Needing help with baby names

Hi, I’m almost 33 weeks pregnant and scheduled to be induced on December 1st. The only two names my husband and I both like are Paislee Jane and Avalee Jane, but I’m just not in love with either name. Jane is his mother’s middle name, so I know that will definitely be the middle name, but I’m curious which name everyone likes better between the two.


I like Avalee because it’s different :heart:

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What about (Posie Jane, or Alivia Jane)

What about Everlee Jane?

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Sticking with the A’s and P’s

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Avalee is both unique and fits well with Jane

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avalee is so beautiful i love it

I really like them both​:heart:… But Avalee Jane is really unique and beautiful :heart:

Avalee is pretty and unique. Goes lovely with the middle name :heartpulse:

My daughter’s name is Sara Jane. First name after my mom & no one is making their kids names like Sara anymore.


Either names are beautiful

Avalee is pretty but if you’re looking for something different I named my girls breeanna, kaitlyne, and laci

LOVE Avalee, I have a great aunt with that name & ive always loved it. It’s so different.

Turn the V to a Z and Azalee Jane is adorable

I have an Eliza Jane


Both lovely names…don’t worry what others think…you aleeady know the answer, leave it a surprise…

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I have a niece named Avalee so I recommend that :+1:

Definitely Paislee Jane!

My girl name pick was Bethany

Arianna Jane
Avery Jane

I love Paislee Jane.or paisley Jane. Soooo cute

Don’t settle! Find a name you love. Keep searching


Keep looking if you not keen tho x

What about layla Jane Amanda Jane Tallulah Jane

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I like Avalee. You could always slip a y in Jane to make it a little more unique. I’m a little biased though, Jayne is my middle name. :wink:

Avalee is unique and will be shortened to Ava
I think its a pretty name

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Out of the 2 I like Ava but if your not happy you have to keep looking I would never name my child something I didn’t love :heart: gl mama

Callie Jane
Macie Jane
Avery Jane
Quincy Jane
Sydnee Jane
Presley Jane
Kyla Jane

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Why are you being induced so early?

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Berkley Jane sounds nice

Everlee, Everleigh, Everly
My baby is spelled the first way

If I had a daughter I considered the middle name Jane and first name my middle name. Eileen.

I think Paislee is precious!

My late moms name was also Jane, and I said if I have a little girl I will use the name Samantha Jane.
Sammy J for short. :heart:

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Hate paislee but like avalee :purple_heart:

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My nieces new baby is Paisley. Love it!

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My mom always said to name a baby as if you were going to see the doctor or your attorney would you want a doctor that was named ugly or would you like a doctor that was named from tradition.

Avalee Paisley Jane. But if you’re just settling to agree on a name & have a name you prefer you’re ignoring because he doesn’t like it name her that. I had a names picked out for a long time. I didn’t use them because the father didn’t like it. Now I’m raising my child with a name he & I both hate because I didn’t want to go against him. You’re the 1 doing all the work to give this child life. Chances are you’ll be the 1 raising her alone in the future. Name her what you want.

Ayla-Jane, Iyla-Jane, Ayla-paisley Jane

My sisters name is Luci Jane

Paisley is my favorite name of all time. But my husband apposed because you have to think… it sounds cute on a little girl, but will it suit an adult. Its silly but something to think about.

Jane goes with every name… Avery, Violet, Penelope

Laura Jane
Emma Jane.

Aimie Jane/ Cassie jane/Patsy Jane

Ava Jane , Ella Jane, amelia Jane,

Avery Jane is a beautiful name. Also Emma Jane. I love the name Emma. I’m a boy mom so I never got to use it.

Janessa, Jordan, Jayla, Jersey, Janelle, Everli.

We have a Mila Jane!

We have a Joscelyn Jane

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I’ve never heard of Avalee but it’s really pretty. I like it with Jane too!


I like paisley the most

This is old school what about Mary Jane?

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We planned on naming a girl Eliza Jane. But we had a boy :slight_smile:

We have a Lola Jane :grin:

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Avalee is such a pretty name.

Avalee ive never heard of but def if you dont love them go for others

Paisley. Is a beautiful name &different

Paisley is so pretty

Everly Jane
Emerson Jane
River Jane
Emilia Jane

but i LOVE Avalee. that’s gorgeous and ive never heard it before!

Wait until you meet her! You’ll know. :slight_smile: we had the same issue and as soon as the babe was born and we met him we just knew what name was meant to be for him. Good luck Momma

Alivia Jane
Ophelia Jane
Magnolia Jane

Jane is my daughters middle name also! Her name is Ellie Jane

Paislee Jane is a pretty name

Spell Jane Jayne like Jayne Mansfield may haft to ask you grandparents who that Beauty was

Madelyn Jae
Leah Jane
Tierra Jane
Tera Jane
Breona Jane
Riley Jane
Naomi Jane

Avalee is cute…never been a fan of Paislee

My daughter is Evalee

Avalee would be my choice between the 2. Have you guys thought of any other names? Are you into unique names? Or common names

I like Paislee. It’s different but not unheard of.

Everleigh Jane
Olivia Jane
Penelope Jane

This little cutie came into my work the other day and her name was Clover. I just think it is the most darling name I’ve ever heard. Just wanted to share since you seem to be on the fence with the other two names.

Avalee sounds more unique to me. And I like it a lot! I’ve seen a lot of Paislee lately.

My daughters name is Paisley Rayne so I’m a bit biased towards Paislee

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Paislee. To me, Avalee already sounds like a first and middle name.

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Paisley❤️ it’s Beautiful!


If you go with Avalee she may end up being called AJ, I like Paislee more

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I love the name avalee, I haven’t ever heard that before!!

I love Avalee! So different

Wait until you see her. The name will come <3


if you aren’t in love with either name then don’t use them. think of different ones. rieleigh, maisee, lacey

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Avalee then as a nick name AJ, I think it’s cute or if your child wants people to call her just ava instead they could do it’s not to extreme that way

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or just use Ava Jane very cute

Chloe Jane was going to be ours, but decided on Lauren Ruby

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Paisley gets my vote.
I know a Praylee Jane.
I had never heard of that name before!

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If you don’t like either name, don’t go with either! Wait until you find one you LOVE. If you have to wait until she’s born to see what’s perfect, so be it!


I have a Coraline (like the movie) Jane.

Zoe/Zoey/Zoie (however you want to spell it) Jane

Or you could go with Ainslee Jane (aj for short)

Peyton Jane or Piper Jane

If you don’t love the names, keep thinking of other ones. I would assume you would want some time to let the name grow on you and stick?

My son was supposed to be a girl, but they realized 2 months before he was born that he was a boy lol (he always kept his legs closed so we couldn’t see) but we had planned to name him Aurora Renee, then we found out he was a boy we went with Jordan Ray

I like unusual names and I prefer Avalee, mainly because it will be easier for a child to spell and I just prefer that name. :woman_shrugging:t4:

Ella Jane sounds lovely.
I prefer Paislee out of the 2 names you mentioned. Good luck with your choice.

I like Paisley Jayne

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I like Paislee!!

Consider Presley too :slight_smile:

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Paislee :purple_heart:

Reading is key BETWEEN THE TWO y’all. Bless it. :woman_facepalming:t2:

Oakley Jane is my girl name if we ever did have another girl. To go with Remington Reign. :heartpulse:

Piper has the same feeling as Paislee, Maybe a good alternative? If Im voting though, I like Paislee better!

What’s his moms first name? Maybe you’ll like the name better with her first name as the middle name?