Questions for mamas who use the diva cup

Has anyone tried the diva cup? I am sick of pads and tampons and the diva cup interests me, but I am not sure… It also kinda creeps me out a little for some reason… Help!


I like the cup. It took a couple attempts to place it in to right point where it fit well, was comfortable and did not leak. I have more confidence wearing it.


There are tons of different ones you can try a lot of people love them I can’t use them due to my height and issues getting it in and out but a lot of people love them they have disks ones and cups

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I personally have used the diva cup and I hated it. I think for women that have had children diva cup is not the right cup to use.
I use Luv ur Body cup and it’s the best for heavy flow.
At the end of the day you have to find the right fit for you… what works for you. …
all in all I haven’t bought a tampon in more than year. Best decision ever…

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I have one and LOVE :cupid: it. I just change mine while in the shower for easy clean up. They can be a bit tricky to get the hang of, but if done right they are great! It makes swimming way more enjoyable, saves money, and is good for the planet. Try it! What do you have to lose?

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My daughter’s are all big fans and I am thinking of converting

I like the cup. It took me awhile to get used to it, but less leaks than tampons and pads

I am not a mother but I used the cup and I liked it. I went swimming and had no leaks. But later I did have leaks because the normal cup didn’t hold enough for me. I just ordered the FLEX cup because it has a string like structure attached that makes it easier to get out.

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I use it . I love it .

It’s soooo much better than pass and tampons if you can get it comfortable. (If not, try a smaller cup like June cup)

I’ve been using a cup for 15 years. You definitely need to be comfortable touching your own body and getting the hands…dirty. But it was a lifechanger for me. So much less waste and I haven’t had a yeast infection since. I only buy veeda pantiliners and use them for the first couple days.

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I definitely am skeptical as well. How do you even pull that thing out without swishing blood all over yourself or spilling it everywhere?


I like it but it definitely was a transition. Sleeping with it is the best. I don’t wake up to leaks and no fear of tss

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I prefer the flex disc but same idea. It’s been awesome!

I switched to a diva cup and I will never go back to anything else. It has a learning curve i feel like but it’s been amazing. I also have pretty bad pcos and its helped with those symptoms as well.

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For anyone curious, join this group!

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Ive used an eva cup for a few years but I could never really use it on my 2 heaviest day (the rest of the time works like magic) I decided to buy a diva cup in Hope’s it would work better for my heavy days but nope still leaked within and hour…any ideas why this happens with a cup?

I have used both The Diva Cup as well as Softdiscs. Diva Cup is better for long term wear. Neither option are fool proof so I suggest staying home the first time you try it or getting those period underwear to wear with it. With the Diva Cup after a few times wearing and inserting and removing it you really can feel when it’s not quite in right

Love my cup!!! Its easy to use and there is very little mess for those who are wondering. There is a little stem to grab onto to pull it out and then you can just pour the blood into the toilet. To insert it you have to put your thumb and pointer finger in your vagina but it’s simple. Can wear up to 12 hours if your flow is light enough. I usually can get away with 8 hours. I like to wear a panty liner just in case tho. My favorite thing about the cup is the fact that you save money on pads and tampons and the cup itself will last years. I think the package says 10 years. I’ve had mine for 4 years

I’ve been using the cup for 2 and 1/2 years years and I absolutely love it. I’ve never went back to tampons. The unfortunate thing is is you do have to wear a panty liner as sometimes the cup does leak but it’s absolutely worth it

You should try the Flex cup. I have extremely heavy periods and it works so well. It is so comfortable compared to the Diva and Luna cups I have. Its definitely worth every penny.

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Love it. Still have pads for back up

My daughter uses them and loves them

I have 2 different cups. I use the Saalt cup and the flex cup as well as the flex discs when I have an immergency and love them so much!

The cup is a game changer. I pair it with some thinx like period underpants and I’m so comfy.
I will never go back to anything else

My daughter uses a diva cup. She said it is a bit tricky, at first. She loves it.

I’ve love the diva cup! It’s a learning curve at first but keep up the using it and you get it! Once you get the hang of it, love it! Lots of YouTube vidoes helped when I started.

Has anyone used it and had an IUD? I want to try it so bad but I’m concerned that the suction would pull it out

I’m using the flex cup and it’s been pretty awesome

I started using it after my son was born. Not quite used to it to use only that yet but it’s not bad so far

I recently started using the Flex Discs. I have super heavy periods and go through TONS of ultra tampons. Since using the discs i noticed that I don’t cramp or leak. I love them.

It takes time to learn how to position it but totally worth it!!

My friend uses it and swears by it for years now. I had pain from it but my Doc said it could be from my body shape or something to do with my endometriosis but either way is still cool idea

It’s worth it. I have a heavy flow and it has saved me a LOT of money on tampons. It takes a bit to get used to taking out/ in, but, you only have to do it like twice a day. It doesn’t hurt. You don’t even feel it there. You don’t have to worry about bleeding through. I can’t believe I waited so long to try it. The only frustrating thing is learning how to get it in correctly but once you get used to that it’s cake. I totally recommend it

I love my cup! Been using it for about a year and a half. I’ll never go back. I just got some period panties as back up. There’s definitely a learning curve and you have to be comfortable with your body.

I can’t bring myself to do it. I’m the person that would end up at ED because it was stuck :raising_hand_woman:t2::roll_eyes:

I love it! I don’t use the Diva brand. I get mine off amazon for about $15. Have used for years now. Less cramping. Less cost. Less trash going back into the world. Also they don’t have to be cleaned with any special product. I wash mine with hot water and soap. It’s recommended to boil them after each cycle to sanitize. I sometimes do, sometimes don’t.


I started using it and I loved it!! I was sketchy at first and checking it frequently. By my third cycle of using it I was confident enough to know that I could go so many hours. It was life changing!

I love it! My cycle went for 7days to 5 days. It seems less messy to me also. I have the cleanser for it and just wash it a couple of time a day. It’s also kinda interesting to see what exactly your flow is bc it has measurement lines on the side…

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I just had my first period in 5 years (I had a IUD) and I was dreading it so I tried the pixi cup and it was amazing!! My period last 4 days and it felt way more sanitary. It holds all day so no need to mess with it while away from home. I recommend trying it!

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I love mine so much. Not only is it more cost effective and better for the environment, I found that it has cut down on the length of my periods and the amount of cramping. I have no scientific proof of this or reasoning for it, but I do know that several
of my friends who use it say the same thing. Also, someone above said you have to use specific things to wash it out and wipe it down. I never have. Super convenient and easy. You can also go way longer between changing/rinsing out than with tampons.


I’ve just started using mine and once I can figure it completely out I’m sure it’ll be great. I’m so tired is wearing pads ( can’t do tampons after my last baby for some reason) so I’ll be ordering another just for back up.

Love mine! Heavy bleeding and it’s perfect. Takes a little getting used to like anything new

I love mine. Has changed how I look at my period for the better! Cost effective nature friendly. Lots of pros to this product!

I love mine it took some getting used to and getting the positioning right but once you do its awesome so much more cost effective and no having to carry around extra tampons and change every few hours and holds quite a lot

I use it and have been for almost 2 years! I have 2 kids. I suggest you be home the first week you try it so that you can learn how to properly place it and take it out. I have heavy bleeding like 2 of them in 1 cycle due to the shape of my uterus. I have to empty mine out a couple times a day the first 2 days but other than that, my cramps are little to none.

I tried the Diva cup and didn’t like it. So I gave up for a while. I decided to try again and went with the Athena cup and it was a life changer! You won’t regret it! I agree with other posts, shorter and less painful and it’s wonderful!!!

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I’ve tried multiple cups and flex disks’s, they don’t work for me. The disks work better than the cups for me but they still don’t stay like they are suppose to. Ive been told it may be because of my low tilted uterus.

I love mine. I still leak on the heaviest of days but only if I don’t empty it like when I’m sleeping. But in general, it’s cleaner, easier, no toxic shock.

I loved it. But my cycle was so heavy I felt like I emptied it just as much as a tampon. On my heavy days I would go through a super or super plus in two hours. If you have a regular flow it may work better.

Only advice I have is you have to get the right size! If it doesn’t work out first time try sizing up/down!! Having the wrong size is the worst part


I love it took some getting use to but being able to go long periods of time with out having to change a pad or tampon is awesome I work outside so not always access to bathrooms most the day

I love mine. Being in my 40’s my period was heavier and leaking. Using the diva cup, I can enjoy life, sports and not worry about accidents.

I’m too afraid to try it . Ever since I got my iud , I barely have any “ flow “.

I use flex discs! Total game changer for me. I’ve been using for 7-8 months now and wished I had found them sooner!! My cramps are gone completely and my skin breakouts that I only got when my period started has been but by more then half. I got my recent period with no signs it was coming and couldn’t believe it. I haven’t changed my diet, don’t exercise except chasing 4 kids around.


Been using for 17 years. Bought a replacement Juju cup but the old one still going strong (though discoloured). I could never go back to disposable products, but have invested in a few lovely pads too. Do what works.

It took getting used to but I love mine. No discomfort, no packaging, no worrying about anything anymore. It takes getting used to initially but it’s so worth it

I use a different brand and it’s life changing. I know that sounds dramatic but I mean it. I switched a year ago (I’m 39) and wished Id known about the cups 25 years ago. Feel free to pm me any questions x


I use the brand Lena. Complete game changer!! My cramps have almost completely gone away. Lena is not as hard as the diva cup plus it’s made out of medical grade silicon and when you order you get 2 different sizes. But do your research to find the best one for you. There’s alot of different sizes, styles, and brands

I’ve been using the diva cup for almost 10 years. I still keep pantiliners around for my heavy days but don’t always need them.

I love mine, I still wear pads as a security measure because my flow went haywire lately, but usually it’s fantastic

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I can’t do the reusable cups. I use Flex discs, which are essentially disposable cups


I love it. I usually only use it when I go to the beach, hiking, or anytime I’m not going to be around a bathroom for several hours. I don’t have real heavy periods so I’m able to wear it for most of the day. I just dump it out in the shower and rinse it off. It’s definitely gross but not the worse thing in the world. It beats having to worry about trying to find somewhere to change a pad or tampon!

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I love it! I’m never going back to pads and tampons. My cramps have decreased and my periods have been shorter.

I use disposable ones, called instead, I believe. Love them
Significantly fewer cramps!

I use it, I love it, it takes some getting used to, but once you get the hang of it it is an absolute life changer

Loved it when I use to have a cycle! Was weird at first but ended up being the best decision ever!

Has any body had issues for the suction release of these products ? I was informed by a friend that her doctor told her IF women do not release the suction on these products properly can cause prolapse in some cases ? Just asking folks I’m past periods so have never used the cups I didn’t even know they were a thing until my daughter used them

I have used the Diva and another brand made in Finland (whose brand name currently escapes me) for the last 7 years. Total game changer. There is a learning curve, but once you get the hang of it there’s no going back.

Love my Ruby cup and Saalt cup!!! I have been using a cup for 3-4 years and I will never go back!! Some people have noticed shorter lighter periods and less cramping since switching ( I have). Definitely look up all the different brands because so much is based off of your body. They make cups for high cervix, low cervix, soft ones for sensitive bladder, curved cups, bell shaped cups, v shaped cups etc. has great information. They have a chart that compares several different cups and also a quiz that gives you a few brands that would probably work best.

-Reusable so you save money (typically good for 5-10 years)
-no more leaks
-no chemicals
-extremely low risk of TSS
-can be worn for up to 12 hours
-no more smell
-sooo comfortable!!! (seriously I forget it’s in and that I’m on my period)
-environmentally friendly no waste (you just burn it when it’s no longer good)
-get more familiar with your body

-figuring out how to use it.
-picking the wrong one and wasting that money

Let me warn you… I used one and loved it for a few months until one day I was sitting there and I’m not sure if I turned weird before standing up but the damn thing lost all suction and completely spilled out… talk about flooding ewwww… luckily I was at home when it happened and not out in public somewhere… haven’t worn one since

I’ve seen great reviews for the disc style of the concept! Can’t remember the brand!

I love it! HELPS with my cramping and its so nice… i will never use anything else again!

I’ve been looking into washable pads, I have such a light flow that i feel like the disposable pads are a waste of money and I’m so tired of them not sticking right and folding up when I’m sleeping. I just dont have the extra money for them yet :confused:

Ive only used one trying to get pregnant, havent tried it during my period… it was different trying to get it in there right but it wasnt uncomfortable or anything…all you can do is try it out for yourself!

I’m using the flex cup right now. I’ve only had it one cycle but so far I like it. I still have to use a pad though to make sure I don’t leak.

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As long as you aren’t a super heavy bleeder and know basic sanitary practices, they are good. If you bleed excessively it’s just a pain.

I love it. Less cramping, I can go longer between changes, and although it can be messy it’s so much less painful that I really don’t care. I don’t even realize it’s there most times!

I use it and love it! I wish I would’ve started using it years ago.

I got one of amazon and it is amazing!!! Totally changed my view on period week.

I liked flex disc. It fit better for me.

Sooo, what about using these while at work? Do you have to rinse after each use? That’s my one issue. Please let me know. I hate using tampons and wanna try this but don’t wanna have to deal with having to rinse it out in a public bathroom—or is it not a factor because it holds all day?

Yes! I don’t use the diva cup brand I use a different brand but best decision ever

I use the Flex Cup and it has been life changing. I’ll never go back to tampons and pads.

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I tried it and it freaked me out. It’s messy. I may not have been doing it right :rofl:

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I love it. I’ve been using a year or so, and I’m not going back!

I’ve got the Luna it’s great! I’m saving so much on tampons I normally go though 2 boxs of supers each period

I don’t but my sister uses a cup, not the diva cup specifically, and likes it.

I don’t use the Diva cup but I do use a mensural cup. I LOVE them!!!

I prefer Flex Discs. I never did have a good experience with the Diva cup or a few other similar style products.

I loved it, however it was a little messy taking out…

I used something similar to the diva cup. I enjoyed it better than pads/tampons.

I use it. It was scary af the first time. But now it’s simple.

Love it. Tried it and buy Diva brand. Knock offs not nearly as good!

I hated it. I invested in thinx period underwear and they are so much better and way more comfortable

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I tried it multiple times and it was so uncomfortable no matter how much I used it and tried different positions etc. I guess my vaginal canal just isnt built for that type of thing

I tried it and I could feel it… didn’t like it

Following, I tried flex disc and it leaked, I’m 98% sure I used it correctly.

I used cup but now use discs I like them

im not a momma but I use the diva cup and will never go back to tampons