Should a child be punished for not sitting still during a movie?

We’ll … first I’ll say that movie did suck lol we took our 9 year old and 3 year old last week and had the same experience. My little one needed a snack then to go potty … anything to leave. I took her and then came right back though bc I would have felt horrible wasting money as well. Plus, they need to learn to be patient. She dealt with it. I wouldn’t have just left so I can understand why your husband is upset.


That is not an age-appropriate activity, to sit for too long. Children at that age cannot be expected to sit still for longer than 10 to 15 minutes on average. Their attention span is about that long. So sitting any longer than that is really not fair. Your husband doesn’t know a lot about child development, obviously. The right thing to do was what you did by taking him out of the theater and doing something else. Punishing him for that is absolutely cruel and unfair.

Your husband sounds like he has some anger/aggression issues. A 4 year old is not designed to sit still for 2 hours. Pay attention to him at home… does he sit on the couch for 2 hours straight and watch a movie? No. He watches 5 minutes of it, then runs off to do something else. He comes back and watches 5 minutes, then runs off. He’s FOUR.

Not to mention, you yourself thought the movie was boring. If it’s boring for you, it’s gonna be worse for a 4 year old.


He’s young - totally dont punish him for that

Sounds like hubby has anger issues and is the one that needs to be punished.

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Your not wrong here, your husband is.

No. Sitting still for long periods of time is not appropriate for him. He literally can’t.


He is a bloody idiot. You don’t punish a four year old for that.

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Nope. You’re not wrong at all. Good on you for sticking with your guns. Dad definitely has anger issues he needs to work through.

Everyone is so quick to discipline/ punish/ hit kids for being kids and that is wrong. No, you didn’t do anything wrong. You did the exact correct thing. Hold your ground mama.

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It was supposed to be a fun outing, just because it didn’t go the way your husband imagined, doesn’t mean your child should be punished for acting like a 4 year old.

Kids are fidgety. Mine are 6 & 9 and still don’t sit still for movies. But they watch it & that is not something they can help. And definitely not a reason to be punished. Shame on him. Good on you Mama

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My daughter couldn’t even sit still long enough to go to a movie theater until she was 6. A 4 year old should not be punished over not sitting still. It’s hard for them

He’s 4…your husband sounds like a spaz

Those kids didnt so anything wrong. Some kids cant sit still for that long. ESPECIALLY a four year old. Now if you said they were purposely being loud and disrespectful to the others watching in the theatre then id say yeah MAYBE punish them somehow. But no, just not sitting still doesnt warrant punishment. Just dont take them there anymore if you know they dont like sitting still and maybe wait for the digital release and put it on the tv at home for them to watch while they play with toys.

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Youve a husband problem I’d honestly look at what other red flags there is in not only your relationship but with him as a parent.
Kids don’t sit still that long specially at that age. It’s their first time and if it isn’t interesting enough to keep them entertained they won’t want to watch it and sit still


No. I think he needs to have realistic expectations. And if y’all bring the 4 yr old again, bring something to entertain them and let them know that was a one time deal. My 4 year old falls asleep at the movies, always has. Sometimes, I’ll pay for the nap. Lol

4 is definitely young unless it’s a cartoon aimed towards his age group. I spent $60 I really didn’t have to take my grandchildren to see Spider-Man whom my young 4 year old was OBSESSED with & we ended up leaving barely half an hour In because he had no interest lol Try talking with your husband or give him time to pout & get over it eventually

no he should not be punished for acting his age, he should not be punished for not wanting to watch the movie. he should not be punished at all.


Not wrong how can he exspect a 4year to sit still thru a movie

No and your husband needs to look into age appropriate behavior. 4yo attention span isn’t a whole movie long. He needs to get a grip.


Shoot in 38 and can’t sit still during a movie. Can a 4 year old sit still sitting anything?

NO he is 4 your husband needs his ass kicked

Nobody can expect a 4 year old to sit through anything, much less a movie at a movie theater. There’s too much stimulation … crowds of people, then they sit in the dark, the sound system is loud, there’s usually snacks & drinks involved, etc. It’s an overwhelmingly stimulating situation for a 4 year old to absorb, and then just be expected to sit still.

You can’t expect a 4 year old & a 10 year old to have anything in common … they should have separate activities that suit their age levels.

More importantly, I noticed you said “my child” and not “our child”.

This sounds dangerously like a division of the family … sort of an “us against them” situation … you and the one child, versus the older child & your husband.

Y’all need to be on the same page …

A four year old should not be expected to sit thur an entire movie at a theater.


So terrible. It’s not developmentally appropriate to make a 4yo sit still for any amount of time. Even in school. Honestly I can’t even sit still during a whole movie. Poor baby. Sorry your husband is doing this but NO you are NOT wrong you did the very best thing. Get him out and let him play and run.

I never took my kids to theaters until I knew that they was ready. I didn’t start taking them until they was 9.
4 is so young they can’t stay still long.

Your husband is an asshole.
You did the correct thing momma.
Also kuddos for sticking up for your child despite your husband’s tantrum.

Sounds like the husband needs to be punished :roll_eyes:
My son is 7 and is yet to sit through a whole movie especially a boring one.

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Someone should punish your husband. He sounds like an A hole. A 4 year old is made to move.

You are not wrong at all! He’s 4!

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Hes 4 for god sake, it could of been overwhelming for him… why do some adults think its OK for kids not to feel or be able to express discomfort in things, yet ok for an adult. I agree with you mama. He shouldn’t be punished, husband needs putting in the bin hes faulty

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You are correct. You did the right thing. Poor little guy.

Your husband is in the wrong. Why resort to immediate cruel intentions?!? Money comes & goes. He just sounds like he wants to make your 4yr old feel like shit and scared. Husband is out of line, when he’s bored of something i bet it annoys him when he has to wait for something to be over that he’s not interested in. You stand up for your baby, Don’t back down momma!

Absolutley not! Your husband needs to learn about children and your 4 year old needs to carry on being a 4 year old


I don’t think punished, maybe talk about what you would like/expect next time, but even then, it’s highly unlikely a 4 year old, or even a 5 year old would sit still through an entire movie. If he doesn’t even sit at home for an entire movie, a movie theater would be even more less likely that it would happen. I think the expectations were set too high for this little guy and definitely doesn’t deserve to be punished for something like this.

He expects your 4yo to sit still for an hour and half but he comes home and acts like a child and throws a fit because the 4yo didn’t get in trouble. That’s worrisome behavior! It’s surprising that your 10yo sat through the whole thing. Makes me wonder if that child was getting yelled at the whole time too. So sorry. What a jerk. :disappointed:


Yeah I haven’t taken my kids to a movie theater because they don’t sit still at home. Punished? Absolutely not.

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No he is young and it’s his first experience. Tell your husband to chill out.


What the hell is wrong with him you don’t punish a 4 year old for not sitting still in a movie theater. HE IS 4 YEARS OLD that is way too long for a 4 year old to sit still. At that age their attention span is still short. He is an idiot and apparently needs to attend some parenting classes and educate himself in child development. Geez that is ridiculous.


Absolutely not. If a child doesn’t want to sit through a movie, especially a four year old, they shouldn’t have to. That’s ridiculous to punish the four year old for this.

14 more years of this nonsense, huh?

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No he shouldn’t be punished the movie was long & not really exciting. Hell my 5, 8 & 9yr olds we’re ready to go before it was over. Only my teenagers wanted to day & watch. Was it a waste of money? Yes but how where you to know it sucked for kids?

Looks like a bad decision on many levels. Bad movie, bad idea thinking he’d just sit and be good, bad parenting for wanting to punish him…:person_facepalming::person_shrugging:

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No you are not. He’s surely overreacting and being an ass.

No. Those are some pretty high expectations for a 4 year old.

No, you don’t punish a 4 yr old for not sitting still in the movie. You did the right thing by removing him to another area where he did not disturb others.
I will say that since there is a 6 year age gap between the kids, this will probably happen more often than you would like. Consider the movie and if it doesn’t seem like both kids would enjoy it, either keep the 4 yr old at home, or if possible, take the 4 yr old to a movie that is more geared toward his age group and let dad and the 10 year old go to the one that interests them.


with as much respect as I can encumber right now FFFUUUCCCKKKKK YO HUSBAND!!! A child this young is NOT meant to sit still! Good for you for taking him out and giving him something else to entertain him. He “waisted money” the second he started screaming at that poor baby. I bet if that wouldn’t have happened he would’ve still had great memories of the family time spent this day

YOUR HUSBAND IS AN ASSSSSSSSSS … and you better than me cause hhuunnttyyy I would care less if he is speaking to me and I’d make sure every toy and sound that annoys him would be going off in that house

Ok rant over lol

No punishmeng. Find a anamated kid movie for him. Do not put the child in a compromise situation. If it had been church I woul say he needed scolded but a boring movie not.

No the 4 year old should not be punished. You did the right thing by taking the child out of the movie.

Pool kid! Hold your ground mama!

Like hell I’d let someone punish my 4 yr old for not sitting still… if I were you, I wouldn’t be speaking to himz


Your husband seems to have a control issue. The child is only four what does he expect!

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Poor little mite…husband is way out of line

Sounds like your husband needs to be punished for trying to punish a preschooler over dumb shit. Gotta pick and choose your battles in parenthood. If you loose your shit over every little thing a child does, guess what they’re gonna learn to do

He is 4 and it’s hard to sit still in the movie theater. No he shouldn’t be punished. It’s something that needs to be worked on. Your husband is way over the top.

I don’t think they should be punished, just explain it to them and how you’ll try again when they are ready to sit through a movie boring or not.
My husband wants to take our 4yr old for his first movie and I said okay but are you prepared to have to walk out because he’s never been in a theater and getting him to not talk loudly or sit for the whole thing could be an issue and he was like yeah of course, I want to try though.
I am expecting to have to walk out because it’s the first theater experience and he can’t be quiet or sit for a whole movie at home but we’re going to try. If he can’t then we’ll explain we’ll try again when he’s ready.
I know I have and will fall asleep in the theater if I’m bored lol

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Remind your husband the child is 4 :woman_shrugging:
My daughter is 8 and still doesn’t sit still :joy:

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Nope he 4, now of your 10 year old did it that might be a different story

No, your 100% not wrong.

This is giving major red flags. You did the right thing mama.

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No way. He’s 4. That’s to be expected.

He wants to punish a four year old for not sitting still for two hours? :flushed: :triangular_flag_on_post:
Punished as is spanked?

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Hubs needs to be punished for being a bonehead and take the kids out for ice cream…end of story.

Your husband is a mean bully!!! My boy is 7 and don’t sit still in the movie especially if it’s boring. Welldone mommy for being such a good mom

No your husband is wrong. Hes 4, hes not likely to sit through a movie. Some do but it’s never guaranteed. Punishing your kid would be absolutely ridiculous. Most kids that age wouldn’t sit through a movie they like much less one they arent into.

Get yourself a new husband!


Dam I’m 63 and still wouldn’t be able to sit in a movie theater that long

He’s four. What four year old sits peacefully through anything? You’re not wrong for keeping him occupied at the arcade. He shouldn’t be punished for being a squirming four year old🤦🏻‍♀️

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He’s 4!!! You are not wrong!

I like your way of thinking better. It is hard for a 4 year old to sit still that long.

I’m hesitant to take my 4 year old because I know he can’t sit still. For Sonic 2 I was nervous but as loud as my son was in the theatre so were all the other little ones in there with us - plus they were walking around. It made me feel just a little less nervous but what I saw is that all kids this age don’t know theatre etiquette yet and it too much to expect them to have it down 100% the first few times around is just wishful thinking.

Stand by your LO and don’t let him be punished

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He’s 4… my 8 year old son still won’t still still for a movie which is why we don’t take him to the movies unless it’s a drive in. Your husband needs a reality check. Amfh imagine being that pissed for a child being a child!

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U can’t except a 4 yr old to set still. No spanking is needed. U tried an that was a new experience for him, maybe try drive in movie next time. Best of luck.

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so I think you did the right thing to avoid having to punish the kid at all by taking the kid elsewhere & entertaining him… by doing that you made sure the situation didn’t escalate to where you’d need to punish/discipline the child IMO so I think the hubby/dad is being a weirdo. We shouldn’t want to punish our kids, we shouldn’t revel in opportunities to punish our kids. it’s absolutely a part of parenting & child rearing that can’t be avoided all the time, but it’s still good to at least try to prevent situations from arising that may merit punishment/discipline. As far as I’m concerned you are in the right for just realizing if the kid stayed sitting in a boring movie they didn’t like, it’s more likely they’d act up & wreck the viewing experience for other guests. it’s odd to me that your hubby / the kids father seems to WANT to punish the kid(s) at first opportunity without thinking of other ways to calm the situation first & foremost

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Your husbands being an ass

Wow do not punish your 4yr old. Children are like this, more so at such a young age! They are still learning. I’m sure if your husband spent the same attention on looking around the cinema room he’d see teenagers and grown adults also not sitting still, messing on their phones etc!

Your husband needs lessons in child psychology… his expectations for your 4 year old are grossly out of alignment with the reality. Shame on him, honestly. Sounds like he’s the one who needs to be punished.


Sounds like hubby needs to b punished instead


He is 4 years old . You can’t expect a child that young to sit still and not move during a movie . I’m 34 and don’t have the patience to sit through a whole movie sometimes . You went a made a family memory . I definitely wouldn’t be hard on my 4 year old over that .

Nope he’s 4 and not ready for a theater clearly.

Yikes. Throw out the whole husband

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Dad/husband is a jerk. Giving you the silent treatment?? Grow the eff up!

Now acting act in a movie cause you don’t like it and are bored but know how to sit still through a movie is a different story.

My 6 yr old ONLY sits still for certain movies like Jurassic Park because he loves dinosaurs. At 4 yrs old he would talk the whole time. He doesn’t need to be punished. He’s ONLY 4. Your husband is an a**hole. Sorry not sorry.

Agreed with everyone else here. He’s 4 my kids never say still in a movie either. That’s why we never went to movies until they were older.

Nope my 6 yr old barely gets halfway through without getting rammy

no u r not wrong he is a 4 year old ur hubby cant expect a 4 year old to set still through a long movie

Your husband is a bully


Woah! Yeah no you don’t punish a 4y/o for nit sitting still during a movie. Also light year did not suck it was cute and gave kids a lesson in team work. Don’t be hating on buzz :face_with_raised_eyebrow:. But yes your husband is completely bonkers! I’m sorry but he’s 4 and I think it’s too young to be taking to a movie. Their attention span is milliseconds long. I think your husband needs to be punished for being a hard add over something so trivial as not staying in a movie. Send him to a daycare filled with 4y/o’s and maybe then he’d get the picture of how very wrong he is.

The first few times I took my daughter to a movie theater I knew there was a big possibility we would have to leave in the middle. I think that is a given.

Your husband has adult expectations for a child as well as anger and immaturity issues.

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I mean, that’s what happens when you take a 4 year old to the movies on. Kid shouldn’t be punished imo

Why didn’t your husband just go with your daughter in the first place?

Nope, you’re not wrong AT ALL! He’s four and his attention span is short especially if he’s bored. I’m sorry but your husband needs a kick in the arse. At my age I can’t sit still if I’m bored out my mind.

Hubby is unrealistic, a 4 year old does not have the attention span to sit still and watch a movie.


Four years old should not have been in a movie like that anyway, & so if this dude is pissed he had quality time with his 10 year old, HE needs some damn punishment :person_shrugging:

Sounds like the 4 year old behaves more appropriate than the adult male…

Personal when we take our kids out movies either less people or seat somewhere there are less people…. Like the top row