Should a child who misses school attend sports?

My child loves going to karate every evening. I go out of my way to accommodate sports. When they don’t attend school because they don’t feel well, I don’t feel they should go to karate of any other sports. If you truly were sick enough to miss school, then you are not well enough for sports. I feel like it is just an excuse to miss school. What is your opinion?


I mean if you’re sick from school then no Karate. It doesnt make sense to stay home from school & go to karate :roll_eyes:

No school, no sports. Not that hard. Who’s the parent here?

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Nope, if you’re too sick for school you’re too sick for any sport. Stay home in bed.

My child would always miraculously feel better when school was out. I made her miss the fun stuff too.

If your sick you need to stay at home. I do the same thing with my kids. If they stayed home sick they dont go to their meetings either.

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No school, no sports

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I agree. If you’re too sick to go sit in a classroom then you’re definitely too sick to do physical activities like karate and other sports

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100% agree. If you are sick enough to miss school, you are sick enough to miss your extracurriculars.

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If u cant go to school u cant do extra curricular activities. Or go to friends houses or anything.


Too sick for school them too sick for sports

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If youre too sick to go to school youre too sick to do anything else.


Nope. My daughter is very active in softball and basketball, if she stays out of school or feeling unwell she doesn’t get to attend practice or games that night. If she’s too sick to attend to her responsibilities (school), she’s too sick to do things she finds fun.


No, when I was a kid if I missed a day of school during the week, I wasn’t allowed to go anywhere that weekend. No karate

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if you’re too “sick” to go to school or work, you’re too “sick” to leave your room. Sorry kid……you made that. bed, now lay in it

If you dont go to school you don’t go to after school activities… plain and simple

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No school, no sports

I have the same rule, if you miss school bc you’re sick then you can’t go to sports. If they had a doctors appointment that is different.


I agree with you and that’s the rule in our house. If your too sick for school your too sick for extras :woman_shrugging:

Yea no school, no extra activities!!!

If you’re too sick to go to school, you don’t get to do anything. Water and crackers in bed. No TV. No phone. That’s what my mom did.

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No school no activities

Sometimes they need mental health day from school


I have the same rule.

Uh yeah! That’s how it’s always been!

No school no practice.

Idk I mean they rested all day so they prob feel better now

Yes i 'll told my kids the samething when they went to school .now im telling my grankids

No school, no sports. In school-usually, you have to be present during school hours to attend school sport events if you’re on a team. So, even if it’s not school related-you don’t get to go to after school sports or events if you don’t feel well :woman_shrugging:t3:

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If I missed school cause I was sick I couldn’t go to extra curriculars either.

Yes, no sports or other activities in the evening!

Agree no school no sports

No school, no sports…

No school,no other activities.

No school no sports.

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My parents had that rule for me and now I have it for my children … no school = no fun

I have the rule of no school, no extra curricular activities. However, I also give them a free day every semester that they can just stay home. It works well and they rarely use both days.

100% agree. You cant go to school you aren’t doing anything except reading or watching TV in bed.
My step son was informed yesterday if he isnt running a fever he was going to school. His mom works at his school so he texted her and told her to leave work early and take him out of school because he doesnt want to go today. She said ok! Lmao

No school , no sports.

If the child has good grades, behavior etc i don’t see a problem now and then. We all need a metal health day once in a while. Right?

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100% agree if your kids are not healthy enough to go to school aren’t healthy enough to attend any activities germs stay home

I fully agree with you !

Depends on the situation for me.

Being active while sick can hurt the liver

That’s how it was when we were growing up

Miss school you will not go to sports!

I mean if they’re sick, why would you let them leave the house? Lol if they don’t go to school they don’t go anywhere else, simple as that!

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I would feel the same. Sports are extras.

If they’re sick you need to stay home or they’ll get others sick🤷🏻‍♀️

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Depends… Generally if they are too sick to go to school then yes, they miss sports or any other extra curricular activities but occasionally there are exceptions… such as if he were to be throwing up/ running a fever the day before and I adhere to the no school until fever/ vomiting free for 24 hours and keep him home that next day I may allow him to go… Use your best judgment- if it’s a legitimate illness then that’s treated a lot different than the “I really don’t want to go to school today illness”…

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I agree. If not well enough for school, no sports either

That was always my moms rule if you’re to sick to not go to school then no sports or friends house

I’d say no school no sports

Agreed! Don’t take them to sports plus if they’re truly sick all you’re doing is infecting the people they go play sports with!


Same rule in my house

I agree miss school miss after school activities

I was raised that way. If you’re too sick to go to school, you’re too sick to go to a friend’s, go to sports, go to anything.

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I’d my kids are sick, they don’t do anything.
No sports, no cards activities. Lay low, rest, and get better.

When you are older and dont go to school you miss the game/competition.
If you are too sick for school you are too sick for sports,fun,work etc your butt gets to stay at home ALL DAY.

Our rule is - You don’t go to school, you don’t play.


It’s a rule here where I live that if your not attending school that day then your not allowed to play that evening

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I agree with you mom 100% ✓✓✓✓✓

No school, nowhere else. 🤷

We were not allowed to compete in games if we weren’t at school at least haft of the day. It was a school rule.


That’s the rule ,when they became teens. If they didn’t go to school they couldn’t go to work

I agree… my boys used to get well at 3:00 every day


I agree. If you dont go to school, you dont go do anything else. I actually made my son miss the winter dance today because he skipped earlier this week.

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The only time i would possibly allow it is if kid was sick off school friday and for example had sports on the Sunday. But only if there well enough to go to school monday x

No school no other activities not even sports.

When I was growing up the rule in my family was if you’re too sick to go to school you’re too sick to even see friends after school unless they were bringing over your homework.

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Totally agree…no school no sport

If they are too sick for school then they are too sick for other activities.

Depends. Unless my oldest has an IV and can’t get out of bed, he goes to bowling. He needs the outlet because of his ADHD and it’s his activity since his older sister is in like 4 things and his dad overlooks him.

Maybe will become an athlete instead of an accountant, Im pro school all the way and at the same time I try to put myself in my kids position.

Yup, that’s the rule here!!

Yep, or playing with friends. If my child tried to pull this they would do schoolwork until dinner time lol

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No activities if you’re not well enough to go to school.

I remember when I was little and I was sick and stayed home from school my parents told me I wasn’t allowed to do sports…I’m gonna do the same thing with my son

I’d threaten to take my kids to the docter for a shot instantly they were 100 % well

Depends in all honesty. Like I 100% agree but for me when I was younger I would miss half a day of school or the whole day because my cramps were so bad that I wasn’t functional for my first part of my first day (I’m still like that to this day) so yeah I would get to do stuff. Or food poisoning lol. Ive got that once in high school. Threw up so much didnt go to school, but after puking my guts out like 3 times I was like a brand new person haha
Though I think I stayed home anyways from that cause I didnt want to chance it lol. Otherwise no I didnt do anything either.

Youre doing the right thing :wink:

Absolutely they don’t go to sports if they don’t go to school. Even if they “miraculously” feel better.

yes i m with u with dis one no school no sports

Completely agree. No friends, no going outside, no activities. My mom used to make us stay in bed😒


You might want to ask if there is something going on at school you need to be made aware of. As a kid I would fake sick often to get out of school and then want to go play because I was being relentlessly bullied by both my classmates AND a teacher.

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I agree… if you are sick enough to miss school… you missing practice too.


No school then no after school classes for my lot :woman_shrugging:t3:

My kid is homeschooled so sometimes hes sick and I let him relax all day and he feels better by evening but overall if a child is sick enough to miss school they certainly shouldn’t be at a sport or other activity. My son’s football and wrestling teams flat out tell the kids if you didn’t go to school don’t come to practice. If your homework is not done don’t come to practice. Not to mention nobody wants your sick kid that was too sick to go to school spreading their germs around at an afterschool activity.

No school no sports.

Agreed! If they miss school then they miss everything. No extra curricular activities at all. No sports no dances no band no choir no nothing

If your sick enough to miss school, no sports that afternoon.

For the most part our rule is no school means no leaving the house unless neccessary.

Yep no school no sports. If they aren’t sick, sucks for them if they are, sports and other crap will only make it worse and potentially get others sick if it is contagious.

I know where im from you are not allowed to attend school sponsored sports/activities if you missed school. We use the same rule for non-school activities. So yes, i agree with you!

If you’re too sick for school then you’re too sick to play🤷‍♀️

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I agree with this as well.

Thats what my parents did. I agree, if you are to sick to go to school then you are to sick to do anything.

No school, no activities here.
If for example she was vomiting sunday night and had to have 48 hours off but was fine tuesday she would be able to attend the sports. Because shes fine just following the 48 hour infection control rule

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Yes academic are nor everything in this world

I feel the same way you do,If my kids stay out of school they lay in the bed all day long,If you’re too sick to go to school, then you’re too sick to do anything

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