Nexplanon side effects?

Has anyone had really bad side effects on nexplanon like absolutely no sex drive and memory loss, gaining a lot of weight and stuff? If so, I’d like to see what you have experienced. Also, I had a gallbladder removal with it in, and now four months later, I’m still bleeding badly. Had anyone experienced this, I haven’t bled the first two years, but now I am…


What’s this or any of your non nail posts got to do with nails??


I had my periods for 6 months straight, went to the doctors and told them I wasn’t leaving till they took it out. Worst decision I ever made, swing moods were my only other problem.

My fiancé’s daughter has nexplanon and she didn’t bleed at all the first 2 years either but now when she gets her period, which is only very few months, she bleeds a lot more than usual and they last longer and are way more painful than before. All your symptoms I had on the pill and on depo. Never tried nexplanon or the other one though.

Had all those symptoms on nexplanon and implanon.

My best friend has nexplanon and had to have it surgically removed cause it broke in her arm and was in the muscle. She gained a lot of weight while being on.

I had it and had all those issues plus more…mine moved in my arm was it was painful and never worked right cause it didn’t settle like it should…I would personally get it taken out and found another way for birth control.

Add severe mood swings, irritation and water retention to the symptoms. Also causes sensitivity to UV rays. I was nearly blinded by the sun, and I have to wear sun glasses.

What is nexplanon? And new kind of nail?

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My manager had the nexplanon and warned me not to get it. She gained over 40 points and absolutely can not lose the weight. She got the worst of it!

And this has to do with NAILS how?

I had sever depressive episodes while on it. Had to have it removed after three months. Never again!

My daughter had it and didn’t stop bleeding. So her dr added a birth control pill on top of it. Needless to say I took her for a 2nd,3rd and even 4th opinion.

I’ve been bleeding so bad !!!

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First time I got my nexplanon I bled for 2 years straight :weary: got it out for 8 months got pregnant with my daughter and after I had my baby 10 months ago I got my nexplanon after I gave birth and this time I love it!! I have no issues and have a regular cycle once a month! Maybe talk with an obgyn mine helped me tremendously on if we should take it out for a bit then try it again or switching!!

My daughter didn’t bleed the first couple months and then her puppy hit it with her nose and she bled for months before giving up and having it removed. She also experienced weight gain and her anxiety and depression got worse…now that it’s our she started losing weight and stopped bleeding and says she feels “normal” for the first time since getting it

I had Bleeding for 5 months after taking antibiotics and gained 30 lbs. But it does help control my PMS, mood swings and cramps.

One year of bleeding with uncontrollable acne. Not fun!!

I had this a few years ago and it was awful, I bled for 10-14 days each time I think I only had about a week or two between bleeding and I put on around 3 stone in weight and its almost impossible for me to gain weight but with this it happened quickly. I absolutely hated it x

Doc shouldve went over this w you. You can also google it

I had my gallbladder also removed while I had it the second time and massive migraines , had them take it out and was so much better

I jus had mind taking out. Acne and bled for three months.

Gained 40lbs right of the bat. Thats with healthy eating and exercising. Got crazy mood swings surprise my husband never left me. I was mean. Only good thing was no period

I just started having my regular period again. My nexplanon is at its three year in October. I had quite a bit of weight gain, but I’d happily be fat over having more kids.

It made me crazy… like literally had a mental breakdown. I had a doctor i worked for cut it out of my arm on my lunch break… and i bled constantly for 18 months… which led to anemia, endometriosis and eventually i had to have a full hysterectomy.

I’m waiting to have mine took out ran out in Nov doctors put me on a mini pill called cerazette feel loads better on it won’t be having another implant in x

Around the end of her 3 years my daughter went to heavy bleeding bad cramps. Mine bent easily and I am having bad cramps with it and. Suddenly. Kidney stones. They don’t know where they are from just happen every few months.

Bled for a year, developed hives, definitely gained weight, pimples, mood swings possible depression.

I just think everyone is different I’ve had it for years now, replaced 2 times now with no issues.


It was horrible for me! I developed severe depression to the point I tried to overdose. My depression was under control when I started taking it and a month after having it removed the severity of the depression subsided. I don’t recommend it all!!!

I have had an excellent experience with mine. I had my gall bladder out after I had it six months. I spot occasionally but nothing heavy. Im on my 2nd nexplanon and had a couple full periods when it was getting close to time to replace it. The doctor told me if I had a bad reaction to the pill I would this too as they have the same hormones but my experience with nexplanon was opposite of the pill. I’d definitely discuss it with your doctor as everyone’s body chemistry reacts differently

I’ve also have it, no issues but also no periods except for in the beginning I had spotting.

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Horrible anxiety doctor said from the hormones being to much for me. Weight gain as with most birth control pills. Had for about 2 n half yrs and I couldn’t take the anxiety anymore it wasn’t worth it to me

I had a few weeks of spotting and no bleeding for months. Had awful migraines when it was first put in but now its good. I also get random pains in my arm too

My daughter had it for 2 years and had it taken out from causing her major anxiety and depression. Of course the doctors will deny any connection. Felt so much better after it was removed. There’s actually a FB page about the implant and side effects.

I haven’t had any issues on it

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I got mine & absolutely loved it. Initially I bleed bad for 2.5 weeks but had it for 6 years after with no weight gain, mood swings, no periods or acne. Everybody’s body reacts different to all birth control. What works for one, might not work for the other. Just do the trial & error to see what ur body is receptive to.

Yes i have very irregular periods that are very heavey the whole week and sometimes 7-10 days, sometimes 2 periods a month, severe mood swings, bad acne.

I bled for about 5 months so heavily that I needed a double blood transfusion.

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Go to your doctor and have it removed.

Nexplanon is notorious for intermittent, long periods of bleeding but I loved mine and had no issues with the exception of removal. You need to consult with your GYN if you’re having continued issues.

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Same thing happened with me like to the T it’s crazy it’s like I’m asking but I had no bleeding for a year but also had to have my gallbladder removed and I bled 24/7 for 6 months after I just ended up getting it out because I became anemic from bleeding everyday for 6 months. Some people do fine with it, I’d just make sure it hasn’t caused you to become anemic if it hasn’t and your ok with bleeding all the time just get checked every so often to make sure your not anemic I would say other then that you should be fine

No birth control is perfect but nexplanon has been the best 4 me the only issue I have had has been bleeding but other than that it’s been perfect I just put it on for other 3rd time 4 days ago

Have your Dr check you for pcos?

I have problem w this. This is the new implant right ?

I had this after my son. I was having a heavy period for 6 weeks with no sign of give so I went to the doctor to be switched back to the marinea. At first they didn’t want to take it out, so I gave them the option of them taking it out or I was going to. So they did it. Also when they went to take it out just within that 6 week period it had traveled up my arm a little bit so they had troubles getting to it.

Horrible depression! Weight gain about 30 pounds!


I bled for no joke 6 months straight. I had it removed because I’m pretty sure I was bleeding to death.


I’ve had this for 5 years. The only side effects I’ve had was with the second implant. I’ve had a period for 3 months but it was light. No weight gain! I did have to take birth control pills to lighten my period bc it got very heavy but nothing concerning. EVERYONES BODY IS DIFFERENT!

I haven’t but friends have

It causes blood clots

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I was bleeding FOREVER. Like I’m talking, I’d bleed for like 4-5 months straight, not bleed for 2 weeks, then bleed for 4-5 months again.

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My gallbladder died around a year after I got my 1st, I have issues with being dry- but that’s an easy fix. I did bleed for about 3 months in-between my 2 implants.

It was horrible. Had to have mine removed because I wouldn’t stop bleeding. Also super bad hormonal sides effects. Mood swings, acne, I gained 20lbs in the first 2 months of having it. I got mine removed and had tubal ligation. No more hormonal birth control for me.

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I had blood clots on that BC.

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I haven’t really had any side effects I’ve had mine for a year ,but every person is different so


I had a period for over a year…


I’ve had it twice and my last year on it is almost up. I have gained like 30lbs after losing 78lbs. I am a little moody. My periods are light and only last 4 days. Everyone is different with BC. I did the pills too.

My only side effect was weight gain…i had no periods the whole time I was on it

I had implanon and it was inserted wrong and I now have nerve damage in my arm. The side effects of the drug was the least concern. I will never have something like that again. Horrible experience

Weight gain, I haven’t had a cycle for 2 years and now I can’t stop bleeding, depression, anxiety, mood swings.

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I gained weight and bled every single day until I went in to get it removed a year later… finally.

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Everyone is different. The first time I had it in I had weight gain. But I didn’t complain about it I liked how thick I got :wink: and my periods stopped. But this second time around I got weight gain which is fine and irregular periods/heavy. Thats pretty much it. Talk to your do tor about it. Everyone has different reactions to it.

Best thing i ever got. I bled for 2 weeks then i didnt

I’ve only had weight gain with it and only bleed like twice a year

It was the worse for me it made my body prepare for a baby When I wasn’t even pregnant I gained weight and my hormones were all high!! 0/10 do not recommend

I had it for 2 1/2 years, out of those 2 1/2 years I wasn’t bleeding maybe a month total and that was random days here and there. Weight gain not so much maybe a few pounds. When I got it out acne went crazy for a while and I usually don’t have issues with acne.

Personally had great experience with it. One of the best for my body. I had literally zero issues with it. I only had it removed because I had a hysterectomy.

Im on my 4th round of it, no problems.

I had this issue and the way my ob explained it to me is since it’s only good for 3 years the closer you get to time to take it out its estrogen is not as strong so you continue to bleed he said its completely normal and that happens to me I have to take a very low dose bc pill as well with my nexplanon to have enough estrogen to regulate my cycle and make it stop or once I start I don’t stop. However I do know that nexplanon is like Mirena and kylena in the sense that it’s not for everyone, for some people it works fantastic and no issues, some are like me, and then some it doesn’t work, discuss it with your gyn and see what your options are. This solution works for me but may not you. Also if you smoke it will effect things talk to your dr, good luck

I bled non stop. Had horrible migraines. Zero interest in sex. Almost cost me my marriage because of how it made me feel and act. I was mentally destroyed. Within 5 min of having it removed I felt like a brand new person.

I started getting ovarian cysts when I was on the nexplanon, and also I was bleeding nonstop for close to a year due to the side effects of the ovarian cysts. I’ve lost sex drive while on it but that side effect I feel came mainly from medication I take for my epilepsy. I found out later on that my epilepsy meds affect birth control and prevent it from working properly. I took out the nexplanon about two months ago and now I’m no longer dealing with the nonstop bleeding and my sex drive came back immediately.

I say if you take any other medications, talk to your doctor about the effect it could have on birth control. I learned very late that my medications basically don’t allow birth control to work properly at all, and I mainly used it to regulate my period.

Now what I’ve been doing is taking turmeric tablets for my pcos (helps with inflammation in the body) and making sure to stay on top of taking my vitamins.

I hated it I gained 80 lb and had pretty much constant bleeding

I only had it 4 months. I was an absolute bitch. And my emotions were out of control. I was rarely ever in a good mood. Sad was depression. Slight irritation would be absolute rage. I was a senior in high school when I started it. This freshman called me “tables” cause I’m large chested, I threw him against the locker hard head first and got a concussion. I’m not a violent person usually.

My niece had horrible side effects. Bleeding and then it moved and she had to have surgery to get it removed. I was using the patch but it makes me itchy, gain weight and no sex drive. Currently looking into the copper IUD it’s the only birth control with no hormones.

I haven’t but you can have literally all that and more with ANY birth control. You just have to find what works for you. The depo shot utterly wrecked my body and I refuse to let them get anywhere near me with an IUD so I settled for nexplanon. I’m ready to be permanently done with birth control at this point though. I’m just over it. If bf doesn’t want kids he better think about getting snipped. Getting snipped doesn’t wreak havoc on their body like EVERY possible form of birth control does for a woman. And I’m including “permanent” surgical solutions in that.

Gained 50lbs in one year. Anxiety and depression skyrocketed and after 2 years of no bleeding, I just started bleeding again last week.

Bleeding heavy is ok unless your changing a pad/ tampon every half hour or less then go to the doctor because that is not normal . I had weight gain the second time I got it , bad mood swings & lots of bouts of depression / anxiety

I got nexaplanon bled non stop literally every single day, started taking contraceptive pill to balance it out and it works to an extent 2/3weeks out of the month I don’t bleed, my partner says my mood has changed on it I can’t see it, sex drive? What sex drive :joy:

I had one for 3 years and had it replaced and had that one for 2 years. The first time was fine. Barely ever bled and didn’t have any other side effects. Second time I bled more in the beginning but it didn’t really bother me. The thing that really bothered me was the hormones. Terrible mood swings. I was a totally different person. Just before I got it out I was bleeding for 2 weeks.

My arms got bigger, no periods, tingling sensation in the arm it was in especially when in direct sunlight, and Headaches

Not related to that but I was on when I had my gallbladder removed and bled for ages! Hope that helps

There are a whole host of side effects with this. Talk to your OB/GYN about this.

My experience was very odd as well…

The first time I had it, I bled for weeks and weeks at a time with only a couple week break in between, had HORRIBLE ACNE, mood swings. I kept it for only 1 1/2-2 years

2nd time I had it, I had NO period for 6 months, then when it did come, they were irregular, bad acne again, frequent headaches. I had it removed before 1 year due to the migraines I would get

3rd time, I was literally perfectly fine!! Regular periods, no headaches, no acne, helped shrink my ovarian cysts as well as my cysts in my breasts. I kept it in the full duration.

My sister is on the same method and she’s NEVER had one issue!! She loves it and has been using it for 6 years so far

My daughter has had it for 7 months and has never stopped bleeding, she has lost all kinds of weight and had sleeping issues ever since. We are about have them remove it. She can’t swallow a pill is the reason we chose this one. She turned 16 a couple weeks ago and I just told her, she better be using a condom bc she will get pregnant!!

I loved mine. At the 2.5 year mark I would start to bleed more and would get it changed early. I did that three times until I decided to have another baby :+1:t3:

I had them remove this after a few months because I had been bleeding for 8 weeks straight

I went suicidal (no one knew) and it was horrific for me. The only thing good about it was I didn’t have to remember to take something every day.
And the worst part is they say it doesn’t leave a scar.
I have a scar. And it pisses me off every time I have to see it

Yes I experienced everything above. I had it removed after 2 years and have had hormonal problems along with fertility issues ever since. My periods used to be regular until I went on it. Now I might bleed 2 or 3 times a year…

I’ve had it for 10 years or so on my 3rd or 4th one. I love it. No weight gain. No bleeding. No mood change. No sex drive change… Maybe with some people it just reacts bad…

I gained alot of weight had psychotic mood swings and no sex drive the minute I got it out of my arm I felt so much better I would not recommend

My first two were wonderful. Now my third I gained weight and have no sex drive

Mine broke in my arm major mood swings and now a nasty scar

I gained 50 lbs. NOTHING I did could lose the weight until it was removed. Plus I had spotting 3+ weeks a month, every month.

I never bled when I had mine but I had a migraine almost EVERY day. And also weight gain and depression.

I never gained weight but I bled every single day for months and then would stop for a week and then bleed again for another couple months super heeeavy. I dont know how I put up with that the 3 years I had it. So glad its out

It made me stupid depressed and angry all the time, stupid heavy period every 2-3 months but no weight gain x

I had the weight gain and depression, plus a 6 month constant period. They said it “takes time to regulate” but all the bleeding had to go. I had it removed and within the week I stopped.

I’ve had it for about the five year mark and all that’s happened is I’ve had irregular bleeding which regulated itself out.

I had heard several people remove it. I had a friend of mine that took it off cuz she had her period for a full year so she removed it. I told I got the Liletta Iud and honestly no issues whatsoever