Needing advice for getting rid of lice

How do I get rid of LICE! I am 32 and NEVER had to deal with it before, and I already feel like a HORRIBLE mom! My boys are 3.5 and 1.5. Other than shaving their heads, I need advice! I also have it, so I just need rid of it ASAP! PLEASE HELP!


Rid or Nix from Walmart

I have some stuff at the pharmacy that you can do for your hair or Walmart and you have to wash all your bedding it’s called nix

Wash everything and follow the medicine direction to a t. Vacuum everything too. Bag all stuffed animals and pillows for 2 weeks and re treat in 7 days.

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Start using tea tree shampoo too


Shave their heads. Unless you want to go through every strand of hair to remove eggs. Every day.


U can use the lice shampoo from a drug store or supermarket. But the main thing is to make sure u pick out ALL the nits (eggs) off the hair strands. Wash all bedding. Vacuum things that can’t be washed. Wash hair brushes & combs. It’s a grueling process.


They have places to go to professional people to get rid of it now days

Just dealt with this for 2 months with my daughter. Then I got it.
Nyda was the best (I tried 4 brands)
Go to their website and see where it’s available where you live (it’s not in every store)

Natroba from the pharmacy. Wash everything

Don’t bother wasting money on over the counter stuff. Just call the Dr and the prescription kind works SOO much better and is SOO much easier to use. It happens to almost everyone lol everything will be fine.


I think my mom used to use olive oil. but your kids are pretty little, wrapping their hair in plastic wrap my be dangerous.

Rid is what i remember using when I got it as a kid. Wash everything. Follow the instructions on the box/insert. If it’s really bad, I’ve had to put mayo in my hair and sleep with a bag on my head. Lol that was the last time I ever got it. Fingers crossed

I’ve been told mayonnaise works

Smother the hair in conditioner and comb through with a fine tooth comb all over the head, continuously until none are on the comb. You will need to repeat daily for a while until there’s no more found. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Kids get lice :woman_shrugging:t3:

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In North Ms, we have a head lice treatment place. It was the best thing I done. It is pricy but well worth it. We spent $100’s of dollars before hand trying to fight it.

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Rid, hair dye, shaving head.

I can give u bug shampoo and combs if u need. Have to pick up tho.

Clean all sheets in hot water and boil all things that go in your hair. Anything you lay your head on clean in hot water

Lots of patience and consistency!!! Constant searching their heads multiple times a day and cleaning everything… I’m OCD about it… I will dig and pick for hours and then wake up and do it all over again

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Tea tree oil works as well.


They sell stuff at the pharmacy. The main thing is to wash all bedding, clean all carpets, bag up all stuffed animals, I always used Rid. It comes with spray to spray furniture and mattresses. Comb comb comb!! Make sure there is no nits (eggs) the rid kit comes with a metal nit comb. As for your hair blow dry your hair everyday. If you color your hair, do it. The dye will kill them. Best of luck to you! Don’t feel like a bad mom! It happens to most of us moms. You’re trying to take care of it so it makes you a fabulous mom!

The best stuff is called super lice its a spray that soaps up and kills instantly and then u lrave it in for 2 mins rinse it out and go thru it they literally just come right out u can buy it at rite aid for about 15 bucks but it works very well

I put coconut oil in our heads last time

Dr is your best choice.

Coconut oil and tea tree oil works great!

The doctor can call in a prescription strength shampoo that works better than the over the counter stuff. They may just call it In for you to avoid the kids potentially spreading it in the office.


You also need to treat/clean everything you’ve all been in contact with, such as, bed, pillows, bedding, sofas, seats in your car, clothes, etc…

Just buy the stuff. I think it’s called nix. Works greats. I always left it in while I combed my daughters hair

Nyda worked great for my daughter (with 2 applications) Yes it takes time to go through their hair with a comb, but give them a snack and a favorite movie to watch and away you go. Make sure to sanitize their bedding and pillows as well and boil brushes. Tea tree oil shampoo is a good preventative and washing more frequently will not help… they like clean environments

None of these work. Wash your hair, slather a load of conditioner on and comb through with a metal fine tooth comb. A pet flea comb is exactly the same and is cheaper

Do this every 3 days until you stop getting any lice out. Continue to comb every 3 days until 3 weeks have passed.

Treat everyone in the house and tell regular visitors to check themselves.

Don’t feel bad, lice love clean hair


Wash EVERYTHING, and don’t forget about the car seats! And everytime they use something wash it again, bedding, pillows, hats, coats, put extra sheets over the couch and car seats so all you have to do is wash the sheets and not the car seat everyday cause if you miss one nit you can end up with a huge issue again. Also put tee tree oil behind all your ears, every day


Use the rid shampoo, and then you have to clean everything on hot wash and dry. Then you have to sit and go through each piece of hair with a fine toothed comb and tweezers and take out each but by hand. Do this all on the same day and again the third day. All new pillows and combs and brushes, check everyone in the household.

When my daughter got it I bought the rid shampoo did that as instructed. Then have to physically go through the hair and get all the eggs out. They attach to the hair and it’s almost impossible to get with the comb. After that I washed everything! And the box had a spray that you spray on your beds and furniture. After that I bought tree oil shampoo stuff. Oh and also make sure all toys that the lice can live on get put in a trash bag tied up really tight with no air holes and keep that stuff in there for 2 weeks

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Get olive oil and a lice comb. Put oil in hair and then comb and comb and comb until it’s all gone

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The only thing that worked on my daughter was to dye her hair. I tried everyone of these options everyone is saying. I dyed her hair the same color it was. I fought them for years and I never did get them from her but I have always colored my hair.


Don’t forget to vacuum the care seats and interior of the car including the ceiling.

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We used olive oil when I was growing up.

We used a “safe” product that seemed to just be a salt solution, along with the special comb (like a flea comb) and olive oil.

Don’t feel bad, they could of gotten it from anywhere.

Baby oil :raised_hands: they slide right out! But you will need to wash a bunch of times to get it to be non greasy but I swear by it! Baby oil and a fine comb


Lice shampoo and lather hair in conditioner and comb with lice come and than let it dry use a gel or oil sheen or some kinda grease comb with lice comb some more than wash it out and comb some more let it dry and look in hair in sun light to see if more nits are still in and pull out by hand and grease or oil sheen and comb and comb nits it’s the hardest to get rid of or you can shave there head if choose but will still have to go through to get nits out but won’t be as hard if you shave nits are a headache and start using tea tree oil Shampoo to repel them they even have a tea tree oil spray you can use to help prevent to and make sure you get lice spray to spray down bedding and vacuum and wash what you can and stuff you can’t wash like stuffed animals and such bag them up for a few days to a week it’s a hard thing to deal with good luck

Your main concern needs to be treating your home properly or you guys will become reinfected with them in your hair & the cycle will start all over!. Treat EVERYTHING cloth. Furniture & carpet sprayed. ALL bedding, & stuffed toys need to be washed & dried on hot. If some toys can not he washed, spray & tie up in a trash bag & leave for a few days. Spray your car if you have been in it & remove all kids car seat covers & wash!
For the hair add Tea Tree oil to your regular shampoo & conditioner! I also added it to a detangler spray & used it on stepdaughters hair after the RID treatment. Lice hate tea tree smell.
You must comb the treatment medicine through well with a fine tooth comb or specific lice comb to pull out all of the eggs or they will just hatch & you will be starting over. Repeat the treatment for a few days until you can not find any eggs!


Vammouse foam spray, in pharmacy section at walmart, costs about $20. Vaseline slathered in hair and.covered for an hour, wash out with dawn dish soap.

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I had it as a kid. It was so hard to get rid of. Tie up your clothes and blankets and fabrics pillows in a trash baggie and leave it for at least 2 days or longer to suffocate them. Treat it with the treat ment over and over until they are dead. They also have people who you can go to and they can clean your hair for you :slight_smile:

There’s Nix or the other one works better. I can’t remember what it was called. Re something.

Shave their heads. Wash ALL fabrics/linens/clothes in the house on SUPER hot water or steam them if they can’t go in the washer. Toss out all stuffed animals (not worth bagging them up for 2 weeks and taking the chance of it not working). Treat all pets too.

As for you, shave your head and get a wig. I had to do it when my youngest gave me lice. You’ll survive.


First off don’t feel bad! Lice are more attracted to clean hair! I have 4 kidos 2 boys and 2 girls. My oldest girl brought it home. I sware by mayo on their heads and wash it off with blue dawn dish soap! I bought the kit and it didn’t work as well as the mayo. Use the comb after to comb em out. Repeat for a few days to be safe


Wash everything washable at the hottest setting. Then dry on the hottest setting for an hour or so Things that cant be washed bag up in garbage bags for 2 weeks. use bleach to sanitize everything else. For the hair there is shampoo but some lice are resistant to that. You can try mayonaise rubbed into the hair…thickly and let it sit…the longer the better. Then pick out the nits and eggs with fine tooth combs - one for each boy. then wash and you should be good until a follow up treatment in a week In the future a good preventative is a drop or two of tea tree oil mixed in with shampoo and conditioner. I used to work in daycare so ive had experience! hope this helps!

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Make sure you get rid of all the eggs, if you dont they come back even if you have treated your hair with the lice wash

I know use fairy tale daily shampoo for my girls and just keep up with laundry and I use a spray just to prevent

Get this comb. It works wonders.

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Conditioner and a lice comb

Mayonnaise!!! Smother your hair completely in it and let it sit for about 20minutes.the thickness of it will kill the lice cause they can’t breathe, then rinse it out completely and then wash your hair with dawn dish soap. Then comb through your hair. I swear it works freaking wonders plus the mayo makes your hair shiny and soft. Make sure you wash everything, clothes, bed linens.

We had to deal with it for the 1st time when my middle child was in preschool when she was 3. COULD NOT get rid of it. Did everything we were told to with lice shampoo olive oil mayonnaise you name it we more than likely tried it as well as washing bedding vacuuming and everything… It was SOOO frustrating I even called their Dr office for a prescription wash I was told about. They said they would call it in but never did. The case worker at the preschool told us about Queen Helen cholesterol hair treatment. She said to put in all of our hair with shower caps and leave it over night. Wash it out wash bedding and everything we did that once every couple of weeks for a little while just like with the other stuff and it worked like a charm. I found nits in my girl’s hair last school year and we immediately went and got the Queen Helen. Lol I know what works for some may not be ideal for others for different reasons but that’s just what we found to work best for us. Lice is NO FUN to deal with. Hopefully you find what works for you guys. :slightly_smiling_face:

why? obscured, you’re not a bad mom because your kids have Lice.
First off you have it because lice love love love clean untreated hair (hair dye). People who treat their hair and who take super hot showers(while washing hair) and blow dry regularly on top of people who don’t wash their hair are the people that lice stay away from. its a common thought that dirty people get lice and that is incorrect. they hate hate hate heat because it dries them out and die if they are not attached to the host. look up a place that dose the treatment, they will use heat on you and with the kids they will use a different technique. while you are gone crank up the heat in your house. after 30 mins any lice in your house not attracted to a host will be too weak to attach themselves to anyone and will die few hours later. never had them growing up even though my best friend kept getting it from a girl at school. I also cant count how many times I went to my moms friends house to find out the next day they had lice even one of my current bestfriends family had it and the kids had been at my house and in my kids car seats, beds heads leaning on mine… the kids heads touching using hair ties ect. we still didn’t get it when they had it for a whole month before they realized it. I have always dyed my hair off and on my 4 and 5 yo have been putting pink, blue, and purple smi permanent dye in there hair since they were 2 (kid friendly brands). they also take after me and love super hot showers and I have always washed their hair with the tempter being the most hot they could handle( where it doesn’t hurt when it touches the scalp)… don’t stress mom, I promise it isn’t a big deal and you absolutely have not failed in anyway.

After you kill them, shave the sides and back of the boys hair to get rid of any eggs, and it most likely wont come back. Lice like that area best. You can actually get some cute boys haircuts done like that, so it wont be like shaving them to being bald.

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So they are parasites if they don’t have a warm host they die soon thereafter. It really isn’t necessary to go crazy cleaning. Vacuum after you Get all of the lice n nits off of your heads. They (lice &eggs)can only survive on your body or pets. Check heads in 12-14 days redo heads as needed.


I owned a lice company …Dont use Walmart stuff…call a local lice company they will help you average price for a boy 80.00 per head…make sure you wash all bedding in high heat… vaccuum if carpets…if you want to do yourself buy Pantene conditioner plus terminator comb from Amazon and just comb until they are gone…any questions please pm me.

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Do NOT feel like a horrible mom!!! Head lice prefer CLEAN HAIR!!! So it’s not about being unclean, it’s about coming into contact with someone who ALREADY had head lice.


Put mayo all over the head, i know it sounds crazy but it works! Thats what my mom had to do to me when i was a kid. Put the mayo on and let it sit for a while, wash it out, then comb through the hair with the nit comb.

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Iv been told some insurances will cover a part of it or they will give a income discount ( depending on the place since medical will not accept a claim for it.)

Weve used mayo with a plastic bag over the head for a few hours. While thats marinating we wash everything and add a few drops of tea tree oil. Repeat a week later just to be safe (after washing the eggs slide out from the mayo)


Robicomb at Walgreens like 20 bucks. It shocks the lice killing them instantly and eggs

I have tried everything with my son! He likes his hair long and the lice drove me crazy!

But I’ve been using this for well over a year and he’s not had them once!

When used to babysit I caught it 4 times back to back from the kids I watched and when i went and saw my doctor about it he gave me an alcohol based liquid to put in my hair. It killed EVERYTHING within 10 minutes to where they were just falling off my head before I even washed out the chemicals. Afterwards I just deep conditioned my hair to makeup for drying out my scalp with the treatment. Haven’t had to deal with lice since.

Going to tell you olive oil and a fine tooth comb will remove all the nits. After you treat everything mix tea tree oil in your shampoo and conditioner and have a spray bottle with tea tree oil and water. Spray hair with spray bottle every day. Tea tree oil is a natural repellant. A black light will also help to make sure you get all nits removed.

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The doctors are now recommending cetaphil

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When I was younger and got it (like 1st grade) my mom dyed my hair. Their was three of us (me being the oldest) and we all got our hair dyed. Got rid of them. Then she washed all of our bedding and stuff.

Guys wash the kids hair with Coca-Cola for some stupid reason that works.

Get a prescription from your pediatrician for Sklice. It’s a hair lotion, one tube will do everyone and it kills bits too so no need to excruciatingly comb out nits!

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The only thing that has ever worked for us is called lice free spray. I have gotten it at target. Smells like black licorice. But works to kill live and eggs. Repeat every couple of days to make sure you got them all. We have tried fairly tales, coconut oil, olive oil, tree tree oil and none worked for us.

Try and find a headline clinic near you

Mayo the best choice . Do not use stuff from the store it can damage the central nervous system ! Mayo over night shower cap . Wash hair with dawn dish soap. This works trust me. If you can’t wash everything dry it. The heat kills them

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Mayo works real well. Cover head and scalp let sit for half an hour or so wash out with dawn dish soap it works. Along with all the household cleaning in hot water

What i do is complain to the school and parents of friends if everyone treats together you have to get to the source then take every single egg out of the hair leave product in 24hrs even though some bottles say 5minz 5 minz is no good wash all hairbrush and bed clothes and pillows throw out hair bands n bobons wash clothes check hair weekly repeat treatment 6 weeks later for hair growth some go in the root of the hair if people don’t treat then you stay away if they treat thats good everyone is on the same page and everybody in the household needs treatment weather you see it or not in the hair if one person gets it

There are salons that will pick them all out and do treatments! Just be sure to wash and dry EVERYTHING on high heat to kill any randoms around the house

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Blow dryer and a lice comb. It’s tedious and time consuming but it works good and saves your hair from the chemicals in the treatment

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My 3 girls have lice and have been battling it for 6 months now…I use this electric comb and spray to keep them off of me and my littlest along with tea tree shampoo and conditioner. So far it’s worked well. The electric comb shocks them and kills them. I just comb thru everyday and spray at least once a day :woman_shrugging: we have tried stuff from the dr and it didnt work so I went to the CDC and read about the different prescriptions. Make sure you ask for the stuff that also kills the nits. I think the biggest thing is keeping up on combing after you treat and the initial cleaning of your house.

My daughter seemed to be a lice magnet when she was younger. Anytime she was around someone that had them, she’d end up with them, too. I was at my wit’s end battling them when I came across a website late one night extolling the use of Ivermectin. I was desperate at this point so I drove to Tractor Supply and picked up an off-brand tube of the stuff. The website had instructed me to take a small amount of the jelly-like substance and mix it with some type of oil that helps the Ivermectrin coat each strand of hair. I used some old beard oil that my daughter liked to smell. You coat the hair completely then cover with a plastic bag or shower cap. Leave on for a couple of hours. Then you wash the hair with Dawn Blue shampoo. The Dawn really cuts the oil. Shampoo/Condition as usual after you get all the oil out. This treatment not only kills the live lice but also the eggs. I’ve had great success and it takes very little. A tube will last through several episodes depending on the length of hair. Of course, you still have to do all the combing to get rid of the nits, cleaning, and precautions listed above, too. Hope this helps somebody because it changed our lives.

Tea tree oil works!! Also blow dry their hair it’ll kill what’s in there

We got a case of super lice a year and a half ago. It was absolutely terrible. We fought it for 2 months before it was finally gone. We used the chemical treatments, we smothered in Mayo and had them sleep with it in, then rinsed. We did tea tree oil (and still do). We tried so many things. Best thing was combing. Combing, routinely, every night after their shower, just combing the nits. We tried all the leave in, all the “tricks” and nothing worked. My youngest daughter ASKED us to shave her head. So we did. She got rid of the lice faster than my 11 year old. We also tried dying their hair, still didn’t kill the lice. The combing is what really helped. We had to be diligent, have a routine, and wash everything afterwards. We were doing laundry 2-3 times a day. But we finally got rid of it…good luck. I know it sucks.

Head lice cannot jump or live very long without a host. The best way to get rid of them is simply combing frequently, several times daily with a fine toothed comb and washing the hair. The eggs look like tiny strings of pearls on the hair shaft and with combing frequently you will kill the hits as they hatch. Lice can’t survive on stuffed toys, bedding or or other clothing so no need to toss them and absolutely no need to shave anyone’s head. There are toxic chemicals in some of the lice products, combing is safe and works.

Put clothing and fabric items and shoes etc in garbage bags and let all the air out and tie it and leave for like 3 days. Guaranteed they’re all dead after

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Buy this from Walgreens! It’s the only one that worked for me when my daughter had them a few years ago. Lice become resistant to Nix and other store brands because people have over used them, but this one works!!!

Apple cider vinegar and coconut oil, apply vinegar and let dry naturally, then apply coconut oil until hair is saturated, leave in over night and comb through hair with a nit remover comb. Comb until nothing more is coming out then wash it and comb through some more.

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They have live treatment centers now. If you can not afford a treatment then give your local DFCS a call and they should have a resource for you

I found the perfect shampoo that gets rid of it with just like 2-4 washes

I mixed coconut oil with tea tree and lavender essential oil. Put it in our hair for 12 hours and used a nit comb to brush all the bugs and eggs out. Worked better than any lice shampoo.

My mom used to lather my hair in vaseline an seran wrap overnight then wash out with dish soap, wash and dry all bedding I dry I very hot setting, boil any brushes or combs you use an get the lice furniture spray an spray any and all furniture you sit or sleep on I also vacuum any carpet

Nix! 2 times a week apart

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Drug stores has really good stuff for lice.

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Cover hair in mayonnaise and put on a shower cap. Leave on overnight and then wash out in the morning and use lice comb to comb out hair from scalp downwards. Make sure to do the entire head several times over.


Coconut oil, cover with shower cap 30 mins, tip apple cider vinegar over the hair in basin. Comb out. Then wash

Order a robi comb it shocks and kills them as they are being removed. If it’s a recurring problem, talk to a doctor they can send a prescription for a special shampoo that kills them first use. Just use a nit comb to remove dead bugs and any eggs or “nits” that are left behind that can cause a new infestation. You can also try “RID” If it’s the first time its happened. Or put mayo in their hair or veggie oil. Put a shower cap on them and wait a few hours it’ll take a few washes to get the oils out but it works.

Go to walmart lice kit

100% combing thru I done it twice a day. Lather in conditioner, it slows the lice down & they’re easier to catch in the comb. But you NEED to comb thru with a lice comb, kill all lice AND eggs, wash conditioner out, put treatment in, comb thru again try to get all live lice out. Then every day after that just comb thru getting all eggs out. If you find a live nit then treat again and do the same process. I just finished getting rid of them.

Smother with Mayo or olive oil, pick out lice and nits. Repeat a couple times to make sure you got everything.
Run all bedding/cushion covers through dryer. Multiple times if necessary.
Shave their heads if you must, but you don’t have to either.
My sisters got lice so often from school it would drive us all crazy with their beautiful long thick hair! :sob:

Lice kit!
Go through heads. Put treatment in. Brush through it.
Get a spray for couch/chair/pillows etc.

2 yrs ago my kindergartener brought it home. Everyone but my husband got it :angry: we were getting a new washer/dryer. It sucked. I was 28 with head lice and wanted to die.
We use a rosemary leave in spray for kids. I will never do that again.

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If you go the natural route like many are suggesting, please be mindful that you will need to repeat it several times over the course of a few weeks. It will only really get rid of the adults and stop them from reproducing. When combing, it does help loosen any nits and eggs but It won’t stop any eggs left behind from possibly hatching a few days later. It only takes one louse to reproduce. So if just one of those tiny specs are missed, in a few days it will hatch and a few more days be fully grown and able to lay hundreds of eggs on its own. A friend of mine battled it for 4 months with her kid trying to do the natural route. She finally took her daughter to a clinic and they had to do it. They were gone after that. Also, any stuffies, bedding, clothing… needs to be bagged (about 1-2 weeks. They will die without feeding after a while) and/ or washed in warm water. Make sure to treat any fabric like sofas and carpet as well. Cause while they can’t really move well outside of hair, they stick and if someone sits or lays down where they are, they can quickly make themselves at home. I got it from a student at work once and it was awful. I was 25 and not had it since kindergarten. Again, for me the natural remedies were only temporary and I had to use the strong solutions to get it fully out of my waist length hair. I wanted to save my hair as much as possible. I tried mayonnaise. I tried coconut oil. I tried tea tree oil (which that is a good repellent if you wanna continue use of that later on). I literally tried everything on the internet and from health friends. It was always back in a couple of weeks. :woman_facepalming:t2: So if you are confident in your abilities to get those boogers fully out, go for it. But with kids and yourself, I’d seriously say go to Walgreens or call your pediatrician so they can prescribe something. Wash everything. Follow the directions and repeat again 2 weeks later and it will gone.