Needing positive stories about finding love after ending a relationship with childs father

Can I get some good, heartfelt, happy stories about finding love after separating from your children’s bio-father? We are separated. I dated a guy (long distance) for about six months. Last night he officially broke up with me because he decided that me having kids (I have two) scared the shit out of him because, I guess, he doesn’t want any of his own. My heart is broken, and I just want to know that it’s not impossible to find a real good guy that’s accepting of all of me (kids included). He was AMAZING up until those words came out of his mouth, and now I’m just shattered :disappointed_relieved: it’s one thing if I can fix what’s wrong, but this situation I cannot change.


It will happen! I left my husband of 4 yrs last year. I focused on myself and my kids. I was FINALLY happy being alone and getting to relearn who i was outside of being a mother and wife. And then my best friend of 15 years decided to tell me he had had feelings for me since high school. I was hesitant because i didnt want to lose his friendship and i was so happy being alone. But it ended up being the best thing to happen. Im so happy now! Keep your chin up, momma!

I met my man off pof I had been single for a few years despite lots of dating, he had no kids I had 3. 5 years later we have one together and he’s just adopted my kids as his own x we took it slow cause it had to be right for the kids and a big commitment and life change for him. Wishing you lots off luck for your future

I left my kids bio dad when I was 7 months pregnant with our second. That baby is 6 now (for reference.)
Two years ago I met my now husband. He’s an incredible man. Accepted my daughters as his own and actually dropped to his knees and hugged that 6 year old the first time she called him daddy. He blessed me with an incredible bonus son. We have a 2 month old together now :heart: I went from days of crying with that ex, to contented happiness on the regular.

I found love about 3 months afterwards with myself! Got to love yourself first.


I was with my ex husband for 8 years 4 kidd later he was a pos. Anyways now I have been with my boyfriend for 4 years he has 1 kid and 1 step from his marriage i have 4 and I’ve never been so happy!!

Not my personal story but my mom’s. She got divorced and was alone with her daughter. She dated tons of awful men and then one day she needed a technician to come to her house to install her phone. (My dad). After installing her phone he began to come around and help her with other things. He took her in his car to help her get her groceries (because that’s hard to do with taking the bus and a baby in tow). He wanted to be helpful to her in any way he could. They grew closer, they got married, he adopted her daughter and they had 3 more kids together. They are still married 45 years later and now have 2 son-laws and 4 grandchildren now.

I left my kids bio dad 8 weeks after our twins were born . I also had a 4 year old with him. 2 months later found an amazing guy on my neighbors front yard , (literally). 7 years later we had a set of twins together. He’s an awesome Dad to all the kids. It will happen when and where you least expect it. :heart::heart:

Keep going it will be fine,life is tough dont be a victim.x

Very possible. About to have a 3rd dating anniversary with mine. He’s been in my kids life for almost 3 1/2. We were co-workers before. Now we have done a ton of interstate travel, moved a couple times and found a perfect spot. He doesn’t want kids because “ours” are perfect

After my ugly separation I found my husband shortly after legal paperwork was complete for my children. With children us women have to be cautious of who we bring into their lives. Hes out there dont be discouraged and it will work out.

I was separated foe 18 months. I dated someone but he didn’t want the same things from relationship. I wanted to be married. I have 5 kids but only 3 lived with me ( teens).it was too much for him. I broke it off. Exactly a month later, I met a great guy online. We met in person after talking online for just a couple days! 5 months later we were married. He wasn’t afraid to be a step dad. And I gained another son from him( stepson). Don’t settle. Be patient. You will get what you want!

My bestie always said she would never find love. It was her and her daughter against the world. She stopped looking. And bam! She has been with her new guy 2 years and her new baby is 9 years younger than her oldest. She is in absolute heaven. He is just what she needed. I love seeing them! :purple_heart:

Love yourself first with being alone and learning how to be happy on your own first :heart: i promise that once you do that the right man will come along. The right man will see how you love yourself and your kids and say I want to be a part of that family. Believe it or not theres plenty fishes in the sea. You’ll be okay. But you have to be okay with being alone first or else you’re just going to break your own heart and those around you.


First, focus on officially getting divorced from your husband…if you are only separated, you don’t want any issues with being charged for adultery because you are dating. Then considered hanging out with your children where other single parents may take their kids. You could meet some really great, fun guys this way…

I have a son from my previous marriage, I met the man im married to now when my son was 3. Hes raised him like his own and he calls him dad now, hes almost 9 and my husband is the most amazing father to him. Its definitely possible to find love when you have kids, but never rush into it. Kids come first and you dont want to bring someone around them till you know it’ll be permanent

Don’t be in a big hurry to get validation that you’re lovable. YOU ARE!!! Being on your own for a bit is also a good thing, doesn’t mean you’re a loser or inept of anything. You can discover a bit about yourself and love yourself first and foremost. Best wishes!

I divorced after 16 years and have 2 kids. For months I dated around but nothing serious. I wasn’t wanting anything long term been there done that. I was working an inbetween job to pay the bills and here he comes walking in. A week later we met up and have been together ever since. Its been 9 years

I’m divorced have 2 kids with him and my fiancee now was scared and had a hard time at first… We broke up and it was rough but I guess he realized we were what he wanted and now almost 4 yrs later we have a baby girl together and he’s an amazing dad to all 3 kids. He gets along with my ex and we do family stuff together with the kids. I know that was not easy for him at first either but now it’s amazing. It is possible! There are men out there who will not think twice about loving you and your babies. Just don’t settle. I made it very clear, it’s me and my kids or nothing.

I was 24 with two kids when I met a 21yr old guy. I tried to tell him to go be with someone his age that he could start a family with but he chose to stick around. We’ve been together for 18yrs now… My daughter is married with her 4th baby on the way, my oldest son is a senior at CSU and my youngest (our son together) just started his sophomore year in hs! Don’t give up. There’s still good men out there

I found it. There r good guys out there. I was 20 years into an abusive marriage when my now boyfriend helped me find the courage and strength to leave. I left and got on my feet then moved over 600 miles away to b with him and i have never been more in love and neither has he. He is so amazing and supportive and so much more than i ever thought i deserved. For the first time i actually feel loved. The whole story is long but if u wanna hear more dm me

I broke up with my ex 2 years ago and about a year after I met a man who loves and adores me and my two children we then had another one together and are stronger then ever. Just remember that the right person will love you and everything that comes with you.

Time heals all wounds my dear I know it sucks u meet someone and it’s going so well then this happens but things happen for a reason u really want to know why? But it’s best to leave it cause u dont want your heart to break even more. I lost my husband 4years ago passed away. I never thought I could do it on my own but I have reach.out to ones u for guidance and never give up best of luck my dear

I have finally found my person after my oldest kids dad and i broke up. Its hard but possible. Just keep your chin up girl. Sending lots of hugs your way

My soon to be husband told me i will find someone who I deserve and be happy again. Well i dont know if i want that. I have seen so many bad stories about rape and abuse that im scared just to imagine putting my kids on risk.
At least he was honest, i have seen many love stories with moms with kids and finding a guy. Just be careful with your kids, you never know

Self love is the best gift you can give yourself. Fall in love with yourself and become your own best friend before moving into another relationship. Monkey barring from relationship to relationship isn’t wise. Choose you!


First of all, fuck that guy for deciding SIX months into the relationship that he didn’t want your kids. Secondly, there are PLENTY of men out there who make amazing step-daddies to kids but you have to be absolutely SURE you’re bringing them around SAFE people, single mommas can be targeted for their kids. (it happens more often than you’d probably like to know).
But yeah I found my guy about a year after I separated from my LGs bio dad, and it takes time to develop a good bond with someone cause you’re always gonna see how they treat your kids and go from there. (that’s how I am anyway) :joy: trust me it makes you realise just how many people are out there who are more important than those dirtbags you left behind. Sending you love, mama :heart:

Dont rush it. And this gives you time to focus on you and your kids. When the time is right. Your find him. Or he will find you. (Side note) if he couldn’t except you and your kids That’s his problem. You dont want anybody like that anyway. Just be glad he came out with it. So he can stop wasting your time. And you can move on .

Was with my sons Bio father for 7 years (had my son at 21). Finally wisened up and learned my worth and left.

Stayed single for 2 full years. Just friends with benefits when the need arised. Learned who i was as an adult. Learned to love being with myself.

Then my husband came along (we knew each other from high school but he was never my “type”- he was a ‘good guy’). He waited for me to get the poison out of my system. And was the BEST thing to happen to me and my son.

Today is our 6th wedding anniversary and i love him more now than i did that day


At least you didn’t waste years on someone who really wasn’t interested. Childless people are often overwhelmed in a relationship where the other person already has kids. By the end of my relationship with my kids father I had rekindled a friendship with a guy I had a falling out with a few years earlier. After I told my ex it was over the friend and I started talking more. And one thing led to another. :woman_shrugging:t2: We definitely moved a lot faster than we should have which I think only helped lead us to a really rough patch for a while. We ended up sort of “starting over” but it’s been nearly 6 years and he treats my kids amazingly. Loves them. Spoils them. We’re not perfect and don’t have a perfect relationship but we’re happy.

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Just focus on your kids and the time will come that someone will come into your life that is a perfect fit. Dont rush trying to find someone bcuz u will just find assholes to be honest. I was single for 2 yrs and reconnected with my fiance (we dated on/off in the past) he just got a divorce and we decided to combine our families as the feelings between us were still there…now we raise all 9 of our kids together and couldn’t be happier.

I had a really bad relationship after i broke it off with my daughters father, who was abusive. But the relationship im in now is the best one I’ve ever been in. I have a 5 yr old daughter and he is so good with her, and he understands she always comes first, he even always puts her first. Have hope, and dont rush into things, thats what i did with the first relationship after and it was horrific. I truly believe that my boyfriend came into my life when I was ready, and when I needed to be shown how a real man can love you. But dont feel you need a man, you and your children are better than that💛

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My sons father and I were together for 3 years but when my son was only a few months old, we broke up. I was devastated and embarrassed that I had a kid so young and didn’t think I would find anyone. As soon as my sons first birthday came around, I met this absolutely amazing guy who loves my son just as much as anyone else in this world. He has been so good to use and I couldn’t imagine being with anyone else. We got married in July and are expecting another son in January❤️ you’ll find your person!

Learn to love yourself, the rest can’t fall in place until you do

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I met my husband very soon after leaving my kids dad, I was very hesitant on it since my kids dad was pretty awful (wouldn’t even let me go back to school afraid I’d met someone else and didnt want to deal with the repayment of student loans etc.)
My husband drove me to and from school (driving across town to my place just to go back across town to the college and back to the other end to his place) he watched the kids when I needed (once he was introduced to them) helped me with when I was bawling and struggling with class work or stress and shortly after I graduated he proposed … my kids father made me feel like I was lucky to have him and my husband makes me feel like hes lucky to have me every single day … I cant believe I spent so much of my life being thankful for half assed

I just married the love of my life 7 days ago! My sons father and I broke up when our son was 18 months old. We coparent great together. We are so much better apart and we both have other relationships. I get along great with his fiance and she loves our son just like her own and my husband loves our son just like his own. It is possible. My son loves all 4 of his parents. Keep your head up and stay strong… it is possible.

My daughters bio-dad and I were together 10 years: went through years of mental/emotional/sexual abuse. I finally got the courage to leave and was single for a year and a half. Had plans to go to the county fair with my friend and we need to make a pit stop and this guys house who I ended up marrying 3 years later. He is amazing with my daughter and had done so much for us. There is hope - just need patience and it’ll find its way

After leaving the fathers, I’m having a hard tome finding anyone that’s worth our time. A lot of the relationship I’ve had within the last 2 years have been 3 weeks or so. I’ve now been single for almost 6 months and don’t see much hope for a love life anytime soon

Enjoy being single, why rush I to being with someone, nothing wrong with learning to enjoy your own company and just being you and your child.


Give it time. There will be good days and then there will be horrible days where you feel lonely. On those days find something to keep your mind positive. I had my first child at 20. I kept trying with his dad but it would not work. I tried so hard to keep our little family together but when my son was 2 I was finally strong enough to end it. Then I met my second child’s father. I tried so hard to force happiness with him because I was just so ready for a family and I already failed with my sons father as a family. It ended up not working either. I focused on my children and then a friend of mine said she had the perfect guy for me. I was so over dating and hurting my kids I kept pushing it off. This guy tried to meet me for months and tried talking to me for months and I just kept blowing him off. Finally about 6 months of doing that I met him and boy was the wait worth it. We have been together 2 years now and he is AMAZING to me and my kids. This is what love really is and even tho I went through so much with my kids fathers I seriously thank them. If it wasn’t for them I would not be where I am today. I have a healthy mind set, boundaries and I know exactly what I want in a man and I found it. You will get that! Be patient and when you know something isn’t right and you know deep down you can do better follow that. Don’t keep repeating the cycle and starting back over again. The right person to complete your family will come along. You just have to have faith and some patience. Best of luck to you!

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Enjoy this time with your Kiddos and being single. That being said, you’ll find Mr. Right when you least expect it. I was separated from my kids bio and unexpectedly met my current husband of almost 18 years. I was not looking, I had sworn off men lol. We met at a friends house that myself and 2 kids were staying at for the weekend. We hit it off right away and the kids loved him. We got married exactly 3 months later and had 2 more kids.

I found the love of my life. I had two kids too. We been together now for 7 years and also has a kiddo together. He is amazing. Just keep looking.

I left my oldest sons father after a little over a year together. I spent met my now husband when my son was a year and a half. We didn’t work then. Stayed single for about a year and a half then we tried again. Now we’ve been married happily for over a year

My oldest’s dad and I broke up when he was about 3 months old. Were off and on till he was about a year, then officially done. I was a single mom till my oldest was 5 (dated a bit, but never found someone accepting of me and my son the way I felt we should be)… but then met up with an old friend from high school 3.5 years ago and have been together since. We’re not perfect by any means (I mean, who is?) but we now have 1 kid together and another one due next month :two_hearts: we’re engaged and planning to get married next year! My advice is dont settle!! You and your child are too important to accept anything less! The right one for you BOTH will come along. Just be patient and strong till then! :heart:

I dated off n on after my divorce for almost 3 years and had given up, was a jaded man hater when my now husband popped into my life out of nowhere when I least expected it. We dated 5 months before getting married. That was almost 13 years ago and we are still very happy and very in love. I could not ask for a better husband/dad/step-dad.

It took me that time between my divorce and finding my husband to find myself again and learn to love myself again. Once I did that, everything I wanted for myself and my kids just happened organically.

If you focus on yourself and your kids, happiness and love find you🤷🏼‍♀️

It’s a sucky situation to be in, but I can tell you that it’s great that he said this now and not after you got married. I unfortunately got married to the second guy after 6 years of dating and he said he didn’t want kids or marriage after a year and a half of being married. Ugh. Anyway… I am married again but this time to a guy who shares my religious beliefs and has children from a previous relationship/marriage. So much better. He’s dealt with marriage and kids and we both learned what mistakes we’d made in the past and we know how to be with each other. We both had 3 kids when we got married and together we have 2 more. 8 kids is so awesome especially since I didn’t have to birth them all myself. The kids all love each other and things are great AND this is the longest I’ve been married. So yay me!! :joy:

I split with my kids bio dad who I was with for 10 years I spent time on my own for 5 years and I met the love of my life through friends I’ve been with him for 10 years nearly my kids are 28, 25 and 20 and I honestly thought I’d be single forever but by chance I was at my friends and met him there is always light at the end of tunnel

My sons father denied that the child was his (I knew for a fact but he was saying I cheated and definitely didn’t)
I moved out, 3 months pregnant. I cried thinking no one would want a girlfriend/wife who was pregnant with another man’s child.
And then stepped in my current SO. Affectionate, sweet, loving, thoughtful, everything I’d ever wanted in a man. He accepted me and my unborn child, went to ultrasounds with me, threw me a gender reveal party, cried as he showed me my son after the Csection (he was so in love as soon as he saw his little face)
He sees him as his son. Wonderful father and partner.
Even after I had my son, his bio dad apologized for the way he acted and knew it was his son. We now all get along, including my SO and biodad (they hang out without me and the son, play online games together ect)
There’s hope out there girl

I was with my oldest daughter dad for like a year broke up with him as he kicked me in the shin bone hard where it left a huge bruise we was arguing that night I stayed single for a year, then I got with my second oldest dad for a year he treated me like a dog I couldn’t stand it so I left him stayed single for another year got with my 5 younger kids dad we been together for 7 years and still goin strong. I think it’s possible to find love after u leave ur kids dad but it takes time don’t rush it.

Not exactly what you’re looking for BUT…
I had to leave my first stepsons’ dad. And i had to cut all contact with them because of their mother being psycho amd their dad trying to use them to get me back. I miss my boys. I stayed longer than I should have in the relationship for them (ALWAYS a mistake).
Fast forward to two years later…I refused to date anyone with kids. One of my friends started mentioning this great guy, but he had a son. I shook my head and noped for a year. Until I finally gave him a chance. My friend was right. My guy is MY guy and despite not being my bio child, his son is my kiddo. I dont have issues with his mom. We’re getting married next year and I look forward to our future together. It will get better…when you are with the right person for you :kissing_heart:

I had to leave my ex, and I had a 1.5 yo. I started talking to a guy online and we spent hours of every single day talking. Me having a daughter didn’t phase him much. We ended up getting married and doing 2 custody battles, and here we are, almost a decade married.

Spent 3 years married to my oldest daughters dad. It was a horrible abusive marriage and I left 3 months after she was born (after he beat the shit out of me while holding her). I thought my life would never get better. I was severely depressed. Then, few months later I met him. Fell in love with him the moment I saw him. We spent every minute that we could together and he proposed not long after. Funny enough I got pregnant the night we got engaged :sweat_smile:

Here we are 3 years later, happily married. I love him more than I can say. He’s everything I’ve wanted and then some. So, you may feel like life will never get better or you’ll never find the one, but trust me, you will.

I have 2 kids from previous relationships, not horrible relationships but just couldn’t get along or didn’t want the same thing. At the time(2011) my kids were 5 and 2(special needs baby) met a guy who had a 1 month old baby and started talking. Started dating a little while longer and fell in love quick. Met each others kids and it all just felt right. 2015 we had a baby together making 4 total, 2016 got engaged, 2017 got married, 2019 bought a house and we are just as happy as those first few months! He coaches my oldest for sports, helps my second oldest with whatever is needed for his needs, I’ve raised his baby just like my own, and the youngest doesn’t know what step or half is! They are all my babies and his babies the same! We are just mom and dad to them all! Happy ever after is possible :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


My daughter’s bio dad treated me like crap, I finally left, started seeing a guy I liked in highschool, he started raising my daughter with me when she was 8mos old, we now have a son who is 17 months younger than my first born (they are 3 and 5 now) and we have another little girl on the way, have been engaged for 2 years and bought a house together, he is amazing. I have never been happier

Consider your self lucky! At least he was honest w you! Bringing someone into your children’s lives who would resent them would be the worst pain you aaaand your children you would endure! Move on! You just missed a bullet

So this is my family. My oldest daughter is from a previous relationship. It was super toxic and I didn’t know it at the time, but the breakup is one of the best things that happened to me.
I met my now husband about 4 years ago. My daughter was about 3. And he couldn’t love her more if she was his flesh and blood. The baby in the picture is our second and I am currently pregnant with our third. He is an amazing man who has loved me and my daughter in ways that I thought were only in movies and books. Good men are out there. Sometimes it takes some time and patience

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I was single for 2 and half years and I have 3 kids for two different relationships I was working at a long standing diner in Houston and I found out the cook was dating some one that worked with my high school sweet heart so we set up a night were me and here were both working for them to come in and it was like we fell in love all over again new years eve Dec 31 2017 so we went in to the new year together and have been enseperatable since and now have 4 kids youngest is 1 and they are OUR kids and you can’t tell him no different :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

I was with my kids dad for 15 Long years n after we split i focused on myself n the kids we bought land built a house on my own with no help n ended up falling in love with a hometown boy I’ve known forever we’ve been together 5 years now bought a bigger home n loving our life… plus he’s Amazing with the kids he treats them as his own <3


I have an amazing husband who stepped up to take care of my 4 kids when we got together. He has 2 from previous and we have our own together now. So all together 7 kids! :sweat_smile:
My kids bio dad is not in their lives and hasn’t seen them in years by his own choosing. One of my kids is severely autistic so I know it’s a lot to handle at times but my husband had stuck by my side and stepped into the father role without hesitation. My kids love him and to them, that’s their dad. They choose on their own to call him dad.


Girl… i was with my kids dad for almost 20 yrs, legally. I left after being together for 16 yrs, married for 13. I found the most amazing man ever! My son had severe disabilities and he welcomed both of us into his home and took care of him like his own. We have been together for almost 8 yrs. Yes, it is possible!


My child’s father became physically abusive when I was 5 months pregnant, one day he woke my child and I up by pointing a gun at us. I left him. 6 years later I finally met the man of my dreams, I am now an extremely happy military wife with a husband who cherishes not only myself but my child as well, we are even trying to have a baby together now. Hang in there, the love you deserve exists.

I was at the end of my rope with the guy i was with for 14 years. He didn’t work and was very narcissistic. Met a guy by chance at my job while we were still together. This man helped me AND waited for me. He works hard, is great with my daughter and we just got engaged! Sometimes love finds you when you least expect it and it’s the best kind :slight_smile:

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It’s 100% possible! I felt the same way as you. I was with my ex for 14 years, married for 11. My child was only 9 months old when I left (various, terrifying reasons). He has no part of her life. I didn’t date for a year, then I kinda messed around for a year, and then I met the most wonderful guy! We’ve been together for 2 years now. The only downside is that he lives in the UK and I’m in the US. We visit, but the COVID thing really got in our way this year. It takes a lot of work and communication, but there isn’t anyone in the whole world I’d rather be with :heart:

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When my husband and I separated I had no interest in another relationship. Well the universe had other plans. I had worked with this guy for many years. Many years ago his friends tried to hook us up. That didn’t happen. When I became single again it was like a magnet for both of us. Now 7 years later we are happily married. I had 2 kids prior to him and those are the only 2 kids he will ever have. He’s wonderful. We never fight, we don’t always agree but there are never fights. He helps around the house helps with the kids. My kids were 4 and 15 months old.


It’s very possible!! 2 miserable relationships and 2 kids later decided to not settle for things be ok in a relationship. My husband came back into my life( we were just friends and lost touch) told me he wanted to be with me… I laid it all out! Can’t have any more kids, want to be a wife someday ect… Started dating and we’re coming up on 10 yrs together and 3 yrs of marriage!! Loves OUR kids and me! Heal yourself and set boundaries the right one will come!!

Hang in there. First and foremost spend some time being single. If your kiddos are littles get them through the little stages. Maybe to 11 or older. They’re not so scary then and they need you. After my last I spent 10 years being single just focusing all of my energy on my kids I am now happily remarried to a man that excepted all five of my children as his own and now we have one of our own together :heart:


To be honest stop looking and stop worrying. The perfect person will come into your life when the time is right. Met my husband when my son was 6. We’ve been together now for 5 wonderful years!
Don’t loose faith


I was in an abusive relationship not just physical but mental and verbal. It was from both of us we had 1 son together. We got married and divorced quickly after. We staying living together for our son and things got worse. I dated some guys i met online but didn’t work out. I transferred yo another store and met my now husband. I have never thought i deserved to be happy but this man is the man of my dreams. We have 2 boys together and i have my first son and he has 4 kids with his ex so brady bunch family. Its hard for you now but there is someone out there for you he hasn’t found you yet. I didn’t think i would and now i have 2 beautiful boys and an amazing husband.

I met my fiance when my youngest was 5 months old. It has been 12 years now and happy as ever. He loves all 3 of mine as there were his own and he can’t have kids

I was with my girls dad for 15 years and it was hard I focused on my relationship with my girls for awhile i learned how to manage work and kids on my own first and after about 2 years I found my husband whom my girls absolutely love him but the relationship the kids and I made is so strong and I hope it also showed them they can do it on their own also. Best of luck to you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

My husband was the first man I dated after my kids father and I separated; I was 10 pregnant with my second child when their dad and I split up and met my husband at 33 weeks pregnant. It was accidental. My “baby” is now 7.5 and we’ve been married for 5 years. We have a strong, happy, and fun relationship. It’s such a happy and stable home for my kids; something I didn’t have with their father.

I divorced my ex husband when my kids were 3 and 1. I found my now husband a year later, we dated for 4 years and had our daughter before getting married 6 years ago. And he has a son from his previous marriage too that’s the same age as my oldest. He is my true soul mate and the best daddy ever! Funny enough, we actually went to college together and his fraternity did a bunch of things with my sorority so I knew him from a long time ago before life led us on different paths before bringing us back together. It can happen!

After I left my 1st sons father who was a druggie who stole so much from me and mt son I was single 4years met my new man we will be getting married next year, we just bought our 1st house and he is a great dad to each of our boys never did I think I would in such a happy relationship especially in this day in age.

It took me a while of dating awful ppl but a few years of that I finally met my wonderful husband and he loves both my kids as his own and we are having a 3rd baby! It definitely happens but be patient and dont rush into anything

Hes out there, you just might not be ready for him yet. I met my soon to be husband almost 2 years ago and he almost immediately became my best friend. We stayed just friends for awhile because I wasnt even sure if I actually wanted to get involved again, plus my life is such a shitshow between 2 horrible exes, one of whom I have a restraining order against and gets a minimal court ordered parenting time. I figured just seeing all the crap I deal with on a daily basis would send him running for the hills but hes been my rock through everything :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. And most importantly he is so patient and understanding with my kids and loves them as if they are his own and all 3 of my kids fully reciprocate that love.

It is absolutely possible. Let your heart heal and focus on yourself and your kids. You will be surprised when love finds you. I have been with my husband 14 years now and I was not looking for anything more serious than a friendship when we met…working in the same restaurant.

My daughter was 3 when my ex and divorced.
When my ex from college found out I was getting divorced, we started a long distance relationship. 2 years later he moved to be with me and my daughter and we married not long after. We have been married for 9 years and have 2 kids. He loves my daughter as much as his bio kids, his family loves her too.
Never once has he made me feel like she wasn’t wanted.


Wednesday makes 10 years since i finally escaped my ex husband who caused my physical disabilities. Ive been friends and speaking romantically with a guy I’ve known since before leaving my ex husband who doesn’t have kids of his own and really wants kids of his own. He loves my youngest daughter so .ugh and hates that her father (after my ex husband) just walked away and hasn’t had anything to do eith her in almost 9 years shes been alive

So i have 5 kids. 3 from a previous marriage and 2 from a relationship after . I was single for several years with the impression no man would accept all 5 of my kids. Then in december i started dating the maintenance guy at my apartment who was a single dad to 2 little boys. We got married in july and while we have our struggles, he accepts every one of my kids and has even talked about adopting my youngest two as his own. There are good men out there that will accept your babes. Just hang in there! Hes out there!

I’m going through a divorce right now, my children are with me 70% of the time, add on top a full time job and finishing my degree, I’m terrified of the moment the children are grown up more and my education is complete and I have time to think about getting back out there. dating again seems like the furthest thing from my mind.

I’ve heard of people finding that second shot at love, so it is possible. The best advice I can give is be upfront and honest about who you are, including your children. This will help weed out a lot of people like this man, but you can still have that guy that leads you on, even though he isn’t too sure about the kid situation. It’s painful to start again, but know that it is possible to find someone that will live and accept you for you and your children.

Coming from the other way around…my husband had an 8 year old son from a previous marriage who lived with him. I was single with 2 cats who had never been married. I knew from the beginning this was a package deal, if it worked. Well it did. We’ve been together for 17 years and have a daughter together. Our son is now an active duty Marine, married with a son. I’ll admit it wasn’t easy becoming an instant mom, but it’s been worth every moment.

Your kids should always come first his loss. I left my addict ex after 15 yrs n 3 kids I ended up having to go to the store to get kids milk. Took my two youngest with me I had just changed into sweats and walked around the corner to the store I’m oblivious to who’s in the store, cause of course kids want this and that I’m getting frazzled and get to check out. Still didn’t notice the hot guy checking me out! I walked out the store he put his stuff back so he could come talk to me he yelled out from across the street I usually don’t stop n talk to strangers especially if my kids are with me he crossed the street asked for my number. First thing out my mouth was I have 3 kids and a crazy baby dad. Just to put it out there in case he wanted to rethink his question. Needless to say we have been together since I’ve never felt so loved by someone in my life he stuck with me a year later when I was diagnosed with cancer I couldn’t imagine life without him

Like alot of these comments I was with my kids dad for 11 years. Since we were in high school… eventually it just wasn’t working and I had enough bs. So the first guy I dated afterwards seemed great at first and then turned into a nightmare… so after 7 months and just moving in with him a month before… I ended it and moved out. And then started seeing someone else. I have 2 kids. And over 2 years later we are pregnant and due next month… very happy and very much inlove with no doubts atall. :):purple_heart: sometimes it takes a while but there are still decent guys out there that are very accepting of you AND your children! Good luck!!

If I’ve learned anything in life, good things happen when u least expect it… I broke it off with my oldest daughters dad, was looking for someone new for a while, then I stopped and just focused on myself and her, walked into a new job and there he was, my now husband :heart: we’ve been married 12yrs now and still going strong… it’ll happen mama, just when u least expect it but exactly when it’s supposed to

take time off for you. When you least expect it love will come your way.

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Oh girl it is possible. But don’t rush it. Take the time to learn about yourself and what you really need in a mate. I married my second husband 9 years after my divorce. Had two relationships in between that were not right for me. It takes time.

I was married to my ex husband for 7 years, the fear od eventually moving on scared me to death. One night on thw way to my friends for a coffee date i bumped into man i was an acquaintance with 10 years prior. We started chatting and i added him on fb. We talked alot for a few months then started hanging out and realized how good it felt to be around each other. Fast forward six years and we are now married and just had our firstch ild tigether

Long distance is hard and he could have used your kids as a excuse…but keep doing you and you will meet a man that’s right for you…good luck and have patience

There are a few good guys left. My 2nd husband knew my son & I come as a package deal & didn’t hesitate we have been together for 15 years

I met an amazing man after kicking my husband of 12 years out. He was narcissistic and a cheater. He has also become a heroin addict and abandoned his kids. My, now husband, has been a God send. We have now been together 3 years, married for 1, this month. He has taken in my kids and treats them as his own. We also have his son and now we have one together.
Making this change was the greatest thing I ever did. We are way happier.
He is my soul mate. Starting over at the age of 35 was the greatest thing, other than my children being born.

That is one question that needs to be answered right off the bat, if they do not want children then see ya later!

Not impossible after I left my kids dad I dated a guy for a year-ish and it didn’t work out… a year later I met my now husband.

I was married to my first husband for 5 years and he was very abusive so i was scared to leave but i knew i didnt want to be with him. I met my now husband at a job me and my ex worked together at and we were all just friends. Hed come by and hang out some times and when i finally did have the courage to leave we started talking and he told me he was in love with me before i ever left my ex and what made him fall in love was seeing me be a mom to my son. :revolving_hearts: we have been together for 4 years now and are expecting our 2nd baby together 3 days before our 3rd wedding anniversary. Keep faith because there is someone out there perfect for you! I never expected it from the way my ex treated me but my now husband literally worships the ground i walk on and loves my son as his own and never even mentions him being a step son always just says “our kids” :revolving_hearts:

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Focus on you and your kids. You’ll find the right guy when it happens.


After my son was born at age 22 my husband and i split up. A few months later we were still.licing together and it was horid as I had no place to go. I stared back working and met a wonderful girl named jaime. We hung out after work and when my son was about 7 months I met her brother who had a gf and we all just hung out in a large group on the weekends when my son was at his dads and I finally had my own spot. Fastforward 4 years and I am still single. I never even went on a date after my ex. I focused on my son and work and saving to one day buy a home. I worked multiple jobs and was going to school. So 4 years after meeting my friend and her brother soemthing happened. He had been single a while too and when he was single we always flirted a little bit. One day I said why don’t you stop playing and ask me on a date. So he did. A week later for.the 1st time in 4 years we went out alone and it was the most amazing night. He said one thing he liked about me so.much is how I was such a dedicated mother and how it was important. Fast forward now 8 years later we are married with 2 daughters of our own. We have a beautiful home, he now owns his own own remodeling business and i manage a group for a large company. He is still such an amazing husband and father and step father. We have date night twice a month with no kids and a vacation typically once a year just us 2. Life is great…never settle the right one will love you for you and your children. If they don’t they aren’t the right one. Focus on you and kids and it will happen when you least expect it.

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My sis is divorcing and found someone who loves her and she loves him. Her child gets along so well with him. He has children too and the kids all get along! I’m really happy for her. It will happen for you when you least expect it.
Date and love yourself and the rest will fall in place.

I’m not with my baby’s father but I tell everyone straight up whether we’re friends or leading towards a relationship that my kid comes first we are a package you can’t be in my life without being in his. Granted they won’t be around him 4 at least 3 months if we are in a relationship but I let them know he’s here but that’s me. I have not had a relationship yet but the guy I’m talking to understands that

Bushra Qureshi am not only one scared this fear is real see

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Imy husband and i knew each other for years.his cousin is married to my sister.his father didn’t want him with a white girl so he sent him toP.R for 5yr while he was there i met my childrens father he was 10yrs older than me ajd very abusive.he spent more time in prison he didn’t know our daughter.he came home got me pregnant and went back to jail.when i found out i was pregnant with my son.i broke up with him.i refused to bring. Another child into that relationship.when my husband and i reconnected i was 20yrs old with 2 kids my daughter 3 and my son 6week old.i told him if all he wanted to do is fool around that was ok because i hadn’t felt a mans touch.but when he started coming around and we were falling for each other i told him we come in a package deal.he said he was fine with that.when my ex got out of prison he said my son wasn’t his.6 months later he adopted my son.we had 2kids together and now we have 4 kids and 10 grandkids.and we’ve been married now for point is don’t give up there are good men out here