Needing advice for getting rid of lice

I use baby oil on my kids with a shower cap over night and comb them out the next morning. Also wash all there bedding and stuffies.

Depending on your insurance, your pediatrician can prescribe something that will help you get rid of the lice in like a day or 2!!!

Tee tree oil only works AFTER treatment. Also vacume all beds and couches for any lingering bugs. They cant live off the head for more than 2 days but I also vacuum my car just in case

Hellman’s Mayo! Cover all their hair, wrap in plastic wrap, put on a hat to keep it on and let them sleep on it, wash out next morning. My pediatrician told me this method and it worked! Plus it’s a conditioning treatment!


This is the best stuff I’ve ever used. only used one application and my daughter hasnt had them since, tried loads of different lotions before this one and they didnt work

Call your doctor. They can call you in some cream shampoo stuff to use. You have to use a good nit comb to get all the nits out. I personally wouldn’t try any at home/homeopathic remedies. In addition to treating heads, wash all bedding in hot water and dry on high heat. Bag stuffed animals for 2 weeks per CDC but Lice can’t live without a host.

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Tea tree oil, put some in your shampoo and use as you normally would. It works better than the over the counter stuff.


Mayo in hair, cling wrap it, then blow dry it.

When I was a kid my mom would use this on us. It didn’t burn. She would put it on and left it in over night.

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Make sure you leave nix longer than recommended my youngest had it for like 2 months and that’s with multiple treatments bed washing toy washer everything was frustrating

A lot of good ideas here, I would just like to add that this does not make you a horrible mom. Stuff happens don’t beat yourself up for it.

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Go buy listerine mouthwash wash drench there hair with it and Saran wrap there head for 2 hours then shower and then do the same thing with vinegar and shower again and repeat the next day and then every 6 days for 3 weeks and wash everything the have touched bed pillows car seats couch rugs carpets all clothes in their dressers and put all stuffed animals in completely sealed trash bags in the attic for 3 months so that they die

Get a lice shampoo called Resultz, you cover your head leave it on for 10 mins and rinse out, then wash the hair with dawn dish soap cause its kinda greasy and then after comb out as normal

You’re not a horrible mum! Happens to the best of us

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Chemist will help you
Nd instruct you what to do

But if get a come nd condition your hair nd come out as much as you can

Leave conditioner in hair wet over night
Nd the in moring come hair again try nd get as much out as possible espealy the black eggs nd as many live head lice as possible as the can lay millions of eggs a second.

Then wash hair nd condition it

Nd go to nearest chemist nd get treatment. Will take a 2 or 3 days to clear up

But does depend on how bad they are

Honestly,if you can shave their heads,do it LoL. My daughter had lice,gave it to me! It’s was horrible. Used all the combs,shampoos, wouldn’t go away. Besides washing, drying,bedding etc I called a professional lice service. She combed out most of it then gave us the secret…sarurate hair in olive oil,put shower cap on overnight. Do this for 3 days in a row,then every 3 days for 3 weeks. It’s the ONLY thing that worked.

Get the lice treatment from the store and follow instructions for that. Before doing that gather up all bedding and wash on hit and water. Spray the beds down with the lice bed spray.Put all stuffed animals in a air tight bag or container for two weeks. Put the shampoo on and while it sits vacuum the floors and couches. Get a pot of water and boil all hair brushes and accessories such as hair ties. And be sure to repeat these steps in 7 days after the first treatment to kill any eggs that could have hatched.

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The chemicals you get from your doctor will actually kill your hair. Use the mayo method mentioned in other posts. We did it 2 consecutive Saturdays and it works perfect

Lice is very easy to pick up among young children. My pediatrician suggested this. Get cetaphil face cleanser, and without water, drench their hair in it. Do not wash it out. Literally slick their hair in the stuff and let air dry, or blow dry. Leave it in overnight, you can cover with a head wrap. Then in the morning rinse it all out and comb and pick any eggs you find. This is time consuming, but it is an alternative to harsh chemicals, or shaving. Continue that treatment as needed. I also used Fairy Tales shampoo and spray.

Saturate hair with olive oil, wrap hair in plastic. (I used a grocery bag). Let sit all day if possible. Wash hair and rinse with vinegar. Use lice comb to comb hair out. I swear by this method. Only thing that ever worked on my kids.

Vasilene and a lice comb is the only way I get it out of my kids hair when they get it.

Just use a Tong it will burn dead helped with my niece’s hair

go to walmart and pick up nix ultra lice removeal kit

Oil. Period. Works like a charm but you have to pick the nits and pop them. Also get rid of stuffed animals and clutter . Wash all bedding pillows and towels in hot water and over dry them. Leave oil over night with head wrap the next day pick all the nits out use the combs for lice . Mine are all grown and we did this anytime they got lice. And within 2 days gone .

Mayo and plastic grocery bag. Let them sleep with it on and wash real good in morning and recheck


You need vaseline, plastic bag, blow dryer, lice comb, and dawn dish soap. Drench hair in vaseline ( Vaseline suffercates them) cover with plastic bag apply heat for 10 to 15 mins. Comb out with lice comb and wash vaseline away with dawn dish soap not remove vaseline. Might have to do it 2 times depending how much you have

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There is a brand called fairy tales I believe and my ex’s kids had horrible lice 11 years ago and couldn’t get rid of it. That worked and just take lots of patience to comb out all eggs. That was what was suggested at a salon for the kids back then

This stuff is amazing put on before bed and sleep till morning … kills both live and eggs … and regardless of what others say you should always still comb through and remove dead eggs…

Get a Terminator lice comb.chemical don’t do anything. Use oil to dissolve the sticky stuff lice use to hair, please don’t buy RID, that’s stuff is reallly bad.
It’s all about the comb. The ones that come in lice kits, the tines aren’t close enough together and lice slide right thru. A terminator comb is like 10-12 dollars

Coconut oil and comb it out with a lice comb with the coconut oil in your guys hair

I use a few drops of tea tree oil in our shampoo to get rid of and help prevent lice. Also helps with fleas and ticks (fur babies)


Tea tree oil and a fine tooth comb

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Denorex…!! I promise it’s the BEST thing you can do and works! It’s a dandruff shampoo, put it on cover with a shower cap or towel, leave it on your hair 30 min or so until its really tingling… it will kill them all! But you’ll have to repeat til all eggs are hatched and gone. I’ve heard Listerine works too but the shampoo worked for us, never had it again!

Use tea tree oil shampoo will help keep it away to

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Get the NIX from Walmart.
Put all stuffed animals in garbage bag closed air tight to suffocate them.
Wash all clothes and bedding that was exposed and I think I vacuumed house as well alot.

I used this on my nieces hair and she hasn’t had it since

PLEASE NEVER feel like this makes you a bad mom. My 13 year old daughter caught it last summer from the neighbor. Her hair is so thick but fine the combs were so hard to get through her hair. I was able to use the NIX shampoo & a lice comb that my other neighbor had found from Amazon and after 2 washes with that & comb throughs 2 times a day for 2 days they were gone. The Fairytales shampoo help to prevent it in the future. Be sure to put all bedding & stuffed animals in trash bags & set them out in the garage (if you can) so that will kill them off. Then wash 2 cycles & dry 2 cycles

I had lice when I was a little girl and the only thing that worked was the MAYO. it may take a couple nights worth of treating but I promise you u will get rid of the lice… and never like mayo again :roll_eyes: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I remember when my son got them. I felt like the worst mom and felt so embarrassed. Turns out that there was an infestation in the classroom. I use tree tea oil, fine brush, and I straighten my hair. For my son, I comb through his hair, then I took out some by hand. Then brush again daily. Also wash everything in hot water. It happens, don’t feel bad.

Treat the car and car seats too.

There is places that will guarantee to get rid of them for you. Its expensive but they do it all for u and guarantee it.

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Mayo and plastic bag for 30 minutes, repeat in a week.

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I googled a place in Evansville Indiana. They have places everywhere. Not sure with covid if they running. It was pricey but son has long beautiful hair and besides havu g to wash everything, it was all gone on his head without any picking from me

Call their pediatrician and tell them you need something for lice they can prescribe a shampoo that works well the one my pediatrician prescribed I didn’t even have to comb through and it worked in one treatment

Make sure u retreat after about 10 days or they will return

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Tea tree oil in your shampoo will get rid of, and keep them away.

cetaphil lotion and a shower cap over night then comb hair and shampoo

I use Mayo. I mix tea tree oil and Rosemary oil with it and slather the it on. Make sure to coat the head heavily. then put a shower cap over it. For your boys, I would leave it for 30 minutes if they will let you. To treat your head, I would leave it on for a few hours.

Get NIX over the counter .
I had to use this for my niece she was INFESTED

After the 2nd spray down they were all gone

Wash all bedding, (pillows, sheets, dust ruffles etc.) Stuffed animals, and towels in hot water. wipe down toys, spray furniture down, vacuum and shampoo carpets. Rid from walmart works but u can also use apple cider vinegar and coconut oil for more mild cases COmb out hair repeat in 3 days. It works best in natural lighting (outside). Tea tree oil in shampoo can be used as preventative.

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Tea tree oil . They also sell shampoo that helps to keep them away but it has tea tree in it as well. Lice are attracted to clean hair so maybe washing hair every other day might also keep them away . Hope this helps

Vacumn everything and put things that cannot be washed in plastic. Wash everything

Wash everything in hot water to kill knits, use any lice over the counter treatment like Nix, afterwards I would put on a shower cap and blow dry because the heat will kill any knits left behind, they’ll pop like popcorn. Keep blow drying hair thereafter for a couple days just to be sure.

Get the stickey medicine shampoo from the doctor. Stuffs like tree sap, but it works. Usually if you just call your doctor about it, they’ll send the script in for you without having to go to doctor.

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Coconut oil in your hair and put a shower cap on and blow dry for about 3 mins. Sleep in it, wash hair and comb with a lice comb. Retreat in a week.

It doesn’t matter what you treat your hair with, IF YOU DONT PROPERLY CLEAN YOUR HOME too, the lice will still be there. Looks up lists on Pinterest of cleaning lists and how to treat household items

Don’t forget to clean carseats & head rests in vehicles! And Mayo treatments is what finally worked for us!

If you wear jackets and hats, wash those also.

My mom used to use vinegar and water solution it was the only thing that worked on me in the late 90s maybe the lice stuff is better now. I haven’t had to deal with it yet thank god.

Tea tree oil is amazing

This is what I use. It’s more gentle than rid and has worked great for us. Same ingredients as rid, just not as concentrated. The trick is to lather up, let it sit for 5-10 minutes before rinsing, then repeat. Use this shampoo twice per week for 2 weeks. Worked like a charm for us. Easiest way I’ve ever found to get rid of them. “Pet Medication | Pet Medicine | Pet Meds”

Go to drug store or Walmart. There is lice shampoo and a special comb to get all of them out

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Pick, pick, pick. Get a flashlight and use it to help you see any live bugs and nits. Combing does nothing, you actually have to pick them out. Boil all the brushes, wash all the bedding and spray down all furnitures carpets, etc. do it again every 2-3 days

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I washed with coconut shampoo and combed

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My kids had lice once. If it ever happens again they’re getting buzzcuts. :woman_shrugging:t2::joy: I wouldn’t wish that mess on my worst enemy.

Mayo!! Put it on rub it in like shampoo put a plastic bag o head and leave it on for an hour then wash and rinse then comb it thru

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Good old fashioned metal comb it the best! When my girls have had them I completely saturated their hair in a thick coconut conditioner then put on a shower cap to smother the live ones. Then go through the hair with the metal comb. Wash and dry everything! Keep using the comb every few days for about two weeks to make sure they’re completely gone.


Tea tree oil. I even put a few drops in the shampoo to repel them.

We used a lice killing shampoo and then you just have to be vigilant in getting every nit (egg) out. That’s time consuming and exhausting but it’s the only way. You need to do a second treatment in 7 days and continue to look for nits for a couple weeks. Bag all stuffed animals for two weeks. Wash all bedding in hot water and dry on high heat. Get the spray for furniture and your car.


Wash their hair alot and cover their head in mayo

You can get the shampoo from the store and get the comb to get every nit out. Also wash and dry all bedding and teddy bears and blankets and pillows. Vacuum rugs, furniture, tye up anything that can’t be thrown in the washer/dryer and leave it out for a few days. And then repeat the process every few days for a week


If their boys just shave their heads


I heard Mayo works! Smothers them. Never personally tried it though.

Wash everything in hot water, bedding clothes, stuffed toys. If there is anything you can’t wash tie in plastic bag for 2 weeks.

The combs don’t work well, your hands and good light are the best for getting nits. The shampoo should kill all live ones.

Once treated u can use lice repel spray everyday

Walgreens carry stuff for that go to pharmacy n ask . N dont feel bad it happens to all of us …

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Soak hair in yellow listerine for 30 minutes, rinse then soak in vinegar for another 30 minutes rinse and combine out. Best thing ever. My daughter used to get lice every time she went to her dad’s house. Got the tip from Heloise and she never got them again.

Mayo… coat your.whole.head and leave overnight…use a shower cap to.protect your bedding

Tea tree oil, add some to their shampoo

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Remove them with loads of conditioner and comb then mix tea tree and water, my daughters her is down past her bum I use the mis everyday keeps them away. They hate teatree

Wash all bedding, etc. every 3 days in HOT water for 2 weeks, put all soft toys into plastic trash bags for 2 weeks, (Also after washing in HOT water.) Use lice comb to comb out nits at least 2Xs / day. I stopped using the shampoo as it didn’t really seem to work. To help prevent future infestation, use a few drops of either tea tree or rosemary oil in their conditioner or in a spray bottle w/ water and apply to hair before heading out to play dates, class, etc. as lice don’t like those scents. Dogs are sensitive to tea tree, so of you have dogs you might be better off w/ the rosemary. I, personally, like the smell of rosemary more.


Lice treatment or mayo on hair and let sit then wash out.

Also you can spray hair spray or put gel in hair as a prevention everyday. Also tee tree oil mixed with water and spray daily.

Use lice shampoo comb and pull out nits & lice then there is after treatment shampoo called lice shield which is a lice repellent shampoo works wonders

Cover the head in oil for an hr. Dont shave that doesn’t solve the issue there is still hair and it needs treated! Everything is your house will need treated.


Old fashioned recipe but swear by it. Take a pop bottle and fill half with mineral oil and the other half with vinegar soak whole head wrap in plastic bag over night. Wash next morning.

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All 3 of my girls with long hair had it once and passed on to me it was a nightmare it took us about a week to be totally lice free. I used lice shampoo, lice comb for eggs twice a day using tea tree oil mixed with water in a spray bottle. I also straightened all of our hairs every day as heat kill the eggs too. I stripped the beds and boil washed daily and Hoovered everywhere daily and kept there hairs sprayed with tea tree non stop and tied back all day every day


It happens to the best of us momma!! :two_hearts: shave the boys head. Wash the crap out of everything. My hair is long so I used the lice shampoo for a couple of weeks. It was impossible to comb out myself so I found a salon that did it. I use a little tea tree oil now to keep the suckers away.

Omg no!! Call kids dr and ask for sklice! It kills everything! Nits, lice, everything. Retreat after a few days and you’re good.
(Wash all bedding and clothes, winter hats etc) I would get a spray can from walgreens and spray down beds and furniture but that’s just me.
Then put 8-12 drops in all of the Shampoo bottles in your house. That repels them if you’re ever around someone who has them again. Also good for your head and hair.
Vacuum everything too.

Go to the pharmacy and get nic shampoo. Wash everything! A lot of kids get it from school and daycare don’t feel bad. May have to deep clean and shampoo several times.

Permethrin shampoo should do.or use mayonnaise like someone mentioned…

So a few years ago, me, my sister and mum were all in a women’s refuge for a couple of months. There were a lot of kids in the place and they all ended up getting headlice! A lot of the adults did too! Me, my sister and mum NEVER got them despite being in close proximity in particular with a family who had headlice. The youngest kid kept sitting on our laps and hugging us and we all wondered why we weren’t getting headlice too! Then we realised, all 3 of us had been using tea tree oil shampoo! Just cheap Alberto Balsam.

Vinegar… it also kills the eggs

Crisco shortening!!! Slather your heads cover with a store bag and sleep on it.

COCONUT OIL!!! suffocate them with it. Lather whole head and leave, wrapped in plastic for 30mins to an hour. Plus its great for your hair!! Then of course wash bedding ect in HOT water.

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Call Rapunzel’s Lice Boutique (there are other locations too). It’s pricey but at least it kills the ones in your hair in one shot.


They had an outbreak at the school and my daughter got it three times! Washed everything, did the treatments, spent hours every night combing her hair (poor tender scalp) Finally I broke down and dyed her hair. Nothing outrageous but she didn’t get it again.

Don’t forget to treat the stuffed animals.

Buy some tea tree shampoo and conditioner, very cheap and safe. Use it regularly and they won’t get it again. Now if you want a safe way olive oil their heads. Make sure you bleach bed clothes and spray furniture, put stuff animals in a garbage bag tied up for a week.
Nothing wrong with catching them, only something wrong if it goes untreated. In your case not a problem it seems.