My Partner Just Told Me He Could Have Had 14 Kids By Now, And I'm Disgusted


"Girls, how would you feel if you'd not long since had a baby with your partner of 3 years and he told you he'd have 14 children if all the women had gone ahead with their pregnancies? I feel disgusted like he's been passed around like a piece of meat and is just settling for me now because he's already had everything else... to him it's ok because only 3 of us have actually kept them."

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"Depends if he’s remorseful or finds it funny… everyone has a past. Some things we're not proud of!"

"To me, it shows that he is not responsible or accountable for his actions or in any relationship that he is in. He is not worth the time or effort."

"He passed himself around … clearly he doesn’t use protection and doesn’t care who he knocks up so if I were you I’d be careful and figure out if this is something you want and if it was you need to just accept it and not care what people think."

"Crazy that you didn’t bother to find this information out before having a kid with him. You didn’t ask, he didn’t tell, don’t complain now."

"This is why talking about past history with your partner is so important before getting to this point. Everyone has their hard limits. You’re not wrong for your feelings. However, it’s been 3 years, you said he’s been committed and people can grow and learn from their past. This is up to you if it’s something you can move past or not. I don’t believe in penalizing people for their past, but I will hold them accountable for their present choices."

"Everyone has a past, including you. If you can’t accept his past then don’t be with him. What if he actually wants to be with you and you’re attempting to hold his past over his head? Talk to him, not the internet."

"I’m really not trying to be rude but I’d highly recommend you get tested!!! That’s a lot of women without protection."

"Everyone has a past and unless you were in their position, you don’t have a right to judge… It's seeing if they let it go and grew up from it, or still repeating the same cycle. It’s also evaluating whether or not you are able to handle it without it causing issues."

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