Needing help with naming my daughter after my father Richard

What was his middle name? It might have better options.

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I have a friend who wanted to name her daughter after her dad richard and they went with Richelle

What if you do Charlotte (for the char) and then a middle name that has the Ric in it somehow?

chardonnay or anything with chard … riCHARD

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Rochelle like the chocolate :relaxed: can also be pronounced roh-chelly or roh-shelly

Richelle? Or Rica? I have a student named Rikki who was named after her dad, Richard.

What’s your dads middle name ??

what about a play on the spelling Rychard? or Rhee( short for RIchard)

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Rikki is cute for a girl


Wait till you have a son


My dad’s name is Richard, and my name is Rikki.


What about Rochelle?

Rica, Richelle, Rictene…for all of these I would call her Ric or Rickie for short!

I went to school with a girl named Richann

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Chari - cha riCHArd and ri RIchard

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Use it as a middle name


My aunt Richie is named after her father, Richard. :heart:

My husband’s aunt is named Richland, goes by Rikki.

Friends named their daughter “Rickie”

I love Ritchie! So cute!

I’m named after my dad. He’s Anthony and I’m Antonia

Ricky can be a girl’s name :slight_smile:

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Have her middle name Richard…my cousin is Kara Michael after her dad!

I have a friend called Richie

Use Richard as the middle name for her

I think Ritchie is really cute for a girl!

I like Richelle or Ricky…

Rikki, Rikkie, Ricki, and Rickie (and any other spelling with the same sound) are the only feminine forms of Richard I know. If you don’t mind going a little off, Ricarda and Richenda are the only other two I could find

I like Ricki! or even another R name like Rachel or Raven…

Richara the first and the middle is denise

I think Richie would be cute :blush:

Richlynn you can pronounce it rich-lynn or ryke-lynn

I saw a Richenda in my search. She’s an English theatre actress.

Use it as a middle name

Richelle is a feminine version of Richard.

Ricky , Rochelle, Rainey

Rishard /Reishard
Rishar/ Reishar
Rishae /Reishae
Risha / Reisha
Any with long or soft E or I sounds

We were going to do the same and go with Ricky

I knew a Richelle once, spelt with the I instead of A

Ritchie! :purple_heart: Super cute!

DRACHAR pronounced Dráh-car

It’s Rachard backwards (close)
I really do like the Dixie idea the best so far.

Rasheeda, Rachelle, Ricarda, Ri-shard

Richard - CHARDI,CHARIR -play with the letters until you find something that you will like

Ricky May. Richielyn. Riccarda (in italian)

Ryanna…or Rykel is pretty

Rochelle (Ricky for short) pronounced Roe-shell

Rikki, Rikkie, Ricki, and Rickie

Rachel or rochel or rikki . Rhonda. Robin

The first name Richara

Mix it up and call her Chardric or Rickki. Richa pronounced like Risha.

What about Richelle?

I was going to name mine Rickell

Richelle? Riki? Ricalyn/Rikalyn?


Rickii Rene" is pretty

Riki. Ricki, Rickie, Richelle

Richie, Richa?
Or Rachelle (or however spelling u like)

(pronounce it as ree SHAR da)

Rasha arbic neme means deer

Richlyn Richann(a) Richandra Ricarla Richarla

Rikki, Rikkie, Ricki, and Rickie (and any other spelling with the same sound) are the only feminine forms of Richard I know. If you don’t mind going a little off, Ricarda and Richenda are the only other two I could find.

Just like Ricki Lake. Spell it as you please. You don’t want to call her Dick. Lol

Gillian Brennan some ideas… Rikki is lovely…

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R.J Richard junior :blush:

The name Richard denise

Rigina, Richel, Richelle

Richelle (ruh shelle)

Richarya, richarlyn, Richarda, richardly

You can name her Chardi

Richards, prachanda, rikky

Richelle, Rachel, Rikki

CHARlotte (riCHARard)

Rickee is a cute name

Ricki, Richie, RiChawn (Reshawn)

Dicky , , , , , just saying😂

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I know a woman name Rickie

Richa Richi Richella Ricardi Richly

Christine Magi thought of ye when I read this :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::heart:

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Richa… is a cute name…

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I had a friend namned rikke

Charlie, Charline, Rochelle, Richelle

The has Richelle has a girl’s name.

Richelle, Rickilynn, Rachale

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Ricki , Regan, Richie

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I know a girl named Richardlin

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Maybe the grandfather’s last name would work as a girl’s first name.

Rici, rice, ricci, ricarda,

I would suggest my own name ‘ Richa ‘

Ok this is going to seem complicated and I hope I don’t lose you.
I would look up what the name Richard means…I read it means strong, hard ruler/king…there are sites that get more in-depth on the meaning you can use to help give more options. I would then look up the equivalent names for a girl. I believe I read that names that mean strong, queen are ex: Rani, Regina, etc. Use a girls name that has the same or similar meaning.
If none of those appeal to you look up alternate names for Richard in other languages and cultures are see if you can alter one for you. Ex: Welsh: Rhisiart could be reworked into Rhisia (Ree-see-ah) Ree for a nickname. Hope this makes since and gives you more options.

My dad name was Daniel Richard Knight, and my mom named me Dannielle Rebecca Knight after my dad

Richianna…I have no clue :pray::joy:

My daughter’s uncles name was Richard and he passed away when I was pregnant with her so her dad and I decided to have her middle name Ricky. Destiny-Marie Ricky

Richenda. I had a relative with this name.

Richarda. The female equivalent.

Ricae… (prounounced rickay)

Rich or Rica keep it simple, she can say she was named after her grandfather, having an unusual name has it’s plus and negative

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What about Richann, Rich Ann? It’s Richard but the last 2 letters

Why not just name her Richard? My 1st name is Ryan and I know someone who named her daughter Charlie after her grandfather. There is no reason why you can’t call a little girl Richard.

What was your dad’s middle name? Or your maiden name?


If he used the nickname of Richie or Rich u can make it feminine like. Richi or Ricci