Older and pregnant, what was your experience?

I just found out I'm pregnant Monday. I'm 35 and my husband is 42. This baby is a surprise. I have two questions. Any other older couples around our age have healthy babies? I'm so scared our age will cause health problems. My 2nd question is my first appointment isn't till November 11th, is it ok to not take prenatal vitamins until they get prescribed? My anxiety is already high so please help my nerves. Thanks!

I am the Mom of 8 and the last one came not as a surptise but a shock! I was told I could have no more years before and at 49 found myself pregnant. There is an 11 years difference between him and his next older brother. He is perfectly healthy…much to everyone’s surprise and joy. I didn’t realize I was pregnant until I was about 4 1/2 months along and everything still turned out fine. Take your vitamins, get plenty of rest if possible, eat healthy.

First of all congratulations to the both of you.
And secondly relax and enjoy every day being pregnant is a natural phenomenon our body is made to reproduce its in its nature. Eat healthy food and be positive. 35 is not that age to get worried about at all think of celebrities these days.just cherish the gift and be healthy happy

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I have 4 girlfriends early 40’s all had babies this past yr ALL SURPRISES Babies healthy & happy!!! Yes PRENATAL VITAMINS :100: now

Yes take prenatals. Women who are “older” have healthy babies everyday and even more so now days. They have genetic tests etc that can be done to ease your mind.

Never heard of not taking prenatal being prescribed, I buy them over the counter, and yes completely safe to take.
I am 38 he is 48 and currently 8 months pregnant, ours was a surprise as well! :slight_smile: She is completely healthy! :slight_smile:
The only thing I find is, Im a lot more tired this time around. I have 3 other children, but had them in my 20’s.

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I am 35 and my son just turned one!!! I didn’t take prenatal until they were prescribed… but he is a very healthy and active

Yes many people even over 40 got healthy babies.
My kids stepmother got at age 46 and everything was normal. Eat healthy and do walking exercise.

My mom was 35 when she had me I was her last baby. She had me all natural after have twins via c section. I was actually her healthiest biggest baby out of her 5 kids.

I always got my prenatal over the counter never prescribed

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I had my first child when I was 33, my second when I was 35, my third when I was 37, and I’m now 39 getting ready to deliver my fourth in a few weeks. All perfectly healthy babies!!

I’m 36 today and just had a baby 7 weeks ago she’s perfect!

I was 39 and husband was 48 with our last daughter she is perfectly healthy and in her 3 yr of college

You need to get on prenatals before your appt. but you can also have a very healthy pregnancy at your age as well. I’m getting ready to have my second at almost 34.

My fiance & I are 40 days away from our due date, hes 39 I’m 44, I started taking over the counter pregnancy multivitamins as soon as we found out, baby is doing great :pregnant_woman:t2::blue_heart::smiley::heart_eyes: good luck I’m sure all will be fine, relax & enjoy it x x

My mum had my little sister at 41, my sister’s now 18 and started studying at university this year, and my mum celebrates her 60th next year.

I had my last baby when I was 39 Completely healthy and no complications during pregnancy. He is 2 years old now. I didnt know I was pregnant until I was almost 4 months. So I didnt start taking prenatals until then.He is very health and active.

Wth. People are crazy. 35 is not old lol.


I’m 32 he’s 40 our pregnant and our baby is healthy as can be. Don’t stress be happy and I would definitely get your prenatals over the counter untill you see your doctor

I was pregnant with my first at 34, second at 36 and 3rd at 37. I’m now 38 NOT pregnant :joy: 3 beautiful healthy boys aged 4,2 and 10 months :blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart: first was natural birth last 2 were c-section babies but all healthy and my partner is 7 years older than I am xx

My mom had my sister at 35. My sister was perfectly healthy and my mom was okay.

I work at a daycare. There are a handful of moms that are in their early 40s who just had babies. They’re all so healthy.

I had my second at 41 all healthy :+1:

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I’m 35 and I’m hoping to get pregnant with my 3rd. Congratulations beautiful on your bundle of joy. Just enjoy every minute of it.

I had my last baby at 37 and hes perfect. Its just harder on mom being older. I got tired real easy and was more sore by the end of the day. Just take care of and don’t push yourself!

I’m gonna be straight with you. I took prenatal vitamins with my first son… He is on the autism spectrum. I didn’t take prenatal vitamins with any of my others, and they are not. They were perfectly healthy. If you take anything. Get calcium, and iron, if you notice it’s hard to poo, get a stool softener.

Age thing I’m not sure but my doctor sent in prenatal as when I found out at like 4-5 weeks and I wasn’t seen until I was 10 weeks

I just had my first baby at 39. He is 6mo old and very healthy.

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I had twins at 35, They are very healthy.

I had baby number 5 at age 40, it was an easy pregnancy, I didn’t take vitamins at all & he was born happy & healthy and is nearly 3 years old now :grin: x

Im 35 and just had my 5th 6 months ago. My husband is 48. Absolutely no problems at all. Like other comments you may get a little more tired quicker then normal but we are not old at 35. I took over the counter prenatal gummies vitamins an they were great no need to wait for your doctors visit. I found stretching everyday helped keep my back and hips from getting sore towards the end of my pregnancy. Best wishes to you an your hubby. Babies are an absolute blessing an so much joy even on the sleepless days. Good luck momma.

My girlfriend from elementary school just had a healthy baby at 40😁 congratulations!!!
I can’t have children. We have had our 6 yr old god child with us for the last 5 months. Children are a blessing. Its more hard for us to find mom friends our age with the same age children. All my friends kids have grown up. Prayers for a happy and healthy delivery❤

I went to highschool with several women who are pregnant right now. They are between 32 and 37. Healthy pregnancies.

I am currently pregnant and am 38. I started prenatal vitamins gummies as soon as I found out I was pregnant. I am due in 3 weeks and this pregnancy has been the same as my other 3.

I would definitely get vitamins . You can get them over the counter at most stores.

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My mom didn’t start having kids until 32. My ex mother in law had a baby at 45! All healthy and normal

I had my 1st baby at 38 and he was perfect :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’m 39 and pregnant now and so far were good. Yes to the prenatal vitamins. As long as you are going to all of your appointments and taking your vitamins and listening to your doctor, you will be good :+1: :blush:

I’d start taking otc prenatals, it won’t hurt anything.

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I’m not old, but I am pregnant & I will say TAKE VITAMINS ASAP!!!

I had my last at 40 he’s good A student

I’m 34 & just had a baby 2 weeks ago. My babygirl is healthy & doing awesome. Don’t worry.:grinning:

I’m 37- I have a 3 month old. He’s perfect and healthy. Good luck and blessings to you all :heart:

Yes I’m 34 and had a 9lb 4oz little girl… we are both healthy. But please do start taking those prenatal vitamins NOW

The otc prenatal gummies are better than the prescribed ones if you wanted to start taking them now. It wouldn’t hurt to wait but it also wouldn’t hurt to start taking them. And honestly that’s not old. My mother was in her late 30s when she had me and my brother and her and my dad are both in their 60s now

You should definitely take prenatal vitamins. Doctors hardly even prescribe them anymore because the over the counter ones are the same thing. Go get you some. I’m 36 and 27 weeks pregnant.

Instead of doctor prescribed prenatal I take the Flintstones vitamins… 5 months with twins and so far they are perfectly healthy, Flintstones vitamins gives you all that you need and doesn’t cause problems like the ones doctors prescribe

You should be able to call your Dr and have her send some prenatals to the pharmacy for you so you don’t have to wait.

I was 36 with my last one, and she perfectly healthy, about to have her 10th birthday

If your worried about your health n the babies why not take prenatal smh. And lots of women have healthy babies n pregnancy at 35

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I had my 1st at 32 and second at 34, husband is ten years older than me! Easy quick births, home within hours, both weighed 8lb or over, Children are both never ill, so happy, and never go without anything!
I don’t think age (within reason) makes much difference! It’s how you are as a person, health wise lifestyle etc!
I have friends in their early 20’s who are always ill, kids are very sickly, traumatic births bla bla bla.
It’s all down to how you are and a little bit of luck I think! :heart:

35 is not older to have a child. Women used to not have children until they were well over 30 years ago. Prenatals are something that you should be taking yes, but 35 is not old.

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I’m only 24 but I just got on prenatals and I’m 14 weeks pregnant baby is still healthy

Had my daughter right after I turned 35… She was healthy and no issues.l for either of us.

I’m 38 and had a healthy baby 2 months ago and he’s perfect and I would definitely take prenatal vitamins from the start, I’m still taking them now since I’m breast feeding

Please get the prenatals. They’re only 15 bucks or so. They’re so important in the first few weeks

I was in the same exact situation and age group as you and your husband . You don’t need a prescription for prenatal vitamins. I went to Walgreens and got vitafusion prenatal gummies. They were easier on my tummy in the morning. I also was high risk due to my age so I not only had to go to my normal OB but also a specialist. It put my mind at ease because I went to them more than the OB. I did have preeclampsia towards the end and he was delivered 3 weeks earlier than my due date and spent 12 days in the NICU but over all he is a healthy boy and 5 months old now. Try not to stress too much. You will be an amazing mom. Your body knows what to do :kissing_heart:

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I had a baby my 4 baby at 37years old when I had my baby girl all healthy and I was 40years old when I found out I was pregnant with my 5th baby was with new partner and very easy pregnancy and no health problem with myself and baby

If you don’t like to swallow those huge pills, they do have prenatal gummies.

Get those prenatals they help so much because the baby will suck up everything and anything you have! Between eating and staying hydrated and those prenatals definitely important! Congratulations momma

Take prenatals with DHA it is very important for fetal development with their brain and spinal cord.

Im 34 im not pregnant but i am currently trying. Lots of woman have kids in their late 30s

I’m 33 and my baby is 4months. She was perfectly healthy no complications. Take prenatal vitamins.

I just had my youngest nov of 2020. I’m 37 (36 at her birth) and my hubby is 45 (44 at her birth) she is just as healthy as can be

Relax mummy drink lots of water… enjoy… don’t stress

My mom had me 11 days after her 40th birthday. I was healthy

Had my son at 39. He’s healthy. I would definitely take over the counter prenatal till you see doctor. Folic acid is important

Had my 3rd baby in January, im 40 and my husband is 46…she’s as perfect and healthy as my first two. I started pre natals within a week of finding out…Women’s One a Day pre natals are great

35 is not old to have a baby.

I had my first baby at 40 and my hubby was 44 and we have a healthy baby boy who’s 4 no problems with him whatsoever xx

The vitamins in prenatals are what help prevent health conditions in the baby. Go ahead and start them. My mom got pregnant with my baby brother at 39, and he’s perfectly healthy at 17 today. :heart:

My 35 year old daughter is handicapped and she just had her first child


I was 33 and I had twin boys last year and they were and still are health no problems only reason I was high risk is because I was having twins and I was running outta room for the they come into the world weighing 7lbs and the other one was 6.2lbs and the sooner you can start taking your prenatal vitamins the better

I have 2 sisters in law who had babies after 40. Both babies are happy and healthy. Well, one is 5 and the other is 2 now, so they’re not babies anymore. My one SIL was 47when she had her surprise baby

37 with a 15 month old… My husband is 48… Perfect little boy…


Having babies are 30 is not that big of a deal as it used to be. In fact it’s becoming the new way to do it. Misty can’t afford or aren’t in the right place to have kids earlier in life. Yall will be just fine.

You might be eligible for twins! I got pregnant at 35 and had amazing twin boys! Apparently with age comes the possibility of multiples! Congratulations and enjoy!

I had my last one at 32. I know it’s younger then the rest of all of u. But he was my 4 th.
I started at 20. Then 22. Then 27 last at 32 enjoyed the last two I was older more patience with. I didn’t feel like I had to follow the books. If I’d do it again I wait till my 30’s
Do what dr says. Vitamins plus and take care of yourself and the baby !! Bless you and ur baby

Take prenatals and folic acid. Just had my 2nd at 37. He’s 2 months, happy and healthy​:pray:t4::heart:

Actually the study that was done on older women having babies past the age of 32 was done in ye old times. I’m talking late 1800’s - early 1900’s . It was based on what they had back then but studies show today that the percentage of a healthy baby at an older age in your late thirties only drop by 5% roughly . So it’s nothing to worry about ! My mom had me a little older and I know plenty of other moms who had children when they were older and everything was fine!

I’m 45 and have a 5 month healthy boy x


You dont have to wait to go to a doctor to start taking prenatals you can buy them at walmart.

We were the same ages. Everything was fine.

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I had my 2nd child when I was 40. Everything was perfectly fine with me and my daughter

My doctor said folic acid is fine until 12 weeks, then I should start with the vitamins. The vitamins made me feel sick in my first trimester.

I was 38 when I got pregnant 39 when I had her. She is my frist and only. She was/is perfect 3.5 year old. No problems with my pregnancy other then gestational diabetes.

You can call the ob and get a prescription for prenatals just ask to talk to the nurse

I didn’t think 35 was old why would anyone think that?


Your not old! Now days that’s becoming the normal to have kids after you had your fun. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: best wishes to you !

Im 36 and pregnant with my 4th child. This one is a Big surprise, I have wondered the same as you for healthy baby and delivery… Happy to see the good feedback.

I’m 39 with a 3 1/2 month old, I was high risk due to my blood pressure and seizures but until 38 weeks I didn’t have any problems. At 38 weeks I had to be admitted and induced because I had preeclampsia but my baby boy was/is healthy and had no issues at birth (or now). Just take care of yourself and yes you can go ahead and start prenatal vitamins

I am 38 and I am currently 4 weeks away from having a very healthy little boy. It will be okay mama.

you healthy good to go

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Congratulations! Don’t stress. I’m 40yrs and currently pregnant. I’m 31 weeks. So far every test they have done have came back negative. So just be positive and take care of yourself as well. You got this. Yes it’s ok to start taking prenatal pills. You will be fine.

Janet Jackson had her baby at 50…

I had my youngest at 35 and dad was 42!! Take your pregna care and folic acid look after yourself and everything will be fine, we have a happy healthy bouncing 2 year old!! Stress is no good, best of luck :heart::four_leaf_clover:

I was 33 with my last pregnancy my partner was 41, our baby girl is super healthy and had no problems. I did get mild pre-eclampsia at the end but it was kept in check. Stress less mama this baby is here for a reason. Take otc prenatal vitamins tho definitely

44 with a 2 year old and a 4 year old grandson deff take the prenatal vitamins

I had my last 2 babies at 38 and 43. Both are beautiful, healthy and happy girls :slight_smile:

I had my daughter at 36 and she was fine.

My mom was 40&42 when she had my brothers. No problems at all. Take the vitamins I was on them before even getting pregnant with mine