Need help with my 10year old

She has been such a good, respectful kid up to age 9. This past year has been HORRIBLE. We have a 3year old and a 1 year old so mom and dad are very busy making everyone happy on top of working full time jobs. Her attitude is SO BAD towards everyone in the house to the point where no one wants to be around her, we dread when she comes home from school Bc it starts 5min later. Says ‘I don’t care’ when u threaten her with having her stuff taken away or always calling parents mean or rude when u tell her to do something. She will always talk about about any little thing. Lately she’s been getting into the 3 year olds face yelling at her when three year old takes something. I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO ANYMORE with the disrespect, always talking back. She also goes through this thing where she has to yell or jump out of nowhere and I ask her why she does that and she says she just has to, she can’t control it. It will stop for a little while and then do it months later again. Is this just a phase or is there something wrong with my kid I am thinking of bring her to a doctor but which doctor ? Is the only answer medication ? Heard stories where kids turn to drugs when they are on ADHD or other similar meds . Or does she need therapy ? We provide them with a good life, they have the things they need and want, we go places, we have family around, they live good lives, where did I go wrong