My husbands mom constantly brings up his first wife

You need to step up, pull up your Manny panties, and put your foot down. Mil needs to be reminded at very visit and every shitty comment ‘She cheated on him! What part of that makes her a wonderful women!?!?’ Time for battle before your psyche is smashed

Orange get shit straight seems like your not havin eh good go gettin married so early in life dont no what too say

They’re not over her

Move on with your baby. And tell them at sometime if they want to move on with the ex we will talk. Get out the mil always come out right as far as their son.Been there for 49 years but I touted it out. He has been long 2 years. But I would suggest never marry an only child

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She the first? Some people can’t let go so easily. They can but yet can’t to a point. It takes time. It would bother me too but speaking from personal stuff sometimes it’s easier said than done. As far as the MIL goes. Haha, they’re horrible anyways. Take her with a grain of salt.


I think you two need to have a long serious. talk then see if you have true feelings or just horrible memories you want to keep hidden.

Work at being the best thing coming down his pike. You will be too busy being happy to bother with her!

I wouldn’t get rid of anything I didn’t want to get rid of because of your insecurities. His mom’s Facebook or who she choose to be friends with is non of your business.

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It time to put your foot down with your husband and mother in law and if that doesn’t work it’s time to move on

Remember he got cheated on he’s not over it at all or he would tossed the shit. I too am guilty of always comparing my new gf to my ex wife and I have stopped. I never kept anything from our marriage because it too was a sham just like ur husband I just threw everything straight to the dump we even reconciled and that cause a huge rift because I tossed it out. Including our marriage certificate after she left me for another man I was distraught didn’t know what to do. Always compared her to my gfs and it ruined quite a few relationships. My new gf is understanding when I bring up something my ex did because it always a reminder of how retarded she really was lol :laughing: so she isn’t uptight if I say my ex wife did this please don’t be a her and she usually stops

You can’t force someone to be over someone. They once had a whole life with. You should have given him time to decompress. Not push push push. He will probably be so SAD for year’s.
I’ve seen so many people do this then years down the track leave. Because they haven’t fully gotten over their first love. No ties doesn’t mean anything. Sadly LOVE IS A POWERFUL THING.


Try ‘funny how you both seem to forget she cheated on you/your son. What exactly do you like about her? ‘. That should shut them both up.