My MIL gave my daughter egg nog: Do I have a right to be mad?

Do I have a right to be upset that my MIL gave my 10 month old a drink of egg nog? She told me was I overreacting because its basically a “milk shake”…and that the baby would be fine…but how do we know she doesnt have ab egg allergy?! Am I over reacting? or did she corss a line?


You have the “right” to be upset about any thing you wish to be upset about.

However, I would not be upset about this.

The child is 10 months old, the recommended age to give a child eggnog (wonder what scientific reasoning is behind this new concept?) nowadays is 12 months. And in the past raw eggs were routinely fed to babies, it was considered healthy. Not so much, today. I wouldn’t be upset. It seems everything is bad, now. Also it is not recommended to give babies water until they are over 6 months of age…really, now water is bad for infants. Sheeeeeesh…just use common sense.

You are right. MIL is crazy to do something like that.
I’d be vicious to. And I would never let my MIL be alone with baby anymore.


Wow! Some of these posts i just can’t with!! :rofl::rofl:
I have 4…and 4 grandkids, with another on the way!
Yes, you’re being crazy!


:woman_facepalming:t2::woman_facepalming:t2::woman_facepalming:t2: my daughter was eating tiny bits of steak at 10 months old. It’s just egg nog……

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I’d be upset that she didn’t clear it with a parent first. Who doesn’t know not to clear things with parents first?!?

If it was a sip of egg nog I wouldn’t worry. A huge amount I would not be happy with for a 10 month old. It’s so rich and baby would probably not feel well.


10 months and this is the first time your baby has had any kind of egg?


To an extent that’s kinda how you figure out allergies. As someone who has a lot of allergies its been trial by fire with my kids :woman_shrugging:


If she knew what the kid was supposed to eat then you have every right to be mad. My MIL gave 3 month old a sip of champagne when she had only breastmilk. I ripped my baby out of her arms.


Well you won’t know she has an egg allergy until she eats eggs so you’d have to find out eventually and eggs are perfectly fine at that age there great finger foods so calm down some it wasn’t spiked she’s fine


I just gave my 6 mo old a sip of egg nog and boiled custard you only find out if they are allergic by testing it :woman_facepalming:t2:


She should be eating egg at 10 months old, and a way to know if she allergic to something is letting her try. The sooner you expose her to these things the better for her. Just give her a little and wait for any reaction.


She’s are right 2be angry


I mean… That’s GRANDma! It was only a sip, right? And now I guess you know that your baby has no egg allergy… If she didn’t know, she didn’t mean any harm and she loves baby too! Don’t be mad, just enjoy life. I get the worry, and the what ifs… But… Like I said.


I’d be upset about how sweet it is. One of my sons first foods at 6m was eggs. Unless you or dads family have egg allergies I wouldn’t worry.

You monitor and call an ambulance or rush to hospital if any reaction starts. Whether the child is 10months or 16months it would be the same :woman_shrugging:


10 months should be trying different foods and drinks my doctor wanted me to try my daughter at 6 months with eggs.


So your saying your babies 10 mo old and has never had eggs? I’m confused on what your feeding your child? What is a typical breakfast in your home? At 10 mo old my babies where eating the entire house as long g as it wasn’t grapes hot dogs pop corn honey or fish. Otherwise it was fairly simple, give them what ever we ate. If they had a rash or reaction we called the nurse. Then tried again in a few weeks to see if it happens again . If so no more. Confirmed it’s an allergy.
So yes I think your over reacting. Unless you are positive you kids allergic to eggs already :woman_shrugging:
Seems like majority of commenter don’t support grandparents at all!! Seems like a pretty cruel world out there.
Im Pretty damn thankful my children and grandchildren love me as much as they do :raised_hands::heart: from the likes of y’all :woman_shrugging::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

If you said no than she shouldn’t have done it period! I don’t understand how people would think your over reacting when it’s your child! I’m not sure why grandparents think they can do whatever they want when it’s not there child.


I could see if it had alcohol in it but if not then I wouldn’t worry


How dare her be a grandma :exploding_head: mind blown


My mother and my aunt gave my daughter her first taste of mashed potatoes and gravy for her first Christmas. She was two weeks old. It was a taste, and your baby is old enough to be eating eggs anyway… Let it go.


I’m a mom and a Nana and had it been expressed child needed a special diet i wouldn’t but no reason they can’t have lil tastes


You are not overreacting mama that is your baby you make the rules. Baby should not be drinking anything besides formula/breast milk and a little bit of water. Eating eggs is fine drinking egg nog is a no. Grandma needs to learn her place.

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My MIL gave mine peanuts. I’m surprised your little one isn’t snarfling down egg already. I’d have issues with any alcohol or honey in it rather than the egg part, although if it’s raw egg that’s not good either.


She should have asked first but iv learned with the grands they do what they do. In my personal life I know they don’t mean anything by it.


Babies can introduced to egg as young as 6 months but I would keep an eye out on bubs just to be safe but yeah I’d be mad cause your the parent and your rules

I would think at 10mos you would have fed your baby eggs. If it was a sip I wouldn’t freak out.

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Did she know not to? She should have asked first. Respect the mom’s wishes whether or not she agrees. That said, tell her she needs to clear it before giving the child anything unfamiliar.

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Let me add, yes you do, BUT I wouldn’t drag it out or hold a grudge over it… Let it go, I’m sure you then informed her hey, it’s not safe to give them this or that until they’ve been tested for the allergies. I know you didn’t mean any harm, but that could’ve been bad. (Also, if it was store bought, they don’t put much egg in it)

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She should’ve asked you first I guess but it’s not super huge deal, just that she didn’t ask you incase of allergies. My 10m old eats absolutely anything lol 6-7m was eating eggs

I mean she’s not a year old yet, so she technically shouldn’t have any dairy like that beyond formula. Apparently they can have it at 12 months, as long as it’s like the pasteurized kind you would get from the store. But they also make “holly nog”, that I believe doesn’t contain eggs, if you would prefer opting for that when she’s able to have stuff beyond formula.

Did baby have a reaction? That’s the only way to know if there’s an allergy
I’d set the boundaries and if she doesn’t stick to them in the future then not allow her to watch baby anymore.

Your baby should have been eating eggs for 3-4 months by now. Your baby is ten months he should be eating solid real food.

Set ground rules. Never know when you are going to need a sitter and be glad you have her to help u

That’s a general allergen that shouldn’t be experimented with until afte 1 yrs. You have every right to be upset.

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Over reacting big time in my opinion. If the child was 6 months or younger I could see it, but not 10 months.

If you told her beforehand no eggnog I would’ve been livid bc that’s just spiteful and disrespectful.

It’s recommended babies start eating eggs at around 6 months old when they start other solids… . the eggs in egg nog are pasteurized to make them safe to consume without cooking…


Its just eggs,if she was going to react you would already know.


Yes you are over reacting unless there’s liquor in it it’s not going to hurt her so get over it

Why do you leave your child with the mil if you feel the need to bitch about everything the MIL does.

You didn’t say it was spiked egg nog lol so what is the problem. I got 4 kids I’m sure you would know by now if they had an egg allergy

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All 5 of my kids were eating full meals at 10 months…what are pediatricians saying now? I know they change the recommendations all the time but I feel like she should have tried eggs at this point.


At 10 months she’s never had a baked good? Definitely overreacting.

So are you planning on putting your child through the Freddy Krueger’s allergy test to determine it? That’s awfully painful for a child. Obviously she’s not allergic to it. You really can only find out if they are allergic by them trying the food. You’re over reacting. I could see if it were confirmed that there’s an allergy but to get this mad to make a post about it is a little much.


I would just monitor n look for a reaction. I was so mad when my mil did something similar with a food we’re both allergic 2. Then I thought about it n it can happen anyway anywhere as children develop their pallets n try new things or she can develop n intolerance to other things. Sometimes it’s a pick your battles game. you definitely have every right to voice your concern tho.

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How else are you suppose to find out about allergies? Being 10m and having a taste I don’t see an issue


Why do people make such a big deal off of absolutely nothing. Look shes 10 months. Im pretty sure this mother and grandmother has talked about food she can and can not eat. I know I communicate to my mom and my MIL about these stuff right after a doctors appointment. If not, its Mom’s fault for not doing her job at letting people who babysit her kid know these stuff. YOUR the mom. Your Job to make sure your kid is safe. Not grandmothers! Her job is to love her grand kids. Stop blaming the grandma for something that is clearly your fault. If you want people to watch your kid, tell them ahead of time what he or she can or can’t consume. Simple as that


If you have never said don’t give my baby eggs I don’t see why it’s a big deal. At 10 months most babies have had scrambled eggs :woman_shrugging:t3: At 10 months baby should be able to eat almost anything you do as long as it isn’t too hard or chewy. Is baby not meeting milestones or having development issues or something?

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You’re over reacting. :woman_facepalming:

I’d say it really depends on what your ground rules are for your kids diet and if youve been vocal about what they are. We don’t let others feed our kiddo with their hands regardless of if they’re grandparents or not. It’s a germ thing and as theyve gotten older weve relaxed but when they were less than a year we wer re pretty strict. We also have a serious no juice or soda rule period. They can have water or milk in their sippy cup. If any of our family broke that I’d be pissed as hell and they wouldn’t get access for a hot min. The bottom line is your kid your rules and grandparent or no grandparent the sure as hell better respect that and not undermine your wishes.

Babies can have eggs as early as 6 months, seafood too

Sounds like you’re looking for a reason to complain about anything your MIL did… At 10 months your baby hasn’t tried eggs? I pray I don’t have a DIL like you one day…


You’re waaaaaay overreacting

Did you know that what’s the mom eats goes into the breast milk sometime babies get allergic reactions off what the mom eats… also idk why but every grandma does this shit it’s like in their brain to be the first one to push stuff on a baby.

Yyyeah you’re being crazy


Your first baby? Lol but seriously; I can see why you’re upset but maybe just talk to her and explain you’d rather her ask before feeding the baby anything new.

Get over it, she would have reacted by now and you don’t know if you don’t try things

Just a small taste and sip is ok.

You are over reacting. 10 months she should be eating solid foods by now. If she didn’t react within the first hour after she should be more than fine.


I dont think her intentions were bad, my pediatrician said my 9 month old can have basically anything i eat. That being said tho, i think she should have asked you beforehand just to be sure.

You have the right to be upset - but shouldn’t be. Now you know she doesn’t have an allergy - thanks MIL. You are overreacting. She did not cross a line. Try to be thankful you have a mother in law that spends time with your little.


I honestly thought we were talking about the alcoholic version here :sweat_smile: but since it was just the regular, it’s not a huge deal. Lots of babies at that age are getting to taste new things while eating dinner with parents! Just express how you want to communicate first before trying new things with her and try to express yourself :slightly_smiling_face: but honestly since she ended up not being allergic, (and I’m hoping none of you guys have similar allergies?) anyways since baby is fine, just express to mil and go on your day. Baby’s fine you should be happy and fine :slightly_smiling_face:


Of course you are overreacting. A baby or an adult can have a reaction to any food or any environmental factor with any exposure, this includes anything they’ve been exposed to a 100 times. You are not protecting them by limiting their world to the same thing and place 24/7/365.


My son who is 10 had to be tested for a possible strawberry allergy at 2. I remember the Dr then saying the increase in food allergies we see now is the delayed introduction of foods. He said there’s actually research showing delayed introduction of allergy prone foods increase the chance of allergies being developed.


You’re absolutely over reacting. It’s not like she put it in a bottle and handed it to her. Your kid should be trying all different kinds of food by now. Early introduction to foods known for allergies is recommended now. It decreases the risk of them having an allergy.


Wow some of these posts and comments are ridiculous :joy::woman_facepalming: pick your battles omg it was a freaking sip at least it wasn’t a alcoholic version :joy: my god, parents are over the top nowadays


Stay home with baby if you don’t want anyone giving, holding, feeding your baby. Plan and simple…


Definitely overreacting. Baby has to try new things to know what they can eat or drink. At 10 months your little should be trying lots of things. Also appreciate having an in law that’s actually in your babies life and spends time with them willingly


I’d be upset considering she didn’t know what foods you were introducing and when. My kiddo was eating scrambled eggs by that age, but not everyone parents the same. It’s all the entitled grandparents for me these days :grimacing: I’m almost 40 and my grandparents are in their 90’s, they never acted like some grandparents act these days


My MIL did the same thing but she sent me pictures of them drinking eggnog out of the same container with two straws! I hate eggnog. I love the picture, and the MIL, ok the baby to! It’s egg nog not honey calm down mama! If you nit pick everything you will miss the good stuff relax a little


Both of my kids were eating scrambled eggs at 10 months. Honestly, yes your overreacting. They have to try and taste new things and Your putting to much on yourself if you think you should be the only one to introduce items. Overworking yourself and pushing your help away.


She definitely shouldve asked first, I would just make it known to MIL about making sure to ask first about introducing new things…

Also…i would be mad i have an eggnog addiction and i DONT SHARE with my kids lmao (i do but i don’t like to :roll_eyes::joy:) dont give my good eggnog to them! They wont appreciate it!


If you didn’t tell her ahead of time the “approved list “ or the don’t try this list, then yes you’re over reacting. It’s totally understandable to be worried about an allergic reaction or even be a little miffed you weren’t there when baby got to try a new food however being mad about it working out for the best is ridiculous. Explain to MIL you want to be there when new things are tried. If she doesn’t respect it then by all means get mad.


Well it’s a dumb move for sure but you can’t undo what happened. Unless you are actively preparing food yourself and know she hasn’t ever been exposed to eggs before because lots of foods are processed in places that have egg in or around the food. Your child is she’s going to be ok. If she had an allergic reaction you would definitely know unfortunately.I would try to calmly explain that you don’t want your small child drinking that it’s NOT a milkshake and let her know what is ok to give your kiddo. Hopefully she understands your concerns and will respect your wishes.

Is this a first time mom? Because I absolutely would have felt the same way when I had my first. I am so glad my in-laws still love me after my neurotic first time momming :rofl::rofl:

I get it. The first kid you want to do everything right, it’s super scary to suddenly have this whole life under your care so I am not laughing or judging mom here at all.

However. As a 3x mom and all of mine are out of the baby stage now (:sob:) I am 10,000 times more relaxed. At this point, I drop them off with grandma and whatever happens there is their business :joy: you’ll get there. It’s okay to freak out but please remember to give grandma AND yourself grace. Grandma doesn’t want to harm your baby any more than you do (assuming she’s normal) :heart: one sip of most things within reason is very likely just fine, eggnog included.

Plus baby can be introduced to allergens anyway, my kids had eggs for breakfast often at that
age. Maybe just ask that any new foods be run by you first, that’s not crazy and it’ll help everyone feel comfortable and confident :relaxed:

At that age I think it’s probably okay. I was fuming when my MIL gave my 3month old, with a sensitive stomach, queso! I know it can be frustrating but I don’t think she meant harm. If she seems to do things a lot to test you then I’d eventually say something but most likely just an over zealous grandma

At 10 months you haven’t given your kid eggs? You’re overreacting.

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Unless you’re talking about the alcoholic version of eggnog an already known allergy…yes you are over reacting.
It sounds as though grandma gave baby a small drink. She didn’t give her a lot of replace a meal with it. Just a small taste.
Generally speaking at 10 months old babies are allowed egg products as well as soft cheese. Our son’s doctor actually recommended scrambled eggs and soft cheese as some of his “first” table foods around 6ish months.

Unless it was spiked with booze it should be fine. If the baby is already 10 months old you should have already introduced her to eggs so a sip of eggnog won’t hurt her if she didn’t react at all when you introduced eggs a few months ago. Unless she filled an entire sippy cup of eggnog instead of giving her a sippy cup of breastmilk or formula then I would be mad because the majority of their beverages should be breastmilk or formula at that age.

According to this my best friend should have been long gone by now.
Some things are jot worth the drama. Your little one was obviously fine. Enjoy that you mil is a grandmother to your kiddo. Not all kiddos are lucky enough to have that.

Well did she have a reaction? If not, now you know she isn’t allergic to eggs. Also, that is one of the ways you find these things out.

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No. My MIL gave my 18mo soda and I was fuming without my permission


Stuff happens. If you or her father has an egg allergy then common sense would say dont try eggs without precautions, but if no one has an egg allergy then she would probably be fine. Buy its a sip of eggnog not bourbon. And it sounds like she was fine. If I were you I would just let her know that you haven’t tried all the high profile allergens yet so you would like to know before she tries any of those with your kid.

Also be aware that usually the first time won’t result in an allergy even if they’re allergic. The first time is usually when the body decides if its allergic. The second time is when they will have a reaction

At 10 months you kinda should’ve figured that out already. You never made them eggs for breakfast??

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My 10 month old was definitely eating eggs at that point. He gagged oh baby food and threw it up every time he ate it so we started him on table food and he did great. We did one thing at a time to make sure he wouldn’t have any type of reaction.

My brother gave my daughter peanut butter for the first time without asking. Now I know she doesn’t have a peanut allergy. I mean you can be upset, but it’s a waste of time and energy.

I mean, you have the right to feel whatever way you want to. However, personally I feel you’re over reacting. This is the age where most babies are introduced to new foods and drinks.
At least now you know she doesn’t have an allergy and you can continue to introduce new foods/drinks to her

I feel like it’s always crossing a line if it’s not under your permission. However as long as it’s not alcoholic, I would say a little bit is fine. We introduced eggs and stuff to my daughter at 6 months old. Milk in general isn’t recommended but you can start to give small amounts around 10-11 months. If your baby had an egg allergy it would have affected her immediately upon drinking it.

As a parent who has had a child that age (who had a mountain of allergies) believe me you’ll know. We literally keeped a list of things we new she couldn’t eat. The only reason we knew was because we (and grandparents) gave her different foods. At 2 we got a referral from the family doctor for allergie testing. That gave us alot more information.

I do believe your over reacting. It was “a drink” of it. Not a hole bottle/ cup of it. Children need to try new things in their diet. Its really the only way your going to know if your child has an allergy.

My opinion you have the right to be upset. I think parents should give permission especially when kids are littles. To me it is simply a respect thing. But Maybe just simply say “I would just appreciate it if you asked before you give baby anything”. :blush:

Over reacting. My doctor told me to give certain foods by 1 year old to help prevent allergies. Baby led weaning starts any time after 3-4 months and eggs are usually whenever baby seems ready and a first food. Its always been one of the first foods I’ve always tried my babies with. As long as thr egg not didn’t have alcohol there’s literally no harm. Also wondering if you’re worried about eggs why you’re not worried about the milk as well? I suggest joining some baby led weaning groups. You learn a ton from those groups even I as a mom of 6 learned myself and didn’t have the group when I had my first few 17 years ago.

Everyone saying she knows now that she doesn’t have an allergy… allergies can develop, which is why they tell you not to give them certain things until a certain age, and they can also happen after multiple exposures when it’s the first try it doesn’t always happen, but could with the next exposure. I know of a child with a nut allergy, she could eat nut butter as a baby, but developed an allergy later

She might be your daughter but she’s your MIL’s Granddaughter and she probably didn’t think she was doing anything wrong, or even think at all. Parenting styles of other generations are so wildly different to what we might think is right. I personally would be pissed off if anyone gave my baby something without asking me but I’m a single parent so I make every decision alone anyway. It’s something that is going to come up all the time no matter how much you talk to her about it. The only way to fully stop things like this happening is not to go, and that’s sad and lonely for all.

There’s nothing wrong with being careful, especially if you’re a first-time parent of a 10 month old unfortunately with most if not all allergies the only way to find out is to try , and I understand how terrifying that can be but your child will have to try new taste and textures at some point older generations used to dip a baby’s dummy ( not sure what you call it in US) in scotch to get them asleep when teething mortifying in this day an age but common back in the day , allergies are a lot more common now than they were years ago , so you need a conversation with your Mil for future reference it’s not about picking your battles at all it’s just letting her know how you’re feeling set boundaries,

Why are you really upset? Is it that you want to be the one to introduce her to foods she will eat but your husbands mom did?
I would get it if it had alcohol in it.
But just eggnog I don’t get. Has to be more that’s bothering you because you won’t be able to be there every time she is introduced to new food. Something else is going on I think.
Not criticizing just saying maybe you should think about why your upset with this. Cause there is no way even you are gonna be sure when you give her new food if she is gonna be allergic to it.
Maybe your just fearful something will happen and you won’t be there to stop it from hurting her so your being over protective.
Either way you have to figure it out

Starting at 6 months my son has been eating and drinking small amounts of everything my boyfriend and I eat and drink. Let your baby explore foods.

There’s a lot worse things in formula then eggnog lol.
Baby is fine , your overreacting .
Plus baby is almost a year old. Your supposed to be introducing new food.