Questions about zoloft and pregnancy?

For mothers who took Zoloft during pregnancy: did your baby experience withdrawal (including excessive crying)? I suffer from severe anxiety and depression and PTSD from sexual abuse, and I’ve tried EVERYTHING, and I finally spoke to my doctor about starting a medication today because I just cannot keep suffering this way, but then I read about babies possibly experiencing withdrawal, and now I’m scared to take anything until after my baby is born, but I don’t want to be a mental and emotional wreck when he’s born either! Help


I took it with all three of my kids and they were fine.

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I took it with mine and he is fine.

I took it during my pregnancy and nothing went wrong. You will be fine.

I took it and my baby is fine he’s a perfect little boy

This is a question for your Dr not the arm chair drs on Facebook


I took it on and off through out my pregnancy. I have a super healthy and happy little girl. She’s 3 now and she’s fine. Do what you gotta do for you mamas…you’ll get through this.


I took 40 mg daily of Prozac currently and during my entire pregnancy! I feel great and my now 5 year old daughter has had no side effects.


I took it with my daughter and she was fine, no withdrawal

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DONT DO IT… Find alternatives… it’s only 9 months… talk to God… go for walks… meet a friend for lunch & a movie… find a new hobby… stay busy and focused on your baby…


Your mental health comes first I believe you and baby will be fine


I took it and no problems for my babies. Best decision I made for myself :heart:


Every baby is different what didn’t/don’t effect theirs could effect yours …please talk to a professional

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I would talk to your doctor not Facebook


I took it in the last trimester and my son was born with severe delays and issues with his respitory system. I would be careful what you take do extensive research and get a couple opinions.


I’m on it now. I stayed at 50
Instead of asking for an increase to 100 until after she comes out in an hour to avoid any problems. I feel much better though and she will be fine!

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I took effexor and abilifly (shit i dont know how to spell it nothing looks right), no issues. You have to take care of yourself in order to care for a child. Theres risk and rewards for literally everything we do in life, you just have to weight them out. But i 100% say take it if it helps and you need it.

Zoloft gave my daughter a heart defect in early pregnancy


You shouldn’t be on Zoloft after your first trimester. It can cause potential birth defects. I had a “spontaneous abortion” while on Zoloft at 7 weeks. Not that there’s any relation but that was my experience with taking Zoloft while pregnant and after this happening to me I found out it’s not that uncommon and I wish someone would have told me. I would have began the process to stop taking when I found out I was pregnant. I was prescribed 50mg a day. Which really isn’t that much.

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I took it and my daughter was amazing and slept through the night by week 2. No wothdrawl symptoms whatsoever.

No. I took it my whole pregnancy with both my daughters

I refused to take any kind of antidepressants medication while I was pregnant with both of my kids it was hard days but like u I’ve read some horrible stories about what might happen to babies maybe talk to your doctor get a therapist n see what is best for u

Im taking it right now, i have a whole team of docs behind me because i have many health problems and zoloft isnt dangerous for the baby. If yes, i would have been taken off of it. Dont worry :slight_smile:

I took Zoloft through the first two trimesters, then quit cold turkey for the third. I’m 35 weeks currently and haven’t had zoloft in several weeks. I didn’t want my baby to go through the serotonin issues. I’ll probably go back on it after she is born though, because it’s been ROUGH.

I have had 2 babies that I have taken Zoloft with while pregnant and they are both fine!

Smoke weed n start the medicine AFTER u give birth.


I was going to. But was told its only safe in the 2nd trimester. So I didn’t see a point in it

I took it from 20 weeks on and my son had no issues whatsoever!

Talk to your doc about your concerns. There are antidepressants that have been studied and deemed safe for pregnancy. I took Prozac with my first and he was totally fine. No withdrawals or any health issues.

Every pregnancy is different. What might work for some might not work for others. The best thing and smartest thing you can do is do your research and talk to your physician. Only they can really help you.

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I went off my Zoloft completely with my pregnancies, just to be safe.

I took it my entire pregnancy and it did nit effect my son at all.

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I took it while pregnant, I expressed concerns to my Doctor and pharmacist and they both said that is the safest antidepressant to be on while pregnant. They had no effect on my daughter.

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I took it and was fine on a low dose

I think everyone’s body is different and responds differently including babies but if there’s even a slight risk I wouldn’t do it.

I dont think its safe to take while pregnant and i dont see why a doctor would prescribe it any medication can cause a baby to be dependant on it after born

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Be careful. I took an antidepressant durring pregnancy that my OBGYN assured me was ok and my Daughter ended up with a brain injury and seizures.

I take a 100mg everyday but when I got pregnant I quit and I started taking it again the day after I had my twins. It was difficult but maybe try meditation I know that sounds stupid but it’s worth a shot

I took it and had absolutely no problems! You have to take care of yourself too

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Personally because of my anxiety I couldn’t not focus on the fact that it could be harmful. They say something is safe and than years later you see all though if you child suffered birth defects from such and such a medication prescribed during pregnancy…blahh. Cancer also runs in my family very heavily so many things that like make me a little more uneasy than it probably needs too. I’m currently pregnant with my 5. I suffer from hatdcore depression and anxiety and meditation doesnt work for me. So I have found some completely pregnancy safe…actually encouraged supplements that really do help. You can get them all on Amazon for a fairly good price. Nordic naturals has a prenatal omega blend…works amazing. Takes a little time…about 2 weeks. But it definitely helps. Also peapod has a cal-mag also known you help depression. A probiotic. A natural source food blend prenatal or smarty pants is a great brand too that works well. And many of us suffer from MTHFR there is a huge link between it and depression and a simple natural folate supplement also known as methyl folate. Espom salt baths. Pure Magnesium spray. And even CBD can all help and they are a much more natural source of relief. It’s not real mental health medication so the effects won’t be the same but it feels good to take care of yourself and replenish your body of what its lacking that make the symptoms of depression and anxiety so much worse. And you will be surprised at how much it actually does help. Healthy body…healthy mind. In you worse moments try to think of all the happy little moments and things your gonna do with your child. Being a mom is amazing…scary and hard but absolutely amazing.


Doctors will usually take you off of all anxiety meds in the last trimester.

However, im on zoloft for post partum depression and anxiety, and it has been a miracle for me :slightly_smiling_face:

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I was on it with both of my pregnancy and my doctor had me go from 100 mg to 25 mg before I had my girls… They were both fine…

I’m bi polar and want allowed any antidepressants during pregnancy… different doctors have different views… sometimes you have your own judgement… I personally wont take anything like that during pregnancy…

Look…idk how bad off you are mentally, but for me it was pretty simple decision. I know how bad i get when im not on my meds. What’s the point in stopping or not taking them if your gonna kill yourself in 5 months bc you just can’t deal.
It really comes down to how manageable you feel your issues are. For me, they arent manageable at all without meds, and that’s fine, no shame in that.
Some ppl can tough it out and some cant and thats not a feather in there cap or a weakness of mine. Mental illness is a very personal issue and only you can weight out the risk and benefits of each course of action.


No. I’m bipolar, severe anxiety and depression. I took it with all 3 babies and they were fine.


My dr took me off. A couple of my meds depends on dr. dose etc

I would talk to you prescribing doctor and gynecologist getting both opinions. I went off medication a few months before getting pregnant because I didn’t want any medication in my system during conception or pregnancy.

I took it while pregnant & baby & i are fine he had no withdrawal

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Not at all. I was on it most of my second pregnancy and my son was the best newborn ever.

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I’m bipolar and my doctor said once I get pregnant I can only take my Zoloft and not my other two pills I take

Ask obgyn. There are certain antidepressants that are safe for pregnancy. I too have ptsd and anxiety from a kidnap/rape/torture

I have severe depression and anxiety. I’ve been on Zoloft for a few years now. I was on it while pregnant with my second. He is fine except for the first week after he was shaking randomly. Docs said it was the Zoloft but after that first week he did fine. I won’t make it without my medications. You should start at a low dose and work your way up if you need to


I took Zoloft while pregnant, the only side effect i had was my anger was worse so i stopped it after i was done being pregnant but my baby is perfectly fine

To all the smart asses saying she should talk to her doctor…she freaking HAS. Now let her ask what other people’s experiences were like in peace. Stg. Some of all are so judgemental.

I took it and of all my children my son is the most confident kid. So cocky and confident he is dangerous lol but he is healthy happy and awesome

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I took Zoloft during 2 of my pregnancies. After my daughter was born, she was so calm and quiet. I asked in the hospital if she was ok because she was so calm. The nurse looked me dead ass in the eyes and told me, oh she’s fine. It’s probably because you were on Zoloft, so she’s chill. Then I felt like a horrible mother who drugged my kid. Fast forward a few years to my next baby. I tried so hard getting off the Zoloft but my anxiety was not having it. I talked to my dr and he said that my mental health is very important while being pregnant and if the Zoloft helps me, it’s in turn helping my baby because I am not all stressed out. If I went off, I would have been a mess and that is not good for pregnancy. At my 20 week ultrasound, I spoke with the dr there as well and told him about the nurse comments. He assured me that nurse had no right to say that and In fact, if my baby was withdrawing from the meds, she would have been screaming her head off. Not calm. A lot of people take anxiety meds and Zoloft is one of the “safer” ones for pregnancy

I was diagnosed with severe anxiety, general depression and PTSD from sexual abuse as well. I’m still on Zoloft. Feel free to message me!

I just started zoloft and im in my third trimester .
I took it my second and third trimester with my one year old because I had severe depression and she didnt seem to have any withdrawals or anything like that .
I would say definitely get on it if you need it…


I took and my baby had no effects from it.

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I took it with mine she was fine Drs thought it would be worse for me to stop it

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Zoloft happens to be one of the safer drug choices. I personally can relate on all levels here and I would honestly say for your sanity take the medicine. I’ve seen too many cases of women not talking their meds while pregnant and are emotional time bombs, but when postpartum sets in after the baby mothers commit filicide . ( They kill their kids cause they can’t cope.) No I’m one of those Mothers that firmly believe that I must have my sanity to provide safety for my children. It worked they are alive, well and grown.

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I’m bipolar and they put me on a childrens chewable version of zoloft while pregnant. Considering asking about that?

started at 35 weeks gave birth at 39. no withdrawals or any negative signs

Zoloft helped me alot & baby didn’t suffer any side effects! But if i missed 1 day of taking it i could for sure feel the difference in myself i actually felt more nutty than before i started taking it so i stopped altogether after she was born. It has its pros & cons. But baby was fine no withdrawals at all. Ask about lexapro too my ob said that was safe as well as hydroxyzine.

I know hypertension occurs but the doctors and nurses keep a close eye on baby after birth. My doctor currently has me on anti depressants and suggested i get weaned off a couple weeks before due date so baby doesnt end up with hyper tension.

Zoloft and prozac are okay I truly believe the baby will be okay. I can’t take any of my meds because of my bipolar and borderline personality disorder

I took fluoxetine thru 2 of my pregnancies and my kids turned out just fine no withdrawals no autism do what is best for you the stress and anxiety is horrible for the baby get the help you need good luck

I was on effexor my whole pregnancy and my son didnt withdraw from it, as they scared me into freaking out about.
Perfectly fine and thriving at 14mo

My best friends son experienced withdrawals!! But he was fine after a few days. He was shaky and really upset! She felt so bad but he’s okay and so was her state of mind :raised_hands:t3:

I toke Prozac everything fine

I took it my entire pregnancy and for a while after and my baby is just fine and healthy. No high pitched crying, trouble sleeping, self soothing, or anything else the internet told me would happen. I was on a very low dose

Talking to your doctor is best. Added stress of going off a medication can actually be worse. You might have to take you dosage down. I have chronic headaches and migraines that were 10000 times worse during pregnancy, I know it’s not the same but the class of medications are, anyway I stayed on my medications, with some alterations and have two healthy kids, whonever had withdraw symptoms (despite having to stay in the hospital 48 hours longer than normal with my second baby, I guess they do that now?) It’s all about trying to manage with a minimum just so you AND baby are healthy. But I would discuss with all my doctors before cutting off cold turkey. Some people need it and it’s necessary to function. Hope it turns out well girl :kiss:

I took Prozac- zero effects. Much better for the baby for you to be mentally healthy.

I took Zoloft my 1st and 2nd trimesters of my pregnancy with my son. I stopped in the 3rd cause my dr said it posed a risk that late on but my son was fine when he came out the medicine didn’t hurt him in anyway that I could tell. I went through withdrawal when I wasnt on it but i got back on it the night my son was born. Good luck mama! Stay Strong!

I didn’t take it during pregnancy but was in it and went off of it and did go through withdrawal and it sucked.
If you don’t want to chance taking it while pregnant you could always start it after the baby is born.

I took it and my little didn’t have any issues but I also breastfed afterwards so idk if that had any positive effect on him not having withdraws

I didn’t take that medication but I will say the rule of thumb is the doctor will only prescribe if the need for the medication out weighs the effects. If it’s better for you to be on meds for the safety of mental health I’d do it. Maybe closer to the end of pregnancy get on a lower dose and ween off before birth


I would listen to the advice from your professional doctor than people on fb :see_no_evil:


I took Zoloft through my whole pregnancy and am still on it. My daughter had no ill effects whatsoever. She is 14 months old now. Trust me, your mental health is important for a healthy pregnancy.

Nope! My son came out completely fine!!! No withdrawal what so ever

I took it the last three weeks and he seemed to have no affects, but talk to your dr. My son had PAC but that was prior to me starting the medication.

I took Zoloft during my whole pregnancy and it was the highest dose and my baby never once experienced withdrawals. And the Zoloft does help when your depressed and pregnant, I went from being a sad person that pushed everyone way to having enough energy and happiness to do things outside of the house with family and friends.

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I took Zoloft and my daughter had no withdraw issues!

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I took Zoloft before and with my 2nd pregnancy and am still taking it now with my 3rd. No problems whatsoever with my 2nd baby. Make sure you listen to what your OBGYN and your psychiatrist tell you to do as every situation is different.

And I take 50 Mg a day which is a fairly high dose.

My doctor told me it wasn’t that safe to take…

I took Lexapro with no issues

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I took it before, during and after my pregnancy. My daughter is a perfectly healthy almost teenager.

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I never took the medicine while pregnant but I can tell you this. All medication has a risk to your baby. But being mentally or physically unhealthy also poses a risk to your baby. I would encourage you to talk to your doctor and SO about the risks of your mental health and the medicine. Then you and your SO need to weight which is potentially worse. You could lose your baby if your symptoms are bad enough. But this is your decision as the mommy. And I’m sorry to say, the decisions just get harder from here. But you’ll get better at figuring them out. You’re a strong woman and you can do this!!


This needs to be between you and your doctor. Period. I’m surprised the admin allow questions like these.

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I’m taking buspar, non addictive and works really well for me.

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Zoloft is the safest ssri for pregnancy and lactation. I cannot speak from experience but I am a nurse practitioner and thats what we were taught

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My doctor said it was better to be on medicine. My little one didn’t cry when when she was born, actually didn’t cry for two days! She did not go through any withdraw that my husband and I noticed. Do you momma

I took Zoloft for both my kids. No side effects.

It’s a convo you should have with your doctor. You can explore your concerns and ask questions. You can ask if it makes a difference of when you take it/start it in your pregnancy. But keep in mind that untreated depression in pregnancy has its own consequences. So you just have to weigh the pros and cons with your doctor. :heart:

Everyone will have their opinions! Some will be positive “my child is perfect,” while others express they believe the drug caused difficulties. The fact that you are reaching out for advice seems as though your gut is already giving you the answer. You are an amazing mama so be searching for help and determined to the right thing! I highly encourage you to ask specific questions such as “what studies have been done?” “Have studies been done on animals other than rats?” “What did the studies show?” The answers will help as the answers are based on facts. Per my research, a couple of years ago, there had only been two studies that were done in rats. Trace amounts of zoloft was found in babies however it is inclusive as to exactly how much and if the “trace amount” can be harmful. YOU will make the best choice because YOU are mama! Ignore rude comments and take everything you read as a tool to help you make the best choice.

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Everyone is different but I took it with both my children and had no issues nor did my kids.
Your mental health is very important.

I think at the end of the day you have to be able to live and enjoy your life. Our brains have what is called the “blood brain barrier”, and babies in the womb do not. So when we take medication of ANY KIND, our brains say wait what is this and slowly release it. Babies cannot do this so they get the full dose. Baby needs a healthy mom no matter what but talk to professionals and educate yourself of the risks

I take it along with buspirone and my first child was perfect had no issues and now pregnant with my second and I no that I have to stay on it for my health and both my kids

Mine didn’t show any symptoms. It’s one of the safest SSRIs for pregnancy and lactation. You can utilize the infant risk and lactmed data bases for scientific research regarding how babies are effected or not affected by certain meds