Scared to tell my family that I am pregnant

I found out that I am 9 weeks pregnant. I am so terrified to announce the news to my family, I feel like a lot would be disappointed about it. The only person who knows is the father of the child. I have 2 sons age 5 & 3. Currently unemployed due to covid restrictions. I’m just really always overthinking how their reactions would be. A jobless single mother with 2 kids and another on the way… I know I can take on the responsibility of raising another child, My kids always come first in my life… I’m just scared right now… What if no one would be happy for me? how would I react if they were to be disappointed about me being pregnant?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Scared to tell my family that I am pregnant

Are you happy? That’s what matters.


Don’t worry about what others say or think! As long as you can handle another child, their opinions are irrelevant!

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Tell them to kick rocks. :woman_shrugging:

All babies are are little miracles that once they are here no one can imagine life without them. Don’t worry one bit mama❤️ you got this!

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Are you happy about the baby? That is all that matters NOTHING else as long as you can love and provide for that sweet baby. The opinions of others don’t matter


They will most likely express they are disappointed and then move forward and adore your baby or they’ll just be happy for you. Hope all goes well for you.

I missed out on a lot of the love and light that comes with having a precious baby with my first 2 because of how I felt vs how other people felt…da da da…I regret it every day. I wish I had enjoyed my pregnancies for me if not anyone else. I wish I wasn’t afraid to shine in the beautiful light my children were putting me in. I regret it every day. Being a mom is the best thing that ever happened to me and I love my kids with all of me. I let other people steal that joy from me. Don’t do that no matter how hard or uncomfortable it is. Just think about you and your babies. Others feelings are not your responsibility. Please, please, please don’t do that to yourself. If people are funny about it, just let it roll off. I promise you it won’t be that way forever. Much love! :heart:

How are you living? Are you own your own. Are you supporting your family? If so, why do you care?


I was scared to tell my family about our third… But let me tell you I felt a lot better once I did. Babies don’t always come when it feels right but they are always a blessing to our lives. You got this mama!


You don’t let the Debbie downers get to you. Ive never had anyone be thrilled or over the moon (except my ex mil of my oldest two) besides the father of my youngest two.(different dads. One is an ex husband and one is a current bf of 4yrs. Im Hving my 4th his second in jan 2022. I had my 3rd his first Jan 2019. My older two were 09 and 2011)

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Honestly as long as your happy and can take care of yours it doesn’t matter.

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I’m happy for you! Congratulations!

This is your baby ! Your family will be worried but they deep down will be happy if you are , be exited and don’t let them dull that!

So I have been married 9 yrs this December and we have 4 kids- Each time we were pregnant no one was exactly “happy” for us. But we were happy for each baby. Super excited each time.

So don’t let being a single mama make you feel like you don’t deserve to be happy about it. If YOU are happy and excited then that’s all that matters.

I hope they are happy for you bc i know how much it sucks but if they aren’t, don’t let that take away from YOUR happiness about baby. :blue_heart:


Lions don’t loose sleep over the opinions of sheep.

If it makes you happy, fuck what everyone else thinks.

I need more info… who’s supporting her and the 2 kids? If it’s family I can see why she’s scared.


If you’re happy about this pregnancy then that’s all that matters. Don’t worry about someone else’s opinion.

Its you’re body,you’re choice. Dont worry about what others say.As long as you are happy its ok.

Don’t let people get to you. If your happy with the pregnancy that’s all that matters. I have a 3 year old, an almost 2 year old and now a 6 week old and I can relate to how your feeling because I had the same worry but in the end as long as your surrounded by people who love and support you and your babies that’s all that matters !

Good thing other people’s opinions don’t really matter, even if they are family. Are you being supported by this family? In that case, you need to find work.

My grandma was upset and told me I could abort my son. She’s now wrapped around his finger and loves him so much and he loves her too. Just stand your ground. It’s YOUR baby. No one needs to be happy or disappointed, in order for YOU to be happy about it. But I know the feeling. I get it.

As long as you don’t rely on your family financially it’s your business… but if they pay for your roof, buy pampers, food etc then yeah they might not be happy, I wouldn’t be either.

How are you supporting yourself and your kids right now? If you are reliant on your family for support, housing or childcare, then they absolutely have the right to be upset. If you are doing it all on your own, then it doesn’t matter what they think, because it doesn’t affect their life.

If you are and the dad are happy about it that’s all that matters.