Needing advice for getting rid of lice

My girls had this several times and we tried EVERYTHING! NONE of the over counter treatments worked and neither did the prescription ones. The only thing that worked for us was soaking their hair in the brown listerine mouthwash & wrapping their hair in a plastic bag and sit for a good 2 - 3 hours. Wash out with only shampoo, and then soak their hair with vinegar (white or whatever kind you have on hand) & wrap with a plastic bag again and sit for another 2 or so hours & then wash out with only shampoo. We would see them dropping out of their hair in the tub! Listerine kills the live ones and the vinegar disintegrates the “glue” that holds the eggs on the hair. Rub some coconut oil in their hair after washing the vinegar out and use a good metal lice comb, and comb out in small sections. Make sure to keep wiping the comb off with paper towels as you go and put them in a separate plastic bag to get out of your house as soon as your done lol. Bag up all stuffed animals for a minimum of three weeks, vacuum all of the furniture and carpets, wash all bedding in hot water and dry in the dryer. And biggest thing after cleaning everything and treating was to keep combing their hair (I did every night for at least a week then a few times a week when I wasn’t seeing anymore). Be thankful you have boys…my girls had super LONG hair, very thick, one with tight curls…I had bouts of crying trying to get rid of them :joy: Good luck momma…don’t feel bad, like others said, they only love clean people lol! Oh another tip to keep them away…put some gel in the boys’ hair…they can’t stick to the hair if it’s coated with products :wink:

Olive oil is the best

It happens to everyone at some point. Kids bring it home all the time when my younger siblings did me and my mom would dye our own hair while treating the entire house and the younger kids, the boys would just have their heads shaved and we’d sit for hours on end combing through my little sisters thick hair to be sure it was all gone. Never had a reinfection from our own home after all that.

I’ve heard leaving mayonnaise in your hair for a bit as it will suffocate them. I have also heard using coconut shampoo/conditioner keeps them away. Apparently they don’t like the smell.

Soak head with entire bottle of listerine wrap it in a plastic bag for an hour and then wash it out and comb thru

Honey calm down .Most of us has been there done that. Its awful i know. MAKES YOU FEEL BAD. But get rid Shampoo use as directed the get the little live comb and comb thru strands of hair. Everything will need to. Be washed… Even kids toys. .

Tea tree oil in your shampoo or buy a product called Fairy Tales that you spray on hair or add to shampoo to prevent reinfestation. Best of luck, hope this helps.

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Lice free spray! I won’t use anything else! It’s cheap and non toxic and rids EVERYTHING🙂

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Baking soda mixed with conditioner w tea tree oil
Will trap and kill
Then for removal I suggest a lot of patience maybe a little green even cause god how it makes you itch and feel crazy go to Sally’s beauty supply and get one of their NIT/ lice removal combs
They’re about 4 bucks and totally worth it
Of all of this fails call your DR and get the prescription
I try to use no chemicals first if possible and caught early enough
Make sure to wash all bedding including pillow cases and stuffed animals
Spray down car upholstery and and furniture w lice spray and wash and dry clothes in hottest water/ air as possible
Also you can take a big pot of water and boil any brushes and combs for you all hair
Best of luck - licensed cosmetologist but commenting from personal experiences w kiddos

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Wash coats , hats and gloves as well. Spray furniture each day and wash bedding and pillows too!

Lice free spray on Amazon worked like a charm. Spray it in and let it sit then comb them out. You can use it as much as you want, no chemicals. I also used the fairytale leave in conditioner and added it to our shampoo and conditioner for prevention. Tea tree oil in shampoo helps too but made out hair very greasy.

Life saver!!! The only thing that worked! I won’t use anything else if the time ever arises again… Hopefully not lol

Don’t forget to bag up stuffed animals, vaccuum, and launder bedding and everything. Basically a deep clean. You can buy the the spray for beds and furniture in the same aisle as lice products.

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Fairy tales lice kit worked wonders for my daughter. The comb is the best! And wash everything. Best of luck!

Don’t forget to wash everything in HOT water. It’s a drama but most kids and unfortunately parents get it at least once. On the bright side mostly clean people get lice. Sucks

I remember when my daughter got them for first time it was an absolute nightmare her hair was so thick and it took me hours to sort her hair out my boys where easier tea tree is the best I think and comb through with a nit comb I find the metal ones are the best and make sure u get the eggs as well but honestly don’t worry to much everyone gets them at some point and just boil wash everything x

There are lice combs and natural lice sprays (you can find them at Walmart, etc.) Wash all clothes, bedding, hats, etc. on hot.

Anything oily will kill them. They can’t breath!

We had our first case in November. I felt so bad. Just know that it is so common. Those nasty things just spread so easily. Your kids having lice does not make you a bad parent. We don’t even know how we got it, but every single person in our house had it. We got lice shampoo from the clinic and used that the first night. We cut the boys hair super short and gave my girl a bob haircut. We combed through after the treatment that first night until I didn’t see anything live. The next morning we got the hair wet and combed through again. Got more live lice then out of all of us. That night I sat for hours and searched the three kids’ hair and pulled out all of the hairs that had nits on them, even the boys had nits close to the head. I had a friend go thru mine and do the same because my husband couldn’t see the nits. Then we waited and the ninth day after the first treatment we did a second treatment just to make sure that any nits that I may have missed were killed after hatching.

Soft toys were bagged up and all bedding/pillows were washed daily until the second treatment was complete. We had lice killing spray that we used on the couches as well.

It took hours those first two days and the last day, but we got lice removed from all five of us.

I think the combing was the most important part. Getting rid of the nits by pulling/cutting hairs out was the only way to prevent them from hatching in the hair. It was a huge pain between needing a bright light, comb, and moving heads, but worth it I think.

Dont forget to spray cars, boil brushes or replace. I would never shave my head but you will need help from someone to help get eggs out.dont worry with young kifs it happens

They make over the counter lice treatments and Walmart or target. Once treated, wash everyone’s bedding and pillows.
Tea tree oil helps keep them away. There is a brand called fairy tales that works great.

Honestly im 41 i have 5 girls and have dealt with those bugs a time or two or 10 times before​:angry::angry: and if i had boys i would have just shaved i know its not what u want be so much eaiser and cheaper in long run!! Good luck!!

Dye your hair and shave the boys.the dye kills it

Putting tea tree oil in shampoos will also help

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You kids dr can also help. Mine had it at one point and they were so hard to get rid of I finally broke and talked to her ped and prescribed some lice shampoo to help. Worked like a charm.

Mayo all over the head! Sounds funny but it works

I use. Suave coconut shampoo n conditioner…that helps…use lots of conditioner…the oil or coconut keeps them from hanging on…

Aye now my head itches😂

Put lots of Rubbing Alcohol and lavender oil in your hair then cover it with a plastic bag. Let it sit for 30 minutes and rinse it out. Lice do not like the smell of coconut so maybe start using coconut shampoo? Wash all you blanket. Put all stuffed animals in trash bags.

I had to break down and take all four kids to a professional. They can be expensive but absolutey worth it.

Neem shampoo
Whole Foods or new seasons

Fairy tales brand of lice treatment is the only thing that worked when it was going around at school a few years back. Daily head checks too. You miss one egg and it starts all over :tired_face:

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Best thing to do is bleach ur hair/dye it

Shave their heads… And burn your house down🤷 lol no but seriously, shave their heads. Not worth the fight when you have boys. Go to the store and get the lice treatment for your hair. Wash ALL clothing, bedding pillows etc. Don’t bother keeping stuffed animals. Maybe take a few of their absolute favorites and bag them in a black garbage bag for 2 weeks after drying then on hot. DEEP clean your ENTIRE house. Get lice spray from the store. And good luck. You can even try mayo in your hair for a night. Wash out in morning. Comb through it with lice comb. You’ll smell like a fish for a week. Dye your hair. It’ll kill them also.


Vamousse from Walmart works great. Its about $20 a can but it kills lice and eggs. Anywhere else its $30 a can. I always shaved my boys heads. Hair grows back.

Get the electric lice comb that kills them while you comb. Then do lice treatment. Then cut their hair as much as you are willing. Put tea tree oil in the hair and put a shower cap on overnight. New pillows, blankets, sheets, stuffed animals. Everything their head touches. Same for you.

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I just got rid of it with my boys literally just bought sets of combs at Walmart they are 5$ for two metal combs just kept brushing every day sometimes twice a day bought tea tree oil set shampoo,conditioner, and the spray it’s a repellent for lice I washed their pillows and blankets and did that about twice a week and then after would spray down their pillows with the after conditioner spray it was gone within about three weeks it’s really easy to get rid of it you keep up with it… prayers it was a pain in my ass for a while but after all the consistent work I finally got them lice free

Once you get rid of it tea tree oil in your shampoo helps keep them away. Also ULTA has a hair care line for children “fairytales” it has a special 1 just for lice repellant. Works great for my daughter she hasnt had lice in years

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I agree with the tea tree oil. I got it in elementary school, more than once and my mom took me to a hairstylist (and I Became one later), we always used a shampoo with tea tree oil in it or added it in and I never got it again. Also, I have heard that the sauve shampoo does deter them. I haven’t done that personally. Also, I hope that you remember that when kids are in school it gets passed around so easily. So I’m hoping you have the best luck. :purple_heart:

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Some salons offer a service to remove lice. Search around

U can get Rid. At Walmart. It’s a lice treatment. Just go look you will find it.also they have a spray to do your linens and furniture.i hope Chelsea was kidding. No need to shave heads. Also your dr can prescribe something.

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Use mayonnaise. Totally saturate your hair and put a shower cap over it for a couple hours. The oil in the Mayo kills them. And it’s good for your hair. :wink:


Never had it or had to deal with it, but don’t they sell stuff to get rid of it?
Green tea oil mix with your shampoo I read somewhere keeps them out of your hair?

Dye you hair with ammonia in the dye do the boys as well or go blonde an bleach it trust me I no its been 10 yrs since I deal with it but it worled

When we were little granny made us sleep with mayonnaise in our hair overnight with a shower cap on then rinse it out in the morning… its smothered the lice and we got rid of it fast… that along with washing all sheets and pillowcases and blankets… it’s a no chemical way of doing it

Dawn dish soap!!! And washing all bedding and coats!! Coat their heads and leave it set for ten mins. Rinse it out!! Will have to comb out the bodies but it works!!

Tea tree oil dampen hair with it heat a damp towel in the microwave the heat will activate it better let sit until towel cools. Add the shampoo and conditioner do everyday for a week. Wash everything

No need to shave anyone’s head. Go to dr and get rx treatment either topical or oral.

Dye your hair it will kill them

Call your family doctor and get some prescription strength lice shampoo. Ive had to deal with lice twice…both times went straight to my doc. She got me enough for the whole family. Worked perfectly. Be sure to treat your house for it too! Its time consuming but you don’t wanna skimp on the cleaning and have to go thru it all again.

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Do not shave your head or your kids heads . Not necessary. Get the prescription formula of lice removal from your pediatrician . It’s worth every penny . Throw away pillows . Bag up all stuffed animals and anything the kids have that can’t be washed . I used lawn sized trash bags and make sure they are tied in knots with no holes in it . Put away for a couple months . Get the spray for your mattresses and sofas etc . Make kids sit on floor . Wash sheets in bleach and hot water every day . You have to use the shampoo and realize that lice stick to each individual hair . So , you have to pull the knits off every single hair every single day until there are no more . Follow all other suggestions except shaving head . I did get hair scissors and had to cut some inches off my daughters thick , curly , long hair . Do everything everyday and one day it will go away . Throw away anything you don’t treasure ( like pillows etc . ) . Realize that this too shall pass ! Also , any costumes ( dance recitals ) etc. can be placed In the freezer and it will kill the lice .

I know this is terrible and shouldn’t be done but my mom did it to me and I have done the same to my girls and we survived, but dump some kerosene on y’all’s heads. Don’t get in eyes or mouth and yes it stinks but it kills them. The smell goes away after a day or so. I’m so sorry. But it’s what I had to do.

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The doctor will prescribe medicated treatment for hair. Wash and dry sheets/bedding in hottest temp possible. Get new hair brushes. I’m sure the doctor will provide recommendations.

There is several over the counter things. Also are sure you wash all laundry, vacuum beds, sofas, chairs, floors where they play, A LOT! If the OTC stuff doesn’t work you can get an rx from your doctor.
My girls have hair to their butts and my oldest brought it home, it was a nightmare!!! After trying literally everything we got the right and never saw another one!!

Call your pediatrician, tell them both of your kids have lice, they will call you in a cream. Treat them, and use what is left over for yourself. (Can also call your pcp)

Vacuum the floors EVERY HOUR. Empty the canister in the trash every single time.

Just throw all the stuffed animals away (seriously, they sent worth it)

Wash all clothes and bedding with hot water, and use high heat for 30 minutes. (If you can afford it throw the bedding away)

Vacuum the couches and spray them with lice spray.

Also, wash the car seats and treat the car.

PULL ALL THE NITS OUT!!! Put the In a ziplock bags and take out to trash immediately.

Call their doctor. They will give you a prescription for lice. Enough for you too. They won’t question it either. And you just get the spray for furniture at walmart and wash ALL bedding

Get the otc treatment, Rid is the best. Treat their heads & done. Wash all linens, stuffed animals etc in hot water. Put pillows in dryer on highest heat possible. After you do all that start using tea tree oil shampoo or get some tea tree oil and mix with their usual shampoo…it helps prevent them getting it again…so does blow drying their hair. That’s what I didn’t when my daughter got it. She had super thick hair down to her butt, that wasn’t fun. She only got it once though.


Soak hair in Mayo for a few hours in shower cap after lice shampoo. So foul but my mom did that when I was in elementary and I haven’t had it since. And I’ve been around kids with lice. Lol. Just make sure lice shampoo gets rinsed SUPER well

Mayonnaise in your hair overnight with a bag over it

Rid… they have a shampoo, and a spray for furniture and things you can’t wash.

Shavinf their heads is not neccesary. Call the pediatrician, they can give you a prescription strength wash that only needs to be done once and will absolutely get rid of all lice and eggs. Usually they tell you ‘you must try store brand first’ before they give it. Tell them you already did that. They will give you a strength thats okay to use on the baby. Mayo on head for hours & other methods are not something doable with kids that age.

I had an awful time trying to get rid of lice out of my to daughter’s hair. I used food grade Diatomaceous Earth and it was over. One treatment and done

The best treatment for my girls was Skin So Soft from Avon. Use it at night with a shower cap then wash in the morning. The smell alone smothers the live bugs and makes getting the eggs out easier. Comb the hair with the product in and the eggs fall right out.
Skin So Soft Original Bath Oil by Avon

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Colour your hair or bleach it if you want to lighten. Apparently they don’t like bleach or permanent hair colour. Straighten your hair as close to scalp as possible and let them burn in hell, freeze all hair brushes, elastics, hair bands etc, wash all bedding in hot water and vacuum your bed with the attachment. Vacuum everything you can. They don’t like tea tree oil or original lister one so smother your hair in it and let it sit all day. Get a lice comb and after comb thoroughly through hair rinsing comb often. Do this every few days until you stop finding live one’s. Throw all stuffies in the dryer on high heat. Bag up after for a couple of weeks. You will get through this

My grandma used kerosene to ‘shampoo’ my hair as a kid. Rinse well & for several minutes. Then wash hair w/Rid shampoo after to make sure everything is dead.
I’ve had it once in adult hood after my kids got them from school. I used Rid.
Rid will kill the adults but you have to use a lice comb to get all the nits. Strand by strand & while hair is wet. Two treatments a couple days apart.
Then use tea tree oil in shampoo to keep the lice away.
It’s imperative to wash everything that you don’t want to throw away in hot water & dry. It’s gonna take time, but they will all be dead & tea tree oil will keep
them away.
Good luck!

The only sure way is to call the pediatrician and get prescription meds to get rid of them. I would not try Mayo or other odd treatments at home to fix it. Shaving wasn’t necessary. Just get the prescription stuff and bag up all of their sheets and toys and clean EVERYTHING.

Peppermint oil helps alot. Or you can use peppermint and tea tree oil. Put some drops in shampoo. Also put some in a spray bottle with water and spray beds and furniture. I always deal with it with my girls catching from other kids. My son doesn’t get it because I he likes his hair short. Its crazy and It drives me nuts and sometimes takes forever to get rid of. There is also some spray you can get at the drug store that kill lice and eggs and work really well, called licefree spray. Also washing everything and putting stuff animals in a bag outside when it’s cold for weeks help to.

Full marks mousse from the chemist do each child individually leave on then section the hair n comb each section numerous times until you get all the eggs out any live lice will die with the treatment u need to be meticulous with the combing every day and retreat with solution again after 3 days but continue combing every day between treatments if done correctly you won’t have any problems after it. Treat everyone in the house boil wash all bedding towels soft teddies etc throw out brushes I wouldn’t bother with home treatment use the proper solution n its sorted very quickly.

Dr. I messed with over the counter stuff. I would knock them down, think they were gone, nope. Dr gave script for the entire family

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Use vinegar to shampoo the hair. It gets rid of eggs and kills lice.

I always used Mayo but never in younger kids hair I always used what the dr prescribed then I buy a shampoo u use like once a month to prevent it. I also changed our shampoo to coconut and never had it again it’s been 11yrs

Olive oil on hair over night with a shower cap do it again in 11
Days for any eggs that have hatched wash and vacuum everything boil brushes and combs to keep away add tea tree oil to any shampoo use it once a week on childs hair leaveing it on for 5 mins then washing it out !

If it makes you feel any better, we realized my daughter had lice the day after her birthday party, the weekend of the last day of school. :woman_facepalming:t2: I had to call everyone and explain. Luckily, no one else got it and it was all family that rolled with it without a guilt trip. We tried the shampoos and everything over the counter and ended up having to use Cetephil. The pediatrician said to wash their hair, no conditioner, Pat it dry with a towel and cover it in cetephil. Then blow dry their hair with the cetaphil still in. Took 2 hours to blow dry my daughter’s long, thick hair. But It smothered everything. We washed their hair and did it again for 3 days so it would kill all the eggs too.

Neutralice Advance works for us.
We have to treat my partners children whilst they stay every 2nd weekend and holidays.
That’s 7kids, 2 adults, bedding and furniture every 2 weeks.
Lice cannot survive without feeding longer than 24-48hrs.
I wash sheets blankets and towels in a hot wash. Cold wash will not work unless you leave them outside on the line for a few days.
I comb outside of the house.
Then hotwashing the clothes both child and I are wearing and showering afterwards.
Every day that we are doing treatments, I vacuum maliciously.
NNot only the floor, but furniture, mattresses.
I Mop every Sunday night with boiling hot water. (You never know right :thinking::blush:)
It might sound extreme but this has kept my 4 boys (2 of my boys have long curly hair) my partner and I nit free for 3years now even with nits coming back into our home every second weekend -it can be done.

Essential Oil - Eucalyptus Oil mixed in with condition, let sit for an hour or 2, comb through hair and wash as normal.
my 2 got them from their nieces last year and they were baaaaad, but once I put this in their hair they were gone the next day.

I used whole egg mayo for its thickness, smothered head/ hair in it put on shower cap left it for few hours. It smothers the live ones and makes it easier to get eggs out. Rinse it all out comb through again. Never needed second application, no more nits. My kids had asthma so didn’t want to use chemicals.

Soak all of your heads with baby oil. Put a plastic grocery bag on your head for 1 hour. Wash your hair, comb with a nit comb. I used to get the baby oil at Dollar tree or Family Dollar, it’s cheaper.

Charcoal soap … Google it or go too a soap shop …Use it like shampoo but leave in for 10 minutes then wash out

Coconut oil. Saturate your scalp. Place a shower cap or plastic bag over it… wash all your linens. Dry on the highest heat setting… sleep. . . Vaccum bedding in the morning. Spray with alcohol and replace with clean linens… Rinse and soak with apple cider vinager to remove eggs. Lice will fall out dead from oil.

Tea tree oil and mayo!

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My doctor told me unless its bad to use conditioner, as medication if used often looses it affect, worked for us.

In between using the lice shampoo use conditioner and a lice comb thicken your hair in conditioner and comb it through the lice cant hold on to your hair. But don’t be ashamed most kids get lice and at least you are doing something about it

Call your doc for a prescription I promise I couldn’t get rid of them for the longest time after my son caught them for about the 4th time… used prescription once haven’t had a problem since!

I have heard older people say use a 2 liter coke pour over you hair making sure it is saturated. The acid in the coke kills them and the fiss will boil them out kinda like peroxide. It works have Done it before. Also they have a kit at wall mart to help prevent renfestation

Most every family with school aged children have gotten it . It’s not nasty to get them. Its nasty to get it and not try to treat it. Also if you need to you can take to dr and they will give you prescription for lice treatment.

Listerine that has alcohol in it, soak their hair in it then put a shower cap on for 30 minutes. I always bought the yellow or clear kind because my daughter’s have blond hair. Then buy some tea tree oil and put a couple drops in their shampoo bottle for prevention

Shaving their heads won’t help… The nits will still be there. … mayo works… Google that.

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I covered thier eyes and sprayed with alcohol let it dry leave it alone did it again at night let it dry leave it alone I did this for a couple days haven’t had them since

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mayonnaise kills eggs use a shower cap has to stay on for like 8 hours.


This stuff works great! Best part is not having to comb out the eggs. Due two treatments about a week apart.


Rid X shampoo, generic is fine, buy it at Walmart. Follow the directions. I followed up by loading the conditioner in my kids hair and combing it again. I also repeated in 3 and 7 days just because I was so freaked out, lol. You’re not a bad mom, it happens to the best of us!

The brown colored listerine on their head and a shower cap for 4-6 hours works too. Then have them take a warm bath to wash it out.

Make sure you spray down their bedding and stuffed animals too. They have a lice spray near where the ant spray is

You can dye your hair. For the kids tree oil. Make sure you get rid of nits. Wash everything.

Soak hair in listerine and then wrap in damp towel for about 30 minutes to an hour. Then you can smoother your hair in olive oil to suffocate them. Do this every 5 to 6 days because nothing kills the eggs. You have to repeat until they are gone. And wash and dry everything in super high heat!

Use a hair straightener! Go as close as you can to your roots. The temp is hot enough to kill lice and eggs.

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get nix kit from walmart costs about 25 but works dont waste money on equate it only works for a day ot 2 this nix kit gets rid of them fast then buy some tea tree shampoo the repels them been there with kids so i have tried everything including home made stuff

Put conditioner on and use not comb to comb out or white vinegar

Are you in the US? Lice Clinics of America have offices all over the states and they are amazing. My little sister had it last year and gave it to me and my infant daughter. I went there and lice was gone same day. They do a high power heat treatment, comb through, and oil that stays on for a day or two after guaranteed to kill all adults and eggs and it DOES WORK. Paid $150 for me but so worth it rather than buying tons of at home treatments and combs and still having to go through it for weeks.

I use hedrin on my grandchildren and it is very good x i also bone comb morning and night x

Adams flea and tick shampoo, follow instructions on bottle under lice. And be sure to wash everything that can be washed in hot water and spray with lice home spray.