Questions about child support

My spouse pays his ex-girlfriend child support for their two boys. If he and I have a child together, would that affect his child support to his ex-girlfriend as he now has a third child to care for? I know the laws probably vary depending on where you live, but that’s okay, let’s hear the law where you live. Thank you in advance!!


Its income based and doesn’t change based on current family size.


Nope. You’d get a less of a payment.

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They take into account his bills and his income. But he has to go and request them to go back over it. It’s not automatic. Another child would make things a-little different

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Nope, it’s completely based off income.


Depends on the state. RI says no. Just because you make multiple children doesn’t mean the first get less and less money.


Every 3 years in ga you can go and have it re evaluated

Where I live it’s based on his income, nothing to do with my family!


I’m my experience you have to apply for a modification so if his income has gone up that might hurt you but if income is less or same and now a kid that’s an income change and contact your child support office

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MA it would not the other children come first

Not in maine. My hubby had 3 kids with me and his support never changed for his first

No. Its based on his income. However do have him report he does have another child hes responsible for.

No it’s based off of income. It does not matter how many other children he has.

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Where i live its doesnt change anything. Im in bc

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No. It wont change and it shouldn’t change.
If he cant afford to continue to pay his support then he shouldn’t have another baby.


Actually some states do in fact factor in any other children. My daughter’s fathers child support whlent down when we had her. That is Delaware they also do so in NJ


No. Won’t affect it. He still has two kids to take care of. The only thing that changes it is how often he has them or if they agree on less.

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Yes, they would count his new dependent. Might reduce it slighty… might not

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In Texas they take other children you’re legally obligated to support into consideration and it can drop the amount down. He has to request a re-evaluation of child support.


His first kids come before yours in the eyes of the child support.


It wouldnt affect it unless you filed as well

No it wouldnt change just because you had a baby.

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Nope theyll laugh at u n say if u can’t afford kids dont have them


Nope, the two boys will get more than your kid. If he could not afford the two he had, he should have not had another one.


NH says your first children comes first.


Washington state - it does.

She will always get hers and first.

It used to in ohio but not anymore

In South Dakota it is income based for both parents income and every three years you can do an adjustment. I’m pretty sure it is a percentage

No. It’s based on income not the number of children he creates

In my state it does. It lowered because his cost changes

From my understanding the only thing that will change it is if he has the other children more or less as his income is still the same.

In Canada it’s income based… So it won’t change unless what he makes is now lower at the end of year dew to new job. I personally agree with it cause it shouldnt be the other kids fault he decided to have more babies or marry and have a new family to support.

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In Texas I think if they’re not biological they don’t reduce the percentage taken each paycheck.

The 1st child always gets more then goes down the line! If he wants it changed then he has to go back to court for it, if he makes more now than what he did when he went the 1st time then it may go up not down! It doesn’t matter if you guys have kids together it’s only if he has to pay child support for yours as well…


I live in NSW Australia and it goes off what you earn my daughter’s father is only on Centrelink and he has to pay $1.16 a day


So much negativity! She didn’t say he couldn’t afford them or didn’t want to! It was a simple question!!


No you will still have to pay it and no it is not base on Income if you don’t believe me then check with the Court you. Will Definitely find out

Unless a modification is filed than no and even than it wont change much

In arizona it does count if he has a new baby my ex modified his child support because he has an additional child to support

No. When you create a child, you take on financial responsibility for the child, no matter whether or not they have different mothers.
Don’t make them if you can’t afford them.

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It doesn’t lower it much if at all. Why would you want it to be
That money is for they’re children together!!!

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Nope. It would definitely stay tge same. I pay child support joint custody father doesnt pay anything and i have my youngest full time.

In Kansas the child support payment would lower. He would need to request a modification once the baby is born.

Depends on what state you are in. In Iowa it lowers it if you ask for a review.

Alaska - wouldn’t change. Your first kids come first for child support. Changes only occur with a significant change in income or custody arrangement


In Canada and it doesn’t affect us. I have 2 kids with their father and he has one from his previous who he pays child support to.

They count kids in MI. They either leave the set rate as is or lower it.

In my state yes it does matter how many kids they have. Gives them a credit towards child support.

Where I am from a percentage is reduced from the child support if a dad has another child of his own living in his home.

I’m in Michigan and it doesn’t matter, the first kids get more and the subsequent kids get less. My ex has 4 kids… since my daughter was first, I get the most support. His third child only receives something crazy like $6 a week!!

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They wont take away from the other kids bc yall have a kid. Thats how it is in arkansas and missouri anyways


In Texas it’s based off income after taxes so if he claims the new child as a dependent that would be your only benefit.

Where I’m from, yes your child support goes down.

Didn’t change for my ex. First kid was 17, 15, then 13% I believe. When his 3rd was born it didn’t lesson the support he paid me or his ex wife

Kids are basically first come first served.
First kids always get the most and later kids always get less.
Once the first kids turn 18 (or when they graduate college) then child support will raise for the younger kids

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No :roll_eyes: at least not in pa

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In Illinois the judge made the payments for my ex to pay lower, based on how many other kids he had to support… so it could be lowered in some situations and states.

In wi the one who has the older kid gets more and the second mom gets less


Where I am it does not matter. It all goes by a percentage of what you make is due to each child. Even if you end up taking him for cs, it would not affect money to the other kids. He would just lose more overall.

Depends on your state. But if he happens to be in arrears at all (which hopefully he isn’t) then I wouldn’t risk making the ex or the judge angry by requesting a downward modification.

It wouldn’t affect it , CS is determined by how many children he’s ordered to pay child support for & his pay.

I’m in Ohio, it’s been a few years but that last time it was looked at, my ex having a child did nothing to adjust my child support. I would have never fought it knowing he was taking care of his other children. While my ex is an ass. He does try and support his kids.

The amount would lower in my state they would take the new baby into consideration if you 2 were not married they would split the amount between the children… that is how Washington does it anyways

In MO no, it does not go down because the other child still needs the same things and yall need to be budgeting for the fact he has to pay that amount when considering having another child.


MN it depends on how many dependants

Wouldn’t matter in NY. Nothing would change.

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No hell still pay the same dosnt matter

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No he pays until those children are 18 years of age.

In Missouri yes if he requested a modification it could. But it could also backfire if his wages have went up since child support was established.


Man. Y’all some jerks on here. :sweat_smile:

She simply asked a question. She might be trying to figure out bills and stuff. She might be wondering if it’s a certain set amount from one person that they take and spread it between how many kids he has.

Which isn’t how it is, obviously.

Considering this is probably her first child, she hasn’t had to deal with this, unlike some of y’all. :unamused:

How about y’all get off your high horses, answer the question, minus the snark and move on with your life or just keep scrolling. :woman_shrugging:t2:


No not at all unless he’s paying support to you also then it does effect it

No the amount stays the same . That has nothing to do with it.

Oh please having a child SHOULD NOT take away from previous children


Washington - it does, because it takes into account now the new dependent, and it will change when/if you marry him, they cannot charge him so much to where his family of 3 falls below the poverty line, for example, in my state the poverty line for a family of 3 is 21.3k /yearly, roughly 1700 monthly, so, they have a minimum child support law, 50 bucks a month current support is minimum, as to not put him and his new family under the poverty line. It’s both income and dependent based, my state also takes into account the mothers monthly income, and based the minimum payments at the ability to work for both parents, so if mom or dad are not diabled, and have regular transportation they assume each parent can make minimum wage part time (1,100) its confusing. But its basically put like that so mom cant rob dad for child support (cause there are women who get pregnant to just live off the support)


Yes it affects it. In Kansas atleast! My husband pays 600 in child support to 2 other kids. We have 1 child together and pregnant with the 2nd and he cares for my other daughter. The child support will be reduced due to the fact we got kids together also because the mother is also working now and has been for a year.


It changes in bama…it lowers

Michigan uses a calculator based on both parents income, medical expenses and other dependent children.


California the most support goes to the youngest child.

No longer matters in Ohio

No . He can have twenty kids but he still owes his child support to his first wife .


In Texas, when the parent who has a child support obligation has another child, the parent paying child support is entitled to a modification of their child support obligation. … Therefore, the percentage of her monthly net income for child support would change from 20% to 17.5% per month.

No, so I wouldnt reccomend having a child by him if he cant support the 2 he already has. :woman_shrugging:


In VA you get a certain amount off your monthly income for other children (both parties).

Oregon: it does. It divides the “disposable” income between the kids but because it’s also based on time with child in custody there is a formula a bit more complicated it’s not just 1/3

In Ohio it wouldn’t change anything. Not sure where you’re located, but no. The only thing that changed child support is a review from mother. Also I hope it isn’t your goal because those other children need cared for too. It isn’t their problem you guys decided to have a kid.


I think the only reason his previously agreed to child support should change is if he looses employment or if he gets o point aid less.

Every time something changes he should contact the courts and have it documented…

In Indiana it can lower it if he modified. I tried to raise my sons support and if he didn’t just have a new baby he would have had to pay like $86 a week but since it added the new baby he got like a $23 deduction for her even tho he’s like 5k behind

It can bc now he has another dependent.

Why would you want it to?
His children don’t deserve less because you and him decided to have a new baby


Michigan is based upon both parents’ income … but the oldest child gets the most until they turn 18 or graduate homeschool (whichever comes first)

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The amount is based off of HIS income. He has to fill out paperwork with his wages and his household expenses and all of that is taken into account (in VA at least) he will still be responsible for support but it can be modified from when he first got CS orders .

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FL those kids who were 1st come 1st how the judge told me his didn’t change for them stayed the same


In Minnesota they have a full questionnaire for mom and dad - they asked how much we pay out in toilet paper monthly … :rofl: they asked how many people live with you - other dependents. Working adults- owned vehicles- payments - insurance costs …exc…

So I Think here it’s a pretty fair calculator.

Not in Florida. It doesn’t matter.

Nope because the first child on the court order will always receive the highest amount in ohio


In Illinois 1st child gets 20 percent 2nd gets 17.5percent, third gets 15 percent. If he chooses to have another child that is tough, shouldn’t have more than you can afford. You don’t take away from the first, second and so on.


In GA it doesn’t change anything. They say he knew he had the first 2 and still chose to have another. At least that’s what a friend of mine was told.


Really depends on where you live. My better half had his child support reduced when we had a child together. He still pays for the others but was around $150 less than what he was paying. He just had to let FOC know and provide a birth certificate to them.

Nope but it may affect your kid. The first ones come first.