My toddler has started blinking her eyes a lot: Thoughts?

My daughter will be turning three this month, and The last couple of days, she’s started blinking/twitching her eyes when she’s talking or even just sitting by herself. Has anyone else’s child do this? And did they stop on their own or what did you do about it?


Take them to their pediatrician and see an eye doctor. It may be nothing or it could be a nervous twitch or even an ocular issue.

Have you had her checked at the Dr? A friend of mines daughter does that when she has seizures. Might be something just to get checked out just to be on the safe side.


Did you ask her if they are hurting and if she can see out of them??

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It could be something as simple as allergies or it could be something bigger. Your best bet is to get her into her pediatrician or eye doctor


That can be a sign of a neurological issue going on I would recommend taking your child to the pediatrician


My daughter did the same thing, got her followed by a doctor for a bit because her father has Tourette’s but she stopped doing it after awhile just randomly :woman_shrugging:t2: she usually did it was so was focused on something

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I work in Optometry. My own child did this too at 3. 99% of the time it is completely normal! But I’d still advise an eye exam.

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Take a video of it and get checked by the GP.

This could be literally anything. Allergies, eye problems (dry eyes or even needing glasses), etc. It could also be bigger issues. My cousins son started doing this randomly and his doctor said it was a symptom of severe ADHD. Take her to her pediatrician and just give them the run down. Like I said, it truly could be anything.

Is she potty training? Sometimes the stress of potty training can cause it. That happened with my niece.

My son started that at around 5 years old. I brought him in to be checked and they said it was just a twitch he had. I thought it was because his eyes were dry or he was tired. It never seemed to bother him because he never said anything about it because I don’t think he even knew he was doing it. It hasn’t happened in a few years now.

My son did exact same thing I was worried something was wrong with his eyes. I rang health nurse who said ring dr, rang dr who said kids do these things he will be fine lol I was so mad and was freaking he was so nonchalant. He was fine. He was right it was a phase and he stopped a couple weeks after.

It could just be fall allergies/ragweed, but you should talk to her and ask her what’s wrong.

My son does this not everyday but occasionally I think it’s just a phase just bring it up to your doctor just in case

My oldest does that and she just got diagnosed with ADHD and they said that ADHD kids have tics and that is hers

The pediatrician told me it can happen If they’re looking at screens too much

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My daughter had this when she was baby …they found tumors in her head …the eyes twitches were seizure plz dont wait …plz have a ct the pedi and the eye dr didn’t find it …the lmc er found it with a ct scan they found 5 tumor.

My daughter was doing this had her eyes tested and she needed glasses

My son did this. Perhaps get her eyes checked. My son ended up needing glasses.

Yes, get her checked out by here PCP and then referred to a neurologist. My daughter started this exact behavior at around 12. I thought she hit puberty and was being disrespectful by fluttering her eyes when I had to get on to her. At 16 she was diagnosed with Juvenile Myoclonic Seizures. Today she is 25 and a nurse and doing very well.

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Dry eyes? Allergies?

Mine did that after she started preschool, it was a nervous tik because of starting school. I also had the fear that it was watching the iPad too close to her eyes… So we stopped watching TV altogether. Eventually it went away. I think it was a social anxiety thing tbh… Goodluck!

Get her eyes checked

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she may have Tourettes

Our son did this, twitching eyes, grunting, twitching around 4 yrs old. We were suggested to see a neurologist but they said it was called motor tics, most likely would go away but he had great strength and reflexes no other concerns. He just turned five and we very rarely see him too this. :wink:

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Turned out my brother had epilepsy and the tics were actually mini seizures. Talk to your pediatrician and explain your concerns. Keep a diary documenting when and how she does it and for how long. The more info you can give the easier it will be for dr to diagnose. Check and see if their are any siezure disorders in your family history as well. Go to your Dr. Armed with your observations and medical history. Will help i promise

My son had absence seizures. They’re mini seizures usually they kind of look zoned out sort of like they’re daydreaming but they blink a ton. No other symptoms but he grew out of them. But he would have like 30 a day at least.

Could be she needs glasses, but depending on where you live, it could be allergies. Where we live they are terrible right now, and my daughter blinks a lot when its bad because they are itchy.


My brother did that when he was young and he had juvenile diabetes we did not know that those were Mini seizures. Not trying to scare you just trying to inform you

What I’m about to say is probably a very worse case scenario… but when my nephew was a toddler he started eye and nose twitching … after a few days my sister took him in and for some reason which I now know they did a strep culture and he had strep … turns out it was this thing called pandas that comes on from strep … he never had any symptoms of strep … he’s had strep since and each time he gets it in the form of pandas which is a bit like turrets …


It could be seasonal allergies or she could be blinking to focus her vision. I would contact her doctor or even an eye doctor.


My son did. It can either be anxiety or a reaction to Ritalin.
However, start with a complete eye exam.

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Is it both eyes? I thought my daughter was blinking her eyes a lot. She was actually blinking one. The other wasn’t blinking at all. T was Bells Palsy. Does food taste funny to her, Another sign

My son starting at months old till around 5 as blinkin to communicate with me its ws so sweet it became our special way of saying he loved me n i would blink back .

This happened to my daughter before she turns 3. We were so worried about it so we went to have her eyes check. Everything is okay. They said it’s a tic that would go out on its own. We lessen the time she watch on the tv and ipad. Now she doesn’t do it this much unlike before but sometimes she still do it when she’s already tired at the end of the day and then she’s watching something or playing on the iPad or tv. Don’t get me wrong. We don’t really let her use the tv or ipad this much. We just noticed that she’s twitching her eyes when she’s tired and watching.

Does she seem to lose train of.thought when she’s doing it? My daughter has absent seizures. She twitches her eyes and has a blank stare but they only last a few seconds at a time

She might just have dry eyes just get her checked and put your fears to rest hopefully it’s something simple

My daughter did this about that age… went to eye dr and eyes were fine… he asked me if I had been talking about it to others where she might hear…i stopping talking about it and it stopped…get it checked out for your own peace of mind but don’t think it’s serious

Does she do it a lot quickly?
my son started about the same age Dr said it was a form of Tourette’s as he got older it become less noticeable had a few other odd things but he has been able to control it for the most part. He finished school went to College and has a job in which he is now a supervisor.

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I took my daughter to ER when she was 4, because she was blinking a lot…Freaked me out…She needed potassium, they said…Too much salt intake…

My son did this for years. He didn’t even realize it. He was 18 and I filmed him just sitting and talking to us to show him. After a lot of research, we came up with ‘absent seizures’ or ghost seizures. They can be caused by many things. It took a lot of time but his was from a combination of his asthma meds and drinking energy drinks!! Once he stopped the energy drinks, they slowly went away. From our research it can be from any toxins tho. I will be praying for an answer for you!

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That was the first sign of Tourette’s for my granddaughter at age 5. She’s now 22 and it’s been controlled now since she was 10. Hoping for a good outcome for you

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My 3 yr old granddaughter did the same thing and it was because of the blue light on the iPad. We got her blue light reflection glasses and it stopped

My 6 year old started doing this since pandemic and increased tv etc time. Eye dr gave us eye drops but I didn’t use them bc she freaks out. She stopped on her own within a couple weeks.

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My daughter did this. Her dad has tourettes syndrome. She does not, but she was mimicking some of his tics. Is yours around anyone with tics? Mine grew out of it.

My daughter had the same problem. Turned out to be dried eyes due to allergies.

Maybe she is just doing it because she realizes she can. Don’t listen to internet for medical advice, you will go stir crazy until be seen by a dr.

My granddsughter use to do this and told me that she was giving me eye kisses. She was about 4 years old

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I still do this now usually stress/ tiredness I don’t sleep well never have so could be totally different call NHS direct xx

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It’s a thing with some kids they grow out of it.That was my experience with my last son.

Definitely time for an eye exam, my son did the same thing. I work at an eye doctor and that’s one of the early indicators

Needs sunlight. Helps stop twitching. Also most kids do a lot of screen time. Hope your child gets better💕

She may have allergies or dry eyes. Bring her to her Dr they will be able to point you in the right direction.

Don’t bring it up to her. It’s a phase and will pass!

Our grandson did that and he was found to be legally blind.

My daughter went through phase of doing that when she was 2. I think she just liked doing it…

My son at age 4 started doing the eye tics and head tics. Turned out he had Tourettes Syndrome. Now he is 48 and shows no signs of it at all.

This is how my sons started ( also head twitches). He was diagnosed with Tourette’s syndrome.

My daughter did the same thing and grew out of it

My son did that and had PANDAS from strep. Look it up.

I had that when I was young it’s a nervous tick

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If your concerned take to doctor and get the child checked out.

I really think the doctor is the only one that can tell you because you’re going to get scared reading all these comments and the people are only trying to be helpful but it could be Nothing but you’re smart to get it checked

My daughter did it at about that age, and then just stopped… figured it was a nervous twitch

thinking something simple like dry eyes from allergies.

My son still does this at 20. He was diagnosed with a “tic” when he was about 5. Im not saying that’s what it is, you should definitely take her to her pediatrician for evaluation.


Id have her eyes checked by a pediatric eye Dr. Then see her primary dr. Especially if she complaining of headaches or anything…

My son did that and it was tics not full-blown tourettes, just tics

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You could always bring her to the eye dr

My brother did something like that and ended up needing glasses. His head shaking was an attempt to focus.

Is your ac running a lot? Fans? I finally realized my fans were drying out my eyes.

Could be nerves cp
Ould be allergies or could be mini seizures. Take your child to her doctor.

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Get your daughter some eye drops to stop them going dry, see a doctor first. Dry eyes can cause irritation.

My child does the same it’s anxiety

Definitely contact an eye Dr. Just to make sure

My daughter had this. Dr called it a tic. She outgrew it!

Definitely have her checked out!

Take the child to the Doctor! Do not waste time in FB!

Ask her why she’s doing it …ask her if her eyes hurt…ask her if she can see ok…

Perfectly all right don’t concern yourself it’s just a face they go thorough

Take her to a doctor to be on the safe side

Check with your Dr. could be her eyes . Or something else.

Get an EXPERT OPINION. You’ll get dizzy reading every one else’s.

Take that baby to the doctor.

Take her for an eye exam

Take her to an authority, such as a doctor.

The main symptoms of Tourette syndrome are tics — multiple motor tics and at least one vocal tic. Motor tics can be everything from eye blinking or grimacing to head jerking or foot stomping. Some examples of vocal tics are throat clearing, making clicking sounds, repeated sniffing, yelping, or shouting.

You may have to get a eye exam done.

Possibly Tourette syndrome.

Rule out Pans and PANDAS

Dry eye! I do that Its a nervous twitch

Maybe see a dr mine was having seizures

Really - if you have a concern about your child - you should call the doctor Soo you get the RIGHT answers concerning your daughter!! DUH

My daughter did/does that. It started about 3 she has tourette’s and its one of her ticks. But it could be she needs glasses or has allergies or dry eyes best to have her checked

I have a grand daughter who does this on occasion. She was diagnosed with Panda. You might check it out it is a real syndrome

She needs to be checked out

Better to show videos

she may have just learned that she can do that.


Could be a couple different things. I would schedule an appointment with either her pediatrician or an eye doctor (if her pediatrician doesn’t perform eye exams). It could be allergies, or perhaps her eyesight is bothering her. I used to work for an optometrist who said “You only get two eyes for life… take care of them!” So very true!