My son has a diaper rash due to his antibiotic: What can I do?

My son (almost seven months) had his first ear infection and was put on an antibiotic. It’s making him have really really bad diarrhea multiple times a day, which is giving him a bad diaper rash on top of it. Besides Desitin & Tylenol, any mommas have tips on how to give him some relief? He’s crying at every diaper change, and I just feel so awful. He also hasn’t really been interested in solids. We still have another week left on the antibiotic.


Call doctor about the antibiotic and lots of fluids

Corn starch saved my life

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Sit him in the bathtub with just a little bit of water and let him soak. It helps my daughter a lot, we usually do it everyday when she’s really red

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Lotromin from Walmart.
Amazing stuff.

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Athlete’s foot cream!

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He may need a prescription cream from the doctor, might need to see the doc again, my daughter had that happen alot too while on antibiotics

Call his dr. And get some nystatin cream ! The antibiotics most likely caused a yeast infection rash.


I would call your doctor. Could be an allergic reaction to the med. As for easing the diaper rash, try buying a stronger cream or Aquaphor works great too

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Baking soda bath, mommas milk bath. Oatmeal bath. Call the Dr.

Organic raw Coconut oil works great too!

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Probiotics! It helps replace the good gut bacteria that will prevent diarrhea and rash. They make a powder form probiotic for kids that you can put in a drink or mix into food.

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Plain cornstarch keeps the area clean. I used both cornstarch and desitin. And to help his tummy. There is a powder over the counter called culturelle. I swear by it. It’s a little powder that can be added to all his foods or drink… helps out ALOT!


Corn Starch was a life saver for us.

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Penaten works best, it creates a barrier and stops the irritation. I recommend the one in the metal tin. He will be better in no time!

The best cream is triple medicated ointment-trust me I’m three kids in who all had horrible diarrhea for the first few months of their lives! Also use just plain water and sensitive skin soap-just hold his bottom under warm water and hand wash-in between use warm rags with no soap

Lots of fluid so he doesn’t get dehydrated and a nice soothing bath and let him air out and be completely dry before putting any paste on his tushy

I put a layer of vaseline between the babies bottom and diaper. A thick layer.
1st diaper rash cream
2nd vaseline to prevent new rash

And bathing baking soda to take the sting our of the rash.

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Coconut oil. Or cornstarch

Corn starch is the very best for diaper rash good luck

You need to contact your doctor! He might be allergic to it! Go back to the doctor immediately!

Baking soda in the bath, make sure they are dried and corn starch in the diapers. It helps create a barrier.

The baking soda soaks usually have my little ones butt looking better by the next morning.

The only thing that works for us is A&D ointment!


Boudreaux’s butt paste

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CORNSTARCH! Works like a charm.

Buttpaste will work if it’s not yeast. If it’s from an antibiotic, it’s more then likely yeast. Get the lotrimin jock itch cream. That is what my dr has told me to get for my daughter.


I used to put mine in a oatmeal or betadine bath. Betadine is red wash soap they use in hospitals. It takes the sting out. Then I would use regular a&d. Usually saw a big difference the next day. Hope this helps!! Good luck momma❤️

Don’t use traditional baby wipes. They’re irritating. Use water wipes or mix sterile water & baby oil then wipe with gauze. Also butt paste with vasoline over it should help.

Cornstarch with each change it will help with any chafing

Desitin is really bad for burning them

I love aveenos oatmeal bath and just some good ol A&D ointment worked for us

More than likely he’s developed a yeast infection from the antibiotics, ask Dr to give you prescription for yeast


Try desitin and a&d ointment mixed together the appt to bottom! Always done the trick for mine!

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Call doctor they make cream for that nystatin helped my daughter or pinxav you can ask the pharmacy for it


Crisco! Clean dry apply

Use a soft wash cloth instead of wipes with just water. I have been using Aquaphor baby and A&D ointment at the same time seems to help a ton.

Make a paste out of baking soda & a little warm water,mix and apply on bottom.

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Corn starch. Let him be naked and air out.

Corn starch for sure it works so good on my daughter when nothing else will!

Beaudroux Butt Paste along with Lotromin cream.
Clean the area. Lotromin.
Allow to air dry a bit.
Butt Paste.

This combo helped me thru 4 kiddos and works every time.

Also add oatmeal to his bath water and allow him to play/soak as long as possible.
Avoid baby powders until he is healed.

Are you sure it’s diaper rash and not a yeast infection? My son was in the same boat. Nothing was working. It started to bleed. Took him back to the dr and she immediately knew. Got prescription cream and better in hours!! Good luck!

A&D ointment is AMAZING! Works every time for both of our littles.

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You can keep free from a diaper for as much as you can, try to bathe him or use a wash cloth when cleaning

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I had the same problem with my daughter…the doctor put her on different antibiotics, which didn’t cause her to poop so much…I swear to butt paste but at the time I smothered her booty in Neosporin. I layed her out on an old blanket on the floor…booty bare and in the air as much as I could. With an eye on her I noticed when she was about to poop and just rolled her over…yes gross mess. But blanket got tossed in the wash…no harm.

My son is going through the same thing!

I also work at a daycare, we have this AWESOME cream that we tell ALL the babies parents to buy and every single
Parent loves it. It truly works AMAZING. You can get it at CVS or at amazon. I swear it is a MIRACLE worker !!!

Desitin has scent which stings. Butt Paste doesn’t sting.

Aquaphor… Works great, we still use it on our kiddos and they are now 10 and 15. It soothes chapped skin… Our younger still sucks his bottom lip and in the winter it cracks his lips so badly. Aquaphor is the only thing we have found that healed his diaper rash as a baby and his lip now.

Oatmeal bath, air dry then good old fashion vaseline in the bottom!! Its a moisture barrier and doesnt dissolve from the poo.

They should give him something for his rash an ointment and keep it dry as much as possible

Do not use wipes. Fold paper towels in half, wet them and put in ziploc bag.

Wash their tushy off in the tub or sink every diaper change with some baby soap.

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Give him a nice long warm bath with about half of a cup of baking soda in the water.

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A probiotic will help with the diarrhea. Desitin or any other barrier cream will help with the diaper rash. Also, let him go without a diaper for 30 minutes, or so. His fanny needs air.

I swear by butt paste

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Hold off on wipes. Use a warm wash cloth. Give him warm baths, no soap. Let him soak. Let him air dry as much as possible. - sudocream, penatin and cornstarch works like a charm. (Not all at once, but the combination throughout diaper changes)

One part desitin one part aquafor and apply like icing a cake. Also if it’s red and bumpy it might be yeast- try lotramin af from the pharmacy got my daughters to go away in a couple days.

If you are breastfeeding, put some breastmilk in his bath water.

I would use browned flour . It works better then anything I tried and I tried them all . I had 6 kids I know what I am talking about.

If it keeps getting worse, although you’re using cream, try monistat. It may be a yeast infection. You will know within a few hours after putting it on if it is because it will start to clear up. It may also help to use vaseline between changes. It helps put a barrier between the rash and urine or poo and when wiping.

Ear infections go away on there own. 3-5 days.
Motrin/Tylenol for pain and if there is a fever.
Personally, I would stop the antibiotic.
Pedialyte works great for electrolytes.

Aquaphor!!! Also check to see if baby yogurt has live cultures in it. Should give yogurt once a day when on antibiotic to help the GI symptoms

A&D ointments and if it starts to bleed you need to take him to you pediatrician. My daughter had that when she was young . But light rashes A&D is great !!

Try giving him yogurt with live cultures. The good bacteria might help with the diarrhea.

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It’s probably yeast, he’ll need antibiotic cream.

If you using wet wipes, place a few at a time in a dish of warm water to remove the chemical and clean baby as normal. This will prevent the burning. And use some bepanthem bum cream. Also good idea to speak to your doctor about the rash. And the probiotic drops will help too. You can add to the milk. I did this for my daughter.

Cake on the a&d ointment. We’ve also busted open vitamin e capsules to get that oil. Also find him a kids probiotic to add to formula or drinks they have liquid. My son was the same way. The probiotic will counteract the diarrhea. The zinc or menthol based ointments made my sons worse. It had to be the ones that were just ointment to protect the skin. Dont use baby wipes, use a warm damp cloth squeeze the water over to rinse and dont wipe, it hurts and it can cause bleedingif you rub or irritate it more. And if its bad enough call his doctor, he needs his antibiotics but they can further help and may have samples of stuff you can use.

Cook flour and put it in his diaper

Cornstarch work good

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Use aquaphor clears up everything on my daughter

Equal parts desitin, liquid maalox, and foot fungal cream. Mix it together and put it on. I used only that by my second kid it worked so well

Mix Desitin with athletes foot cream. That will help with the yeast

2 or 3 hours after his antibiotics give him a couple drops of probiotics, it will help balance him out. Dont give them at the same time because they kinda cancel eachother out if you do, but if there are hours in between his body will have time to absorb them both safely. I use baby aquaphor for my 7 month olds rashes, let his bottom fully dry before applying it and putting the diaper back on, dont do it while his bottom is still wet from the wipes.
If you breastfeed, pump 4 ish oz and put it in his bath tonight, or drip some drops of breastmilk directly on the rash.

My mom used corn starch

My youngest daughter…shes now 34…had severe ear infections with EVERY TOOTH…#1. Donot lay diwn with a bittle…it put pressure in eardrum…holding in your arms…#2 get prescrip fr bsbys butt…that’s painfull…#3 he may tubes…sinner than youu think…My dsughter had surgery for tubes ay 8 mths…it saved her hearing!!..She was the youngest child to have it done 1985!..however with every cold she has…a earache!

Give him a good warm bath in corn starch an then apply the A&D treat kind of diaper rash cream an then apply aquaphor over that! Literally works like a charm my daughter had the same thing an I tried everything an this is what helped in hours.

Resinol works wonders!

Butt paste or a&d onintment

A and D works amazing for us and my 5 month old better than butt paste and desitin and calendula

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Call ur Dr and ask for some nystatin cream

This happened to my daughter when she was about one. I would put her in a mop bucket with oatmeal bath in it. The cornstarch worked as well but also used an athletes foot cream with the a&d. I can’t think of what it was but the main stuff in it was a big word that started with a C. Good luck and hopefully they feel better soon. My daughter ended up with a scar from all of it. :disappointed:

Don’t use baby wipes for one, wash his bottom with oatmeal soap and pap dry. Also avoid diapers use cloth diapers if possible or use receiving blanket or any soft cloth. And use cornstarch

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Rub room temperature plain yogurt onto rash. Leave diaper off as much as possible.

That butt paste and then sprinkle corn starch on it…worked the best and fastest!!! Every single time

Probiotic drops too!

Spread Aquaphor on real thick and then sprinkle corn starch on the a h and diaper. Cleared my daughters up in 2 days

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Aquaphor. I swear by the stuff

My son always gets a rash when he has diarrhea… I put him a warm bath at night with oatmeal. Then get him good and dry, I use the butt paste, generously and it usually clears up in a day or so

Air him out. Put resinol on it. And put baby powder on it

I let mine air dry and corn starch.

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My daughter had the same thing it was so bad it was bleeding we tried cornstarch A&D Butt paste finally our doctor told us to get the athletes foot cream and it worked so fast!!

Corn starch works wonders!

Resinol. I swear by this stuff. Still use it on my 9yo when her lips start to get chapped. Put it on at bedtime and she is good by morning. It’s otc, but kept behind the pharmacy counter.

Corn starch is amazing!!

Buy some acidophilus probiotic tablets and open them stir into yogurt or baby food. It’s the flora in his gut that has died from the antibiotic(they kill all bacteria good and bad) you’ll notice the rash disappears from the inside outwards as it works. Keep him on it until 4 days after the last dose. Worked like a charm when my littlest had to be on antibiotics :two_hearts:

There’s a all purpose cream that works MAGIC on diaper rashes and other cuts and etc. It’s called calmoseptine

Probiotic drops and pink-salv worked best for us. I can find it on amazon

Take some flour put in a skillet and cook over medium heat until it is a nice brown color. Put it on his bottom and it will clear up really fast. But be careful it will stain anything it gets on and it won’t come out. This is a home remedy from my grandma and I am seventy

Every time my daughter takes antibiotics she develops a yeast rash which is almost impossible to get rid of with any over the counter creams. Maybe ask the doctor for a prescription for nystatin. It will clear it up within a few days.

Use aquaphor!!! Its the absolute best for diaper rash!

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Triple Paste Diaper Rash Cream Is AMAZING!