My newborn isn't sleeping well. Can mamas share when do babies sleep through the night?

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All babies are different some sleeps all night when they’re born some doesn’t some takes longer than others. You got this hang in there nap when baby naps if your tired.itll help as well on your half

All babies are different, my son was almost 2 when he slept thru the night. My oldest daughter was 3 months old, and my youngest was about 4 months old.

My daughter started sleeping through the night around 3 months old. It gets easier!!!

Lol my first born didn’t sleep all the way through the night until he was like 2 like clockwork he woke up every 3 hours to eat my second sleeps all through the night tho it’ll come with time

Newborns need to eat . This stage will be over before you know it

Play white noise on your phone.

All newborns sleep and wake every 2 hours or less if breastfeeding idk about bottle fed and it’s perfectly normal…

Took mine 5 months before he would only wake up once at 5 am

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Hes almost 7 ms now and he goes to sleep at 11 PM wakes up at 5 am for a bottle then back to sleep until 9 am

If he’s sleeping in a crib or bassinet it could be because it doesn’t smell like you. Try getting your scent on the sheet. Mines 5 months and he still needs to eat every few hours to go back to sleep.

Every baby is different. My mom said that my brother woke up every 4 hours like clockwork for 2 years.
My son slept through the night at 1 month old.
All I have is: be patient… this will pass. My son just turned 22 years old this past week. They grow up so fast. :sob::sob::sob:

All babies are different. My daughter slept like a dream from the moment she was born and i thought i hit the jackpot. Then she turned 1. And now if she goes to bed before 1am its a good night. Doesn’t matter what i do, she’ll force herself to stay up till she physically cant :upside_down_face:. Her pediatrician suggested small doses of melatonin but half the time she wont take it and the other half she still tries to stay awake.
Can’t win.

Routine is key once you figure it out - bottle, burp, bath,diaper, swaddle,turned on noise machine and down for bed. When he was stuffy or teething we had blocks and propped one side of crib up and that really helped. :heart: good luck :blush:

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When my little girl was that age I was a stay at home momma and during the day I would open windows and make it bright in the house , play music and sing and interact with her and do tummy time etc. to establish that it was day time and then at night I would wind things down I had a night time routine I would give her a bath swaddle her and she would go to sleep and during night feeds I would keep the lights off! My baby woke up several times a night to feed up until like 4 or 5 months but would always go back to sleep at night! Also I would google up a sleep schedule for the baby as well And try to be consistent when giving naps feedings etc.

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Welll I got news for you… I have 5 girls… not one of them slept thru the night until 18 months… so you’re in for the loooong haul honey. Much love and strength. Good luck mumma. P.S DO NOT CO SLEEP FOR YOUR OWN MENTAL HEALTH… EVER.

Newborns can be difficult for sure. My boy had issues sleeping in the day until he was around 6-8 months. Refused to nap through the day but did sleep most of the night. It’ll get better. But if you feel like you really need help I’d seen out a professional. I ended up paying for help to get him sleeping better both through the day and on his own (without the need of breastfeeding to fall asleep)

they sleep through the night?? mine is almost 3 years old and still waking up randomly :sob::sweat_smile:


Bedtime bath routine and swaddle

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Depends on the baby and you. Babies learn through you. Breastfeeding babies like to eat more often. Bottle fed babies seem to be more satisfied with eating.

Unfortunately newborns aren’t really supposed to sleep through the night. They need to eat every 2-3 hours. But talk to your pediatrician and ask what’s a good age to start sleep training and weaning off the night feeds!

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Every kid is different…I had 3. One slept through at 8 weeks 2nd one at 11 weeks 3rd child not until she was 8 years old…yes I’m still tired from that one. Lol

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Babymoov pillow was a lifesaver for me !

Swaddle! Dim lights and quiet room during the bath/bedtime routine also helped with mine!

Newborns usually wake up every 2-3 hours to feed. Breastfed usually more often. Both of my kids were/are formula fed. My first daughter is now 3 years old. She slept through the night around 3 months old. Our second daughter is 2 months old and formula fed. She sleeps around 8 hours a night now. The first month was hard with her. Newborns just need to eat more often. It will get easier as your kid gets older. We did swaddle our second one every night for the first like 3 weeks and I did help her stay down longer.

Try and establish the difference between night and day. Keep it super bright in the morning. Maybe change her out of a sleeper and put an outfit on her. Routine is also important. Like around 7 or 8 pm do a bath, dim the lights down and put her in some pjs. Feed them if they are hungry but in their own room and then put them in the crib. Keep at it and it does get easier

They never sleep through the night…ever.

9 months in and she still wakes up 2-3 times a night. :woozy_face:

They sleep through the night on the night of their 21st birthday. Hang in there!


mine started sleeping all night at 3 months

All kids are different. Sleep is 100% developmental. It’s a regular development milestone that your child will reach when they’re ready. Some do it early and some won’t until they’re a toddler. Just be patient. It’ll get easier and it’ll happen one day.

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Not only that but newborns and young babies in general really should wake up frequently. it’s their natural defense mechanism against SIDS, so it’s a good thing


It’s all up to the child. My first slept thru the night after about 2/3 months. My second slept thru the night from day 1.

Oh honey, this must be your first. Lol
Newborns never sleep all the way through the night. They wake often to eat and be changed. And especially if they’re nursing, its even more often. You gotta just hang in there.


Could be never… mine did from about 4-6 weeks old… they were formula fed though and had a quiet house so most likely why…

I’m sorry to say never. My 15 year old doesn’t sleep through the night and I hear something rattling around in the kitchen and I’m like shhh I’m trying to sleep.

Just depends on the kid honestly! My 1st didn’t sleep thru the night until 14-15 months. My 2nd however will be 3 months next week and he’s already sleeping thru the night

3 years and he still wakes 1-2 times a night :joy:
Sleep is developmental and frequent waking is biologically normal.


I have 3 and can tell you, I slept when they slept. Its the only way I could get sleep.

Sorry girl newborns don’t sleep through the night and you shouldn’t let them. 2-3 hours for feedings.

Boob in the mouth every hour :woozy_face:

My first two babies slept through the night from day one. My most recent only woke up once per night.

The answer is not 15 yrs, 8 months, but I’ll let you know when we get there…


My 2nd son is7 weeks old.and does 6 hour nightly stretches. I just make sure he’s changed, wrapped, and fed before putting him to bed and he’s fine. I’m glad too. My first son never slept til after he turned 1😅

Every child is different. Sleepless nights are a given could be for a month could be for 10yrs could be longer than that. Good luck haha

If you’re still calling yours a newborn then they aren’t meant to be sleeping through the night yet and if they did they’re “odd” so don’t think that not sleeping through the night means something is wrong. Heck I’m 26 and can’t remember ever sleeping through a night

My newborn wouldn’t sleep in her crib or the bassinet. So we rushed to purchase a sleep rocker. It saved our lives! My babies were sleeping through the night pretty early. But some parents just aren’t so lucky.

My son is almost 2 and does not sleep thru the night. We are up at all hours of the night

Depends on your child. Mine slept thru the night from 2 weeks old and on. Still does at 3 years old. But we have always had a routine and it rarely every gets changed up.

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My son started sleeping through the night right around 10 months to a year old.

1 slept through the night at 3 months, the 4 year old still doesn’t. Just enjoy it mama. You’ll regret not taking advantage of the cuddles.

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My son did around 2. It is hard.

Mine is just starting to sleep thru the night for maybe the past month and hes 20 months old lol

My son started sleeping through the night around 2-3 weeks and has since. He’s almost 19 months. Honestly every kid is different. What we did was let him make his own routine and after about a week or two it became the same everyday. We would do a bedtime lotion, jammies, cuddles, and a big bottle before bed. Then he’d get one more diaper change and some more burps, since was pukey, then he’d be out for the night. This definetely won’t work for everyone but that’s what we did

Co sleeping :zzz: best thing ever!


Mine slept through the night from birth and I was a breastfeeder. The first night in the hospital I was shocked but her Ped told me she will wake when she’s hungry. She would wake up at midnight…I would feed-mostly dream feed…and she would sleep until 630 or 7 in the morning. Although she slept through the night I kept a night routine.

Newborns usually don’t sleep through the night because they get hungry often but every baby is different


My 3 year old still doesn’t sleep through the night :sleepy: buckle up momma, it’s a loooong ride.

Newborns sleep at night?


Bath him/her before sleep it will work


Each child is different but as a newborn you dont want them sleeping more then 3 or 4hours at a time. My oldest didnt sleep through the night until she was 2. My now 11mo has been sleeping most nights for about 2 months. My cousins 5mo is at about 6hr stretches at night. Routines will help. Bedtime bath wash &lotion followed by a bottle and snuggles with lullabies seemed to work great for both of my girls

depends on the baby, but i wouldn’t hold my breath for anytime soon lol

Newborns are spose to wake up every 2 to 3 hours to feed and change.

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My son is 19 months old and still doesnt sleep through the night. His doctor reccomended melatonin but idk about it yet. :woozy_face: I feel kinda bad if I use it.

My eldest was 3 years old when he first slept through :woman_facepalming:t2: but my youngest was around 8 months

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When they turn 6-7 :joy:

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Schedule schedule schedule. Newborns are tricky but they pick up sooo quickly. I did a simply routine for my first daughter as a newborn. Warm bath (every other day, not good for them every day), night time baby lotion, lights on low after nine, swaddle, mommy time, and then bottle with a good burp. As soon as she went to sleep I did to in order to catch up on sleep and then I would set a timer for every 3 hours to check on her diaper and if she needed to eat. If she’s tired tired and not wanting to wake up you don’t have to make her. Maybe wait a little bit and try again. Once you get your plan that works best for you personally it’ll get easier I promise. Some babies just are night owls but most do grow out :heart:

A newborn shouldn’t sleep through the night, they need to be fed often (as you would know) so they wake often. My best advice to you is sleep when baby sleeps day or night if you can.

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My son is almost 2 and still doesn’t sleep through the night :woman_shrugging:

Erm. My 3 day olds already up every 2-4 hours with her tiny demands to be fed.

They shouldn’t sleep past 4 hours if so you need to wake them

My daughter started at about 4 weeks sleeping thru the night. Although she never woke for a bottle before that I had to wake her, half the time she still didn’t wake so had to just feed her whole asleep, she still sleeps thru the night most times and she’s almost 11 months

Our schedule was always warm bottle and a warm bath before bed, she was going through the night at 3 months old and still does now for the last 6 months. Also do not wake a sleeping baby if they’re content with just sleeping, if they are hungry trust me they’ll let you know.

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Return the baby, it’s broken.


18 months old only done it 3 times. Babies are biologically programmed to wake. It’s totally normal. Just try to sleep when you can.

Mine is 2 and still gets up a few times a week. Just depends on how our day went.

My son is 18 months old and has only ever slept thru the night 3 times

If u ever need someone to come over simply so you can sleep, don’t be afraid to ask!

Yeh they will do that…
Frustrating and feels like it will last forever. It doesn’t rest in the fact that generally by 6 weeks they will sleep through.

My 6 week old wakes up less in the night than my 2.5 year old!

When will my life end??
Every child is different… its the unknown lol

We was like that once me and my partner got a routine going on our bubby is sleeping most of the day and through the whole night the only time her sleeps disturbed is when our 16 month old crys to get out of the crib it’s a working progress but we will get there

If u keep tabs on feed,bath and nap times u will get there :yellow_heart: it’s very tiring but don’t give up keep going

Different for all kids. My daughter was up every 2 hours when she was first born. Sometimes I would get lucky and she’d sleep a little longer then 2 hours during the early morning… now She’s 2.5months and she just started sleeping from about 9-1am but then will wake to feed every 2 hours after that.

You can try different ways to help newborn sleep… a nice bath at night, I also like using lavender things, it’s calming. That usually helped my daughter sleep too.

My son was sleeping threw the night at a week old, my midwife told me not to wake him, if he got hungry of needed a nappy change he would let me know, then at a month he started teething witch ment sleepless night till he got all his teeth at 9 months then after that he sleep straight threw again hes now 11 years old hes happy and healthy, ask your midwife team or health visitor when you get your baby weighed


My first son I had to wake up throughout the night cause he wanted to sleep through the night from day 1, after he was about a month old he was sleeping through the night :joy::sweat_smile:

My daughter was about 4 months before she was consistently sleeping through the night.

My third is almost 3 months and wakes up 1-2 times a night usually. He will randomly sleep through the night until about 5am but that’s happened maybe 2 times :woman_shrugging:t3:

Just like everything else with babies, All babies are different in their sleeping patterns and habits.

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I’ve got a breastfed 5 week old & I feel like it’s more so me waking him up to feed because my boobs start to hurt & I need his help draining them to avoid pumping lol

Baby is 3 months and still wakes up every 4 hours for feedings… Good luck

I have 2 kids. Both stopped at 3 months

A newborn shouldn’t be sleeping through the night. They need to wake up periodically every 2-3 hours for a feeding. Babies don’t sleep through the night until about 6-8 months. And even then sleeping through the night means 6 hours of sleep

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Depends how old. Newborns need to wake up frequently. Mine didn’t start sleeping longer till about 4 months. At 3 months started a sleep routine. Feed,bath, read,sing then sleep, etc. Keep repeating the routine that works for you and it catches on naturally and they start sleeping late.

I know people are told to wake their babies for feedings but since my baby was gaining weight appropriately, I didn’t wake him up. I figured if he would get hungry he would wake up. Since about 2 months he only gets up once. I get some stretches where he will sleep all night. Well from 8pm-5am and that’s super nice! I’ve had a good baby for sleeping but I know people that don’t and try to sleep train their babies. I don’t know much about that method but I know there is research out there about it.


My daughter didn’t start sleeping through the night until she was 4 months old. I feel that I got really lucky though with her. Hang in there mama :heart:

Newborns don’t sleep through the night lol

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Uhm newborns don’t sleep through the night, nor imo, should they. Hell my 8 year old still wakes up in the middle of the night sometimes.

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My son is 3 and still dosnt sleep through the night :flushed::woman_facepalming:t3:

My son didn’t sleep at night for more then 2 to 3 hour stretches until he was 2 years old.

My daughter slept through the night the day we brought her home. We did swaddle her a lot though.

My oldest slept through the night early on, my youngest is nearly 3 and only recently started to sleep through the night. It really depends on the child.

My son was about 10 months when he stopped getting up at night. I did the cio method though (no bashing. It was TOUGH.)

My first didn’t until 3.
My second still doesn’t and he is 3 next month.

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My baby is 3 months and only wakes up twice now :heart:

My first would sleep 5 hrs have a long feed and the another by a month but my second woke every 3 hour until she was almost one.