My Husband Told Me I Was Too Old to Be an LPN

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"I was wondering am I too old to try to become an LPN. I am currently 32 and won’t complete it until I’m about 34. My husband says that’s too old and I should find something more for my age but the thing is I’ve always been drawn to medical and nursing. Life just got in the way and I had to put things off over and over. I am finally at a spot where I can afford this and I want to do it. I know it’s not an RN degree (I wish I could go for that but right now I can’t!)I just feel a little discouraged and not sure what to do anymore."

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"I went to nursing school with students ranging from 19 to 50. You’re certainly not too old!!!"

"My mom went back to school to be an RN in her 40s"

"He’s a jerk. Do what you want to do."

"You’re not to old I was 33 when I got my RN degree, 36 when I got my bachelors degree and 40 when I got my masters. You’re not too old!"

"You’re never to old to go back to school!!!"

"It’s never too late to be what you want to be!!! No matter what anyone says!!!"

"F that … do it girl it’s never too late. He just doesn’t want u to be more successful than him… my mom is working for her rn right now and she’s in her 40s it’s never too late"

"My husband is 44 and plans on getting his LPN when the kids are a little bigger… Which will put him at about 47, seriously do what you feel you want to do. How he think 34 is too old is beyond me."

"My mom went to Lpn school when she was in her 30s while raising 4 children. You’re not too old!!"

"The only thing that’s old is your husband’s thinking. We don’t shame women based on age anymore, especially not on work. Let him know the 1950’s are over."

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My mom was in her 30’s when she went to college for her RN. I was in highschool and she did it while working a full time job. She has been a nurse for about 6/8 years now and she doesn’t regret it.