Question for my tween boy mommas

My step son is 11 years old and recently (like all this week) he has been having “bad thoughts”. I don’t think he means suicidal but he does talk about death a lot and he is so worried about his dad dying. He’s become a bit clingy to his dad recently too (not a bad thing just part of this change). He says he gets these thoughts and they last for a couple of hours and it makes him sad and then he is all of a sudden fine again until the next day. He can’t really pinpoint much more than that. He can’t really say why he’s sad. But it will make him emotional enough to cry.

Background: he is adhd but no changes in meds recently

We have had joint custody for almost 3 years now

We are Fixen to have a baby boy in the next 6ish weeks.

He is involved in 4-H, baseball, football, all the things.

He’s mentioned a bully at school a time or two but all of his stories about said bully are generally after he himself has made an assholeish remark to the “bully” first so I’m wondering who the real bully is.

Also the bully and sad thoughts is all relatively new and started about the same time.

Thank you for any and all advice!

Please get a hold of the kid’s pediatrician and school counselor with concerns. Make sure there are professionals involved to figure out if something more is going on. He could have been abused or something, or more severe mental health stuff is going on and he needs a diagnosis. Do not wait too long either.