Should 9 And 13-Year-Olds Be Doing Yard Work?


"Should I be upset with my husband for making our 13 and 9-year-old daughters mow and weed eat? Let me start off by saying my husband is paraplegic and can't really use a mower in his wheelchair though he does weed-eat sometimes. I work full time, and I usually keep up with the mowing and weed eating, but we are short-staffed at the moment, and I am working 50-60 hour weeks sometimes at the hospital, so I've been slacking. I wanted to hire someone. Instead of paying someone to mow, he bought a small electric weed eater for my nine-year-old and had her weed eat, and my 13-year-old mow while I was at work. He took their phones and tablets away from them until it was done. Am I wrong for thinking they're too young for this kind of work? Especially the nine-year-old operating a weed eater?? He thinks I'm overreacting. Do your kids mow??"

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"Depends on the maturity of the kids. I’m sure dad made the right call."

"Of course it's ok for your kids to do yard work. It's your job to teach your kids how to take care of themselves when they get older, and yard work is part of that."

"They're def not too young for this kind of work and it teaches them how to maintain a lawn. I've been in the gardens harvesting and mowing lawns since I was a kid. Good on dad I say."

"I think it's great that he is teaching them this! Especially as young women in today's world. They're learning life lessons that will be invaluable to them as adults. Dad is teaching his daughters to be self-efficient! Next, he should teach them how to check the oil in a vehicle & how to change a tire! My dad did the same with me & I am forever grateful for that!"

"My 12 year old mows his grandpa's lawn on a riding mower. Both of those ages are old enough to do certain chores."

"That's awesome! Teaching an important life skill and how life is easier when the whole family works together."

"Yes you are wrong. You’re a family. The kids need to pull their weight and help out. Don’t spoil them. The world will not."

"There isn’t a thing wrong with it!!!! Daughters need to learn how to do everything because they never need to depend on a man to do it for them! Just like all sons should learn how to cook, clean and do laundry! Sometimes we are blessed enough to have that special significant other to help us; however, one should always be self-sufficient so that we never have to depend on anyone else!!!!!"

"No not at. Give the dad all hands on deck. Great job. Kids today have no idea about helping out. They are not to young. My grandson. Has been mowing my yard since he was 10. Weed eating with an electric one as well."

"Absolutely brilliant. More parents should get their kids involved. Raise kids who are capable of being able to do their own yard work. It is very good for your kids to be involved and will give them a sense of achievement."

"I commend this Dad for instilling a work ethic in his children early. It will clash with today's society, but with everything, in me, I believe that hard work pays off. Good job Dad."

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