My MIL wants me to name my son 'Earl': Advice?

My husband smother is basically harassing me to name our baby “earl” because it is a family name and all boys in the family have that as the first name…i do NOT want to do this as I do not like the name and its my kid too and i feel my husband and I shoudl choose the name…my husband basically told me to do it to get his mom off my back but i still dont want too…i dont even want her there when i birth baby at this point because she has been so rude to me about babes name…what do i do?


Let her down as nicely as possible. Maybe try to explain to her that no matter what the name is, they will always share the same blood, and that should mean more than a name imo. She will get over it or she won’t, but NEVER do something you don’t want to do. For anything, anyone, or any situation. And especially when it comes to your child. She is crossing a boundary and she needs to know that and respect it before things get heated. Stick to your guns momma :heart:

It’s your baby! If you feel like you want to compromise, maybe consider making it a middle name. But, it is up to you! You are mom. And honestly, the baby will thank you when he’s older if you don’t name him Earl. :roll_eyes:


Tell her to have a son and name him Earl :joy:
Your child. Your decisions :heart:


Stand up for yourself and say no. Then you need to determine if your husband is going to back you moving forward or not. If not…I fear life will be very complicated for you.


She should have another baby if she wants to name it… it’s your baby… tell her to move on.


I get that it’s a family name and she wants to keep it going, but it’s your child. I think you know as well that you should do whatever you want.


Earl :joy::joy: no disrespect to anyone but Earl :rofl:


My husband and I gave our oldest his father’s first name as his middle name. He passed away at the very beginning of my pregnancy. Joseph is fine so I was cool with it. Our youngest got his middle name from my mom who had passed away, Bennett. We both agreed. Earl would have never been considered as a first name. I might never consider it as a middle name, especially after her pushing. Mil got to name her children, it’s your turn now.


Name your child what you want . That’s not her place honestly. I was on a stand-off with my husband on our first son because he wanted a junior and I hated it . We finally settled on a name a couple weeks before he was born. Also if you don’t want her in there let the nurses know when you get there and they will take care of it just telling her only one is allowed or there’s restrictions or whatever. I also went through that and the nurses were great!


Name your baby what you want, it’s literally your baby. If your husband can’t back that up, give him no say in the name :woman_shrugging:t2:


Tell her you will and then don’t!


Do NOT let someone bully you into doing things you do not want to do. If you let her get by with this, it will be so much worse sweetheart!! Also I completely agree with you. If she’s that bad, do not let her come to the hospital. That’s unnecessary stress. It’s about you, your husband, and the birth of y’all’s baby. Not hers!


Husband needs to grow a spine and stand up to his mom.


That’s your baby. You’re the one having him, not her. Screw her, respectfully :face_with_hand_over_mouth: giving birth is supposed to be peaceful and a private moment. Don’t have anyone there that won’t be that for you. And if you don’t want your in laws at your house after you give birth either, don’t have them! Pp is no joke. It’s such a vulnerable time for mom. People need to understand that. Some people think that because their son/brother is the child’s father they have a say in on the baby. They don’t. They’ll be fine if you don’t name the baby “earl” they won’t die. Throw a fit maybe, but not die. Good luck!

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I never understood how some grandmother’s think they have the right over the mothers, to choose the babies name. Even if it was a cute name… she has no right. Naming the baby is a really important and special decision for the mom. Also it’s not the babies fault his father’s blood line have horrible taste in names. I have an Uncle named Earl, and his son is Earl, and Earls sons name is Earl… and i thank my lucky stars I wasn’t Earls kid! He would of probably named me Earlina.


Let her down as nicely as possible. Maybe try to explain to her that no matter what the name is, they will always share the same blood, and that should mean more than a name imo. She will get over it or she won’t, but NEVER do something you don’t want to do. For anything, anyone, or any situation. And especially when it comes to your child. She is crossing a boundary and she needs to know that and respect it before things get heated. Stick to your guns momma :heart:


Your decision. Tell her no. And if you don’t want her in there when you give birth that’s Your choice. Tell nurses what you want they will take care of it for you .Your husband should back you up on what you decide. Good luck and congratulations.


Do not name your baby “EARL” Name him anything but “EARL” YOUR PAIN YOUR NAME. if she wants a boy named Earl Adopt a boy name him earl!!!


When the nurse, or whomever enters your hospital room to record the name for the birth certificate you give the name you have chosen :wink:


Tell her to kick rocks and name your baby whatever you want I can’t stand bossy mil and as for your hubby he’s a big push over telling you to do it to get her off your back he needs to grow a bigger pair of bolts sorry not sorry JS


No. She has had her turn. She can wait for another family member who wishes too name theirs for her. Your baby is your creation. Your the creator and birther of your baby. This is your journey into motherhood :orange_heart::sunflower::butterfly::sunny:

Its your baby! My father was the same way. 3 generations of J names, my son was the first great/grand child (first of his generation in our family), and I said I wasn’t doing that how ridiculousof names do you have to get to eventually?! Theres 3 Joeys/Josephs lol were going alphabetically but we did compromise so the middle name starts with a J. 1st born: Austin James 2nd baby, she will be Bella Jade.

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Michelle L Lawson
Absolutely agree. It’s his baby also. Don’t want her there when you give birth then whatever.


Name your kid what you want and only have supportive people in the delivery.


My fiancé has Homer Dale in his family. We compromised and our son is Matthew Homer Dale


All I can think of is the song Earl had to die. Sorry! I don’t like the name. It’s your baby you and your husband chose

So your husband’s name is Earl? Maybe discuss and see if he actually wants the baby named after him if that’s the case. Otherwise, no. I think weird family name situations need to be discussed prior to marriage/baby making because I’ve heard of this issue too many times. It’s always the baby daddy’s family with the terrible names they just can’t come off of. :roll_eyes:

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Name your baby.
If you wanted to you could allow her to call him that as a nickname :laughing:


I did kept the family name going but it stopped at me his son didn’t use it must get very confusing earl I wonder how many turn around don’t give up like I did just so she likes u it’s really not worth it

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Do what you want! My daughters name my parents didn’t like and tried to get me to change it and I stood my ground I had my reason for naming her what I named her

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My husband’s family has a tradition of giving their boys their father’s name as a middle name. His name is Kyle, which is fine even though it has an internet reputation…but I’m still glad we had a girl because I couldn’t think of any boy names that went well with it and didn’t have weird initials lol.

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Your child your choice she has no say

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It’s really up to you and your husband I’d at least ask his honest opinion to make sure it’s not important to him and go from there

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Nope, no way. She has no vote in your child’s name. Let her get mad. She is overstepping a boundary here and your husband needs to back you on this.


Nope!! Do NOT let her or anyone else pressure/“force” you to name the baby that just bcuz thats what THEY want!! Think of the baby & pick the name YOU feel hes meant to have!! Tough crap if she or anyone else DONT like it! Your husband shouldnt be bullied into it or make you feel you have to be either!! Its NOT her place to name YOUR child! IF anything MAYBE hou can pick that as a middle name simply telling her thats the way it is bcuz you feel the babys meant to have whatever name you feel is right/meant for him!

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I mean ANY other name maybe…but, Earl ? Come on Grandma,Get over it.


You don’t name your baby to “get someone off your back”. That is complete disregard and absolute disrespect from your husband. You and him have a discussion and he tells his mother to back off. Also, you get choose who is in the delivery room; you don’t have anyone there who is unsupportive because support is what you need when birthing a baby.

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Your baby. Name him whatever you want, she isn’t going to birth him? She has no say.

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It’s your baby don’t like the name pick something else. My oldest son has the family name his is the IV my husband is III. Didn’t bother me much my grandfathers name was also Robert. So it was a family name on both his side and my side. My youngest son was named after my other grandpa.

You get to name your baby. That’s the rule. Ignore her.

Just tell her no. You are going to name him what ever name you have picked out

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Question…did she name your husband Earl? If she did ask him how he likes going thru life with the name. Don’t back down on the name you want. Took me almost 2 years to get it changed because I wouldn’t stand up to pressure.

Your baby. Your baby name. Tell your husband to grow a pair and stand up to your MIL. No means no. She has NO say. None at all. You and your husband need to be a United front. Tell your MIL you appreciate the suggestion but will not be using the name. Time to be a momma bear. Btw your MIL has no right to be in the delivery room. NONE. Gather up your courage and tell her NO. This is NOT her show. It’s YOURS. Make the hospital staff aware of the fact that she’s not welcome in the delivery room under any circumstances and only allowed to see the baby when you’re ready. She’s brought these restrictions on herself with her bad behavior and bullying. It’s time for you to set your boundaries in concrete. Talk to you husband when he’s in a good mood. If he’s not receptive try again later. Tell him how important this is to you. That you need him to stand with you and back you up. If he still refuses then you do it anyway. DO NOT GIVE IN especially about YOUR baby’s name.


Name your baby what you want!! If MIL wins this, she knows she has control. That’s your baby, not hers. Set boundaries now!


Tell her if she wants to name a baby Earl then have one herself. If she doesn’t want to do that then go sit down in a grandma’s place and mind her business.


Do what you want, she had her chance to name babies, when she had her’s. You don’t want to regret it. It’s not for her to decide. Also if she is a hassle, don’t have her in delivery. It’s stressful enough, plus it’s supposed to be a happy time. It’s you and your husband’s life!

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If he can’t stand beside you on this tell him - he be joining his mom in the parking lot when the time comes

FYI- let the hospital know that she’s not welcome there and write her name down

It is your baby. Be firm & you decide.


My middle name is Earl. It is an awful name.

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If Dad wants it I’ll put it as a second name

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Don’t do it even if you have to agree to it to keep her quiet but name the baby what you and your husband want it’s not hers

It’s for life… You don’t name your baby something to get someone off your back… It’s important for you to both agree on a name, it’s not her baby

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She does not get to pick the name

What is your husbands name if it’s not earl you’re in the clear

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Tell mil that you name the babies and she can name the dogs! (Courtesy Blake Shelton

I can’t imagine every man in the family is Earl, is your husband’s name Earl? Name your baby what you want mil will get over it.

Family name like it or not if it’s important to the husband I’d do it as middle


Play her the song kill earl

Set the boundary now by not using the name. Husband should back u up.

Dont do it! Your baby! Who cares if she gets mad!?!

Name it what you want and your Son will thank you later,that is a terrible Name.

Why are you even having her in the delivery room? Tell her rsv/ flu/covid restrictions they only allow your husband :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Please don’t name that baby Earl :joy:

If you don’t want to. Don’t.

I don’t like “recycled” names… I named my now two year old after his dad who is also named after his dad and grandfather and I regret it so much. I only agreed to it if he had a middle name he could go by… Well it’s an on going argument about his name. :weary: Stick to your guns. PICK YOUR OWN NAME! ITS SO DANG CONFUSING AND FRUSTRATING!!

Just tell her the Dixie chicks said it best. Earl had to die. Goodbye Earl. :rofl::skull_and_crossbones::see_no_evil::rofl:


Unless it will make him a IV or V or similar at the end of the name, name the child what you want. If it will, I’d consider it and call them by their middle name or a nickname. I wouldn’t want to name my kid Earl either…. And it’s my kid.

We have male tradition of John one generation, William the next. Agnes was the female family tradition. It ended with me though. The other side, each kid has the same first letter. Again, ended with my generation but I picked it back up. Sometimes traditions don’t line up and that’s ok. If he was adamant about it, it should have been a discussion before kids.

When she brings it up again, let her know your baby’s name isn’t her business and have a meet baby name reveal. No one gets to know the name beforehand. Then there is no need for any mention of names.

Name your baby what you want,not what she wants, and not because “to get mum off your back” you’ll regret it later, I never had my Mil at birth shedoesnt need to be there, for our first had mum n hubby, second had hubby as mum was recovering from a bad car crash!

Like why dont you just put a grey wig , dungarees on and give him a walking stick since she wants you to give him a old persons name?
Gosh he is unique and beautiful and deserves his own identity.

You do not owe anything to anyone! Name YOUR baby what YOU want and tell MIL to STAY IN HER LANE!!!

It’s a name for life and you and your husband get to name him, ignore her.

It’s your child!! F what anyone says. I threw it in as a middle name and people are lucky I did that.

You’re carrying that baby, you will deliver & raise him. You name him. Don’t let your MIL bully you. Tell her directly “his name is NOT Earl. I don’t want to hear another word about it. If you bring it up 1 more time you will be in his life at all.” Be prepared to stick to it. Also write in your birth plan that this wont be his name in case she or your husband try to override you or you are unable to name him.


That would be a strong no for me :woman_shrugging:

$100 says your husband doesn’t want you to just do it for his mother but more for himself
HE probably wants to pass HIS name to his son and you’ve already made it clear you don’t like YOUR HUSBAND’S name so he’s having her help
Talk to your husband, not your mil, and definitely not Facebook :woman_facepalming:t2:

You tell them all to get bent. Pick out a name you like. And you tell the labor and delivery that she’s not allowed in the room.

Fuck what she wants! Maybe it’s time you break the cycle :woman_shrugging:

Simply…um…no… she had the chance to name her son that… so now she can f off… no redo chances.

Girl please do not give that hag the satisfaction of this. If you give in to this, you might as well get ready to be talked into anything by her. Like I’m a very compromising person and non-confrontational but when it comes to my kids… hell no. This is something that kid will have forever. Name your baby what you want to. Do NOT give into this babe. That’s just ridiculous. Good luck mama! :heart:


Imo, definitely don’t have her at the birth. Maybe don’t even have her come to the hospital. She can come meet the baby on your terms when you’re ready. You’re the mother, you have all the say so, sorry not sorry. And TBH I wouldn’t care what your Husband says. You’re the one growing this human you have first say on what the name is. If you don’t like Earl then don’t name him that. If you want to be generous use it as a middle name. But I wouldn’t even do that.
Your MIL is a real POS. It’s not right to stress out a pregnant person.

Guess what my father in law told us we need to name our son Victor… no if ands or butts about it… it was so nice to announce his name on Facebook as Luke and not even texting or calling them to let them know first :slightly_smiling_face: he wasn’t happy but I don’t care :joy:


Name your child what you want. There’s enough earl’s.


You do what YOU want to do with YOUR child and YOUR birth experience. I wouldn’t have her there in the birth.

Name your child what ever you like maybe earl could be a middle name or a second middle name. But again you do not have to.

John and Michiel is my family’s traditional name passed down and I definitely did not name my son with John or Michiel my son’s name is a name my partner picked out and I liked instantly and his middle name is Steven same as my partners middle name and it is also my partner’s fathers first name that had passed away when my partner was 2 years old.

You can make your own tradition or not it’s a tradition not a law

If she wants to name a baby earl so bad, tell her to birth one for herself to do that :woman_shrugging:t2:

It’s your baby, it’s your choice.
Unless the grandmother’s are giving birth for you of course

Name your baby what you want. Period

Tell her it ain’t the 50’s Earl is a no go :rofl::rofl:

Post like this urk my soul lol like ITS UR BABY!!!

Don’t u do tht 2 tht child!:weary:


It’s not her baby , it’s as simple as that

It’s your child though…don’t if you don’t like it.

Tell her that isn’t his name and if she can’t respect that she won’t be part of sharing this experience. Remind her this is her grandchild and not son stick to your guns at the end of the day your son will be living with you and calling you and your husband dad

Not sure why your mother in law thinks she even gets a say in the baby’s name? I would have shot that down as soon as it came up.

Maybe use it as middle name? Either way, your baby, your choice what to name him. Don’t do it just to “keep the peace”.

First off she does not have to be there. You can ask staff to keep her out of the room. Secondly, you are the mom of the baby. Since Dad wants “Earl” just to basically shut her up then I would just pick the names you like. It seems he will be of no help. Ask him of names he likes that are NOT Earl and see if you like those. If not, pick what you like best and write and seal the birth certificate information. Then I would not say anything to them til after you are home. If she keeps on cut her off, if she thinks she is entitled to name baby how will she act toward baby when baby actually arrived? Set those boundaries and insist to your husband that he stick with them too or he is going to keep just giving in to what she wants.

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If we had another boy his name was going to be Joseph Earle. Joseph I had chosen so we could call him Joey (Friends & Full House are some of my favorite shows) & Earle after my husbands grandpa. However this was a mutual decision & not a forced one.

The only people who should have a say so in your baby’s name are you & your spouse.

Tell her to piss off and wind her neck in :rofl::rofl::rofl:xxx

Your MIL named her kid what she wanted. So name YOUR baby what you want :smirk:

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Does your husband have a say in your mind? Maybe use it as a middle since is willing to appease her. Not sure this is the hill to die on.