My Husband Went Away for the Weekend and Didn’t Call Me

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"Am I in the wrong? My husband we on vacation with his brother to the last place his parents vacationed before they passed away…the entire time he was gone he didn’t call me…he would text me once in the morning and once before bed but then I would hear nothing from him the rest of the time…he was gone for the entire weekend while I sat at home dealing with out dogs and toddler. and he couldnt even call me…when he got home he tried to love on me but I told him I wanted a divorce and he left…he thinks I am being irrational but I feel like you should at least contact your wife above anyone else."

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"A divorce? Lol that is a bit excessive…"

"Grow up! He was with his brother reminiscing! Good grief! Don’t be so needy!"

"Holy crap. Did you try to call him at all? He went on a vacation to memorialize his parents with his brother. When he comes back you tell him you want a divorce?! No trying to work anything out or talk it out? Is your marriage really worth losing over this?"

"Though it was insensitive he didn’t call I feel divorce is extremely irrational"

"If you were that close to a divorce in your mind then there is more to the story. Cause In my opinion if you loved him you would find a way to work in your marriage and don’t just decide you never want to be with him again."

"I personally wouldn’t be asking for a divorce. I’d be upset also, sit him down & talk about it."

"Is their other underlying issues?"

"Mine was just gone a week. A few texts and we were good. It seems it was a trip for the brothers and their grief together. So if you go out of town and don’t call him I wonder if he acts the same way… not always about you"

"You are being irrational. Nothing wrong with wanting time alone, including no contact. He did actually text you in the morning and at night. If you can’t live without speaking to someone then you need to reflect on why you feel that way."

"Sounds like maybe there is a bigger issue in your relationship. I think he went away to be with his family and remember his parents and maybe catch up on old memories. It’s one weekend so personally it wouldn’t bother me at all. He may have needed some time with this brother. I hope you can work out what’s really bothering you."

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