My new apartment manager told me my apartment wasn't liveable for a 3 year old: Advice?

I had apartment inspections yesterday and literally everything was clean. No dishes, no dirty clothes, vacuumed, mopped. Apartment was spotless except maybe a few prints on the walls from my 3 yr old. I did order the pink stuff to try and get it out. We got new management and he literally came in here and told me my apartment isn’t livable for a 3 yr old and it’s unhealthy and idk if I should speak up and tell him I don’t appreciate him saying this. I literally cried all day yesterday feeling like a bad parent. Here’s a back story. We’ve been living in this apartment for 3 years. For 2 years the dishwasher hasn’t worked and leaks water atleast 3 times a month. It’s so moldy and nasty but I’ve reported it to maintenance ALOT. The AC/Heater leaks so bad it floods the AC vent and leaks into my down stairs neighbors 2 yr old daughters room. We’ve both reported that ALOT of times but still nothing is done. State is coming to inspect the apartments complex next month. I just don’t know how to feel. Maintenance man is a creep who is always drunk and reeks of alcohol. The nice part of me wants to stay quiet but I than i feel like he had no right to say anything about my son.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. My new apartment manager told me my apartment wasn't liveable for a 3 year old: Advice?

He’s not saying that to make you feel bad, it’s the truth. With the water leaks, there’s sure to be mold and mildew. It’s not safe for your toddler or yourself. You’ve done your duty as the tenant reporting the things that need fixing. It’s not on you because they didn’t get fixed and left.


Water damage and mold isn’t safe or healthy for anyone to live in! So he isn’t wrong, those places might end of being condemned if it’s bad enough….if I was u I’d be looking a new place to move to! U staying in a moldy apartment can cause u and your son to health issues down the road!


It’s the structure itself, not your hygiene routine. He’s saying the walls have too much mold and damage to be safe for small children. It’s 100% a reflection of managerial upkeep and not a drop to do with you personally.


I would ask him when he plans to fix it.


Water damage, wood rot, and mold aren’t safe for a 3 year old, and would definitely be a health risk. The apartment itself could be too damaged for an easy fix. My neighbors had a leak for a long time in their bathroom that was left to rot by the owner and it took like four months for them to completely replace everything, walls, floors, and all.


Soooo shouldn’t Mr manager be bringing a team to fix that ?


Maybe he was saying that not to make you feel like a bad mother but because there is MOLD in the apartment and it’s not healthy. Just let the new management know you’ve tried getting someone to fix it for a long time now and tell him about the maintenance man to.


He has no right to be saying that as though it was in any way your fault. Based on what you said, it is the truth, but it is on THEM, not on you. THEY need to fix it and THEY are responsible for making it a safe environment for your child in terms of no mold and functional amenities.


I’m a nice person too but there’s times when you just can’t be nice about it. This is one of those times. Call and report them to the health department. I’d march right down to the office and report the maintenance man too.


Write all this down and also when it was reported. You do need to find another place in case the state shuts them down till they fix it. Don’t panic. There are places that can help you find better living arrangements. You and your child deserve better. They are the one neglecting the property. Mold exposure can cause health issues for you and your child. They are similar symptoms as allergies or sinus Infections. These problems are their responsibility. You have done your responsibility. I hope you have the courage to report them to state inspector. It won’t get fixed till you do. Also report the maintenance man. Be sure to make a copy of the letter you write. Also have your friend write one as well.


I don’t think he’s trying to come for you at all, I think he’s saying the mold and leaks make it unsafe. Everything you’re describing is hazardous.


Black mould spores cause serious chest lung and breathing problems especially in children so get off your high horse and see it for what it is :roll_eyes:… It wasn’t about you or your hygiene its about the state of the building and no matter how much you clean up it’s not gunna fix the underlying problems… If you were to stop being petty for a second you would see that he’s actually trying to do you good turn, he has taken the issue seriously and more than likely reported it back to his boss… If I were you I’d call them to ask what they intent to do about it for the sake of you and your child’s health instead of sitting there taking offence!


If the dishwasher and a.c.are leaking I could see that being an unsuitable living from the middle of a housing crisis not trying to scare you but alot of landlords will have tenants move in situations like that.much easier to do nessasary repairs without people and things in there way…once repairs are done if they have new tenants they can increase monthly can only be done once a year at 10 percent otherwize.


Speak up louder make them hear you

Just sometimes you have to catch an attitude to get things done


He meant the apartment in itself because of things out of your control, not saying you’re dirty or anything! Take a deep breath and know you’re a good mama. Ask him to get you into a safe and healthy apartment


You’ve been treated badly for a long time. All this needs to be reported and changes need to be made by management. You can maybe sue and also I’d move.


To quote one of my favorite actors…Patrick Swayze…be nice…until its time to not be nice…for you that time is now. The manager is not the owner, find out who the owner is…and sue them for failure to maintain…which they are legally required to do.

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Every thing you listed is unsafe and not healthy for any human. These things should’ve been reported to someone higher than the apartment manager a long time ago. Even reported to the city if they don’t fix them.


I imagine it’s not due to your personal house hygiene as much as it’s due to the water leaking causing mold and a hazardous breathing environment… unless he directly said something in response to your home being unkept I’d imagine it’s something to do with the water that has caused damage. I’d honestly try asking him to specify what he meant in this situation just to clear the air and give your self peace of mind ! :blush::smiling_face:

Maybe he said that pertaining to the mold or health problems that could arise. If you speak to the State person, be sure and tell them everything you said here! You’ll b fine , however they may have to give you another apartment or fix yours! Good luck!

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If there is mould etc it is dangerous for yourself and a child, however if you felt like he made you feel as though it is your fault try and talk to him? he may be able to explain a bit better as to reasons he said it, sometimes people say things but don’t realise the way they say it might sound a bit harsh.

Not only is it affecting you and your child’s health but also the two-year-old downstairs go over his head and report it to the health department

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He is saying that out of a place of truth in my opinion. A super modly dishwasher is dangerous for anyone to sit and breathe in… I would try to move.

He didn’t. And they CANNOT come in your apartment without your consent. Call your local city inspection department, file a report, they will have a certain number of days to fix everything. Then call your local legal aid, or small claims office and see if you can sue. Did he say why your apartment wasn’t suitable for a three year old…:thinking:


He’s not bashing you as a mum. From the sounds of it he is correct if the apartment is damp and moldy. This is really dangerous for little ones. Hopefully something will be done about it if he is saying it’s unlivable.

If your dishwasher is making the apartment moldy then fortunately he’s telling the truth its not liveable for your son or even you as both of you will be breathing the mold in and you both could end up with asthma and other health issues

New management…they are probably trying to chase you out to raise the rent. However the mold from your reported maintenance issues is a health hazard. Report it to your local health dept.


You’re landlord is correct. You should have a child living in mold, due to the water damage. The structure isn’t livable for a child.

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I don’t think it was personal. He was probably talking about the mold it’s unhealthy

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Sounds like they’re trying to get rid of you because you have kids. That’s discrimination…fight it! They need to fix it and make it right. It’s their job to fix faulty stuff and keep it safe.


You should go talk to the manager again tomorrow and ask him if there is a different apartment that is safe, or if they can fix it. If he has an attitude about it bring up the fact that you have reported it many times and nothing has been done and that you will make a report to the next of chain or to the health department.
Also, make sure you have rent receipts and the lease agreement in case it goes further.

You know you deserve better & so does she. Save up & find something better.

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why is this even a post? what do you want? move out? if there’s mold then he’s right, it’s not safe for a child or an adult

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If the place is leaking and moldy that’s probably what he’s referring too. File complaints with your city health bureau and contact your landlord

I don’t think he was saying that to offend you. He’s a new manager and probably disgusted what the former manager didnt do to make your appt safe.

Inspections aren’t about your personal cleanliness (unless you have a serious roach or bug problem), but if you have any kind of mold, it’s unsafe for any kid as it could get them real sick. Idk why you’re taking this personal, but since you’re renting it is the apt mgr and maintaneance issue to fix

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If there are all those problems then yes it causes mold and other issues that are unsafe for u and ur toddler. Im sure he wasn’t telling u this to make u feel bad or because it was dirty it was more of about the issues there are with the apartment itself and not being safe. I get u reported it and with him being new maybe he doesn’t know u reported it to maintenance so u can let him know u reported it many times and nothing was done about it to fix it. However, with that being said maybe there is way to much damage in the apartment for him to just outright fix it and do replacement probably way too much there and it will take alot of time into getting it fixed. Don’t take it to heart he is being honest with u about the conditions since he took over and is seeing it. Do let him know about maintenance though because I’m sure he can fire them and actually get someone else in there who will do the job. Im sure new manager will also probably work with u somehow as well just have to be upfront about what u done reporting to maintenance and nothing being done about it and anything else that wasn’t taken care of u will be surprised the outcome. Not all new management are out to get u or trying to chase u out to raise the rent. He was up front and honest about the conditions when he checked and after he took over so that tells me that he seems to be good and hes informing u its hazardous and unsafe for ur child he doesn’t want to be blamed for anything that he didn’t have control over before he took over. That was so u make the decision of whether or not u are staying or u decide to leave cuz conditions are that bad thats why he informed u. Talk to him and ask him what can be done to get the situation fixed to get things repaired and to get rid of the unsafe portions of apartment and it replaced to where it is no longer a danger to anyone’s health and unsafe.

Then as management it’s on him to get the issues sorted so it is safe for you and your child.

1 Like put you in another one you qherw there’s mold its not good for any of you…

You have to put this man on notice! You are contacting an attorney. I had a new landlord that tried to push his weight around. They might want you out so they can raise the rent on the next tenant. Go over his head. Have other tenants been bullied by him? Don’t let them intimidate you. They should be fixing those broken appliances instead of harassing you


Unfortunately if there is mold, it’s unsafe for not just a three year old, but everyone.

They should be moving you and ur son to a different apt. You should’ve moved a looong time ago!! With all those violations and you could’ve sued apt management for not fixing the issues.
Why are u making this about ur cleaning or son?
Think lady think!

That’s bad news it’s not safe for you or the baby you need to move

I. Would. Move. Why continue dealing with that :woman_facepalming:t2:


He’s right though. Its not safe for either of u. He won’t be saying that to hurt u, rather, to help u. Talk to him again about your concerns and ask him to either get people to fix all that was listed, or if he has any properties, or find another property. There’s lots of help out their


His comments are NOT directed towards you… he’s saying the APARTMENT is unhealthy for a 3yr old due to all of the issues with leaks/water, etc.

If there’s mold than that’s understandable. I don’t think he was coming across as mean.

Man’s doing his job… you’re doing you’re job… just learn the laws and finish it. Don’t blame the man for agreeing with you wtf?

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You can’t see the forest for the trees. The livable situation ISNT livable. Owning up to reality is sobering.

Call the health inspector and get a court order and force the landlord to fix the problem


So they make you feel new world property managers

I mean he’s right but not sure why he’s blaming you when the manager and landlord should be held accountable it’s not unsafe from you it’s unsafe because of them. There are laws against that stuff. You should check it out and also point it out during state inspection. Be prepared to move if you have to be honest I’m guessing you’re not able to right now or you would have already but it’s a possibility so be aware

Take pictures just in case cps or something is called.

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I think he may be talking abt the stuff you just mentioned….don’t take it personal……it could be affecting both of you health wise.

Video of him every contact you have with him

If the manager said that document it and tell him to fix the issues.

Report that stuff to better business bureau or somewhere!

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It’s not you he’s referring to, it’s the structure itself. Everything you’re describing is a hazard. It’s not even livable for you. I’d call the county and report it.


I don’t think the OP realized he was talking about the mold and not the hygiene aspect. But seriously, mold isn’t safe for anyone including yourself. Report them to the city, county or state. Also, if you can find a new place.

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Unfortunately he is right! Mold can be so dangerous more so for kids :confused: it can cause respiratory infections.


These issues could lead to the home being condemned temporarily. They’ll give the owners time to fix and you should be able to get back home pretty quick. But the landlord should be putting you up somewhere while they fix it.

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Well he’s not wrong. It’s unhealthy for anyone much less a child. It’s not your fault tho. I would ask him what he plans on doing about it since he’s now the manager :woman_shrugging:t2:

It’s not livable because it sounds like maintenance and management do not handle necessary repairs well at all! You have rights as a tenant. If I were you, I would go through all of your proof of having submitted work orders to get these issues fixed, document all of the issues with pictures and videos, and contact the city. They cannot have you living like this as it’s not only affecting your unit, but your downstairs’ neighbor’s unit as well.

Ask if you can change out apartments and if they won’t let you then reporth them to the bbb and health department mold is deadly and it not being living isn’t ur fault its the apartment owners so pkz don’t take it to hart and feel it’s ur fault it’s not

If it’s that bad… why live there for three years? A few months I can understand. But to basically make a post with a whole bunch of disgruntled information, it was acceptable for 3 years until you were told it’s unhealthy… kinda sus.

Sounds very unsafe. And that’s on management/ownership. I would report it to the housing authority or something.

I’m sure it had nothing to do with your cleaning… sounds like maybe he’s talking about the shape the apartment is in. It really doesn’t sound healthy for any of you. Tell him to fix it. Asap

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Sue them for not maintaining the apartment and creating conditions that even their own employee recognizes as hazardous. Submit all your documentation of previous reports and them disregarding them along with this person’s statement to the court.

If there’s mold, then he’s right. It’s not livable for anyone at that point.

The manager is an idiot… Mold in an apartment isnt just yours, it’s ALL of the apartments that are connected there. Mold in the walls doesnt stop and ask directions. I lived in apartment that had a mold problem in the bathroom floors of mine and the one behind us (upstairs), Maintinance didn’t come to fix it until my floor caved, I swear that linoleum is the floor version of flex seal, the floor gave but the linoleum still intact. Used to be if your place has a mold problem that can’t be fixed while you live there, they have to have placement either in your own complex or another one within the same company.
Are all of your complaints on paper, dated and time and whoever wrote out the work form?

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Speak up when the state comes

Report the hole building

He’s probably saying that now to cover his a$$ because he knows their is mold and the State inspectors are coming soon. It has nothing to do with you. That’s my best guess

Call code of compliance and get all your complaints in writing


Well, he’s not wrong.

Take pictures, write everything down, and contact your local housing authoritie.

Um mold isn’t healthy for a 3 year old.

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Report the mold and leaks to your State inspector. If it is a government subsidy building they have to fix it or they can be fined.

Ignore those fucking dumb asses

Bro, you were literally told the problems, and then wanna argue that they’re wrong that a 3 y.o. shouldn’t be living there :rofl: they don’t give AF about you as a grown mf person who should know what to look for, they care about the kid. Apparently you don’t :roll_eyes:

Id be writing everything you know if wrong… Write ur report dates. Seek legal advice and see how they can help. And be looking for something accommodating for you and ur child… Id be doing so quickly CPS can take ur kid for the mold alone :frowning:

Id sure be calling corporate about the mold and mildew and leaks! Especially if u have documentation about the reports you’ve filed

Report this all to the housing authority!!! You can give your landlord a 30 day notice to fix things, if they don’t, you pay your rent to escrow, they won’t get $ until they fix shit!!! And nope they can’t evict you!!! God bless Mama

If there’s mold, it is unhealthy for anyone to live there.
Report it to the city, the health dept, anyone who will listen.

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You need to take this to higher authorities. Go to the landlord and tenant tribunal and seek help

He didn’t say anything about your son. He said YOUR PLACE ISNT SAFE. which it isn’t.

Speak up u call the state

Tell the state people that come.

Be ready to move out. If the city comes in & deems it unlivable they can give you hours to pack up & leave. Be prepared.

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I hope your able to find better living conditions for you and your son. You’re not a bad Mom, sometimes some things are just out of your control. I’m guessing it isn’t an easy fix & that the building should be condemned. Which it again, is not your fault.


Uhm if it’s been covered in mold and all these issues are there then he’s right….you should of reported it a long time ago. It’s a health concern.

Why haven’t you gone to court and put rent into an escrow account until problems get fixed? Did you know you can do that?


Take picture to show how bad it is he doesn’t want you tell how bad it is .He is right it is not safe for you all to live there .

Speak the hell up and tell this guy that you have complained about these things multiple times and nothing was done. That issue is on them and they need to put you in a different apartment until the mold problem is fixed. You did nothing wrong mama! Clearly this guy doesn’t have kids. There’s no such thing as a perfectly clean house with toddlers especially when there is shit happening out of your control

Maybe they meant because of the building issues it’s not suitable for a child? If not that’s rude.

Welm if it has all of the problems you state then no its not livable for a child.


Call the health inspectors yourself tell them the problems and see if things will be done to help