaches them responsibility, and what it’s like to work hard and maintain their home.

My 14 year old and 9 year old do yard work.

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Let them sit around and play video games all day thats better for them

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Learn them young.nothink wrong with that

I don’t think they added to young my 15 , 12,and 9 year old so does yard work and my 15 and 12 year old started when they were 9

My oldest has been mowing lawn since he was 8. He’s 13 now. Nothing wrong with making them do chores. Plus, they should want to help their dad since he can’t do some things.


Yes they absolutely should be helping! Girls especially need to learn things like that anyways so they don’t have to depend on a man to do it for them.

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If they can have a phone and tablet they can mow a yard! Teach them responsibility at a young age!


I think this is great to get your children to do chores. Teaches them responsibility and they will know how to do it when they purchase their own home one day. Plus is very important to be helping there dad out . 13 is a great age!

I have been mowing and weed eating since I was 7 and so had my brother. It’s just something we have always done. With my dad working nights he sleeps during the day. I honestly enjoyed it. Although I wouldn’t have taken phones and stuff. I’d actually have gotten ear phones for them so they could listen to music while they do it.

My 11 year old nephew does yard work . The kids these days need to have chores and hard work.

Definitely overreacting.

Kudos to dad, he solved 2 problems! He taught them the value of hard work, and got them off electronics.


I don’t see the problem here

Nothing wrong with it at all.

It’s definitely not a bad thing they are helping dad while you can’t since your at work. Teaches them to have a good work ethic and if they want something they should work for it.

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I was unloading hay wagons and cleaning horse stalls before those ages. Kids need responsibilities. If you feel like it’s a bad thing. Start an allowance for the things they do. That way it doesn’t feel like overlooked labor. They’re earning something for helping out.

My kids have had chores their whole life

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My best friend and I started hauling that stuff around town looking for jobs when we were 10/11 so I would say it’s ok. I would definitely be closely watching the nine year old though just till they get the hang of it. No reason kids shouldn’t be doing chores, especially when they want phones and tablets.

They are not too young to be helping out. Weed eating and mowing is okay with supervision from an adult. Teach them responsibility so that when they are adults, they dont depend on others to do things for them.

I have been cutting grass since I was 8 yrs old. I love doing yard work

Umm…no…if they are supervised the 9 yr old is good…u guys are not always gonna be there and eventually they will have to be on their own…

My kids 10 and 13 are outside right now mowing the lawn and weeding. I’m not sure what weed eat is , but mine are pulling our weeds by hand. If that’s the weed whacker or edger, I don’t trust them with that, but they both are capable of pushing the lawn mower and bending over to pull the weeds


My kids have been doing this stuff since they were 6… so was I at a young age! If you teach them work hard play hard their lifetime will be a lot easier! My now 15 yr old has our zero turn which he loves because he was used to push mowing! Chores are good just make sure they were pants and actually shoes when doing both!

My boy has been mowing the lawn since he was 9 and as for your daughter i dont think she is too young im sure dad is outside with her nothing wrong with him teaching them work ethics

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Hats off to this dad… This is how it should be

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my oldest starting doing yard work at 8yrs old by doing picking weeds ,planting flowers and by the time she was 12 she was moming the yard,and weed wacking and it looked really good,nothing wrong with kids doing yard work.

The old saying says never to old or young to learn my son was on a mower at 8 and loved being on it

It is good for them to learn they can help and do things they might not have thought they could. Would you think they were too young if they were boys. I think it is great for them.

This is why children today grow up with zero work ethic.


My 6 almost 7 year old helps push mow. Weed eating i feel shes too young. At 9 with safety glasses I wld think is fine. 13 most definitely can do both. Kids now a days aren’t raised like we were. Show them responsibility they don’t need to live on electronics

Every kid should do yard work and house work. There’s no gender roles when it comes to taking care of your home. If you don’t teach them now they will have a mess home.

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That’s what wrong with the world today. Kids need more responsibilities. Nothing wrong with doing chores. Go Dad!!


My kids help and mow all the time so nothing wrong with it they have chores to do teaches them responsibilities

I didn’t even need to read the explanation on why, lmfao, YES it’s ok, it’s teaching your children to care for their homes, to care for the things they work hard for. Period point blank . It’s not abuse , I used to pick weeds and do yard work if I said I was bored at home, there’s always something to be done and help mom and dad with, period lol

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Your husband is right

Deffo not. My son who’s 10 helps do our gardens. He likes using the mower. They need to learn something isnt just natually done, it takes hard work but it worth it at the end to see the results. Me and my son tend to bond too cos I show him what plants are what, same with bugs, show him how to get the edges of the garden with the mower. Better than him sat in on his Xbox or phone.

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Let them work teach them young


As long as they’re supervised I don’t see a problem. This is actually good to give them chores to prepare for life in the future.


Honestly this is really good experience for them. I wouldn’t stress over it, they’re definitely old enough to learn these things. More parents need to make their kids do yardwork imo

Yes, they live with you they need to help out!!! Chores never hurt anyone. Don’t make them lil snowflakes.

Just as long as someone is supervising i don’t see a problem

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I think it’s fantastic to teach your kids how to adult.
They need these important life skills, and many more.
Way to go Dad!


He’s teaching them life skills, I would let him


Way to go dad! Life skills :100:
Teaching them to not have to depend on a man!


It teaches them to work for what they want. Smh they aren’t too young and it teaches them a skill.


The is absolutely no reason why they can’t do it

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I think it’s ok. Out/in side doesn’t matter. We did chore growing up and it didn’t hurt us.
Plus it gets them off their phones.
They are big enough to learn and help around the house.

I thought the same way until I got my but out there and mowed after a long day of work and my brother yelled at me I have a 240 pound 12 year old that is more then capable of doing yard work.

No kids need to learn how to earn. If they don’t they become selfish and rude plus they probably think they don’t got work because they got you

I had to do all of that at those ages. :woman_shrugging:t2:

i’m on ya husband’s side wit this one :woman_shrugging:t3:

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My now 15 year old son has been mowing grass since he was 7, weedwhacking since he was 9, now he doesn’t have to be asked, he can cook, do dishes, vacuum and sweep, hes been doing these things since he was 6. Currently he is working with his brother in law doing roofs at 40 to 50 hours a week. Raising children to be self sufficient is what this world needs more of.


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: my kids are taking part of a 50 yard challenge where they mow the yards of 50 people in the community. My youngest will be 7 next sun. Your kids are fine, it will build character


Those girls definitely need to be doing yard work. There is absolutely nothing wrong with what he is doing, and I give him props as a father for teaching them how to be INDEPENDENT young women


Give dad thumbs up teaching them skills when they get older


How will kids learn to work if parents dont show them what hard work is?
People wonder why the generations are getting worse ?
Because while the parents have tried to be softer on their kids over the years they are also actually debilitating them.
Stop babying your kids or they wont function when they are adults. Plain and simple.
I have so many friends that were babied as kids and now they cant properly take care of themselves yet alone hold down a job and are always running back to their parents to fix it.
The friends that were raised like me(raised by my grandmother personally)
Are a lot more respectful and understand a hard days work and don’t just go looking for a hand out.
When I receive help its because I’ve had to set my pride aside not because I’m lacking.

Put those boys to work. Especially with you working so much and your husband unable to do what he would prefer. Make those boyse learn what it is to be a man.

Your husband has the right idea. Kids now a days feel entitlement. Raising kids wth responsibility leads to integrity n strong morals.


My step son is 8 and has been helping with years work since he was 6 obviously easy things and then gradually going from there.
Your husband is in a wheelchair for crying out loud. Your children can help him when he needs it……

My husband and I started out both our boys at 10 learning to mow and 13 learning to weedeat.

My 10 and 13 year old help their dad with yard work all the time🤣 this chick is crazy

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That’s really awesome they are learning responsibility respect for what you have to keep it nice. I’m jelly I wish my kids would.

My son helped my dad with his yard business mowing lawns and yard work since he was 7. My daughter didnt start till she was 13. I see nothing wrong with it. Help daddy out being his condition thats a given. Teaching responsibility and how to be able to do these things so they dont have to depend on a man or someone else to do the work.

They are plenty old enough to learn how to do yard work. Honestly you should be glad your husband is teaching them work ethic by making them earn their electronics.

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Nothing wrong wit being outside n showing ur girls how to make things happen !! Shhhhhhh i would rather be outside exploring my backyard than seeing dumb shhh on my phone or tablet !! Also they get ready for the real outside world !!! Take a chill pill n enjoy the ride ! My son is a bit young for that but wen the time comesss ! Shhhhhhh we outside

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Shit I use to be the maid when I was a kid

It’ll benefit them in the long run. They wont need to ask someone else to do it for them for not knowing how

I did that shit when I was 6 LOL!!

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Teach your kids about hard work young and they will have a good work ethic. I was mowing by 8 or 9 and my son has been doing it for 2 years now and he is 11. He loves it because he that’s how he makes some money, he does a couple houses.

Good for Dad.Our kids learned at an early age,that if you want something you have to earn it. Seven children,not a slacker in the bunch.Grandkids are the same way.

I def remember weed eating at like 10 years old! I think it’s great, they don’t need to be on the phone all the time anyway. (I say as I type this on my phone, but I’ve done housework today I swear!)

My bonus son is nine and he loves to mow and weed eat. He’s very responsible with the equipment. His pap thought him how to operate them.

Why wouldn’t it be ok?

Good for dad… I was 8-9 when my dad use to have me and my older brother spraying our wooden fence down with used motor oil. That was our big chore we had to get done in the summer before we got to do fun stuff… Nothing wrong with it. Builds character and makes them independent…

My 8 and 5 year old both helped with weed eat

Perfectly ok. As long as they are supervised and understand safety

I side with your husband on this kids now days need to learn responsibility in the house

All of my kids do yard work including my 6 yr old daughter

I agree with your husband.

Remember those girls are your future. It’s time they learn responsibilities

Too young?? Oh no! They are at a perfect age and the 13 year old should have started earlier! It’s good they’re doing this. By this time the 13-year-old should have been able to teach the 9-year-old how to do things. Do you not give them chores inside the house either? Now that’s my concern. At this age children should have chores on the inside of the house and should be taught to do things on the outside of the house.


I’m on my husband side with this one as well! I don’t think they’re too young for this kind of work at all, and taking away the phones and the tablets definitely a good move until the work was done! Phones and tablets and electronics are such a distraction, chores are good for them!


I own a Lawncare company, my bonus son started learning how to use our riding mower at 9 and learned how to use all the other equipment as well.


Nope my 12 year old has to mow the grass! I refuse to raise little ladies who can’t do anything them selves!

Are you insane?? Yes!! They’re old enough for most chores!


My kids not only mow they also weed gardens….bale hay/straw on our farm (13,9,7,6 yes old)

I think it’s ok because I was raised with chores from an early age. I didn’t make my kids do chores and now I have to admit I wish I had. They seem to think that they shouldn’t have to do this kind of thing because it’s to hot or it’s to hard. My 27 yr old and my 25 yr old have become lazy and my 10 yr old think the world should just hand over the things she wants with no regard to us, her parents. When we go to Walmart she’s always asking for this or that and I say to her if you’d clean your room and help with the dishes you could have a new toy or a playstation card. She hates me and that’s fine but I will not hand her things just because she wants them. Kids should do chores, it makes them appreciate things more