My son wakes up covered in pee: Advice?

My son is nearly 18 months, and he keeps waking up covered in pee. I have gone up a size in nappies and tried different brands to see if that will help, but nothing has so far. Any suggestions on what to do?? Also, he has decided that when I change his bum, he will run off and pee everywhere. Do you think this means it’s time to potty train??


Have you tried overnight diapers?

Potty train and cut liquids off at a certain time before bed


Yes potty train but keep check on him during the night try to limit milk or water which every you give at night. I had the same issue with my daughter when she was little

Maybe just try double diapering. That’s what we’re having to do now because we were having the same issue.

maybe don’t let him drink a lot of liquids before bed

My son use to do this. We started using the night time diapers and changing him right before we lay him down. Didn’t have any more issues

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Time for bug boy panties and a potty chair

Definitely potty training time and cutting off liquids a few hours before bed time

We used night time diapers with the extra grip strips and made sure to point his penis as far down as possible

Het the night time huggies

Get a cloth diaper cover to put over his diaper and use nighttime diapers.

Any chance he’s sticking his hand in the diaper rearranging and is pointing it up instead of down?


For boys is hard for them to get the potty training until after 2 years but I would stop fluids about 2 or 3 hrs before bed…

Walmart believe it or not parents choice works better then Huggies pampers and loves and alot cheaper and I have tried all brands named above this is 3rd time! 11 -8 and 2 month old! You can pee literally like 10 times it will be full and not leak!


I was just starting to read this article, it has signs when child is ready

Yes start potty training and stop liquids an hour before bed

Have you tried changing his diaper half way through the night??.


Is a nappie a diaper?

Overnight diapers with spossie inserts.

Make sure before he goes to bed he had a new diaper on. Get up in the middle of the night and feel his diaper if its wet change it with another diaper. This can make it avoidable of him wetting the bed because it sounds like his diaper is getting to full and hes out blowing the diaper.


I use overnight huggies and they’ve helped a lot. If he has lots to drink before bed he still pees through them but they’ve helped a lot

At 18 months I’d say yes deff time to potty train

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Maybe potty training time. My 2 year old wets the bed almost every night because he doesn’t completely empty his bladder throughout the day only when he is in a deep sleep. We limit water at dinner and use diaper insert pads and wear good nite diapers as well. We have more dry nights but still working on no sippy cup of milk before bed…

Lessen the amount he drinks before bed and night time huggies

My son would pull his penis out on the side and I stated wearing boxers over them n it helped

The night time diapers work great. Pull ups are horrible and always leak. In the daytime maybe try potty training. He might be ready.

Kids need some sort of bladder control to be ready for potty training. If he’s still waking up soaked, I’d say he’s not ready.
Try changing him more in the middle of the night and cut out any cups he is drinking


Not to sound inappropriate but this worked for me with my son and being certified as an early education and childhood development teacher I’ve been caring for toddlers for 20+ years. When you change him into clean diaper make sure his penis is pointed down. My son would leak or be covered in pee but once I made sure to do this it helped. Also lessen the amount of fluids he is getting after 5-6pm (or couple hours prior to bedtime) he’s 18 months so it may be a little too soon for potty training unless he’s showing other signs of being ready. Like telling you when he’s gone in his diaper, taking diaper off when dirty on his own ect
You don’t want to use a diaper too big in size that will only cause further leaking.

Good luck mom

Maybe potty training him at 18 months he’s old enough

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I would change my boys half way through the night. They would sleep through a diaper change. I put an extra pad in their night diapers.

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Point his penis downward while charging. My son had the same issue and it was me changing his diaper and allowing his penis to be upright .

I have 3 boys. One peed through everything. Didn’t matter. The others didn’t :confused:

Stop giving him something to drink like 11/2 before he goes to bed. And also take him to the doctors and have blood test run. He could be diabetic.

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Overnight diapers.
Change diaper halfway through the night.

They make diaper liners that you can add to the diaper like double diaper also cut the amount of fluid intake.

Diaper inserts were a life saver for my son… he’s a heavy wetter at night!! I would use a size up night time diaper and an insert and he would wake up dry.

Could it be sweat? Babies are known to sweat a lot. If not change him during the night

Make sure his little thingy is pointed down into the diaper and not up at the waist band when you put his bed time diaper on him. Maybe try overnight diapers, instead of normal daytime diapers. They are shaped differently for sleeping, and absorb more.

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Every kid is different i hate not giving drinks before bedtime because bedtime is the most reported time a kid will wake up thirsty. Changing his diaper halfway through the night is a good idea. Those who say they pee in their sleep? You’ve gotta be at least partially conscious to use your bladder. Even if you don’t see them open their eyes they do wake up to piddle if need me. My two year old stopped waking up to pee around 1.5 years old. He runs around and wants to pee but isn’t fully interested in potty training. Maybe get the potty chair and when he decides he wants to run around and pee put him near the potty and let him know pee goes there. Have a couple so he sees them all the time around the house. Let him decorate it or pick out his own chair

Do a pull up over a nighttime diaper. Or just change him halfway through the night.

He’s drinking too much before bedtime. Let’s say bedtime is 8PM. Nothing after dinner. If you give him a sippy to lay down. A few ounces- maybe 6-8 and that’s it. And use Brand name diapers at least for bedtime if anything.

And the running naked is normal. They find it funny.

What kind of diapers are you using?

Huggies overnights or Luvs

No juice or water few hours before bed

Yes try to start potty training and buy the overnight pullups

The overnight ones have extra padding and absorbency

My ten month old runs away and fights when I change her diaper, too. Recent thing. Never once did potty training cross my mind for obvious reasons. He’s likely not ready. Does he have a significant amount of language? Is he following complex instructions? Can he tell you when he has to go potty/wet his diaper? Is he going extended amounts of time with a dry diaper? Does he have any interest in the potty? If so maybe I’m wrong and totally go for it. If not, maybe he’s just more interested in his surroundings and doesn’t want to have a diaper change. How to help with that no idea. It sucks.

You can try potty training but he may be too young, unless he’s showing signs of readiness, if you do I recommend “oh crap” my girl was day and night trained at 22 months, but tht is a huge gap from 18! I knew she was ready because I’d tell her she needed to be changed and she’d bring me a diaper and lay down. I’d limit liquids before bedtime, or change his diaper once before you go to bed or in the middle of the night.

Huggies overnights. Only brand that’s worked for us. He used to wake up soaked in pee every morning until we switched

Try plastic underwear over the diaper I had to do that with my daughter and son

Night time diapers maybe no water or juice after 7pm or a set time

I’ve seen:
Size up in diapers
2 diapers at night, one over the other.
I wouldnt withhold liquids until hes a bit older. Just leads to dehydration.
My son is 14m and doing the same thing. I usually just change him in the middle of the night and he goes right back to bed.
And yes love, potty train! Were already starting, simple as just setting him on his potty while I pee. :slight_smile:

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Cut down fluids before bed. Sounds a bit young for toilet training but id try you never know. Let him watch his dad

Less milk at night. Maybe feed him an hour before bed. Have you tried another brand of diapers?

Less liquids at night. Say he goes to bed at 8pm, stop giving him a full cup of something to drink around 6:30pm. That way he has enough time to empty his bladder at least once before bedtime. Sips of water (not too many but a few) are fine, because you don’t want to deprive him of a drink entirely, but keep it limited to maybe just taking a small sip from your drink or something and not giving him a whole cup of his own drink after a certain time so he doesn’t fill up his bladder again.

Pampers baby dry are really nice and limit liquids 2 hours before bed. When you notice he holds his pee and goes a large amount at one time then he is more ready

Have you tried overnight diapers? We had this issue with my son around the same age - going to overnight diapers helped!

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I almost always change my baby once in the middle of the night because of this issue. He’s 11 months

Maybe change diapers more frequently

I say introduce potty. He may take very well to that.

It still happens to my my almost 2 year old sometimes… The only thing that helps is not giving them something to drink at night which is impossible at this age… also waking up in the middle of the night to change them… so peepeepads have saved our bed

Change his diaper in the middle of the night I’m sure he gets fussy when he sleep because of his diaper being full

Never to early to try in my opinion,also try the night time 1’s.

I have to use huggies overnights only ones that don’t leak bc mine pees a lot too!!! And you can try just set it in the living room and let him try it out


He’s drinking too much before bed. My 18 month old son does the same thing.

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Put the diaper on backwards and/or double up

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Does he drink milk at night still? If so, cut that out. Also, manage his fluid intake a few hours before bed.

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I had to put two on my son because he would soak thru too

Always make sure his penis is pointing down when you put diaper or pull up on


The only diapers that have worked for us are the seventh generation night time diapers one size bigger

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Make sure that peepee is pointed down when you close his diaper

Cloth diapers have a will cover for some so you could look into that…but if you do wash it exactly as recommended otherwise you will shrink it like I did

He’s probably drinking too much before bed. I would definitely start potty training

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Do u use the overnight diapers? They are way better than regular ones for the baby to sleep in.

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If my little one drinks too much before bed she will leak… so a couple hrs before bed dont give him anything to drink and if you have to dont give much that may help. Also if hes taking off running and peeing everywhere it doesn’t mean hes ready to potty train hes just being a toddler… mine use to run when I said I need to change you so lol definitely acting his age :wink: usually about 2 years of age for boys to potty train is what I’ve always heard but talk to your pediatrician about when you should start that.

No harm in trying to toilet train, he is obviously comfortable peeing outside a nappy. My girls both started toilet training by 12 mths and both completely toilet trained by 2

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I would try not to give him fluid an hour before bed and switch pull ups! They were a super help

I think this is pretty normal…my boy did that tons at 18 months. He also always took his diaper off once he was in bed for the night if have to go in a few hours later and put one on him as he slept to make sure it stayed on lol. And that didn’t always work either.

Huggies Night time diapers or change him in the middle of the night … my 13 month old does this,she will actually wake up because she Is wet, so we just ordered a potty (I took the booster seat and taught her how to sit and stand from it first, to practice for the potty) we are excited! She takes off during diaper change when she wakes up and pees on my floor! Its time for training for sure! She is my 4th :upside_down_face:

I had to use Aldi’s x

My sons almost 2 and we have the same issue at night! Iv started only giving him about half a sippy cup when I put him to bed so that way he can’t pee as much and we haven’t had issue lately, as for the running while changing idk :joy: my son doesn’t do that but that sounds like a regular toddler thing lol

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A child that is ready to potty train will, 1. Be able to tell you they are going. 2. Pull pants up and down. 3.wake up with a dry diaper.
I would recommend changing diaper during the night. You can try to start training but if your child isn’t ready, it will cause more harm then good! But overall you know your child best. You need to do what you think they are ready for! Good luck!!

Start potty training.

Definitely time for potty training. My daughter started doing this about a month or two ago and shes only 15 months now and we’re potty training. Its helping SO much. Also to keep diapers on during the night, put him in full zip up onesies (my daughter constantly takes her diapers off and this is the only thing that works)

Try using 2 diapers. Like put one on him and then another one over top.

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The Huggies snug and dry work wonders for my son

No son started wetting through and I put a ton of powder in his diaper before bed and make sure his peepee is down and limit the drinks and he doesn’t wake up wet anymore😊

You can try to start potty training and also used the night time pull-ups its what i did and i would have my daughter sit on potty every hour to 2 hours during day and night time was pull ups she was quick learner my son was little more time with potty training then she was

maybe change him right before bed and then change him through the night…and maybe try huggies or overnight?

Limit the fluids at night! This Will reduce overnight output.

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huggies little movers work great for my DAUGHTER

Not sure about the potty training part but my son went through a faze where he peed so much I had to just double diaper him at night

My daughter started peeing alot during the night around that age … i cut back on her drinking & started using night time diapers, it helped alot. Shes gonna be 2 nxt month & dnt wake up full of pee anymore.

Mine is just a bit younger and has been using the potty because he takes his diaper off when its wet or when he has to pee. I’d say give it a try. I’m not sure about the night time though. Try a different type of diaper?

Make sure his little winkie is pointed down when you cinch off the diaper. When boys pee the get hard and it points up (and out the waist band).

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Try overnight diapers in a size up :woman_shrugging:t3:

What brand diapers are u useing

Sweetie listen you have to point his little male part downward when putting on his pampers or it will always leak out no matter what type you put on him.

My son will be 2 in april. If he gets a full sippy cup at bedtime he wakes up covered. But if I limit the liquid intake 30-45 min prior he doesnt

Stop all drinks 1 hr before bedtime :relaxed: and make him use the restroom before bed, even if you need to sit there for a while. He will not pee during the night​:grin:

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