Old wives tales for gender?

I’m 14 weeks pregnant and I’ve been looking at old wives tales to guess my babys gender. Which one worked for you and was it right


They really don’t work, wait til auntonmy scans


Chinese calendar workes for all 3 of mine

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Old wives and Chinese calendar doesn’t always work.

They all said I was having a boy the whole time and I had a girl

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Didn’t work for me. I did the ring on the string and said girl every time. Then Dr gave me the Harmony test- I have a boy. :roll_eyes:

I was carrying low, and had no morning sickness at all… (he’s a boy!)

Chinese calendar worked for 2 out of 3 for me.

I knew right away what I was having

Chinese calendar was 99% accurate for 20 people at my baby shower

At 14 weeks you can get the 3D and find out

In the netherlands where I’m from you can get a ultrasound at 14 weeks to find out the gender

My Chinese calendar was a girl and every symptom i had lead to girl, but I’m having a boy

Personally I didn’t put any stock in those. Instead I just listened to my heart and at some point I knew it was a girl and we ended up with a beautiful baby girl. That’s when I knew I was a momma because my mom was always right (still is) and now I get to say that lol :slight_smile:

With my girls had morning sickness but pretty much all day… both my boys no sickness easy pregnancies

Pay for a 3d ultrasound u could find out now lol I found out for my son at 14 weeks

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I carried low and had a boy

They’re old wives tales for a reason hon. Ultrasound is the best way to know …
If the baby will show off for the tech that is.

With my first I got sick A LOT… girl & I’m 16 weeks now & I get sick A LOT & found out at 10 weeks it’s a girl (by a special blood test):heavy_heart_exclamation:

If your craving sour more than sweets then most likely a boy :blue_heart:

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We made a chart on a big board and went through a bunch we found online and the boy side won and I ended up having a boy! Not saying they are accurate but it was cool that it worked for us to guess until we had the anatomy scan

My first I was craving sour foods supposedly a boy which I had and second pregnancy I was craving sweet foods supposedly a girl which I had

High is a girl and low is a boy. It was 100% accurate for me(i got one of each (: ) and my best friend who had a boy

None of the tales are real. Just wait for the right moment when you can get to know the gender on your 20th week. Relax for now :slightly_smiling_face:

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Mine was wrong. I went with the left or right side in ultra pics and it said boy. Even tho i knew the whole time i was having a girl :heartpulse:

Yes the Chinese calendar was right for both my kids… boy and girl

If the heartbeat sounds like a horse galloping it’s a girl, if it, the unborn baby’s heartbeat sounds like a drummer drumming it’s a boy, worked for me.

Most pointed to girl for this baby, confirmed yesterday that we’re having a boy! :heart_eyes:

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The ultrasound. Every wives tale said I was having a girl. But it’s a boy!

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I went in and fount out I was 16 weeks with a little boy.

My mother in law and aunty did the ring test and it was right for my twin girls

I did the baking soda and pee test. If it fizzes you are having a boy if not fizz then it’s a girl not sure if it’s true but it was right for me. I had a boy and it fizzed right up. It’s always fun to see what worked and what didn’t!!

The ring test worked for all three of mine nothing else worked

Also the Chinese gender chart

Chinese calendar was right for both of mine

A midwife told me on my 3rd child that I was having a boy due to the fact that the brown birthing line you get late in your pregnancy was straight this line comes across your navel and if it has a bend around your navel it’s a girl this woman had 30 years experience and she was spot on

You know you can get an ultrasound at 14 weeks and find out the gender

Chinese calender and the vein in my eye …

None. All signs pointed to me having two girls. I have two boys

You can have a blood test at 10 weeks

I had a complete stranger say “Its a girl, right?” I was shocked and said yes. His reply was “Nelly in the belly. Jack in the back” lol

All those signs point to me being pregnant with girls. and I have a strong feeling they are girls like a really really strong feeling. But I’ll find out tomorrow morning.

Chinese calendar was the only one correct for me

And i had a gut feeling since i took my pregnancy test that i was having a girl…i was drawn to purple stuff and glitter

They don’t work… they always said girl but he’s a boy… and baking soda and pee don’t either… it came out telling me girl…

The ring test (which I did before i was even pregnant with 2nd) and the heart rate one.

My gut feeling :laughing: I knew all 3 of mine where girls. I did do the genetic testing with my last 2 though. So I knew what they were by 13 weeks.

And I have a girl and expecting my boy in August!

They don’t work… but bright side my son was born female and is now male :rainbow_flag::rainbow_flag::rainbow_flag:


My symptoms and signs all pointed to a boy, including an ultrasound. I have a girl lol

Baking soda challenge


Chinese gender calendar and the baking soda and pee test

The Chinese calendar was right for all 3 of mine lol but it’s not guaranteed but it was fun


Whether baby is high/low, belly is round like a ball or wide like a watermelon, Chinese calendar, my gut feeling, heart rate
These were all luck I’m sure- the ultrasound is the only way to actually know😊

Chinese gender prediction calender worked for me with both my girls!


None. They all said girl for my 1st & boy for the 2nd. My 1st was a boy & 2nd a girl

The Chinese calendar was right for me. Other than that and craving sweets (along with ribs and burgers) everything pointed to boy this time. I’m having a girl lol. With my son we didn’t look into anything. But he would have been a boy on the Chinese calendar.

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Sugar and salt. I started craving sugar and sweets and had a girl.

R u carrying the baby low or high

Low is a boy high is a girl.

They actually sell a gender kit in stores that u can purchase… Its a urine type test. I used that

I had a gut feeling when I got the positive test I was having a girl with my second. It was right. With my first, I didnt have any symptoms really and I read that no morning sickness can be a sign of a boy. I don’t know how true that is but I had a boy lol

The ring tied on a string held over your belly while u lay down. A boy I think is side to side a girl is up and down

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i just took a blood test at 12 weeks and it’s accurate​:woman_shrugging::roll_eyes:


Everything was the opposite for me. All of my symptoms suggested I was having a boy but I had a little girl. The only one that was accurate from the get-go was the heartbeat myth.

Baking soda was NOT right

The Chinese birth chart was right for me everytime, keep in mind you need to use your lunar age and the lunar month, not our calendar months.

Most were wrong but they say the Chinese calendar works best. Here I am pregnant with a baby girl and I crave everything you would with a boy. The heartbeat has been at a constant 150 since day one when I could hear it so that’s the only one that worked. But I did get a genetics test around 14 weeks and found out the sex

The ring over my belly!

The ultrasound. Lol.

You have a 50/50 shot. Just flip a coin. Its just as accurate as baking soda fizz, swinging pendulums, and how round your belly is. Lol.

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The Chinese gender chart. Was very accurate. But you do need to be accurate with your conception. (Not estimated due date) I went off conception date and counted and it was accurate. I have pcos so it was easy for me to know conception date.

My mother’s intuition was always right

The 3 that I lost I could never say no or girl
The 3 that were born alive I knew right away

I used:
Ring on a string
Needle on a string
Chinese gender calendar
Myan gender predictor
Placenta placement gender predictor
Cravings & belly shape, boob sizing (left or right bigger lolol)
Heart beat myth
ALL were for Girl and our ultrasound and birth confirmed BOY.
We were so sure it was a girl…It wasn’t until AFTER our ultrasound revealed boy that the needle and ring on a string changed from girl to boy… Which is SUPER weird.
We love our little man.

The ring over my belly because one of my ultrasounds waswrong they said it was agirl and it was a boy but they havebetter technology now too

Ramsey method. Right for both my kids and 3 of my friends. Also the “angle of the dangle” I knew what my kids were from 12 weeks on and was right.

They all said I was having a girl… turned out I was having a boy lol

Nothing but the ultrasound.

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Everything but the chinese calendar pointed to boy and thats what I had.

Complete opposite. Had no symtoms and had a girl

Birth. 100% accurate!


Chinese gender chart/calendar

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The ring one where you hover it over your belly. I got girl boy girl and it stopped so…

Heart rate worked for me

Chinese gender calendar said mine was a girl and 100% girl.

There’s no truth to old wives tales LOL Although the chinese calendar did guess my babys gender both times. Just luck.

None worked for me. Get Your ultrasound.

Dry skin, carrying low - I had a boy

I wouldn’t go off of it but the ring test with my wedding ring was 100% right with my previous babies, miscarriages and current baby I’m pregnant with!

My 1st was a very obvious typical boy but my 2nd son was a very obvious typical girl… Hahaha

Chinese gender calender

Chinese chart I think was the one, and the ring test. Both accurate. I wouldn’t rely on any of them though and wait the 6 weeks to get an ultrasound done

I think the heart rate is the most accurate if you consider that a old wives tale.

None. NONE WORKED for us. Smh

I had an early gender reveal 3d ultrasound… I’ve heard of them being wrong so I’m gonna have another one in 3 weeks I’ll be 17 weeks

Chinese calendar worked and baking soda test worked for one kid but not the other

Needle and thread worked for me

I use where the baby is located in the ultrasound. On the left on top or bottom it’s a boy and on the right on top or bottom is a girl.
Its been right everytime so far

A physcic said I was gonna have a boy💁but ultra sounds say a girl. She’s always been low. I’m 37 weeks so I’ll know for sure soon😍

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None of them :sob::sob: I’m 25 weeks and some change, horrible dry skin, 150s heart beat… did the ring test, everything said boy. Having a girl.