My Mom Is Upset That I Do Not Want Her in the Room With Me When I Give Birth

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"My mom is very controlling with everything, and she is pissed off at me cause I told her I don’t want her in the room this time when I give birth; I want my husband in there. She keeps making rude comments and yelling at me, and basically pushing me to allow her in the room. And I keep saying no is it wrong for me to not want her in the room this time? I feel like she’s blowing it way out of proportion. Mind you me and my mom don’t have the best relationship as it is. She’s literally making me cry and feel like shit because I told her no (whenever I tell her no she treats me like garbage) anyways am I wrong for saying no or is she just being a brat?"

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"Just tell her that the Covid restrictions only allow one person right now, and of course your husband deserves to be in there"

"You are not wrong she can get over it!"

"Stand your ground. This is YOUR day. A father in my opinion has seniority over a grandparent."

"Just tell her no and leave it at that if she is mad then so be it she will get over it"

"I’d tell her the yelling isn’t going to change your mind her way. If she kept it up I wouldn’t want her I’m the room after the birth either."

"She’s a brat…this is your birthing story, not hers. Tell the hospital staff what your plan is and who you want there. Let them be the “bad guy” they really don’t mind telling toxic people NO. Don’t argue with her it’s not worth the stress! Enjoy this beautiful moment"

"Don’t feel like crap. It is your choice. She will get over it. I only had my husband in the room when I gave birth to all four of our children."

"It’s your choice. And especially in the times we’re in, your visitors are extremely limited. You’re not in the wrong, she totally is."

"No you are not wrong. This is your time & it is up to you who is there with you. Just let her be mad, she’ll get over it! Being upset is not good for you or baby."

"Your body, your baby, your choice. It’s not a spectator sport. Stand your ground"

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