My sons aunt gave him water, am I overreacting?

Am I overreacting? I have a son who’s three months old and I go to the gym daily for 2 hours… and he is with one of his aunts always anyways so when he was 1 month old one of them gave him plain WATER to drink which they aren’t supposed to have and I didn’t really say much I just told her what our doctor had told us about it but the other aunt now that he is three months he is still on milk and has little tastes of food here and there but since he already eats a lot we can’t be feeding him over a certain amount of fluid/volume anyways she took it upon herself to feed him half of a banana and yes I know a Banana isn’t a big deal I’m not mad about that it’s just I’m upset because he isn’t supposed to be eating foods like that yet we tried baby food at 2 months and it made his stomach hurt because he isn’t ready yet so I don’t like how she took it upon herself and did that while babysitting. I’m overreacting or would you kinda get a little mad too?


I wouldn’t be leaving my baby with those women anymore. At that age baby is only supposed to be having breast milk or formula. At 6 months they can start eating solids and around 4 oz of water a day.

I’m confused as to why anyone thinks it’s okay to give a baby under 6 months anything other than breast milk or formula??? :woman_facepalming:t3:


Yes lady you’re overreacting. Water is not bad for a baby. Good grief, some of you moms should not have kids ever

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Actually you’re not over reacting. Infants that young’s kidneys have a hard time filtering just water. Probably ok for this time but not making it a habit is best


My grands pediatrician said to give water at 1 month for constipation. When my kids were born (30 years ago) they gave water in the nursery after birth. These things are always changing, it’s not recommended now but when you have grands it will probably be best practice. Don’t worry to much mama water has been giving to babies from birth since the beginning of time, until recently.


my ex mother in law gave my 3 month old a bite of chocolate pudding, I was not happy :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


I’m confused as to why you’re feeding a TWO month old. A child who cant hold their head up yet. Solid foods?! That’s just absolutely bizarre to me and I have four kids


If you already asked her not to give him anything, then yes, you can be mad. I have 2 grown adults ( always very healthy ) as children now and they were eating table food at 4 months, my son had cereal in his bottle at 2 weeks and they had water everyday from birth. That is what she is thinking but when I babysit my grandchildren, I do as Mom tells me to do. They do things totally different now…. I don’t understand it but it is what it is.


Not understanding the laugh reacts. For one, it’s your child and they’re disrespecting your rules. Two, babies can’t have too much water because it messes with the sodium in their body and can cause seizures. Three, way too young for solid foods.


Nope I’d be pissed…my son didn’t eat baby food until 6 months…they don’t need it…water isn’t AWFUL for them but also no need for it and if given too much can make them sick…I would make it known VERY WELL that my baby is only to have what I approve or they can just stay away :person_shrugging:


It doesn’t matter who thinks you’re overreacting or not, or if they said that to you.

Bottom line is you asked someone not to do something to your child, and they did it anyways. I don’t care how small it is, that’s your child and if someone goes against your wishes as the child’s mom, they’re overstepping boundaries.


Every parent is different. I started giving both my babies baby food at 4 months. I gave my son juice for constipation. I introduced my son to peanut butter at 6 months. I started solids that’s not baby food just recently around 7 months. But I would not approve of anyone feeding my child or giving my child anything I didn’t approve of or told them not to. It’s no one’s place to do that.


We raised 5 kids and they NEVER ate baby food. I cooked and blended ~heir food and they were on solid food by 3-4 months. All healthy and now in their 50’s! I also breast fed them.


Your child. Your rules. She overstepped and you need to set boundaries now before it gets out of control and creates a bigger division between you two.


When my daughter was that age she was eating soft foods, okayed by doctor(long story on why we went that route) she drank water, juice and soy milk :woman_shrugging:t3: It’s your rules but if they keeping her for free. I mean, if you have to ask. You already know answer to question.


I was a newborn nursery nurse for 41 years,babies were fed glucose water for 24 hrs before formula in the 70s 80s and early 90s. Mom’s were taught how to make their own on discharge.


Yall realize that some formula needs water to be made ? Solid foods absolutely not at that age but water is fine .


Babies shouldn’t be fed baby food till they are able to set up.
With that being said… maybe they are old school. I remember my grandma feeding my younger siblings drinks of water between formula feedings & always fed table food way earlier than supposed too.
It wasn’t till I had my own that I knew my elders were doing it all wrong! Not meaning to, probably how their elders taught them.
I definitely wouldn’t like it if someone took it up on themselves to feed my baby how they wanted.

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There is some really awful and harmful advice being given :woman_facepalming:t2::woman_facepalming:t2::woman_facepalming:t2:


You are overreacting I used to give my baby’s water all the time.

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As a mom of 5, and a birth doula. I say food at 3 months is fine within reason. My babies all hit a growth spurt around 3 months and needed a little extra. I had to supplement four of them because I didn’t get enough milk. I used goat milk and mixed in bit of baby cereal. Starting at 3 months they got that once a day. I personally would be ok with some banana. But not ok with someone disregarding my concerns when it comes to my own children.

My daughter’s been eating regular food since she was about 3 months old mashed potatoes stuff like that and she’s a beautiful healthy teenager now. But I mean it is your baby what you say goes so no I don’t think you are overreacting because you said don’t do it so they shouldn’t have done it.


You can give babies solid food at 4 months  pediatrician have said it’s fine!!!


I would be upset. Depending on how much water could have really hurt him, too much water for an infant can cause water intoxication. But he also shouldn’t have solids till 6 months.


I would def be upset. Especially if I told her not to give them any and she did anyway.


3 months is really young. The youngest I’ve heard is 4 months and as other people have said here people are tending to wait longer nowadays. It doesn’t matter though. At the end of the day if you are leaving someone in care of your child then they need to respect your wishes. If they can’t do that then you need to stop leaving the baby with them. Set a clear boundary and say anything that you want to give my baby to eat or drink or medication or take them anywhere, you need my permission plain and simple. And no means no. I mean your baby having these things once is not going to kill them but it certainly sets a precedent that they think they can do whatever they want. You created this human life and you are responsible for the baby. Firmly tell them that regardless of how they would do things they need to follow your wishes when they are in care of your child. The end. If they can’t do that then they can’t watch him. You are not over reacting.

1st of all no food before 4 months old, if 5 months dr has to approve it first. 2nd overreacting yes because of what i wrote earlier. Breast milk or formula is the only thing given. I’m surprised you are questioning all this when you’re giving him things that’s not appropriate for his precious little tummy,…now with water i waited but every parent is different on that

My son wad started on cereal at 3 months because over a can of formula a day wasn’t filling him, doctors orders


Babies aren’t ready for food until they’re sitting alone unassisted, usually 6 months. Their stomach muscles aren’t developed enough to digest it. It sits there slowly digesting. That’s why they get constipated & seem to sleep better. Their bodies are exhausted. I have family that fed my oldest food he shouldn’t have had. He’s now an adult with severe stomach issues such as IBS, GIRD, allergic reactions to things we can’t figure out (after painful allergy tests, journals, dietricians etc). Since your aunt refuses to respect you as the parent & go by your wishes I wouldn’t let her near my baby alone at all. I stood my ground better with my younger 2. I didn’t let the toxic family members feed them or alone with them. They’re a lot healthier than their brother. Trust me. Don’t rush your baby to eat solids. Nothing good comes from it.

When my girls were babies the grandparents snuck them bites and sips of everything. I wasn’t super happy with it at the time but now I wish I would have been more mellow. My girls are now teenagers and completely fine. You can’t look at any grown person and know what they were fed as a baby.


3 months old is a little soon definitely. But as far as I know a little water won’t hurt and helps with constipation. I always started mine on a little bit of baby food at 4 months old a day & then at 6 months I fully started them on solids & baby food.


I would be upset if it were me. Someone gave my daughter rice and it turned out she was allergic and we ended up in the ER that night.

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Well no offense, but I don’t know why you would have tried it at 2 months yourself. That’s dangerous. Really, baby’s boulder have it at 3 months, either. So yeah, I would be upset about that and the water and maybe mention it to his doctor

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I’ve never heard that about water. My kids came home from the hospital with water. It’s your baby but if you don’t want other people that are watching them to do things then make it clear. Theresa big difference between two months and three. These are the aunts so I don’t think they would do anything to hurt the baby. But make it clear what you want and don’t want if you are going to be bothered by things.


I’ve had 3…was told by Dr, that 4 months for foods…but at 2 months??? WTH?
and we could give an oz of sugar water for constipation…and could add a tablespoon of dark karo to formula if needed…not all the time, of course…but bananas, nope! Their digestive systems cannot break it down yet…of course the baby’s belly hurt! You sound very young!


Yes I would 100% be upset. That’s your baby and it’s not up to anyone else to make these decisions! That is extremely disrespectful to you, and not good for the baby either. I’m sorry they’re making you feel this way. Being a mom to a new baby is hard enough without people adding extra things to worry about. :purple_heart:

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If your getting upset :sob: over water yet you tried baby food at two months? Maybe you need to check your charts or talk to your doctor. Was it straight water ? I know the older generation will give a bit or water mixed with corn sirup or maple sirup for constipation which can be ok between stretching out your feed but you should still be doing your breastfeeding. Breastmilk or formula is better for weight gain the problem with water it’s not nutritional enough and sometimes babies will be to full on water vs getting enough breast milk for the day. So small amount is harmless. If you don’t wish for anyone to do that pump breastmilk or give formula as an option for family members to warm up and give just a suggestion anyways best of luck. Ps liquid food /baby food/ squish food not recommended until the enfant 4-5 months old for their digestive system to mature and so their gag reflex to work less chances of chocking incidents.

I would be upset that they weren’t following what, me, their mother has requested. However the actual act I don’t think is too bad, I was giving my kids mushed or blended food as soon as they started showing an interest in my food, obviously small amounts but there really isn’t a set timeliness, there’s recommendations but every kid is different. I think the real problem here is the overstep of boundaries that are set in place by a parent. Whether they agree or disagree how you wish to do things with your children should be followed and treated as law with your kids.

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Stay home with your baby - you can plan exercise at home if you are not happy with the Aunts!


Every baby is different. I’m this case, The baby won’t die or even be hurt from some banana or a little water :unamused:

Water in a tiny amount is okay, but water for a formula fed baby isn’t really good because they already need the water just to mix in the powder for them to be fed to begin with. People laugh, but it really could hurt his little belly to have water & food. Times have changed & it’s truthfully up to the mom on even if she wants to start foods before one & you absolutely don’t need to when breast milk or formula are the main supplement that is necessary

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Water is fine as long as they’re getting the full amount of nutrition still. Ex, formula is 2.5oz per lb of body weight. So if they’re supposed to be at 32oz, as long as they get 32oz of formula a day, a little bit of water is totally fine.

A banana at 3 months old is a little too early I think.

The thing about water is it has no nutrition. Takes up tummy space and they may get less calories than they need because they’re not hungry. It won’t hurt them though. I find it amusing that so many moms think they’re the ultimate authority on how to feed a baby. Some climb up on their high horse and PREACH! It’s their way or the highway. Ignore that. Don’t stress yourself out! Call your pediatrician and talk to them. They’ll tell you exactly what to do. Then you can go to the aunts and tell them you’re following your doctors orders. That it would make you more comfortable and you’d appreciate it if they did too. That way y’all are all on the same page. Shuts down their ability to argue with you.

Everyone here seems to have forgotten each dr is different and suggest different things. By 3 months old we made sure my son had a certain amount of formula (fight me) and we started “stage 1” or purées. At that age it’s mostly for them to taste, get used to moving their tongue, and basically practice. If the banana was smashed up and give to your baby in tiny baby sized amounts the only thing you need to really worry about is the basic new food watch for the possibility of an allergic reaction, (rash, hives, hard time breathing) my dr suggest one new food introduced over three days while watching for the smallest reaction. After three days no reactions it’s safe and good to go. Each dr says different things. Use common sense and start looking into the process of introducing purées, oatmeals, rice, and other new fun things.

Regardless of anyone’s thoughts or opinions on the matter, YOU are the mom, I wouldn’t tolerate it especially because you’ve already told her you didn’t like it and what your doctor said. That aunt wouldn’t watch my kid anymore :woman_shrugging:t2:

You’re mom. If someone can’t respect your wishes it is up to you to advocate for yourself and your child.


I think every mother has been through this. And as your kids grow older you realize how silly some of these “rules” are. They change yearly and babies/children are very resilient. Stop asking questions and do what you think is right as a parent. If you don’t like what someone else is doing with your child then restrict them from being around your child. No need to stress over small things. Your job as a mother will never end so do what you must to ease your mind as much as possible.

I gave all my kids water from birth on. They are in their 40s


It doesn’t matter what is right or not , we all do things differently, and they should respect your decision, if you already told them NOT to give him solid food or water they should not do it , it’s pretty clear that you can’t trust them with your baby , God’s know what else they will do / give to your baby without your permission.
I will have a serious talk and clearly express your desire , if they do it again you should fine a gym with a daycare including

It may seem like a small thing but tbh I get where you’re coming from… thats YOUR baby and you know what’s best for him and anyone who goes against what you say regarding your child is being disrespectful. He’ll most likely be fine but going forward you gotta put your foot down and if someone disagrees then they don’t have to be around your kid🤷🏾‍♀️

It’s frightening how many people have children without researching how to look after them. You’re so upset about water but you gave your baby food at 2 months? :weary:

The likelihood that your baby drank more than a few small sips is minimal and probably won’t do any hhis tummy.

Im more concerned with giving baby food a 2 months old! He’s wayyyyyyy too young for that. Of course it hurt his tummy.


If you aren’t happy with the care your baby is receiving then find a new sitter!

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I wouldn’t be mad about the water (both my kids had peppermint water for belly aches pretty early they are now 16 and 11 and fine) but the banana would of pissed me off. Unless you told her not to give him water and she did then she is oberstepling your boundaries which isn’t ok.

I would yes be upset !!!
I am very disheartened that anyone would give a baby , of whom is not their baby , any type of food or drink without permission ? A quick text to get clarity from parent would be appropriate if directions given at departure were not clear !!!

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You need to be clear on what they can’t give him, although I think it’s common sense that at that age it should only be formula/ breast milk. And they need to respect that or you will need someone else to babysit your baby.

No infant under 6 months should be given anything other than breastmilk/formula unless specifically directed by a doctor. Yes I’d be pissed and I’d not allow them to babysit again.

Sounds like none of you know what you’re doing. Talk to his dr about real food and water. Educate yourselves.

A banana is good for him and it’ll fill him up I bet he was so happy and full. It’s fiber for his tummy

My 3m old enjoy Thanksgiving and has been on baby food for 3 weeks now she will be 4m Sunday her Dr said it was ok to give her a cpl sucks of water to help the food go down while she’s eating.

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Every child is different in what they tolerate and when.

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If you have already told them not to then they should accept your wishes. Don’t let
anyone tell you that your overreacting your a mum thats now worried about her baby. If they can’t listen to simple instructions then i personally would stop them from looking after your baby.

They need to follow your instructions exactly. I don’t care who it is. If they think they know better, you can discuss it and you still always make the decision. It is your child.

Water isn’t going to hurt him

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Maybe it’s the fact he’s always with his aunt. Maybe feed him yourself more if you’re unhappy with others feeding the baby.

No food no water. You’re going to give him stomach issues. And the water can poison him he has under developed kidneys

Nothing other than formula or breastmilk until 6 months or LATER not sooner there insides are no where near ready to digest anything until closer to that age so I’d be pretty livid about a banana. And possibly causing my chil life long health issues for zero reason

You’re a big girl now tell her ,give a list what’s appropriate to feed your baby or get another sitter.

Yes, half a banana at 3 months is a HUGE deal considering babies stomachs can’t handle food until they’re AT LEAST 6 months old!

They’re your child so if others aren’t going to listen to how you would like them cared for then you’ll either need to find someone else to care for them or forfeit the gym :woman_shrugging:t3:

Definitely not overreacting. I’d be furious

Sounds like you need to work out at home or get a new baby sitter if they aren’t trustworthy.

First of all a baby that young shouldn’t be getting solid foods . 2nd powdered formula is mixed with water so not sure what the big deal would be with a little bit of plain water :woman_shrugging:


Do you often get thirsty between meals? Babies do too. That soesn’t nean to give a bottle full of water but a sip here n there, just enough to wet mouth in between feedings shouldn’t hurt.
I always kept a sippycup w/water for my boys and gboys just for that purpose, esp in hot summer months.

You don’t give a child under a year plain water. You don’t give children under six months anything besides formula or breast milk. When they are six months start with iron fortified cereal and then progress, one food at a time to be able to pinpoint if the child has developed an allergy, and start with vegetables first. Peanut butter, strawberries, and banana are not recommended until after a year because of the high rate of allergies to them specifically. The younger the child is when you introduce foods, the more likely they are to develop an allergy to it because their body isn’t ready for it and it conditions the body to fight it off, and builds the allergy every time they eat it because the body recognizes it as a foreign body that it didn’t like the first time (why the child got sick when he was given banana).

I think its safe to say all babies are different and 1 rule doesn’t always work for every baby. All 3 of my kiddos was getting cereal in their formula at 4-6 weeks old. It’s the only way they could keep the formula down at all. Did that make me a terrible mom, maybe maybe not. But one thing is for sure, it kept my babies out of the hospital.

Am I the only one who’s doctor also advised that pure water was much to thin for an infant to recognize and that it was a choking hazard? I don’t care what it’s about or who they are to you, anything that could be potentially harmful, even if it isn’t to most, should only be done in the presence of parents.

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I gave my babies baby food at 4 months old…They did great…My son that is now 17 was gave water as soon as he was born…My other 3 was never gave water…I was told not to give water until 6 months old…

Not as bad a my MIL giving my 3mo a sip of her Margherita

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Why is anyone giving a 3 month old solid foods?? They shouldn’t be having anything till at least 6 months. Plain water is only okay if it’s cooled boiled water and only a little bit.


Well as times change drs/researchers find out more. & more new things which is why some were ok years ago yet not now a days. If babies kidneys etc arent fully developed & they dont think certain things are good to give them then Id hold off bcuz MY concern would be their proper development but hey IG to each his own thoughts/beliefs on THIS matter but ya Id be upset more about the actual banana for simple reason they, like rice ate used/given to help “bind” loose stools & the fact it wasnt actual babyfood bananas Id be more concerned w/ making sure baby doesnt get too many & get constipated bcuz its nooooo fun when they do!

Well I mean he isn’t supposed to have food till 6months so ur also wrong…u can’t get mad at them when they are following ur lead :crazy_face:

Our children had water from birth…boiled and cooled, of course, but pediatrician advised water daily.

Check with your pediatrician. Then inform your Aunt what they said.

You can give a baby one ounce per month of age for constipation but it shouldn’t be a regular thing until a year old.

Maybe it’s time to find another sitter so you don’t have these issues.

Aside from the fact that 3 months is too young. Some mashed banana is much better for them then any store bought “baby food”

Sorry but my kids had baby food at the age of six weeks and they are fine now

If you can feed your child at 3mo you can give them water :woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming:Since pediatricians recommended introducing solids till 6mo…or how about this find another FREE sitter???

Your baby your rules no matter if someone disagrees u r the mama and ur choice should be respected!! PERIOD……

Bottom line don’t leave your child with someone who isn’t a professional caregiver or deal with the consequences.

Problem solved stop going to gym and look after your own child

All I can do is laugh at this… seriously??? I don’t see THAT to be the real issue here at all

If you left SPECIFIC instructions that those items were not to be given and what was allowed, then no, not overreacting! Otherwise yes.

My sister gave my 4 month old corn, these things happen.

Not your kid, not your choice. It’s really that simple.

A sip of water is okay, it helps with thirst.

Babies can drink cooled boiled water it’s fine but food before 6 months now they say no to

Both of y’all got it all wrong.

Umm water is the best and breast milk if not formula

Oh my gosh, you people.

STOP giving that baby ANYTHING that isn’t formula or breastmilk. Some claim things can be given at 4 months but even that’s too early. 6 months or more to start foods and they’re just practice for the most part at that time anyways, so formula and/or breastmilk is still the primary and most important form of nutrition.

NEVER give water. The liquid they drink on the regular has all the water they need and is balanced to perfection nutritionally based on their needs. Water has nothing in it and will not benefit baby whatsoever, likely only cause water toxicity.

So, before any of you go and give this poor baby massive digestion issues and pain, stop it.