Needing advice on head lice!

Head lice… My children and I contracted head lice! We only had one person over, and that was like five weeks ago, other than that we strictly went to the grocery store and back home. Anyways that’s beside the point. I’m 30 and never dealt with lice before! I treated my son’s hair yesterday, his hair was awful. He keeps scratching today, but I don’t see anything when I brush with the little comb from the kit. (I bought Nix ultra, and I also bought a shampoo separately.) My daughter is mixed with black, and I always keep her hair oiled and greased. She didn’t have a single louse or anything, nor is she scratching. I’m a single mother with no friends or family and had to treat myself. I have long, thick hair. After my treatment, I still saw lice, so I smothered my head in mayonnaise and put a plastic bag and left it there from 12 am-10 am (Google said to…smh). I also sprayed my furniture and bed with the spray provided by the kit. I stripped my beds and washed everything, even pillows on the extra hot water, and dried extra hot temp as well. I plan to repeat this process in a week. And continue to brush through mine and my son’s hair until then, but what else am I missing! Why is my son still scratching?! I don’t see anything in his head?!


His head could be dried out from the treatment. Use a spray bottle with tea tree oil in it everyday thats what i use to keep the lice away after my kids had it. We also use suave coconut shampoo and conditioner with tea tree oil and it has helped. And i only used mayo to treat their hair i didnt buy chemicals and it worked

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It’s possible they are still there. Or it’s possible the chemicals in the treatment irritated his scalp and made him itchy.

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Might just be scratching the bites. Like mosquito bites, they still itch after

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I had this problem a few years ago. I ended up cutting my sons hair off. I hated to do it.

They could still be in his hair but tiny, it could just be psychological and in his head. I’m the same way. It can be extremely hard to get rid of but you’re doing it right. The last time we got it from my step son, we fought it so hard but it just kept getting worse. We actually went to a lice clinic here in town and that did the trick! Lice is becoming more immune to the treatments on the market

Probably just itchy from the products? You should try vacuum the couch and bedding also. Even hair dye works on lice too! Good luck I know how crazy lice gets me! Hope all goes well

Spray your car also. Use baby oil in your hair shower cap for twelve hours

When I was little, beside shampoo, my mom used vinegar, and rhen combing. End after that, I put my head in her lap, and hours would pass, she would pick one by one. Then procedure go over next day. Diying your hair can be fine for you. He maybe is little over helmed with everything. That is why he is scratxhing

I treated my sisters hair about 4 years ago. I used hair dye. I grabbed a color that perfectly matched hers (she was 16), and I dyed her hair. It killed them all.

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Call the pediatrician and get they can get you the prescribed lice med. I spent so much money on Nix and it did nothing, the prescription stuff took one application.

Apple Cidar Vinegar works

Make sure everything goes Into the wash as the lice can be on anything. Couches, teddy’s, blankets, comforters, even the god damn car seat covers (parents always forget this one) just hot wash everything and treat hairs twice a day not much else you can do til you kill them all off… I’m itchy thinking bout it… Brings me right back to my nan pulling the head off me after school with a nit comb over the newspaper :weary::joy:

I use listerine mouthwash,leave it for 30 mins,cover it and wash wonders

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We put a little tea tree oil in conditioner. Use as leave in conditioner in your long thick hair. They like clean hair best. Good luck!!!

It can be hard to beat. But my dr told me to do the kit every 7 days until you dont see any eggs or lice

Lice can only be in clean hair. Otherwise, they can’t stick to the strands if it’s dirty hair as the hair oils will make it hard to stay attached to the hair.


I’d call in for an rx than otc

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Hes scratching previous bites. I’d also bag up any piece of linen for atleast 72 hours

I didn’t use any chemicals when my daughter got them from one of her cousins… i used baby oil gel and took out the lice one by one… every 3 hours and washed her sheets daily… for about a week… but it worked.

He could possibly still have bites from before the treatment, they’ll itch until healed.

Use vaseline…overnight. wash everything with hot water, dry on high heat twice and use baby oil in the am to get the vaseline out of your hair. I used this method every year my kids (with a lot of damn hair) would bring lice home from school.

Look up places in your area that treat them. It’s like a salon but for lice. People say they work.

Constantly put conditioner in ur hair an use a knit comb in ur hair an comb through it.
Basically get the knits out by combing every day so they don’t hatch more.


Coconut oil slather yours and your sons hair in pure coconut oil ( you can get it from the dollar general for cheap) leave overnight or for 12 hours. Wash any plush toys spray your carpet if you have any and wash all the clothing in the house!!

Flat iron the hair. :joy: it kills em fast
Then wash and brush


Treat your car and furniture as well! I had it bad one time and had to spray my car head rests before it finally went away.

Put a few drops of tea tree oil in your shampoo and it will help repel them.

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Girl buy coconut oil and keep it in y’alls hair for like a week wash and put more in. I wash pillow sheet spray daily!! It was a hassle but it got rid of it quick. My kiddos have only had it a few times and doing that helps a lot.

The lice shampoo does not kill the nits. If even one nit is left can hatch and restart process. Need to go strand by strand to remove nits. There is a prescription headlice shampoo called sklice which claims to kill nits too. Also, you will need to vacuum furniture and carpets and empty vacuum canister/bag and remove that from house and double bag all stuffed animals/unwashable items for 2 weeks.


Vinegar works great, and also tea tree oil in your shampoo and conditioner… also put his blankets and sheets in the dryer also his pillows for a minimum of 20 minutes on high heat

Don’t forget to bag up stuffed animals for at least 72 hours as well.

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I put tea tree oil in my shampoo and washed my hair with that

This is amazing may take 2 tries but we’ve never had it back and that’s with 2 young kids who go to school. You need to treat everyone at the same time to get rid properly. Then you can use teatree oil to prevent then coming back. But if you don’t treat everyone properly at the same time they’ll just jump straight back on

Fairy tails rosemary shampoo. There’s even a spray that prevents them. It can be bought at Wal-Mart. We got the shampoo, conditioner and spray for $20. It worked for us and now that my daughter is in school it has prevented them

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The nix sometimes make your scalp really dry and itchy so put some tea tree oil on his head but make sure to keep repeating the process as they are hard to get rid of I would also recommend to keep doing the treatment once or twice even if you think you cleared them all just to be sure and just keep using tea tree oil in your hair , your daughters and his because it repels bugs

It might just be hold bites or where his irritated the skin itching…

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Shave his head it’s only hair and will grow back will never forget when my daughter and her best friend were in kindergarten they got lice and thought it was great lol got rid of my daughters fairly easily but her friend had to have her hair cut off good luck

Also put all stuffed animals in trash bags

Mayo, like sandwhich mayo put it in hair like shampoo keep on for a few hours … and then rinse out and comb(all in tub). The Mayo suffocates them and they all die. Also wash ALL linens, stuffed animals, in hot water and on High heat.

Bag all stuffed animals blankets not being used and dry on high before giving the children them back. I usually wash all if I have time but the dryer works to kill eggs and bugs. I have 3 kids in public school and have dealt with this many times. I usually just leave them all bagged until we are done with it all. Atleast 30 days or so besides special toys. Then they get dried daily.

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Helped my sister treat my nieces hair and I swear this was the only thing that worked! Its a little pricey but definitely worth it! Also try a shampoo and conditioner with tea tree oil to help with the itching.


Crisco grease…over night then wash it out with dawn dish soap

Maybe it dried out the skin on his scalp. Put oil or something moisturizing on his head

Use coconut oil
Worked for me and my daughter and havent had them since

The shampoo has chemicals in it even tea tree oil will dry out your scalp. If he has none it could be left over bites healing. Hugs. Maybe leave oatmeal conditioner in for five minutes.

The best thing I have ever done was absolutely disgusting :joy: and the only reason I hate mayonnaise. You take a shower cap and literally lather your child’s hair in mayo. Leave the shower cap on over night or for 8-10 hours and have them wash it in the morning or after that time is up. We had to do this once as kids and it worked fabulously!!

I’ve never dealt with it but the pediatrician I worked with recommended a mixture of mayonnaise and olive oil. Saturate the hair tie plastic bags around to seal in the heat and leave it on for at least an hour. Rinse shampoo comb and repeat as necessary. No chemical agents but the heavy oils suffocate them. This is harmless. Go heavy with mayo and oil. Wrap a towel around their shoulders to absorb. Wash everything in hot water and dry on high heat. Toys that are stuffed put them in plastic bags and sit them outside for at least a week in the heat. I am not a fan of the neuro-toxins in lice treatments. The oils will moisturize his scalp. Massage the mayo and olive oil in gently. Before washing out massage in again for a few minutes. Hope this helps. Also tea tree oil mixed in or eucalyptus oil. Just keep repeating until clear. There is nothing harmful in the treatment so you can do it as many times and needed. Hugs Mama

Put olive oil on at night put a hair cap on and in the morning rinse it out. Itll kill the lice and moisturize the scalp.

We used the comb terminater it’s metal, and they have a shampoo that desloves the glue holding the nits. It’s best to comb hair daily with comb. All sheets and pillow cases need to go in dryer daily until they are gone. For boys we normally just shave their hair. I had to go to the lice place for mine once. I could see my kids hair but not my own. It was super embarrassing but I’m glad places like that exist. For future use tea tree oil in shampoo and to clean brushes. Since we started that we haven’t had issues

We struggled with it a couple years ago. Multiple over the counter medications and prescription and they wouldn’t go away. This spray is amazing! It was the only thing that worked for us.

Grab some tea tree shampoo and conditioner (doesn’t matter brand) and have everyone use it including anyone who doesn’t have it in the house… Keeps lice and ticks away

Coat with mayonnaise…coconut oil kills lice… neem oil in shampoo

This works awesome for lice treatment after using life shampoo and combing out everything use this everyday.

Those chemicals dry the scalp. Try the mayo and olive oil. Seriously nothing to lose or harm him my trying it.

Lice won’t like your daughter hair cause of the grease lice like normal hair vinegar can be used for lice Mayo is great for hair anyways I’d comb y’all hair every other day and it might be a habit of scratching

Your son is probably still scratching because the saliva from the bites are itchy. Sounds like you’re doing great. The stuff in your daughter’s hair suffocated them. They hate it lol. You can put tea tree oil in your existing shampoo condition (i like to have it on hand because it works for cold sores) or buy the stuff with it already in it. Keep all stuffed animals away for a few weeks. Keep washing bedding on hot setting. Use the medal comb to get out the nits and pick out eggs as much as possible. You can try using your daughters stuff in sons hair if you want to also suffocate the things or use things like mayo, coconut oil, etc. Also vacuum as much as you can even the couch and bed.

He will scratch for a few days as lice bite and feed off the scalp. This should settle in a few days once you keep using the comb and baby oil is the best for getting rid of them

You have to sit out in the sunlight and actually go through each strand of hair or shave it

Feel free to PM me OP

He can still be itching because of the bites, it will subsided. However you need to re-treat in a week i think. Whatever you can put in dryer do so and let run on hot for 20mins. Your daughter didn’t get it because of product you put in hair. People think if you have lic you are dirty that’s not the case. They can’t live on dirty hair or in your daughters case the oils you put in her hair. I also suggest since your hair is long and thick use leave in conditioner to help you comb thru yours makes it a little easier. It is such a dreadful task but you’ll get it.

You can tell how old the lice is by the size of the lice. Unfortunately we moved school distracts last year and my kid had lice five times in the first three months. I kept treating it she would be fine for a few weeks and then would bring it back. I threw every stuffed animal in the house away every comb, brush. I vacuumed everything about a million times a day and made sure to empty the vacuum Everytime and take it out to the Trash immediately.i threw the bedding away and bought new pillows and blankets. It got so bad I ended up shaving the under part of my daughter’s head and we haven’t had any since, thank God. I am terrified of bugs. Getting rid of lice is a full time job, and it’s expensive. As for him itching it may just be from the bites, or it may be from an irritation of the shampoo. Good luck.

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I have an ex coworker that used to be a traveling lice treatment specialist. She told me all you need is olive oil! Just dowse your heads in olive oil, let it sit, then comb, comb, comb those bugs and eggs out til you no longer see them!

Honestly full marks mousse treatment is the strongest version I wouldnt bother with all the home remedies as half are crap n you will spend more time trying to wash the residue out of your hair. Full marks then comb hair 2/3 times a day then treat again with full marks solution if done properly you won’t get them back, id ask a family member neighbour friend or go to hairdresser n ask them to help you.

If u dye ur hair, the peroxide will kill them in ur hair.

If you miss a single nit, itll hatch & you’ll have to start all over again. Taking a flash light over dark hair will help a lot to find them.
Steer clear of home remedies & stick to store purchased products. Something that may have worked for someone else, may not work the same for you. & they probably aren’t providing their method of treatment either with suggestions like mayo :woman_shrugging:t3:

Coconut oil. Tea tree shampoo and conditioner. Reultz is another lice shampoo. For you since your an adult . Dye your hair. It will kill the eggs .

Grease your boy and your hair too. Hopefully his is just irritated from the original infestation.

Don’t forget to spray or wash any curtains you have.

Go to the Dr. Get the prescription for lice treatments. Much better stuff then the treatments you get a grocery or drug stores.
Also, wash and dry everything in your house that can be. And spray lice/bed bug spray on everything that can’t be washed.
Lice are like fleas
So hard to get rid of.

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This thing works great. Still have to treat everything else though.

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Shave his head.
put a color on yours…
Be consistent…
my step daughters(both long thick blonde hair) got them… It’s DREADFUL.
wish u luck.

Mayo. Lots of mayo and combing.

Mayo works do it weekly fir a couple of wks

Call their pediatricians and get the prescription head lice treatment. That’s the only way I ever get them completely gone. Good luck you got this!


Buy a better lice comb. While you are waiting a week to repeat treatment comb through yours and his hair daily. If there is still lice it could be newly hatched lice that are very tiny and hard to see.


Try putting mayonnaise on and coveting with a plastic bag i cant remember if its half hour or hour. When my daughter was little the pharmacist had us do this as the lice shampoo didn’t work. The mayonnaise smothers them and kills them. I also saw online something bout coca cola. If u put tea tree oil in ur shampoo its suppose to help keep you from getting lice. I heen doing this for years with mine and my 8 yr old hair

I used Listerine and vinegar. Soak hair in Listerine and wrap in plastic for an hour, rinse. Repeat with vinegar. Wash and comb out. My daughter used to get it bad regularly and has thick long hair. She hasn’t gotten it since. Spray and wash everything. Even bag stuffed animals and leave in Sun for about 2 weeks. Vacuum couches and mattresses after spraying. I redid everything 4 times in a month just to be sure

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Lice don’t like greasy hair so she is less likely to get it whoever was over is who you got it from most likely because they take up to a month to hatch enough for you to notice. He might still be scratching because of dry scalp irritation. I unfortunately dealt with this for two years on and off because we couldn’t figure out where it was coming from and I believe the other parent when they told me that they treated their child

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Make sure you bag all stuff animals. I washed pillow cases daily and threw pillows in the dryer everyday along with comforter and sheets . I put tea tree oil with rosemary in my daughters hair everyday after treatment for a week.
Make sure you’re going through their hair two times a day to look for eggs or nits . I also used a lint roller on the couch after they got it everyday and did it for the seat in the car .

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Vacuum everything too…wash everything. Everyday. Until there are no more bits anywhere. He may be scratching because of the chemicals on his head.

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I love nitty gitty combs. I go though every night for a week after treatment. Leave a week and check again xx

Lice also take so long to drown or suffocate so that’s almost useless rubbing alcohol kills the live bugs on contact 90%

Olive oil and a shower cap for 12 hours. Pick through it. The oil makes it easy for it to come out as well. After done going through it. Wash with dawn dish soap. That was the only thing that worked for my daughter a few years ago. If that dont help go to the doctor they will prescribe you something stronger.

I flat ironed our hair after every shower and blow dried it the heat helps kill them and the treatments every 10 days for three rounds

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Shave his head, keep tea tree oil in their hair, dye your hair and use tea tree or coconut oil. Continue to treat the furniture and if you have pets they’ll need baths in medicated pet shampoo

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Go to doctor and get prescription!! Over the counter didnt work


The Nit Free Terminator lice comb is all you need in my personal experience. Wash and comb hair, get it soft and comb through with that comb, wipe on paper towel. Repeat every few days until nits are gone.

I had it so many times growing up. The shampoo didn’t help. I dyed my hair and that did the trick. I got it last summer at work. I put coconut oil with tea tree oil in my hair and slept with a bag on my head and it worked.

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Tea tree oil
Works wonders

Probably due to the scabbing on the scalp is why he’s still itching from scratching previously…when my 2 year old twins got it…I asked their pediatrician cause I didn’t want to use regular lice shampoo on them she gave me what’s practically carpet bombing for head lice…it’s called Natroba and it works you don’t even have to comb the nits out and I haven’t seen a bug or nit since…I also cut their hair too afterwards to rid the presence of the nits…

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Vinegar or tea tree oil is brilliant for lice x

We had a bad case of lice a few years back. My daughter caught it from her cheer gym.
• Tea tree oil shampoo. You could even add tea tree oil to your current shampoo.
• be sure to bag ALL stuff animals in trash bags for like a week or so, esp ones that your children might sleep with.
• buy matress covers (the ones for bed bugs is best); you can find these cheaper on Amazon.
• I also recommend a combined of olive oil & mayo instead of the harsh over-the-counter chemical stuff.

The best comb I recommend is the pack at walmart. It is $30 but worth it. Gets all the eggs and even the newly hatched louse out. Also, lice doesn’t discriminate. Clean or dirty hair, everyone can get them.

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Lice are born , 7 days later can lay eggs & 7 days later they hatch and so on & so on , boil wash bedding including pillows , everyone in the house needs to be treated , I found that leaving conditioner in hair then washing out next day & use lice repellent every day stopped my daughter from being re-infected

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Vinegar and mayo! Works wonders

We did a treatment every day with coconut oil and a plastic head wrap.
In addition, we had to wash all towels pillows blankets and everything else every day in hot water for 10 days. Any stuffed animals also have to be bagged and sealed for two weeks. Hair must be combed and checked every day with the special lice comb as well. Any other household furnishings also have to be washed and cleaned daily for several days. I hate this for you, it is awful!

Vamousse can get walmart or anywhere onlything that worked on any of us

yea lil boys easiest way is shave head scrub em in shower they cant latch onto real short hair i used oil in my hair and my daughters left on for long time then washed in dawn to get oil out lol

Flat iron your hair everyday for 1 week and keep combing with lice comb