Questions for moms who had children far apart in age

My youngest daughter is about to turn 11. I am currently 22 weeks pregnant with what will be my 3rd daughter. I’m hoping to hear from some mama’s that have had such a large age gap between pregnancies, specifically when it comes to labor and delivery. My first labor was just under 12 hours, and my second was just under 6. Did your body react the same? Did you deliver any quicker or slower? I’m curious to hear others’ experiences! Thanks!


I’m wondering the same, I’m 22 weeks on my 3rd and my youngest is 9 my oldest is 11. My labours on them were quick and easy. My first came a day before his due date and my 2nd was 11 days late. Both quick labours with no complications.

My oldest & youngest are 12 years apart. I have 2 in between but inmy experience labor has gotten less difficult and less time in duration each time
Oldest 24 hours
2nd 13 hours
3rd 10 hours
4th 6 hours

I went very quickly my daughter is 9 I had my baby in March

My oldest daughter is 16 yrs and son is 13 yrs. My 3rd child was born last year. It was a shorter labour but all 3 were induced. I was more relaxed because I knew what to expect. Good luck and enjoy you little ones!

I have a six year gap between two kids. My second was a lot better then the first. I am in the same boat as you right now. My youngest is going to be 11 next month and I’m being induced with my second little girl at the end of the week. Wishing you all the best

For me the gap sucks

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My kids ages are 23,16,10,9 every labor is different I had complications on my last two and for my 16 year old she was born 30 minutes after I got to the hospital and for my 23 year old it was easy

My oldest is 40 and my youngest is 24. My only children. Both boys. Labor with first was 6 hrs and easy delivery. He weighed 7.14, 22inches long. Second was 2 1/2 hours. Very easy delivery. He weighed 5.13, 18 1/2 inches long.

I’ve 2 boys 0ne at 12 nearly 13. And 0ne at 8 months my second labour was worse than my first. Age gaps not a problem for me he helps out lol.

I love the gap I have such a sweet gentle caring daughter who absolutely admires her sister the bond is incredible. She is such an amazing helper. So for now it’s great idk if she will be the same in high school. My girls are 11 and 8 months.

I have 2 that are 2 yrs apart. Labor was about the same. That was almost 6 yrs ago and I now have a 2 month old and labor was a lot quicker!

My son is almost 19, my daughter is almost 16 and my new little miracle is almost 2 months old. I dont think it’s too bad. It’s nice having the extra help sometimes

I have 1 who’s 7 and one who’s 10 months and labour’s were about the same tbh, I also love the gap x so much less stressful

My eldest is 10, 11 in January. my youngest is 3 in July. Two boys, only have the two. Was so much easier when my youngest was younger because my eldest wanted to help etc. Until my youngest started talking and walking. They do things together but sometimes my eldest just wants time on his own. It is so very hard.

My first labour was so smooth and easy (my body went straight back to normal after my first) my second was so very slow and complicated and the worst of the two. (Took my body longer to go back to normal) x

Both natural births.

I had my daughter’s 11 yrs apart and the labor was easier the 2nd time. It felt no different starting the baby mode over and my daughter loved becoming a big sister at 11 yrs old.

4 boys…18,16,13 & 2.
All were csection so no advice on labor but the age gap was good for me. All the older boys were and are more than helpful with him. The 2 year old has a different bond with each older boy and it’s truly beautiful to see how he interacts with each one.

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My first is 10 and was 25hrs
Second is 9 and was 30mins
Third is 2 and was 9hrs
I love the age gap. But labor’s were definately different.

Mine are 8 years apart. First was a difficult birth but 2nd was much faster and easier recovery.

My daughter turning 19 3 weeks after babys due date. Still waiting to find out if I’ll have to have a c section doc said I might be able to have natural birth.

I was wondering the same thing my youngest just turned 13 and I found out im 11 weeks pregnant… I had my 1st in 8 hrs my 2nd in 4hrs…

Nope didn’t make a difference had a seven year Difference the labor for my 3rd was 4 hrs 30 some minutes my 4th child the labor was 9 hrs

9 years apart from my brother and I hate it. 9 years apart for my mother and auntie and they hardly speak. Just a warning, get them doing things all the time together.

Oh and my mother said we were both 9 hours delivery. My grandma said both her daughters were 12 hours

Mine are 14 & 2. Both sections. First emergent and second planned. The babes had opposite personalities in utero. I had different life circumstances with each. That combined with my age is the hardest part

My kids are 22, 3.45hr labour, 20, 6hrs and 12 she was 6hrs, gap is fine for me, don’t regret it in slightest

My kids are 7 years different & have an amazing bond.!
Definitely a quick delivery… 13 hours with my first… 5 hours with the second.
Your body doesn’t forget no matter how long it’s been.

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My two oldest daughters are 15 and 16 years old…both c-sections. Now 35 weeks pregnant with my 3rd daughter…going for another c-section.
I opted for that because I know what to expect

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It’s the same I just had my son few days ago after 5 years my youngest is 6 and yes it’s the same

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I am currently almost 38 weeks with baby number 3. I as well have a large gap between my kids. My two now are 13 and 9. From baby one to baby two my labor was much more faster. Labor 1 was 12 hrs, labor 2 was half that. I am already 2cm dilated with this pregnancy. I can’t answer how labor will be obviously but being i am older now, in my 30s there has been a lot different. First trimester i was a walking zombie and worn out with anything and everything i did. I also have gestational diabetes this pregnancy and not with my other 2. My doc is already planning on taking me a week early due to it being baby 3 and he said things will move very much faster. My sister in law was in labor for about 1.5 hrs delivered my nephew within 30 mins getting to hospital. Hope i gave you some insight. Best of luck!

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I have a 16 year old son, 8 year old daughter, and a 4 month old daughter. My kids are all close. My oldest 2 have your normal sibling quarrels, but they have such a strong bond. My new baby girl loves her siblings, and they help so much with taking care of her. All three we’re cesarean…first one was the hardest recovery. My last cesarean was at age 38, and I was expecting it to be harder, but it was my easiest.

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I have a 13 year old 10 year old and a 1 year old. This last pregnancy was really hard on my body I was high risk but I was also older. When it comes to labor I was induced and it took all day until I caved and got an epidural (I was trying really hard not to get it) after the epidural I was more relaxed and had him within the hour. Both my boys (first and last pregnancy) where a long birthing process.

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I have a 27 year old a 22 year old and a 13 year old. I live that they are spaced apart. Makes things so much easier. My 22 year old and 13 year old are close. Z

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I have a 15 year old, 12 year old, and almost 2 year old. I was surprised at how close the older 2 are with our youngest. Once I go into labor, everything moves incredibly fast…my 1 at 42 minutes, 2nd was 15 minutes, and my 3rd was just under 1.5 hrs.

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My oldest is 12 and the baby is 7 weeks. The baby decided to be stubborn and had to have a c section which was cool because I got my tubes tied at the same time. It has been an amazing blessing bc my oldest is just like a mom and is so helpful. Honestly I would be struggling more without her

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I have a 14 yr old, 4 yr old and 9 week old and literally every pregnancy and delivery was different. My second delivery was actually my longest lol I think bc and there was a longer age-gap it was almost like having a child again for the first time. My recent delivery was my easiest and quickest. I will say the recovery on my first was the worst by far…she got stuck and I had a 4th degree tear even tho I had her within 15 mins ofpushing. My second took an hour of pushing and was a 12 hr labor and my last was an induction and pushed 20 mins 0 tears and labor lasted about 8 hrs. The oldest and 4 yr old are very close but it’s been a challenge with the 4 yr old and newborn lol she loves him but isnt liking not getting the attention she used to.

My boys are 7 years apart. My OB told me that after 5 or 6 years it’s like starting all over for your body and that was pretty true for me. Both boys were preterm labor, labors were very easy, easy recovery and easy going babies all together.

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I have 3 daughters 24 ( nearly 25 ) 22 and 3 !!! So the older ones where 21 an 18, my pregnancy was completly different, with the older 2 id had severe morning sickness right up till the day they where born , only had occasional morning sickness with the little one, with big ones i had pre eclampsia an was hosptlised a few times through my pregnancys an was induced with both at 40 WKS an 38 weeks labours where very fast an 2 hrs 20 mins with eldest 1 hr 15 with middle one which meant no time for pain killers an my body went into shock afterwards.
With little one i was hosptlised a few times for contract ing an á little blood clot coming out in a blood test an something happened with my heart so was put on blood thinning injections from 24 weeks to 6 weeks post birth, was also induced with her at 39 weeks but coś i was classes high risk i had an epidurial when id be in labour for about 50 mins dont know if it sliced down my labour or it was just that my body was so much older then but I was in labour for 10 hrs id assumed shed flý out as tje other 2 had been so so quick.
Good luck honey xxx

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My daughter and son is 24 years apart is was a easy birth 4 hours my son on the other hand was c- section cause his heart rate slowed down every time I pushed

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I had my last when my oldest was 13 and my middle was 10. All three pregnancies were completely different.

My first was easy, the whole pregnancy and labor. Slight morning sickness at the beginning. I had silent labor and barely noticed the contractions. Only felt pain when it was time to push. Active labor was around 3 hours.

My second I was ill the entire pregnancy, could not keep anything down except steamed rice or unsalted crackers. Had an emergency c-section. Also had silent labor and barely noticed the contractions.

My third pregnancy was ok. Had a persistent rash on my stomach and a come and go morning sickness. I had contractions for months and felt every single one of them. My water broke at home (something that didn’t happen with my first two) and I was in active labor for 56 hours.

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First daughter was 16 hours of hard labor and delivered naturally. I was 19. My second daughter I was 33 and had her by c-section…a week overdue

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My boys are 9 years apart and adore each other

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My kids are 18, 15, 12, 3, and 17 months. All my labors were long except for my 3 yo.

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7 years apart for my two kids. First one was 24 hours and the second was a week. Started off strong contractions for 17 hours but then just stopped. They sent me home and was getting contractions for a week afterward was so tired. Went from 10 minutes apart to 30 minutes apart was just not dilating. Then the 6 hours before he was born they just jumped to 2 minutes apart and then he was here. Long labours for me :unamused:

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My boys are 10 years apart. Both my pregnancies & deliveries were pretty similar. 12 & then 10 hours of labor after my water broke with both. Both born 3 days before my due date. The pushing was a little longer/harder with my youngest though…He weighed almost 2 pounds more

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My older brother and I are 22 months apart. We fought like crazy. We are in our 40s now. We aren’t super close but we’re family.
Our mom remarried when I was 11. My younger brothers are 13 and 16 yrs younger than me. They were my babies! My older brother and I spoiled them. I went off to college when the youngest wasn’t quite 2 yrs old. They stayed overnight in the dorms with me, and they experienced so much of my life with me.
They became uncles at young ages and adored their niece.
The older of the two passed away 6 years ago. He had a very close relationship with my son whom was 5 at the time. The youngest brother is now 26 and still my baby brother :heart:

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7 years apart my girls

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My oldest is 11 and I had a difficult delivery with him 12 hours of labor emergency c-section due to his cord being wrapped around his neck. My second is 18 months labor wasn’t as bad and very fast only about 6 hours I was going for a vbac but I had to have another c- section he passed a bowel movement and I wasn’t progessinng fast enough.

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My daughter is 16 years old and my son is 9 months. I was 17 with my first 32/33 with my 2nd. My 2nd pregnancy was harder and my labor was shorter but harder and I did it without pain meds. I dont think it’s the age gap more like my age that made it a tad bit harder. I love the age gap.

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My oldest is 9 almost 10 and she was definitely the longest labor. I pushed for almost 2 hrs with her. My middle child who is 7 almost 8 was shorter labor but it was a harder labor for me. Mostly because I couldnt get the epidural until I had so much antibiotics. My 3rd baby he is 3 almost 4 and it went super quick! Easiest labor I had. They gave me a peanut ball to put between my legs and he apparently liked it and came right out. Barely had enough time to get the dr in and get her gown on. I only pushed once with him. The peanut ball is amazing and I highly recommend it!

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My daughters are are almost 9 years apart, I currently have a almost 17 year old and a 7 1/2 year old. My first labor was 17 hours long and my second was 4 hours and very quick, she came too quick that I couldn’t get an epidural with her like I did with my first.

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I have a 15yr old and 3yr old twins. Csection with both and they were great. Never wanted vaginal birth. Its harder being an older parent tho. My littles adore big sister


I have a 14 year old and a 1 year old. They’re 13 years and 3 days apart. My labors went exactly the same both times. 7.5 hours. The second one seemed to hurt less, but she was also 2 lbs smaller.

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Thank you all for the input so far! Doctor is hopeful that this little one will be quick like my second :slight_smile:

My son is 16, my daughter is 2…i got induced with my son because of my BP. Induces at 5pm, had him at 2:36am… not easy, he didn’t want to come out. My daughter on the other hand, water broke around 7:30…dropped my son off at the grandparents, got to the hospital around 9…did paperwork, by the time i was checked i was 7cm…got up to a room, dressed, and boom she was ready, a few pushes she was out, 11:56!! No time for meds!! Haha

Some women have very quick labors. But it’s hard to predict future labor and delivery. All pregnancies are different no way to know for sure.

My oldest turns 10 this year, my youngest and only other is 16 months old. Both of my pregnancies were extremely problematic (pre-eclampsia and emergency induction on my daughter; placenta previa, subchorionic hemorrhage, gestational hypertension, ovarian cysts, and symphysis pubis dysfunction with my son, he was also an induced labor but not emergency).

My pregnancies weren’t typical. But both my kids are happy, healthy, and inseparable.

I’m not actually sure how long my labor was with my daughter because they administered a pain blocker due to my pre-eclampsia and I couldn’t feel the contractions at all. My midwife came in to check how dilated I was and my daughter was already about to crown.

With my son, contractions started at about 3 am. They checked how dilated I was at 6 am and told my I was at 5 cm. Immediately after that my water broke. She checked me again less than ten minutes after and I was at 7 cm. The nurses started having me roll from one side to the other repeatedly. Less than 20 minutes after I was pushing.

My boys are 13 years apart. My first was an easy 7 hour labor, no epidural, pushed 3 times. My second was 22 hours, epidural, and pushed for 1 1/2 hours.

My first was born 39 weeks and labor was super fast went in and I was 7cm and had him within the hour… hes 8 now. My daughter just turned 2… with her I had alot of issues during pregnancy which resulted in emergency c section at 27 weeks… crazy how each can be so different.

I have a 9 year old and just had my 4th , 2 months ago. Delivery was just as smooth as with her. Postpartum definitely took a bit longer to “feel normal” since I was 23 when I had her and now I’m 32 lol but it wasn’t bad. You got this :blush:

Each and every pregnancy is different even down to the delivery dispute time between. Ive had 3 fairly close deliveries 2005, 2006, 2008 labored 9 hours, 8 hours, and 4 hours. Only 2 induced. Now we thought my 4th pregnancy, been induced would be easy peasy, haha 2015 I was induced at 39w and my cervix wouldn’t dilate. They had to use a balloon. Horrible thing, it hurt so bad. I was in labor so long I got a fever. Which meant baby automatically was going to go to the NICU. I labored almost 36 hours. My 4th i was induced at 39w in 2016 I labored 12 hours.

Mine is 16,10,and 1 1/2. The labor pain with my last wasn’t bad and was in labor for 10 hours but in the middle of that they stopped the contractions for a few hours cause his heart beats where slowing a bit. Then when his heart got stable on its own then started the contractions again. My middle he was a 12 hour labor. It was a challenge cause I would have contractions that would come fast and then slow down. That was a trip. Lol. My oldest was 32 weeks i also was in labor for several hours but they stopped it so her lungs could develop on a stairoid and then put me back in labor the following day and she was coming rather I was ready or not. All 3 of my kids where naturally born. The pregnancies were all different and hard along with the labor. Im 38 and done having kids.

I had my son Dec 6,1966. iwas 23. devorced and remarried 8 years later. On Dec 21,1977 I had a daughter. I always said she was the puppy dog he never had. he loved her and protected her her entire life. Now they are both married with children and they are still very close!!!

My last baby came 14 years after my twins…it was like have never given birth before…on and on to the hospital for waist pain and 3 days in labor the water came down first which i’ve never experienced from the rest 4 b4…though all birth and body are not the same good luck…God bless our children Amen

My boys are almost 10 years apart. My youngest just turned 10 in April & my oldest will be 20 in September. I was worried about them being so far apart in age, but I actually love it. They don’t want the same stuff, so they never fight over anything. My oldest had 10 years with me as the only child, and my youngest still kind of gets that experience too because his big brother spends most of his time locked in his man cave these past few years lol. I had an emergency c-section with my first, and a scheduled one with my second, so I can’t speak much on delivery. But I have found so many benefits to having the age gap, and really not many drawbacks.

My oldest first is 11 and I just haf a baby, well she’s 6 months now. Overall pregnancy was a little harder on me this time around. Maybe due to age 🤷 but also my 6 month old was 3 lbs heavier than my first. I was induced with both. The second time was much quicker but I was sore alot longer. Again maybe due to my age and also her being a much larger baby.

I have age gaps. I had my babies when I was 26, 33, 37, and 39. Hard labors every single time. Well, one was a scheduled section but the other 3 were days long labors. Sorry. Some people have shorter labors after their first, but the truth is there are so many variables that affect it. Being physically healthy and fit helps some. I wouldn’t worry too much about that. Each labor is its own & you really just have to go with what feels right at the time. I was very fit and active with the 3rd baby (pregnancy). The pregnancy was a LOT easier, but the labor was no easier.

I have three kiddos all aged 3-4 (twin boys are 3, oldest is 4 1/2), the first labor was the worst (72 hours in labor, induced, episiotomy, you name it.)The twins were easy believe it or not! (c-section) no pain no discomfort! (Literally 3 hours in labor, BAM done!) On the other half of the story, I’m speaking from personal experience when I say in my dads family my oldest brother is 30, my youngest sibling is 12 (I’m 25 and I have 7 siblings) We all grew up together, know each other, and love each other :slightly_smiling_face: and the oldest is 18 years difference from the youngest! :joy: it will all work out mama! Keep that head up!(:

My oldest is 10, middle is 7 and youngest is 10 months. Labor was quick as far as dilating goes but rough because baby had his head sideways and he went into distress, he pooped and i had to be put on pitocin because contractions slowed down. After 3 hours of pushing, he arrived and cried after about a minute or 2 of nurses cleaning everything out. It is always possible for something to happen, but everybody’s experience is different. Good luck to you and congrats!

My older 2 children were 10 years old (9 hr labor) and 8 years old (6 hour labor) when our youngest was born and his labor was 8 hours. Good luck!! :footprints::two_hearts:

My older daughter is getting ready to turn 12 at the end of the month and I just had my 2nd child in March. Labors and deliveries were totally different. I was induced with both, the first was 11 hours of labor and a very traumatic birth and hard recovery. The second was 25 hours of labor but birth and recovery were very easy. I totally believe the saying that every pregnancy is different, while you somewhat know what to expect it could also be completely opposite of what you’ve experienced before

My youngest is 27 days old. His sisters are 14,15,and 16. With each of the girls labor was a bit easier. This time everyone, including my OB, expected him to be born early and labor to go quickly. I ended up being induced at 39 weeks and the entire process took 12 hours. Two hours longer than with his youngest sister. I felt like the labor experience itself was comparable to the other three. No problems bouncing back physically either even though I’m 40. The age gap is awesome because they are more than able to help out.

My children are about 5.5yrs apart, my body didn’t want to go into labor naturally this 2nd time, but once my water was broken my daughter came into the world 38min later, so quickly that I have been encouraged to have a scheduled induction next time I’m pregnant, to avoid having my next child without any medical help.

My son was jealous at first but now he’s her best friend, he loves playing with her and has already vowed to always protect her

There is 8 years between my youngest son and my daughter. She is about to be 2 in October. He will be 10 in September. My labors have been a little longer with each child, my first was just over 8 hours from the time my water broke, contractions started 3 hours in, my second was just over 10 hours and my last was just over 14 hours from the time my water broke but I didn’t start feeling contractions till about 9 hours in. They had to give me Pitocin to get things moving since my body wasn’t making any progress on its own after my water broke. She came 3 weeks early. First and last were all natural and my second I had an epidural so I was feeling pretty damn good the whole time.

I’ve 16 year old, 2 and a half and 6 months lol my first was natural the rest where all c sections one due to baby being breech and the last one due to gestional diabetes and he was a big one lol

My oldest step daughter is 13, and I just had a baby 5 months ago. I don’t think age matters, all my kids have helped with the baby and there are 5 kids total in my family. They help so much. As for labor and delivery all 3 of mine were under 10hrs for labor. And all 3 of mine were early. Just remember every pregnancy is different, even with me all 3 of mine were very different.

Keeps you young! I have a 20 year old daughter, a 17 year old son and an 11 year old son. My boys are the best of friends. My labors were quick with each - my youngest was actually born in the ER bay (and would have been born in the car if not for my pants!)

My kids are 14 years apart, and everything about the delivery was different!!! I had a scheduled c-cection with my son, and since I was so much older (41) with my daughter, a vback wasn’t an option for me. She was supposed to be a scheduled c-cection, but my water broke the day before!!! They were both c-cections, but the experiences were totally different!!! She absolutely adores her big brother, and he is so protective of her!!! I am 17 years older than my youngest brother, and he is just an amazing person!!!

All my kids are on average 5 years apart… Oldest 2 is 8 years. Its fine. It’s alot easier to handle than a bunch of littles at the same time. The older one learns valuable life lessons, and the youngest has a role model. It kinda keeps them in line and close knit. Little rivalry between the middle two, but nothing serious.

My kids are 3 days shy of 10 years apart…I was induced with both of them. My oldest was born after 15 hours of labor and my youngest was 18 hours of labor. I had my oldest naturally as the epidural failed and with my daughter I ended up with 2 epidural because first one failed but started working at the same time at 2nd one began working. My son is my oldest and he was a huge help with taking care of his baby sister and now 4 years later they are still really close considering the almsot 10 yr age difference. I love the age difference between my kids

My oldest is 17 whom I was in labor with for 36.5 hours, my middle is 15 whom I labored with for 4.5 hours and my youngest is 13 months. My last pregnancy flew by and the delivery was pretty quick. 3.5 hours from start to finish. My older 2 are great help, I dont use them as built in babysitters but if they are home and my little is napping I will run out to the store and grab what I need then be home before he wakes up. It’s nice to get the breaks

My fourth (son) was after 3 daughter’s - 13, 9, 7 at age of almost 42. He’s wonderful, and the girls embraced it. Eldest is his godmother, other two are fairy godmothers :rofl:. Births were not much different- I go fast - he was one push! The girls all had different roles ( that they took on by themselves) eldest was sitter and helped in maintenance, Second was second mother - always second guessing me - ‘Mom, are you breastfeeding him enough…’ , third was playmate. All grown up now, he’s almost 21, eldest 34, second 30, third 28- he’s been the best last piece of the puzzle - enjoy! It’s a wonderful world! First birth was 5 hours, second 1 hr 11 minutes, third 2 hours 3 minutes, fourth 3 hours 9 minutes. Third and fourth both tried to come early by a month.


My last two were quicker. My oldest is 11 years older than her brother and he’s 4 years older than his baby sister. My first pregnancy was easier though because I was younger and not overweight. With the other two I had alot of problems because of my age and my health. The teenager is a huge help in caring for her younger siblings although they do fight.

I’m 15 years apart from my baby sister and I absolutely love her! It was an adjustment but having 8 siblings all together is great! My other sisters are 12-14 years apart from the baby as well.

I have 3 boys almost 10 years apart each. 24, 13 and 4. Each pregnancy was different. Oldest was longest labor. Youngest was the easiest and he was my biggest baby.

Mine are 6 years apart. It’s been great because the oldest was at school so I could focus on the baby and sleep. He was also able to help with watching his brother. The downside sometimes is finding activities to keep them both interested. I wouldn’t change a thing.

Mine were 24,16 and a newborn at the time I was 42. Now they are 34,26 and 10 and my 2nd was the hardest at 28 yrs old he was breach and I had him,the last one was a girl at 42 and was a natural birth no meds period and pregnancy was by far as enjoyable as the first 2 with no complications at all.

I have a 30 year old, 22, 20, 18, and 9! All of my labors were fairly short and easy until my 4th, he was huge (9lbs 11oz)… but my last one was another easy one! My body actually went back to normal weight with my first and my last!
Best of luck!

I have 3 girls my oldest is 34, my middle is 30 and my youngest is 18 . My youngest was born with a liver disease, i had more patients with her then my older 2, it was truly a different experience with her. It took me 12 years to get pregnant with her my other daughters were amazing with her they actually helped me raise her. They take so much pride in their little sister. I found being an older parent was not that bad, but having a sick baby was heartbreaking cause I got what I wanted but hated what came with it…by the way she’s an amazing girl

My oldest is 10, my second is 4 and my youngest will be turning 1 in a couple of months. I love them being farther apart in age, it teaches them how to help out more.

My 1st and 2nd babies were 11 months apart. 1st labor was just under 6 hours, 2nd was less than 2 hours and they were both 100% natural. My last baby was 7 1/2 years younger than my first. i had a c section with my son due to him being breech and coming butt first. My daughters always felt like my son got better treatment than they did. They called him “the chosen one”

I have 2 older children, ages 22 and 20 when our “surprise” boy arrived 8 years ago. With my first 2, I had an epidural and in labor for roughly 4-4 1/2 hours and 2 pushes. My 8 year old…18 hours of labor and over an hour of pushing. He was also my smallest at 6.9 pounds. However, he was born sunny side up with his head wedged to the left. I think that played a huge difference in the length of labor.

My kids are 6 years apart. First one my labor was induced and about 16 hours and super tiring and difficult, and my dr used the vacuum to help get my son out. The second one was 10 hours super easy. Both boys weighed 8lbs 9oz.

My son just turned 14 last Sun, and my daughter is 18 months. Pregnancies and labor were similar…i just waited longer to go to the hospital with my 1st and I had back labor, had both with my last.

My daughter was 12 when I had my son. They are now 17 and 4 (almost 5). My oldest was a month early weighing in at 5lbs labor was 10 hours. My son, was full term 39 weeks 3 days to be exact weighed 7lbs 3oz was in labor for 6 hours. My daughter was super excited to be a big sister and she does a wonderful job at it too! There is 12 1/2 years between the 2 of them! Oh did I mention, I didn’t get the epidural for either one of them. By the time the Dr came, they had either already crowned or I was I pushing.

My first 2 are 2 years apart. Today they are 11 and 9, but 10 months ago I was blessed with a second baby girl. She is 10 months old and I love the large she gap. My older 2 are so helpful when I do and dont need it. They adore her. They coddle her and cater to her every whim (which is an issue with mama lol). I prefer the age gap actually lol. I was induced with all 3 of them. My oldest I was in labor for 24 hrs. Pushed for over an hour. My middle I was in labor for 12 hours and it took about 30 minutes. My baby I was in labor for 10 hours and pushed for 10 minutes. The last one was rough on me. My heart rate slowed dangerously low. So they were pumping me with heart medications. But as soon as I had her it went back to normal and she was perfectly fine and healthy. We left the hospital 18 hours later. Good luck mama

My oldest is 8.5 and I labored for 22 hours pushed for over 3. My second is 4 weeks and I was in labor for 16 hours but only pushed for 20 minutes. The doctor told me that since there was such a large age gap it was basically like having a second first and that I only pushed for a shorter amount of time because I didn’t get an epidural with my second.

I have a 14, 11, 4 and 2 year olds. I was 25 with the first labor and 37 with the last one, I definitely had a harder time with the last 2 pregnancies and deliveries at an older age. But having a pair of older kids and a pair of younger kids has made it easier I think than if I would’ve had all 4 spaced out evenly.

I have 15 years between my last 2 and I had super easy births with the first 3, but the last one water broke on Sunday and no contractions or baby until late Tuesday. And holy hell I hurt. The only time I got a blessed epidural.

My son will be 12 this month and my labor with him was easy. My daughter, who is 9 wasn’t easy. I was in labor with her for 24 hours. I recently had a daughter May 12th and I had to be induced with her. I wasn’t in labor no more than 6-7 hours but my pregnancy was hell.