My Kid Is Stealing Things, Help!


"My 9-year-old child has been exhibiting signs that she may be stealing things or intend to for quite a while now. It's mostly from me.. hairbrushes and makeup and sometimes hiding things of other people's but I never really thought it was intentional. She was caught last weekend stealing air pods from out of state family and also $10 from the babysitter's child's piggy bank. WHAT DO I DO NOW? I had a family meeting with a powerpoint going over a multitude of feelings, consequences, reasons, etc. I confiscated all electronics and banished her to her bedroom. made her make verbal and written apologies. I am SO embarrassed and disappointed. I'm waiting on a counselor to call me back but I don't know what to do with her."

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"Maybe take the child most favor toys or console away until they understand that stealings wrong and they don’t like there stuff going missing so the child’s stuff will be missing until they snap out of it. Hope you get it sorted."

"My daughter went through the same thing when she was about that same age, I punished her every time I caught her, the good news is, she did grow out of it, just keep doing what you’re doing, you’re a good mom!"

"Explaining to a child that theft is wrong through PowerPoint… I’m no child expert by any means but PowerPoint just doesn’t seem like the best method. I don’t know for sure what I would do but I doubt my child would have anything other than a bed, blanket, and pillow. You want to be a thief, get used to the prison life now. No tv, unless you want to be out in the living room watching my show. I’ll hand you your clothes for the day. If the child cannot comprehend why stealing is wrong, maybe they can understand the undesirable effect of consequences."

"As a mama of an ADHD & ODD child you have to be able to get on their level. You have to be open and understanding while implementing punishments. I learned though “training” the time must fit the crime. Also, you need to have an open communication with her. She may have something going on she is scared to talk to you about."

"Make her physically return everything she stole from each person, and apologize to them."

"Stealing is often a sign that they’re feeling " left out " . She steals personal items of yours . Take her out for a bit of you and her time and talk to her . You’re not rewarding her behaviour but you need her to open up to you away from family etc . She needs ALL your attention for this to happen ."

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