Natural treatments for mental health?

I have a 17 yr old daughter almost 18 next month and she has had panic/anxiety attacks a couple times this month and has self harmed herself, ended up being on a 5150 evaluation, so I wanted to go a more homeopathic way of treating her depression/anxiety, I need advice in natural ways or antidepressants that are safe with little to none side effects (which is impossible I’m finding), we’re in the process of finding a therapist for her, she doesn’t really want to talk to one because she thinks what she says will end her back in the psych hospital, please all positive advice

Try Rowe Casa Organics! They have several items for this. I try some of them and they really work! They also have a Facebook page Rowe Casa Organics VIP where you can ask them questions on what can help.

I can not help with medications. I do highly suggest a therapist.

However I would suggest getting her a 10 gal fish tank, getting the proper filter, heater, sand, plants, all of it! Get books on fish, study how to test the water and how to keep the right balances. Start of with a few live plants. Do research with her, make it fun, make it a bonding experience, get her into it. When you think shes ready and after researching different species of fish take her to the store and let her pick some out.

From personal experience finding something new that you can focus on really helps. It helps get you into a cycle, a routine. Something like a fish tank however also is exciting! You get to watch fish grow, feed them, keep them alive, maybe even breed some babies. It’s a positive hobby that you can do together. Fish are also very bright and colorful and fun to look at and watching them can be very relaxing.

I am a Hypnotherapist / Psychotherapist and I can help. My website is thestarviking dot com please get in touch and we can try to get her into a much healthier and happier mental space. Email [email protected]

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Natural treatments for mental health?

Cbd oils definitely help with anxiety.


I don’t have experience with natural things i did get on medication it took a few tries but finally got something that my body agrees with. If she doesn’t open up in therapy they can’t help her. Also make sure she’s taking care of her body eating right getting sunlight and exercise etc. unless she’s a threat to herself and or others they won’t make her go back. (To the mental hospital)

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CBD for sure. Research “grounding”. Take her on nature walks as often as possible.

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Hypnosis!!! It has helped me TREMENDOUSLY after trying a dozen or so meds and other things in the last 30 years!!!

Marijuana, but she’s 17. I do they have it medically in some places. I’ve had anxiety since I was a small child.


CBD will help. If not even thc will do wonders.


I have a szhophrenia for 9 years banging and tearing up the place. No medications work. It is as like he is possessed. We live in a war zones. Walls busted up. Nothing helps NOTHING!!!

Therapy is the best medicine honestly also if you live in a medical state check out medica marijuana when she turns 18


CBD or St. Johns wort

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Find something that she enjoys doing that will increase her physical activity. Exercise makes a HUGE difference in anxiousness/nervousness and can help regulate her hormones.

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Vit D and niacin (B12)

I agree with Patti Note . Physical activity


Please don’t use cbd or thc it makes it worse I have tried it

Bach flowers,Ashaguanda

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Been through same thing with my daughter, she takes meds , her meds had to be changed a couple times,but she does really well on them,she is 18 now,and she does smoke mmj when she needs to, I myself smoke mmj and I microdose, it’s been a game changer for me,…

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Magnesium Glycinate!

Go to a local dispensary and let them know what you’re looking for and they will recommend exactly what you need if your daughter isn’t into smoking they have edibles they have oils they even have butter that you can cook with.


Ashwagandha and Rescue Remedy. Good luck mama :two_hearts:

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Tell her there is nothing wrong in talking to a therapist. My daughter has extreme anxiety/ depression what worked for her was a good physiatrist, now at the age of 21 she took herself off of all meds she does use cbd and she said she does feel a little bit better but she will be going back to the physiatrist just to check in.

MINDFULNESS-and Rescue remedy, but seriously the self harm thing is hugely serious. Needs actual therapy, a structured calm routine. Does she have a dog?

It’s a struggle Momma for sure. I’m confident you both will find your way through this trying period. Took us a couple years to get my daughter’s under control . You may have to try a few different ways , I promise you though your love and stability will get you both through it. Just hang in there have faith and believe it will get better :rose:

Genesight testing. It’s a swab it’s a little costly but it will tell what medication’s are good for her what medication’s are to be cautious and what medication are to stay away from according to her genes and body chemistry if that’s the route that she needs.


Check her vitamin levels before you try anything like SSRIs. I have bipolar 1 and I refuse to take antidepressants or SSRIs they are horrible for you and make you feel worse. When my magnesium and vitamin d levels are low my migraines and anxiety get worse

Have you looked into cognitive behavioral therapy or EMDR? These are great approaches to the therapy process. Also look into having her bloodwork done through primary physician to ensure she doesn’t have any vitamin deficiencies. I personally wouldnt recommend any homeopathic treatment at this time just due to age and development but it would be good to look into a homeopathic doctor in your area who can help. My sister in law has a pediatrician who is an MD but also utilized homeopathic medical treatments.

My daughters take pristiq and it works great without any side affects

I have anxiety, depression, and ptsd. Had it half my life. I used to journal when I was younger it helped me a lot. When I get panic attacks or or anxiety attacks now I take slow deep breaths and concentrate on my breathing, I usually have my eyes shut while doing that. If your daughter needs someone to talk to while you’re waiting for a therapist feel free to message me anytime


Magnesium. Great stuff.

berries(black, blue…),soursop leaves tea to calm the mind n help with sleep.

I got stresam from my GP it’s not the normal stuff that have side effects etc speak to your gp

Unfortunately homeopathic ways aren’t really a great option typically with mental health. When I was a teenager that’s when my panic attacks started. It will be trial and error with medications, some I had horrible side effects and some didn’t really work. I’m now on Effexor/Venlafaxine and it’s amazing! Once you get through the first 2-4 weeks it starts really working and the side effects (for me it was headaches) subside.


I suggest going to see a natutalpathic doctor. My son was a list of supplements that helped tremendously but not enough unfortunately we ended up going the medication route in the long run, but so happy we tried this way first

I smoke and I micro dose 🤷 med free for 10 yrs


When it comes to mental health and wanting to incorporate a more natural way of healing instead of medicine, you have to first consider the environment she is constantly in and change it up. Self care is also immanent. She needs to pick something to do just for her during the week. Wether it be going for a wlak, reading a book, going for a hike, or just meditation or stretching. Positive daily inspirational quotes written randomly throughout the house. CBD can help however learning coping skills are key. Especially in dealing with it for the rest of your life without having to depend on anything. I recommend researching info regarding ways to build coping skills for depression and anxiety. Once she learns coping skills that works for her,she will have the foundation needed to build a mentally healthy life.

So, coming from someone who suffered major depression all my life and have had some years to work with it now, if you are wanting to stay away from meds and you don’t want to use THC or CBD, (I use these to cope but I also understand people may be against using it) coping skills are an essential to learn at this age. Really go and do your research on ways to express these extreme and passionate emotions without just reacting. It’s hard and that’s something you should definitely express too is that the fight with depression isn’t an easy one and likely could be something she battles all her life. But there are plenty of functional people that do this on a daily and have made it and so can she. Support her mama, it’s what she needs most. Much love to you all.

St John’s wart, with 5htp is a great combination helped me alot as a younger teen, if you’re close with her also try understanding what she’s going through, talk with her as how her days going, ask questions

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Only sharing what has personally helped for me, CBT. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, there are many books out there.
Also do some online searching for talk therapy. There are so many online resources since covid, that might be very helpful for her.

I have panic attacks that feel like in having a heart attack, chest pain, can’t breath, I have fainted from them and I have social anxiety. The only thing that has helped me is weed. I’ve tried never ending prescriptions and didn’t like the side effects or the end results.


I personally take lexapro & it has done wonders for me. I know not everything is for everyone, but I do hope she gets to starting to feel better :heart:

Weed… Smoke one with that baby and help ease her spirits! There are many other options as well if that is not comfortable for you… Cbd gummys and stuff… No reason she should suffer!


Cbd oil, my partner gave it a go after trying other things we noticed the difference straight away

Cbd gummies that’s what I use and I got ptsd severe anxiety depression and when I take the gummies I see a dramatic difference in myself. And I would’ve said weed but since she’s not 18 quite yet and idk what state you’re in so not sure if it’s legal in your state but that also helps a lot too.

Shrooms, micro dose, do ur research!


I use cbd. But with cbd you definitely want to educate yourself. Not all cbd has marijuana in it. For some reason that’s what some people tend to think. There are definitely certain cbd that is better then others. Cbd isolate is the best. Good luck

Marijuana seriously though lol common sense i think anyways…


If your child us self harming they need to be under the care of a psychiatrist and counselor/psychologist. Homeopathic medications can mess with neural pathways. As a person who has struggled with multiple mental illnesses and suicidal attempts/ideation since early childhood, please put her in the care of people who understand pharmacology and mental illnesses. Don’t risk it.


Honestly I would use CBD, maybe start with a low dose. Do your research always. Dont know if you want to start her on marijauna, but they make these tablets all natural and organic and they are so soothing. They’re actually made for people with higher anxiety and let me tell you. I absorb anxiety. I’m getting anxiety now. Lol. But they’re called Protabs. They’re honestly great.

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They have different ones too. For different things.

Actually, very high doses of Nature Made fish oil is prescribed by psychiatrists for children.

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I have saw alot of people say the blue goli gummies have helped there anxiety! I’ve never taken them but maybe worth a shot!

Get her blood work up to date. Make sure she’s not missing anything. Super low Vitamin D levels are common and can cause depression :sunny:


I wouldn’t be so fast to not allow her to take SSRI’s/SNRI’s. They saved my life and I also had parents who refused to let me get help to the full extent and my life is a million times more difficult as an adult and it’s hard for me to accept that my parents saw me in pain and struggling and didn’t want me on medication or in therapy… Please, take her to a psychiatrist or even her primary care and allow them to decide what the best course of action for her is. I was able to take Paxil in my adult life and it saved me. It gave me my life back. I finally sang in the car again. I could finally eat again. I could finally leave the house again. Never have I found such relief with a natural method. I’ve actually had adverse reactions with natural methods… SSRI’s/SNRI’s are no different than taking a medication for blood pressure or migraines. And everything these days has a side effect, even coffee. But most of them go away, the first two weeks is the hardest. Ask the doctor for an as needed sedative to give her if the side effects are too bad to start. Some people with mental health issues just lack certain hormones and they need a boost. But I’ll pray for your daughter, I’ve been in her shoes :green_heart:


It depends honestly on the individual. My daughter struggled for years with severe symptoms she still struggles daily but not as severe. The therapy only works if they are ready to work it and open up and try to understand emotions when my daughter was a teenager she couldn’t do that so the in patient and bn out patient programs didnt work. I agree with physical activity and b12. We also used a product called calm. She now uses Cbd oils but buy high quality products. Her diet is a big thing too, the hormones in processed foods can alter their balance. We did all organic natural foods for a long time. As a teenager she didnt like the restricted diet but know what’s going into your body can help pin point swings. The thing that helped my daughter the most is when she had a child. It gave her someone to focus on so she didnt have time to live in her head constantly. I’m obviously not recommending for your child to go out hand have a baby but the shift in focus was huge. Best of luck in your journey I know how exhausting and scaring it is.

Have you tried Kratom

Look into the app - unwinding anxiety. It was created by a neuro scientist and teaches ways of being mindful of your anxiety which helps decrease the effects.

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Cvs drops and marijuana exercise lots of sun almonds


I have had depression & anxiety since I was 15yr now at 37yr have got the depression way under control and my anxiety. I understand you want a more natural way but I will be a very honest the last 2 years the best way I have got it under control has been on the lowest dose of use of lexapro 10mg taken at night which also helps with my insomnia and taking Min-Chex

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I’d talk to your doctor on whatever homeopathic way you both choose. Let her help decide shes old enough to help. St John’s wart is a great commonly used one that wont affect drug screens for jobs. And just remember that SSRIs arent necessarily a bad thing. Dig into the science and how they work with your body :slight_smile:

I hope she finds peace soon. Wars in our own mind are fuckin hard.

Pot. Cbd. Say what u want but that and micro dosing mushrooms help too


Mediation and yoga helps me with my mental illness, but what I realize after a while is that I do need medication to help treat it.

Stay away from pharmaceutical drugs. They literally are not there to cure they are there to treat and cause more symptoms and side effects. I spent 10 years in and out of mental hospitals after self-harm and eating disorders and anxiety and depression from trauma. I am prescription drug free, smoke pot and have a wonderful healthy life now. I advise you to try anything holistic or different than a prescribed drug. Cognitive behavioral therapy helped me a lot along with realizing that the problem wasn’t with me it was that this was an ugly ugly world and I had to learn how to live and cope with that.

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If your mental health issues are so bad that you’re self harming- it’s not likely to be solved with homeopathy. Many herbal remedies cannot be used alongside psych medications, and can cause more harm. Diet, exercise, vitamins, therapy, and medications can co exist together. Seek professional help


Milk Lee maybe these remedies can help ?

My daughter 16 had the same problems we do a natural supplement line called LivePure and she takes the Serene supplement at night before bed and it has worked wonders my whole family uses this line its worth looking into

They won’t necessarily put her in a psych ward if she talks to them. It’s mostly emergency situations they would put her in there. She really outta go talk to them and see what THEY say

Everyone is different she may need serious meds but if she hasn’t tried marijuana and maybe a routine and diet change sometimes the simplest things can make a tremendous difference


Find a therapist that specializes in EMDR.

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Dialectal Behavioral Therapy - try to find an intense outpatient program. It teaches you what your emotions are, if they fit the facts, what to do if you want to change your emotion, and so much more. If you ever want to stop a panic attack, read anything you can find out loud…your brain can’t process a panic attack AND use all your senses at the same time.


Breathing techniques

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Try CBD or get her a medical marijuana card. I have PTSD and severe anxiety. I’ve tried tons of different pills and they all make me feel weird. I don’t like it and I refuse to take them. I’ll spare you the details but I was abducted, raped and barely escaped with my life. My own flesh and blood couldn’t get close to me for awhile without my anxiety sky rocketing and me freaking out. Marijuana helps. Also check into the 3-3-3 rule.

Magnesium supplements are supposed to help stabilize mood


Have her Thyroid Levels checked before anything else!! T3 and T4.


I suffer from severe anxiety and depression. Should do some research and look at THC and CBD .

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Less caffeine has help my anxiety. I stopped drinking coffee, just an idea.

If a dr prescribes a medication, it is usually because that person needs it. Please don’t just stop a medication without asking your Dr. They would also rx. A more homeopathic way because their journals of medicine surely go into research from both standpoints.


Nobody here is qualified.
There needs to be a professional for the benefit of her and for the others in your Family to learn tools to support her.
I’ll say prayers.


MARIJUANA it helped me no side effects but eating and it’s not that expensive

Person with actual mental illness here: I live in the Bible Belt. I’ve known 2 people who have had anxiety and depression who have actually completed sicide because they didn’t have proper medication. First, a girl I went to school with severe depression and she took a bottle of asprin and ded because her mother “tried to pray her depression away”. The second I was an adult and the guy took a firearm and his mom came home to find him with the inside of his head emptied on the wall behind his gaming rig. He was 20 but because of the severity of his depression he lived with his Mom. She was a very strong antivaxxer and was basically doing these online woo depression courses that prescribe sunshine, affirmations, healthy diet etc and talked him into that instead of meds.

The only time I came close in life to ending it all, I had no medication. I was literally so miserable that being not alive seemed better. Assuming your daughter doesn’t complete su*cide, do you want her so miserable that living day to day life makes her question being alive? If you care for your daughter’s well-being, listen to the professionals. She’s already hurting herself to try to escape the feeling. She’s literally self destructing because life is too hard to deal with. There is no natural way to cure depression. Why do you think in the old days before anti-depressants they stuck people in hospitals and gave them a lobotomy or electric shock therapy?



Ashwagandha. St. John’s Wort. CBD. :love_letter:


Talk to your doctor.

Have her start a journal, meds do help but don’t take it all away. I’ve been on meds for 18yrs. I take deep breaths and think of other things. Talkin to someone helps to a point. I hope she feels better.

Has she tried medical marijuana?


Magnesium magnesium magnesium!
And therapy. She needs to determine her triggers and work through ways to mitigate the onset.

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Highlands makes something for anxiety. Full disclosure I take more than the recommended dose but it’s all natural and I swear it works for me.

Medical marijuana/oils or supplements; for sure!

Meditation, Magnesium glycinate (never oxide), and these natural supplements raise dopamine and Serotonin… L-tyrosine (raises dopamine, recommended starting dose is 500mg-1000mg in the morning), 5htp (raises serotonin, recommended starting dose is 100-200mg in the early evening) I suggest reading the book “The Mood Cure” it goes into more detail about the above supplements than I can on this post. I also encourage you to do your own research on what I say.


Tell her she can say anything as long as she doesn’t say she wants to hurt herself or others AND has a plan. Feelings though with no plans are perfectly fine. I know people that self harm and tell their therapist all about it. As long as there’s no plans to hurt yourself or someone else they’re not supposed to 5150 you, unless you are just a complete and utter mess then plans or no plans they’re gonna send you. But just crying, being upset, and talking about feelings is all fine. I was one of those teens too. Please tell her it won’t work unless she opens up. I wish I had realized that sooner.

Sometimes therapy and medication is just what’s needed. I’m a big believer in trying things on your own before using meds but sometimes medication is just needed. Mental health issues aren’t something to mess around with. Please rethink your stance on using medication for treatment.

Zoloft, Prozac, or celexa

Study: 'Magic Mushrooms' May Best Drug for Depression - I used this to get off anti depressants after being diagnosed with severe depression.


I’m sorry to break it to you but when your truly depressed it’s usually because the chemicals in your brain are unbalanced and you can’t just “homeopathic remedy” that away. She needs real help and real medication. Please please listen to whatever the doctors say, they have years of schooling and training for a reason. TO KNOW WHAT THE HELL THEY ARE DOING EVEN WHEN WE DON’T!!
I sincerely hope your daughter gets all the help she needs.


Has she tried smokin a lil weed that helped my anxiety a lot a lot when I was struggling with depression as a teen!


Please get her to a doctor. And please don’t block medications that could really help her just bc it’s not natural. Mental health is not something to mess with or “half ass”. If a doctor feels she needs a medication, please remember they’re the doctor not you. I suffer from extreme mental health issues and my father never wanted to address them with anything other than therapy, and in turn I was not medicated correctly and it made things alot worse. Someone with mental health issues that needs these medications, without them can be very dangerous for them

Food you eat has a lot to do with mental as well as physical health. Medical marijuana and cbd and animal therapy worked for my 17 soon to be 18 year old daughter


Get her to look into vibrations & how each vibration hz & frequency effects you differently. How to raise your vibration in different ways.
I have bipolar disorder, , social anxiety & generalized anxiety disorders & this is what saved my life. Eating healthy is sooo important too!!

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Please look into medical marijuana