Postpartum depression

what helped you overcome post-partum depression?


Finding a doctor I trusted who really listened.
Finding other new moms to talk to.

If you recognize it, see your doctor. It can become a serious issue. Not something you want to try to self medicate, or fix on your own. See your doctor.

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I worked out and went to therapy!! It helped me immensely!! You got this girl! It won’t last forever :heart::heart::heart:

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Getting out of the house, 30 min by myself is and was the best time even if i just ran to get gas or whatever. And finding someone to talk to

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Medication see someone and talk about it

Medication was the only thing that got me through.

Talking about it. I wasn’t diagnose with pp depression but rather pp anxiety. I would have full on panic attacks. Therapy and leaning on loved ones for support

Organic food based multivitamin

Medication was the only thing that helped me… after almost 7… its over!!!

Being honest with myself and my spouse. I took up counseling after my second was born and it’s helped so much. I’ve also been taking parenting classes at the local pregnancy center, they are free and offer free diapers and wipes which helps take some weight of my shoulders. Also finding a few good friends you can open up to even if they don’t understand just having someone to listen is amazing. Your local health department should be able to offer all mental health services. You’re doing great mama!!

Going and talking to someone. My husband is in the navy so I utilized the Chaplin on base. Also continuing my own interests and hobby’s while having some me time. My husband works a lot but makes sure to give me time almost every day to do what I want to do. And if he can’t he encourages me to get a babysitter or hangout with friends.

I didnt seen treatment. And that was tough. BUT I got thru it. I allowed myself a moment or 2 extra in the bathroom to decompress as long as my boys where alright. I made time for ME basically. And it slowly got better.


First off, talk to your primary care doc. Get on some Medication (doesn’t have to be forever), get some exercise and meditation. Support from your significant other is very important, also. support from other mom friends helps.

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I did nothing because I was too ashamed to admit I had it. Now, I wish I had gotten help and meds.


There is a drug out there approved by the FDA, brexanolone. Ask your doctor if your insurance will cover it.

There is support groups on fb I joined. Just talking to other moms dealing with it. Journaling my feelings. A lot of praying. Trying to do things that would make me happy. I talked to family a lot. I would sing and color. Eating more fruits and veggies. I told myself I would fight through it on my own ( if possible) before getting on medication and thankfully I was able to pull through just be recognizing my issues and trying my best everyday to make the best of it in that moment. It took a little while but I’m not as deep in as I was. I’m having more and more better days.


I went to my doctor. Only had to take meds for 3 weeks before I felt ok again, but everyone is different. Just talk to your doctor.

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Medication. I tried so hard without it for about 8m and I just couldn’t do it.
I had the PP where I feel like I’m on an island and everyone else is far away.

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Medication. And I’m incredibly supportive husband.

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Getting a nanny and seeing a psychiatrist

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Taking care of myself too by sleeping, journaling, exercise, therapy, healthier foods and an extremely low dose of anti anxiety meds. Vitamin D and forcing myself to get out and see friends and have fun from time to time. Took me over three years but I’m finally me again!

Doctor and lots of meds

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I didn’t seek help or talk about it with my first child because I didn’t think anyone would believe me. I also had it with my second child. Now that I left my soon to be ex and I am doing things that make me happy (Besides the kids). I was in an abusive relationship. And reconnecting with my old friends helps. I am lucky to have an old guy friend come back into my life and help me.
Depending on where you live, CBD and/or pot helps too


Zoloft, wine, cigarettes, & weed.

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Zoloft. I was also on it while prego. Dr said it was safer for me and baby since I deal with mental illness daily. But talking to other moms who are going through the same thing will help.

After having issues for about 2 years, I finally talked to my Dr. Put me on medication, it worked great.

I hit the gym and started taking welbutrin

Getting up the courage to go to the doctor and get medication (Zoloft, specifically). And realizing how much my daughter needs a mentally healthy mother.

Smoking a lil herb :herb: …fresh air just getting some time to yourself clear your mind drink your favorite juice …just lovely :blush: but most importantly TAKE IT ONE DAY AT A TIME! :green_heart:

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Do yourself a big justice and go see your doctor. It’s important that you at least have an open dialogue even if you don’t start any meds. However, you shouldn’t go more than a month without considering a medication. Having a newborn + dealing with ppd can be overwhelming. We struggle sometimes trying so hard to keep things together we don’t notice that we slip further into the depression.

I applaud you for doing all the right things to keep it together. As you probably already know eating right, journaling and exercising is definitely the right path to healing. Just also remember you are not alone. Don’t isolate yourself and if you notice your symptoms worsening, please get help immediately.

Definitely talking about and relying on my spouse and mom to help me through.

I could never take the meds, they induced mania on me. So basically the one thing that helped me was having to force myself to work and be around people everyday.

Going back to work when my baby was 3 months and a half, it helped me go out more and interact with people

Praying praying praying , talking to someone about it , going out , taking time for yourself


Medication, talking it out, and having a support system in my husband. It’s ok to not be ok- just make sure that you look for others :heart:

Hitting a all time low and realizing my kids deserved better. I was put on meds and have been. Better since. This isnt idea because I didn’t mean what happened to me but it woke me up.

Talking about it and helping my spouse understand why I’m so not myself and ultimately medication

Time… hugs momma :heart:

Prozac and very cheesy 80s comedy movies like elvira mistress of the dark. DO NOT WATCH THE NEWS unless you REALLY wanna be depressed

Went out, always play dates , made 1 day a week just for myself for the spa, walk or errands just by myself. Did stuff with my mom friends a lot. Once a month moms night. Date night every 2 weeks with hubby. Just got into the “normal routines” without ever being back to normal lol

Medication , counseling, getting adequate sleep (which I know is not easy , mom of 5 here) having a supportive husband and LOTS OF PRAYING!!

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Talking about it, taking walks (something about fresh air and some sunshine just helps me), and time for myself

Medication increase. Talking. And my daughter.

Medication ASAP. I waited four months bc I thought it’d pass or I could handle it. Things got so much better after I talked with my doctor and eventually found a medicine that worked for me. Be patient with yourself. Your brain and body have been through A LOT. It literally took me about a year or a little more to feel “normal” again. Talk to someone who’s experienced it so you have someone who can relate. PM me if needed. Much love and support to you! :purple_heart:

Tell someone, talk to someone whether it be a therapist or a friend family member whatever dont hold it in let someone know you need help which is hard for us moms to ask for trust me i know but it will be better for you and your babies

Medication! I went a few months thinking I’d get over it. Should of known it’d be harder than that. I had both depression and anxiety before I got pregnant and it only got worst after pregnancy. They put me on the same medication I was on since diagnosed with depression and anxiety and just upped the milligram a bit and it helped a ton. I suggest doing something asap. I had such a hard time without having medication that I feel like I lost out on my son’s first few months due to how bad off I was. I barely even remember it. All I remember was missing my grandpa’s funeral because I had only been from the hospital 3 or 4 nights and had cried a lot and not slept much. That morning I woke up and my eyelids were ridiculously swollen, the worst I’ve ever seen them. They were honestly like 4 or 5 times as thick as normal!!! I suggest getting help asap

Medication and therapist.
I had depression with my first, now with my second I have depression and anxiety .I even had to get hospitalized 5 days at perinatal unit at UNC hospital in North Carolina. It’s been a rough 3 months but slowly I’m getting better. Sleep, have a good support system and TALK to someone. I reached out to PSI (postpartum support international) reach out to them, they will get you the help you need. :heart:

No one. Because I was a first time mama and had no clue that was even a thing, until my daughter was 2, ( she’s now 3 1/2) and I’m still dealing with it, plus bipolar depression and severe anxiety and social anxiety. The struggle is too real. Sometimes I wish I truly had someone to talk to and say whatever is on my mind, without them thinking that I complain too much, or I’m annoying. I have one " friend " but she isn’t a mom and all she ever says when we talk and I am venting is, " I totally understand" that’s about it. I need to TALK

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Medication and lots of quality “me” time. I started getting massages and once a week I left the house and either had wine and crocheted or got dinner and coffee all by myself! I highly recommend finding what helps with the stress. I had such horrible anxiety and having a diffuser and lavender in every room of my house was amazing!! I got a necklace that you put essential oils on and I wore it 24/7. If I was having a very hard moment I would walk away and smell it and just focus on breathing. I felt like such a freak, but looking back… it honestly saved me :blue_heart: Good luck mama!!

Getting help ASAP, and medication❤️

Oh man.Meds, counseling, and a ton of family/friend support.

I hate to say it because I’m against it, but def meds. I mean it depends on how severe though really… I was BAD off. I didnt enjoy my sons basically whole first year because I was anxious and having nothing but crazy thoughts worrying about something happening to him. My 1st and 4th I didnt use the meds and it was a horrible quality of life I was living. My 2nd and 3rd I was on them and the difference was night and day. I’m pregnant with #5 and I’m having a bit of an issue over whether or not I want to because I want to breastfeed and i worry about the baby getting the medication through my milk… but I’m not willing to be trapped in my own mind in misery again and not enjoying my baby or life…

THERAPY! I jumped into therapy 1 week postpartum because i know how bad I get. By 6 months postpartum i started medication. Currently 9 months postpartum and im still utilizing both but feeling MUCH better. Say something to your pcp. Get moving in the right direction and feeling better. Be honest with them and yourself :heart:

Prayers,taking to someone about it and listening to music :woman_shrugging:

Recommendations for postpartum rage?

Working out. I’m currently 2 months pp and still struggling.

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Meds for a few months, finding a counselor that was actually pretty harsh (in a helpful way), and getting outside.

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I got put through a slew of medications until the found one that’s balanced out my emotions. I’m having to go to a psychiatrist for some underlying issues that my OB doesn’t think are directly related to PPD and anxiety. I’m currently 8 months pp and need prayers that we can get this figured out

I talked about it with a therapist, my husband and adjusted my medications.

I was brutally honest on therapy about my struggles & equally honest with my husband. It helped me own my feelings and feel validated and at times get a little perspective.

My son is about to my 1yo and I don’t know where I’d be if I had t decided to address my PPD.

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Wellbutrin prescribed by my OB.

Finding new interest. I started watercolor painting :heart: having a very loving supportive husband is a ton of help​:heart:

Getting out of the house.

Zoloft, exercise, and mom support groups

I hated meds!!! But PPD is a chemical thing in your brain. A few months of meds with a therapist and establishing a self care routine really helped💜

Xanax…asked for lowest dose but they gave highest…i broke them and took small pieces as needed and by the time the bottle was gone I didnt need a refill because my hormones returned to somewhat normal

Working out, occasional babysitter so I could have time with friends and a little bit of pot at night :woman_shrugging:t2:

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Work. Kept me busy. Still battling with it & on medication but doesn’t help much on days off.

Zoloft. New hobbies. Friends.

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Zoloft. Wouldnt of made it through a horrible 4 month nicu stay without it.


Getting out of the house for sure. Going on walks. Laying in the grass. Just going to the mall and walking around. Dressing up and taking pictures. Getting nails done. Getting my teeth cleaned.

Getting out of the house and Music!

Zoloft is what’s helping me.

I just kind of snapped out of it? Mine was bad. I cried every single day for months. “Rope & a tree” were semi jokingly said every single day for months. I was put on zoloft, and it helped as long as I took it the same exact time every single day (which I was horrible at) Even if I was off for a few hours I felt a rage build inside of me. So I went off of them. It took a few weeks to level out but my son is 17 months and I’m finally at an ok point. Some days I still feel a little more sad/mad than usual but nothinggg like before.
Talk to anyone. Reach out for help whether it’s with baby, needing time for you, reaching out for resources on mental health. Dont be afraid of meds - I know its intimidating but sometimes it’s the only thing that helps. Doing little things helped me a lot. As much as I wanted to lay around just taking a shower, doing my hair, making my bed made the world of difference. :heartpulse: good luck to you mama

Not trying to be the person I was before pregnancy… learn that being the old me isnt gonna happen. Basically being my own voice of reason and getting out the house

Fresh air, a healthier diet, deep breathing, making time for myself. These are all things that help me.

Making myself get up and go. Taking advantage of 2 hours of free childcare if I went to the gym. I joined and went every day. It gave me a break to focus on me, and decompress. I came off of my medicines, lost the baby weight, and became a version of me I had lost a long time before.


Zoloft, but it made me like a stepford wife

Being around family x

Sunshine, and exercise :sunny:

Music, sunshine, friend time, baths, exercise, acceptance, therapy, and an amazingly supportive husband. Not everyday is a good day but I am finally at a point where there are more good days than bad. This too shall pass.

I took Wellbutrin but I didn’t like it. I honestly feel getting right back on birth control made my PPD much worse. I was on depo and it takes so long for your body to regulate on and off that drug. I had bad mood swings getting off it to get pregnant, then I remember feeling the happiest I’d ever been and crashing a few months after birth when I got back on it. Your hormones play are large role in your mental health. So I finally detoxed off that drug again and have never felt better. I have more energy and feel I’m a better mom after getting over that hurdle. Good luck.

Ignore it until you cheat on your spouse and try to overdose several times.

Oh wait, that didn’t quite work.
Get whatever help you can.

Oh gosh be aware of the medications!

Healthier diet and working out, I feel way better on those days

Moving away from a toxic environment and toxic people. My ex husband was verbally and emotionally abusive before and after my daughter was born. Now for a while after I still felt that it was still there but what helped me the most was I found an online kinda chatroom/ message board where I could vent and no one would judge and they gave positive messages back.

My husband Dillon :heart:

I found support at my local mental health and addictions, cause when i was going thru post partum it wasnt easy, i noticed it a little bit after my daughter was born. I took to alcohol then asked for help on my own. It helped me so much and im so grateful for where i am today. Toughest part of my life !

Medication and more sleep! I think the sleep is working wonders. My wonderful husband watches our baby during the week (I have a high stress job) and I watch him on the weekends. :heart:

I was on Zoloft for about 4-5 months postpartum from a stressful pregnancy that ended in traumatic labor… I felt like it helped some but it didn’t out weigh the negative side effects. I am a manager and doing the simplest tasks I would start to get super antsy and constantly have the jitters. I literally could never sit still even if I tried.
I am a year PP and I still struggle. Some days it’s like nothing happened… others, not so much.
You will get through though. Just like I will. :green_heart:

My baby is 9 months and I am struggling. PPD is hard.


Medication and counseling with professionals !

My sons 6 months and I’m struggling!!

Xanax dose and my anti-depressant

Smoking weed, having time away from my kid and boyfriend, venting to a trusted friend, getting out of the house alone, masturbating, music…

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I have never had any luck with antidepressants at all.


Once I started truly taking care of myself i noticed a huge change in my mental health. I started eating better, drinking more water, daily exercise, cut out the processed foods and pop, and writing 5 things daily that I’m grateful for. It sounds so cliche but it all honesty it worked for me. I dont take meds, I do smoke a bit of pot. But once I changed my mindset and stopped with the excuses other things in my life changed as well. I still have down days, I just am better able to deal with them.

Working out…and support groups and wine

Support, low dose zoloft, and giving up an “extra”. I was a breastfeeding, cloth diapering mama, and after getting ppd with my second, I gave up cloth diapering.
It was more to alleviate daily pressure. I was able to relax more without having to stress about washing or sunning diapers everyday.

Eating clean, exercising daily, sleep, and venting to my husband as needed. :heartpulse: