My partners family doesn't buy my son gifts: Advice?

Long story short, my son comes from a previous relationship; my partner’s daughter comes from a previous relationship as well. Well, it’s Christmas, and we all know it’s that time of year when people love to send gifts to show their love to their loved ones. Well, this year, I made it a point in my family, and it’s been this way since my partner, and I got together for them to act as his daughter is apart of our family. Meaning she comes to family events, and everyone needs to make sure to try to get her something small, just to show her that she matters to our family. Well, my partner’s family has always had issues with me since to beginning; I noticed the emotional manipulation between certain relatives. I wouldn’t tolerate it nor keep my mouth quiet when it came to my partner and our children. Long story short, his grandma sent a present in the mail; I was under the assumption she was sending a gift for both kids; I didn’t think her not liking me would affect my child. Well, she only sent gifts for his child, none for mine; multiple family members have done this already; am I wrong to be a bit irritated? I’ve already got someone telling my two-year-old stepdaughter confusing things, such as, she calls me by a nickname (I don’t want her to feel like she has to call me mom, I want it to be her choice). Well, I hugged her dad last visit, and she started hitting me and saying “(my nickname) and dada no! Momma and dada, no dada and (my nickname). It honestly hurts my feelings because someone is teaching her this. I don’t know what to do; how do I approach his family to fix it, so my son isn’t left out? How can I approach my partner about it?


Had a freind who went thru this it never changed and she ultimately ended up leaving the relationship.


Don’t ever expect people to send gifts to your kids especially if they’re not blood related. Just don’t it’s not their obligation. It’s better not to expect anything. Buy your child extra gifts from yourself so he can have the same amount of gifts as your other child.
I have 2 kids from a previous relationship. And my husband has 2 kids from a previous relationship that live with us as well. My husband cares for my kids as his own as i do to his kids. But i never expect gifts from his family for my kids. I rather let them do it by heart and if they don’t i simply stay away from them amd not involve them in our life.

My parents just bought me gifts and put my grandmothers name on them so I wouldn’t know the difference

Leave now!! Your partner can see what’s going on and has said nothing!! Choose your sons well being over your want for a man!!


This is something that you partner needs to fix… or at least help you fix. You need to let him know that it affects you, it hurts your feelings. Communication, he doesn’t know unless you’re up front about it.


His family have always had issues with you from the start? Sorry hun but sounds like they won’t change and neither will your partner. Leave.


Just like you told your family that they must treat your partners child the same as they do your child your partner must step up to his family and do the exact same. If he doesn’t then you are wasting your time and need to end this relationship immediately. This kind of behavior really emotionally effects children


If your man didn’t put a stop to their crap in the beginning, it’s not going to change. You will either have to learn to live with it, and have your child live with it. Or leave. Been there girl, I left.


It is his place to stand up to his family about this bad behavior … If he doesn’t he’s not the right man for you … JS


your man is not stepping up. He is not worthy of you


If she’s only two, it sounds like it’s been fairly recent that you guys have gotten together. He should be the one to mention it to his family about being inclusive of your child, but he hasn’t. And someone is definitely teaching her to say that. Makes me wonder if her mom isn’t over him yet or something. Idk the whole thing sounds like you guys rushed this too much. Just my opinion.

He needs to stop that kind of behavior even if it means returning the gifts if they want to blatantly disregard your son. Period! He needs to demonstrate this behavior is NOT ok in a manner in which sends a clear message! If he doesn’t then my advice is to leave the relationship. By him doing nothing will speak volumes. What is allowed will continue. Good luck to you and your son. Best wishes

Not all families are loving and caring as yours! Make it a point for your son to understand that. He will love the people who love him. Talk to the blind partner and tell him to step up and say something to his family! Kids should not be treated like that!


Had this happen myself with my daughter and son short story daughter different dad ,but we like you had problems when birthdays and Christmas would come around they would buy a gift for our son and leave my daughter out so to fix the problem I returned everyone of the gifts with a note explaining there are 2 babies in our home and no one will treat one better than the other we stopped all family gatherings on his side after a year things turned around ,but thankfully my husband stood by me and our kids . You have to stand your ground specially when it comes to your kids.

You need to leave .This will not change anytime soon . Their attitude is transferred to your child. He doesn’t seem to have an issue with their behavior if you mentioned it to him. It can only get worse as your child gets older


i wont bother trying to fit in espeacilly with my child. I would explain to him that there are a lot of people who truly loves him so no need to waste time trying to prove himself to dont. you are only setting him to be hurt and disappointed. you dont want that of cors

My daughter was 14 months old when I met my now husband she calls him by a nickname and she is now 9 still calls him by it. We do separate family events we now have 3 kids together and my 9 yr old. My daughter gets a ton of things from me and is probably more spoiled then the rest but I make sure I make up for everyone else including her father. She wants for little and needs nothing

If it was me I would have sent the gifts back. Why should the kids suffer because of their lack of respect for you and your family .


I wouldn’t stay no where my son is excluded!!!

My partners family or mum treats my son differently, she doesn’t come round anymore

I would include both children in all activities if they dotb receive something then the grandparents need to explain to them why.

Ok I for one totally disagree with so many saying leave him and that his family should accept your child and buy him gifts. Honestly nobody needs to accept your child besides your partner! Shouldn’t matter what his family does or doesn’t do. Your son has his side of family to buy him gifts! I think putting that pressure on them isn’t right it actually should come naturally like if they are loving and caring for another child even if it’s not blood related. Some people just see things differently and that’s ok it’s up to you & your partner to love and show affection to your child and not care so much what his family does or doesn’t do. Let’s be realistic your child isn’t part of there family he’s only part because your dating there son! Don’t make this be a materialistic thing just because they don’t buy him gifts!


Run. Don’t spend anymore time with this guy. He’s in the way of a the real man coming into your life.


Leave, if your partner cared he’d notice and say something. He sees it and is refusing to say something or do anything. That means he doesn’t care.

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How invested are you in this relationship? Is marriage on the table? If so, then you and your partner need to be a team that says the same message to everyone.There are multiple children in the house so please consider a gift that everyone can play with.Little children do not understand adult dynamics.They can feel when someone is being unkind.Ask the adults to take into consideration everyone’s feelings.All children deserve to be treasured.If the adults aren’t capable, why put your kids through it? Gifts aren’t important but relationships are.Don’t allow toxic people to poison your child’s mind.


Return to sender! Tell them if they want to buy only her something that’s fine, but they can send it to her mothers house. Their is no need to let your children feel “unloved” in their own home :woman_shrugging:

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Your man needs to stand up and deal with his family, not you.

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Never ask the internet for relationship advice. All you will get is negative advice that says “LEAVE” etc… a bunch of washed up, washed out, miserable Karen’s giving you “advice”. So let me give you logical advice… You need to have a sit down conversation with your man and discuss your irritations, disappointments, and concerns… It is your partners responsibility to be a man and set boundaries and acceptable standards with his side of the family… Start with a discussion of expectations with your significant other…


You can’t change what his family does, but maybe he can. He can ask his family to be fair and either include all kids or none. It’s his family and only he can try and change the situation. If he doesn’t see the problem and feel the same as you, then maybe you’re not right for each other.

Buy your son gifts n hide some, when those people bring for the other kid, you pick out something n present to your son. You can never force people from your partners side to like a kid you had in your previous relationship. It’s plain that kid doesn’t belong to them. It belongs to your former man’s side, n they would be the ones to shower him with gifts, coz he is thier blood. But this current relationship, don’t force them, you will spoil your marriage trying to force them to accept a child that is not thier blood. It’s like even men, to get a man who will completely love a child you have had from a previous relationship is a God send, some will pretend, others will plainly tell you to take the child to your people. So sis don’t hurt about that.

Get some family counseling…

I think you should stop taking it all so personal. You can’t make people send your kids gifts. I wouldn’t take anything a toddler says to heart

Your partner is a grown ass man,sit him down and have a honest chat,he needs to stand up for you and the family,being left out is exceptionally bad for a child,the feeling if not being wanted!!! Or have a chat with the whole family,

Take your partner and get away from this family they are toxic they will ruin your marriage sister, go, and if the child disrespects you, tell the father if he doesn’t discipline her then u do it

Everyone can round up gift and meet at your house.
Make them uncomfortable in your home just as they have you.

They all get gifts, or no one gets gifts. Send it back. U are the champion warrior of ur family. Strength to u

I have had issues with my partner’s family but they still get my son gifts (my son is from a previous relationship) and my family gets my step daughter gifts.

You have every right to be annoyed.


Your step daughter is not understanding so dont take it personal. She will learn right from wrong, in time. As fr the gift. I agree with most comments, your partner needs to send the gifts and sort his family. As a mom u will feel hurt n I’m glad u stand up fr yourself. I wish you and your family everything of the best for Christmas. Dont let them Grinches steal your Christmas cheer. All the best


Went through this, but both kids are biologically his. For some reason my daughter got treated much different than her brother. I wasn’t very vocal about it, but if I had to do it all over again I’d for sure say something. Even if it doesn’t change anything, at least you know you stood up to them. Blessings…


I have never experienced such, but I do have an idea. For the kid(s) that got left out of getting a gift from that family, buy him/them something really cool, wrap it up, and then tell the kid it’s from those people. Don’t let any of the kids know some presents are “from a different source.” Then have all the kids, both “real gift receivers” and “fake”, write and send Thank You notes. Imagine how the stingy, petty people will feel to receive beautiful Thank Yous for something they did NOT do. If they ask about it later, say, “We just couldn’t have this little kid think someone doesn’t like him because of who his parents are not.” Betcha they’ll WAKE UP!


Your partner needs to speak up to his family.I was in a similar situation and I told him make a choice me or your family.Now everything is ok and we buy for our 5 kids and grand kids., But he needs to take a stand against his family.


Kind of weird, but I have experienced the opposite situation. We went out of our way to treat our son’s girlfriend’s daughter as part of our family from day 1 & we have been treated like the worst people in the world. Some people just have no souls. Shame on them for their immature behavior towards an innocent child


Had a similar situation many years ago with my MIL…I had 2 children when we met, we had a daughter. My husband never treated the kids different…but his Mom? "My granddaughter, my granddaughter…my husband set her straight! All or nothing… package deal!
Unfortunately, it must have been a generational thing…my dad’s folks always, ALWAYS introduced me as "this is Donna’s daughter Jodie, and Bill and Donna’s girls, Kim and Luann. Never forgot that…stay strong and love her… regardless…


You can’t do anything. If nobody in his family likes you what you have to say won’t matter. It has to come from your SO, and he needs to mean it. Your stepdaughter is still just a baby, she only knows what she’s told she has no opinions of her own yet, don’t take it personal but it’s clear her mama is still not over your SO. There’s no mention of how long you have been together, or how old your son is, or if he sees his dad, and his dad’s family, all that stuff. I’d have different suggestions based on different answers to those questions, and without that info I feel like I can’t properly suggest anything. What’s good for a 1 year old, won’t work for a 10 year old. If youve been together for 4 years, it’s different than 6 months. I just think there’s a lot to factor in for situations like this. Whatever happens do what’s right for your entire family, all 4 of you :purple_heart: good luck


I can’t understand adults who behave this way. My son and his former gf have a 6 yr old daughter. Her mom is now married to a man with a 10 yr old daughter and they have 2 younger children together. My son is now engaged to a woman that has a 3 yr old and together they have a 4 month old son. Guess who now has SIX grandchildren? Two are mine biologically but all of them are mine because they are related to my granddaughter or my grandson. I couldn’t imagine showing favoritism to one child over another. It only hurts all of them. Including the “favored” child when they are old enough to realize their siblings are being treated so poorly.
Hopefully your SO will realize this and say something to his parents.


Send the gifts back, tell them if they can’t buy for both, they can’t buy for just one. They are supposed to be family and excluding a child is harmful.


Adults need to grow up. These are kids and they each deserve gifts. Your partner should tell them


This is a very hard situation honestly speaking I had my husband address it but after that issue always came another. Right now we just dealt with my sons first birthday and his mom since she lives with 3 grandchildren with a 4th on the way always say she does not want to come over to get a break from the grand kids. I explained that if she did not come that I would consider that her not wanting to be in our child’s life. Its her fault that her daughter is having so many babies and sticking her with them. Not mines my parents were there and his dad traveled 5 hours to attend. My husband backed me up. I will say it’s tiring and heart breaking. Personally I want to be done with their crap. I’m weighting out right now is it worth it. On the present issue you could send them back or hold them for the child’s birthday.

I have the same issue with my partner’s family. I have 4 boys from a previous marriage, and his family on both sides ( mom& stepdad & stepmom & dad) never include my kids, only the one we have together. But my deceased husband’s family includes the baby in everything! It irritates me as well and he calls all 5 boys HIS boys. He’s even talked about adopting my youngest and letting him keep his father’s name. So my partner doesn’t feel the exclusion of the other kids, now granted they are older, and there is a lot! But a card with their names on it wouldn’t kill anyone! They don’t have to spend a penny.


Your partner needs to put his family in their place. Children have nothing to do with what’s going on between adults. He needs to return all those gifts back to whomever sent them and make the message clear. All or none. If he can’t do that then that’s all you really need to know.


My exes family sucked and they even got my daughter presents every year. Now my mother in law has zero hesitation to buy for my kids, who are teenagers and I had them long before I met her son. They are her grandchildren now and she loves them. I would be livid!


Your partner needs to be the one to send the gifts back and calls each and explain that this will not be tolerated. They will be treated equal or they are going to be cut out.


It is ultimately his family. His mom. His dad, etc. HE needs to talk w them. You said they already don’t care for you so confronting them as to why they didn’t buy your children a gift, isn’t going to make things better. Should his family treat your child as their own if ya’llare in a relationship? Yes. Can you force them to if they don’t? No. Some people are that way whether or not you like it. Your child from another man and you aren’t their blood relative. I know that shouldn’t have anything to do with it, but to them, it does.

You don’t fix it. Your partner fixes it. It’s up to them. If they won’t, then it’s not worth staying in that relationship because that’s how you will always be treated… and your child.


We come from a mixed family & I have 2 & he has 2 one blood and one that he’s taken care of her whole life, both families have bought for all and some haven’t even met my kids yet. I truly don’t understand how people can act like that


I couldn’t imagine being in your shoes. My husbands family always buys my kids something (even before we had a kid of our own). His aunt also buys my kids something and other members of his family. (Even ones that have only met my kids once because my inlaws live in a different state). I would be hurt if they excluded my kids just because they’re not my husbands, he loves them like his own so I feel like his family should too. I wish I had better advice or the right words to say.


You send the gifts back and your partner needs to stand up for you and your child. If not, their behaviors will continue. What you allow will continue. HE has to set the boundaries with his family.


First off your partner needs to focus on his partner and the kids or that partner is no different then the rest of them


You don’t approach, it’s your partner who needs to tell his family a thing or two. Have you guys discussed these issues? If so did they agree or was it a fight? Honestly he should have nipped this in the ass from the get go!


People just suck. I’m so sorry you are going through this. I would scoop her up in the hug and do family hugs and try to show her what real love looks like


I’m so sorry your going through that. :cry: Unfortunately you can’t force people to change. Making a bigger deal about it might feed their fire. The only part of it you have any control over is how you teach your children. They notice behavior like that and all you can do is explain to the children that while we can’t change someone else, you can use others behavior as an example. I’m not sure how old the kiddos are but I hope you and your partner can find a way to get through!

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I don’t have the perfect fix, but those people should be ashamed of themselves. Great way to treat and teach children


I was the excluded child growing up and it’s extremely damaging and effects my self-esteem even now, decades later. PLEASE don’t subject your child to this. It should be easy for your partner to understand, since they too, have a child and go to your family’s holidays!

Assuming money isn’t an issue here, gift for both or nothing at all.

How many years has this been going on?


That’s ridiculous I’m engaged and I have a 12 year old that has called my fiancé her step dad for the last 5 years and I’ve made a point that no matter what there will be no favoritism between any of our kids because if there is then they can just stay away! Because I have a child by my fiancé who’s 4 months old and I refuse to let anyone play favorites my children will be treated equally!


End the relationship. Period. TRUST. ME. After 15 years and my son coming from a previous relationship his ‘side’ was like this. They would never come to his Bday parties only the other two kids that were ‘his’. They wouldn’t get me nor him a Christmas gift. They finally did but would give him one of those $6 box of legos and spends hundreds of dollars on other gifts for the other two. And I tried and tried and tried and sucked it up but I refuse for any of my kids to be treated less than. And now I’m happily divorced. :joy:

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Been there myself as well. While my oldest is not my husbands biological, he doesn’t consider her his step daughter and never addresses her that why when he’s asked how many children he has… the answer is always 3. The woman who answered below mine is my mother in law and she has never treated my kids differently when it came to gifts. She’s always spent the same amount in each of them and even if they didn’t have the same amount in front of them, she always makes sure the same amount is spent on them, be it a gift or putting the balance in their savings account. That sure is a lot more than what i can say for the extended family. It is not your fault that the extended family or your husbands family doesn’t feel the same way towards your son. My motto is i will NEVER force my children to love or react to an adult who doesn’t reach out and accept them. It’s not the child’s fault, it’s the adults responsibility.

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From the get go my “in-laws” were made aware that everyone needed to be included. The kids feel like siblings and are treated as such.
The last time we went there for Christmas was 4 years ago when all the kids got name brand clothing and things that were on their Christmas lists but my 10 year old received one gift. A $6 (yes big red circle price tag still on the front) Frozen coloring set. She opened it, I saw her look around for something else with her name on it, saw the disappointment in her eyes that’s when I said “we are leaving.”


I have two kids prior my last relationship. We had two babies. After we split his family continues to include my first two children specially during Christmas time. Even if he and I ended in bad terms children should not be put in the middle. He needs to speak up to his family. If he doesn’t the issue will only become worse on you and your son.

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Your partner should be sticking up for you & your child! Afterall, it is HIS “family”. He should also tell them if they are going to buy gifts for the kids, then ALL the kids need to be included.

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Your partner needs to do it and if they don’t you know where you rank. Get out of the relationship because it will never change.


Been there my mother in law wouldn’t buy for my son(our son) only our girls and I told my husband to put a stop to it or I would well when his mom showed up at Christmas he looked in the bag only gifts for the girls he handed it back and said if you can’t buy for all of them we will not expect them same thing at birthday’s my son was 14 months old when we got together plus my son wasn’t my biological son but I chose to bring him home and raise him as mine and my husband chose to raise him as his so if they couldn’t except all of our kids they couldn’t buy for any of them. Put your foot down now before your son gets hurt


I’m sorry, but your partner sounds like a total dick! Yes you probably love him and all, but if he loved you, he would have stood up to his manipulating family the moment he new something was up. His family is obviously trying to make him part ways with you. That’s not a loving family! Families don’t treat children like that. Give him the hard word, you or his family. End of story!

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Nothing you do will make it better…I have been there. I would just buy some gifts …as many as the other child has…and somehow make that child feel as loved as the other. Any adult that would do that is simply wrong. Or send the presents back and say unless all children are included don’t send anything.

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He needs to speak to his family! It’s not right in any aspect. My guys family was not thrilled with him dating someone who had a child but they always got things for him at holidays even if it was something small. Now his grandmother has a very tight bond with my son and we have a son together as well. It is always a point that both boys get the same amount. Stay strong momma!

This happened to my mother as a child. Moms bio father passed when she was 4. Her mom remarried when she was 7. Her step father( my papa) was a widower with a daughter my moms age. Papas family would only buy Xmas gifts for his biological daughter. This hurt my mom deeply. To this day my mom hates Xmas because of this. Mom is 82 years old.

Wait so your child does not receive anything from your previous relationship which would be her actual father’s family? Showing your comment you said you asked your family to include her by at least giving her something small so your child gets something bigger ,WHAT!!! How about you just say you’re not going to be exchanging gifts

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I question who are the children here because it seems to me that your SO family are acting like children. I would sit down with you SO and have a heartfelt talk with about how hurt you are by the way his family is influencing that child. If he’s not willing to stand up to his family then you need to decide if you want people like him and his family around your children. I know I wouldn’t tolerate that childish behavior. As for the gifts, donate them to a charity in the name of who gifted them and send them a thank you card explaining why you did that. Make sure your SO is on board and signs his name as well. Good luck. I’ll pray for all of you​:pray::pray:

Really, it shouldn’t even be an issue. All kids in a relationship should be honored and loved, they should all get presents and attention and love from both sides. Ridiculous that adults are acting this way towards children. It’s unacceptable

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In a perfect world they should send both kids something. However, they shouldn’t feel obligated to do so and I wouldn’t make them either.

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My last horns dad treated my son like his own before I had my second his mom was just nasty to my child his dad love my son when I did have my second my ex had no time for his own son and would play with my first while I took care of the baby his mom then told him to take me to court and take his child away from me he refused and told her she is nuts she would buy gifts for my second abd not my first I would return them back to her

My boys are biological brothers a and not having the same dad doesnt make them steps and I will not have anyone trying to seperate them my boys are now 13 and I ditched that family as my boys should be spoiled together and not seperately.

Honestly, they aren’t obligated to buy your child anything as much as that sucks. Do they have a relationship with the child? That would be different. My parents don’t buy for my husbands son… but they also don’t have a relationship with him to feel the need to do so. However, if he is there with us (which is usually not the case) they will make sure he has something.

You need to just say either you accept my child and include or its over. Anyone who truly cares for you will care equally for your child.

Send a nice letter telling them that you donated the items to Toy for Tots, and do it! Tell them why. Have a picture of the child and dad placing them in the box. As for the 2 year old, all kids get jealous. She will outgrow it

Have u talked to your partner… Your partner needs to send them back and contact each one individually and explain the reason of why, and then have a serious talk… Either treat them as equal children or lose out on any involvement… If your partner doesn’t… Then sadly not worth being treated like that just for the sake of the little ones. No one, nor a child should be treated this way.

I have 3 siblings, my mum hasn’t bothered with me in 7 years, my siblings have 4 babies (3 one sister, 1 the other sister) I now have a son myself and my son has never been acknowledged nor ever bought a present, whereas my nephews and nieces know her, and have had gifts. This behaviour doesn’t change, and won’t change unless your partner stands their ground…

Honestly, as much as it sucks.
If you’re the one that says anything it will probably fall on deaf ears.
This type of thing has to come from your partner.
They have to be the one to stand up to their family and say “ok, enough is enough.”

Sounds like it’s a new relationship if your step daughter is only 2. It’ll get easier in time. She’s way to young to know much but sometimes little ones do get mad when the mom and dad are kissing or hugging that’s normal. When I first started dating my now husband we were only 6 months in it during Christmas and all my family bought something for my two step daughters. It’s only fair if everyone is gathering and people shouldn’t pick or choose even though many families do that. If they didn’t get something for your son they should be ashamed to not have bad feelings about not giving Their step niece or nephew anything. Kids don’t pay attention who gives them what they just open gifts so don’t feel bad for your son. As long as he’s getting something is what matters.

I’m not sure I agree. If its an in-person gift exchange there needs to be a gift for every child. If its mailed I understand them just buying for their family. If your ex’s parents sent your child a gift and not one for your bfs kid, that’s perfectly fine in my book. Your bf need to talk to his family if they are treating you wrong and saying mean things about you in front of the kids.

That is so wrong and so childish. If I had a partner that allowed this,he wouldn’t be my partner for long.He needs to stand up to his family and let them know that they need to treat each child equally. He also needs to talk to his child and let her know that what they are doing is wrong and won’t be allowed.I don’t know how a grown person could act this way.Shame on them.

I would be irritated as well and would not tolerate it, 2 of my children are not biological but they have never ever been treated any differently by anyone in my family and I wouldn’t even allow it. Your husband probably needs to say something, he is a child and those things are hurtful. In my opinion, they should either send something for both of them or neither. Have you guys been together for a long time? Is it possible that people just don’t know that you are in a serious relationship?

I agree with everyone else. He needs to say something. My oldest son is from a previous relationship. I married my hubby when he was 16 and my in laws still give him something for Xmas and he’s 25 now.

I would definitely say something… My ex mother in law gets my daughter from my current relationship things when she gets her 3 biological grand kids things (was never made to feel like she had to) an even sends her a birthday card every year… I am sorry your going through this…

My husbands dad who I have been with for 22 yrs never accepted my 2 children from previous relationship even though he raised both of them since diapers… When then had a child together and his dad would send cards and gifts to him and finally I told him if you can’t accept all of them the keep your gifts because it’s not right … They were part of the family for 10 yrs before we had our son , after I said what I said my kids started getting gifts too! Your partner needs to address that their behavior is not right nor is it fare to do to a child who don’t understand…

First off I am sorry. Secondly my recommendation would be to talk to your partner. It will mean more to the partners family if it comes from your partner and you two are united (especially as you stated they have issues with you). I am with you that isn’t right to exclude your little one. You are ALL family now and should be treated as such. Good luck hun! :heart:

I’d flat out tell my partner that it’s an “all or nothing”. His family either accepts all of you or none of you. Either your partner lays down the law with his family or you walk. No person should have to put up with that kind of treatment, especially a child.

You don’t handle it. Your partner should since it’s his family.


I do not know why adults do this.
Growing up i have always seen this discrimination:
Kids of richer relatives got better, more expensive gifts, boys got more than girls.

Even now when we are all adults, the brothers get more than their own sisters.

At times i wonder why people even bother giving gifts…do they feel the kids do not understand discrimination or do they think that as adults, we should be polite and grateful that we are getting gifts and not act “petty” at the differences in cash amount or gift grade?

My own family was doing this to my stepkids…they would buy tons of individual gifts for my bio daughter for holidays or birthdays and got 1 board game gift for my other 3 stepkids to share, it was so evident even the kids asked why…I called them out quick and we have an estranged relationship because of things like this and them choosing to attend my exs get togethers for my daughter but not mine, not being involved in my “ours” babies lives etc…just all around not supportive. I kicked them to the curb. I wouldn’t allow anyone to treat my family that way or make my kids feel left out.

If your partner is not sticking up for you and your son then you need to reconsider your relationship. He should be in their face about the way they are treating you and your son.

Why denial a child?
Partner should say something, me… if it doesn’t get better, I would stay home!

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