Prenatals make me feel weird: Advice?

Is it normal that prenatals have been making me feel weird and sick? I take them in the am and a few hours later i just feel funky…idk hwo to explain it


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I know it makes some people nauseated. You can try different kinds?

I took a childrens gummy instead because prenatals made me sick … it’s common as your doctor if there’s something else you can take

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I know for me they used to make me nauseous mine were vanilla flavored I cannot stand vanilla still today. I even tried taking them at night and it didn’t work.

Try taking them at night

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The iron in the pill form prenatal always made me sick, I switched to gummies which do not have iron and it made a huge difference.

I switched to the gummies…that helped. The pill form made me sick.

Mine did the same thing. I just started taking them at night before I went to bed.

I take nature made prenatals I always take them with breakfast so I’m not on an empty stomach and they don’t bother my stomach at all

I always took them at night, I also got a prescription from my doctor that wasn’t as bad as store bought ones.

Try a different kind. I ended up having to take gummy ones because the pill type made me super sick!

Mine made me sick. My doctor told me to take the Flintstone it’s pretty much the same thing but this was also 17 yrs ago. So idk what they say now a days.

I’d talk to your doctor but you can also try taking them at night time or taking the gummies :slight_smile:

Take them at night after you eat

I take mine at night and spring for the gummies! I always get sick on the pills and they stop me up.

I took 2 Flintstones a day lol

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With my son the Dr gave me a script for mine and I took at night with this one I just been taking at night then going to sleep haven’t had a problem

I couldn’t take them…

I would take mine at night w a snack

I took two flintstones

Take them before bed.

I was the same way. My dr had me take Flintstone vitamins instead

If they make you sick,you can stop taking them, you don’t have to take prenatals, it’s just an extra added boost for vitamins. I took them with my 1st pregnancy,but my 2nd and currently my 3rd they really affected my migraines and made them worse and sick. My Dr advised me to stop taking them to see if it would help,and it really did. As long as your Dr checks your blood work like they’re supposed to,than you shouldn’t worry much.

I felt like that they had me take 2 Flintstone vitamins and folic acid.

They made me feel sick so I stopped taking them. I ended up just taking Flintstones vitamins when I remembered :upside_down_face:

I haven’t taken any in like 3 weeks because they make me sick. I’ve tried the pills and the gummies but I’d rather be able to eat than take the vitamins that woman have survived without for millions of years. They suggest eating before taking them or switching the brand or just taking folic acid

Try taking them before bed

I had the same problem so my ob told me to take it right before bed so you sleep through the weird feelings

Take w a meal or right before bed. The biggest reason we take prenatals is because they contain the folic acid our babies need to help prevent certain birth defects. If you can’t stomach the prenatals for some reason, take a normal vitamin and a separate folic tablet. :heart:


I had the same situation, I switched to a different prenatal (the gummies instead of pill) and i instantly felt better

Yep, its normal. I always had to take mine at night.

I eat before I take them and I never take them until after 9am. Idk why but that’s what I do

I couldn’t take prenatal vitamins with either of my kids. I took 2 flinstones a day and I had to take iron pills because I was anemic. I was super sick with my second pregnancy. Morning sickness for 5 months and still got sick here and there after that.

I always take my prenatal at night AFTER i eat dinner! Otherwise same I feel so sickly and sluggish

Yeah mine made me throw up a lot. I had to take them after eating a heafty breakfast or at night after dinner

Prenatals are not essential, it’s just added vitamins, in the same way my doctor wants me to take baby aspirin the entire pregnancy in order to help with blood pressure, it’s your choice. There are other ways to get the vitamins

I couldn’t take any besides rainbow light or simply one prenatals but I prefer rainbow light.

Take Flintstone gummies.

Did the same thing to me. Had to take with food and a good amount of water

If I take vitamins on an empty stomach I feel shakey and nauseated. Are you taking them with food?


I couldn’t take them they made me sick so I took Flintstone vitamins instead

They made me sick with both of mine so the doc put me on Flintstones lol…bonus if you’re having a bad day bite their heads off first lol


I hated them! I quit taking them at 4 months both pregnancies. Just took a woman’s one a day!

Take folic acid. That’s the main thing u need and it won’t make u sick

I never took prenatal vitamins with either pregnancy. Both my kids born super healthy so if you don’t wanna take them don’t.

Take at night with food.

I felt the same
Take them before bed

Take with food. They really will make your nails and hair grow.

Mine made me constipated. Too much iron. I took folic acid instead and ate well.

Do you take with food

Try different ones, a lot of vitamins aren’t regulated. Maybe ask for prescription prenatals? If they make you feel sick they are not helping you.

Try taking them at night B4 bed

I was told take at night after a meal and wouldn’t feel as weird


I had this issue. I had to take mine after dinner before bed. Felt fine after I made that switch. Worked for all 3.

Take 2 Flintstone vitamins instead

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If I took my prenatal I always took it before bed.

Made me sick, i had to take them at night with food

Just adjust the time of day that you take them to work best for you & allow time to adjust. It’s normal to feel yucky

I just didn’t take them. They won’t hurt you if you don’t. It’s not a necessity

Prenatals always made me feel sick, take them before bed.

I take it before bed

I didn’t any with either baby and they were completely healthy

The pills made me vomit, my OB gave me a script for chewable ones and that fixed my problem :slightly_smiling_face:

I can’t even tell i take them!

I had same issues, I used to take the Flintstones ones

Omg please do not listen to the people saying you don’t have to take them :woman_facepalming:t2: I feel like that should be common sense and so obvious but wow at these comments…… try prenatal gummies, although they don’t contain iron and you need that during pregnancy. Take them at night after dinner or right before bed instead of morning time.


They did it to me. They recommend taking them at night because by morning you don’t feel that way

Try taking at bedtime

I would try a gummy kind or just a new brand general.

Folic acid use to give me headaches maybe it’s something that is in the vitamins. Check with your doctor.

If your taking the pills try the gummy prenatals
And only take them every other day, I couldn’t do the pills at all but I could handle the gummy one’s

I say you need to be taking them with food. Also you need to take them at the same time every day.

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Try to get prescription ones they’re better and they usually have extra samples to try others too at the OB

Mine did that to so my doctor told me to try the gummy with folic acid in them and ever since I switched to them I have felt better 

Yes, my OB had me stop taking them. They’re really only useful during the first trimester for the folic acid and iron for brain development.

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Yeah take them before bedtime

Try taking them at night

I’ve always taken mine just before bed, and it helped me so much.

Make sure that the ones you are taking have a USP seal guarantee that it is made in a certified lab. Avoid ones with heavy colored dyes like red40 and yellow 5 &6.

A) prenatal vitamins are strongly encouraged but not necessary unless blood work shows deficiencies
B) try taking them with food or eating a tiny snack when you start feeling bad
C) ask your Dr about Flintstone vitamins as an alternative

I stopped taking them after the first trimester because they made me so sick, both pills and gummies, just eat a lot of greens

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Take them just before bed. I had the same issue. Even the smell of them though made me want to puke. The iron tablets especially always made me feel as sick as a dog

Take them at night at the same time everyday. Make sure to do this on a full stomach if not at least drink milk. If your still feeling funky ask your obg to do blood work maybe you have to much vitamin intake. Good luck hopefully it goes better for you.

Oh no….she got into the melatonin! :joy:

Should have been having babies 50 yrs ago…no prenatals back then…

I only took Folic Acid. I wouldn’t take iron as it can really mess with your digestion. I always feel that unless you have a really poor diet (or are continually being sick) the only person benefitting is the CEO of the company that makes them. You’ll pee most of it out.

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I had the same thing with my first and stopped taking them mid way… this time around I only take folic acid and it’s 1000xs better! I would talk to your doctor or ob about it! My blood work and everything else is normal no issues

Take them at night with a snack

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I took A multivitamin or a one-a-day.

I had to take mine before bed!


I couldn’t take pre-natals with either of my pregnancies because they would make me so nauseous and sick. My Dr said the gummies were okay but they weren’t the best so she told me to take the Flintstone vitamins with extra iron. They aren’t half as bad as long as you don’t take them on an empty stomach.

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Yes it’s normal. I was told by my ob nurse to take them at night right b4 bed because you’ll be asleep when the nausea hits but won’t wake up.

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Take prenatal made from food base so baby can receive up to 80 percent of the vitamin compared to synthetic vitamins where baby get only 50 percent. We are not made to put synthetics into our body. Take at night to not feel quisy.

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Make sure your prenatal has FOLATE not FOLIC… that can play a huge part based off genetics. Some of us are SUPER sensitive to synthetic ingredients, folic is big factor for me. You also may want to look Into MTHFR!

I took Flintstones vitamins lol I couldn’t do the prenatal an dr said it was pretty much the same

If it was me I would stop taking them

They did the same for me. I changed to taking it before bed & made sure I had something in my stomach.