Should couples have locks on their phones?

Why bare most men always unhappy, oh yeah they find they can NOT do what they want, and when they want. he is just as guilty as the women that are sending this crap, so you have to decide what you want to do. Locks on the phone usually means nothing good.

DO NOT BELIEVE HIM!!! he sounds like a cheater. He’s not just telling them what they wanna hear. He shouldn’t care about that. U can’t go on his phone cuz he got things to hid.

My hubby and I often use each other’s phones, no locks but that’s us. Everyone is different. You shouldn’t have to search his phone and he shouldn’t be saying those things to any woman. U have to decide what u can handle and what’s not acceptable nobody can decide that for u

LEAVE HIS CHEATING ASS! He is hiding so much from you. Its locked cause he doesn’t want you to see what he does behind your back. A lying dog he is and nothing will change. Get out for your own sanity girl!

Same thing happened to me and mamas im telling you; if you constantly keep finding stuff like that and the excuses his telling you dont sound true its all lies. He’ll tell you what you wanna hear but deep down its exactly how he feels truly. You deserve better

My husband and I have locks on our phones, but that’s mainly to keep our oldest off it lol personally, if I caught my husband saying shit like that to anyone I would leave

You seen the proof. Leave him.


Wtf! Shit would be hitting the fan in my house if that was me.and to turn around and blame you? And because you where fighting he did this? Your to good for him! Tell him to leave! His loss!

Not even a question. I would leave

You dont need anymore signs! This is the biggest sign of all to leave. Sometimes the best choice isn’t the easiest one. Find friends or family who can help you through this process. Plz dont stay, you deserve better!

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Looks like you need to say… BYE!! :v:t2:

Why need a lock if you arnt hiding things? My opinion.

Honey in my experience of dealing with a situation similar to that you need to just leave bc his attitude is that of a cheater and unfortunately their mindset is “No one is just limited to one” so leave

Okay yes it’s okay to have a lock on your phone… because if you lose your phone u don’t want people getting into it

Your partner should know the code etc and have no issue

Umm that’s cheating get the fk out


Me and my husband know all our passwords. We get on each other’s accounts and do stuff for each other like message a friend for me and stuff like that. We were both treated pretty dirty before we got together so we made it clear to each other no funny business and full transparency.
He has been such a down to earth guy. My point hun is that in an honest loving relationship there’s full transparency and honesty. I hope you find yourself in a better situation and know what honest love is. I truly hope this for you. I know what it’s like.

Dump him!! Anyone I date is more than welcome to look at my phone anytime they want because I have absolutely nothing to hide.

You know…why stay?? Don’t say for the kids - otherwise your teaching them it’s ok to be disrespected…

And you are going to believe him? He’s lying to you, and you’ve seen the proof.

If your husband is telling other women that he is ONlY with you because of the kids. That should tell you enough. Girl get out!!! He is telling other women that he doesn’t love you!! He is also texting in a manner that he is single. Exchanging photos. Doesn’t that tell you that he is cheating I am guessing for months or years!! This isn’t a question if you trust your husband or wife with the passwords on each other phones. It’s a question if your husband is cheating and he made that perfectly clear on his phone that he has by his actions!! I don’t care if it’s only on his phone in which I don’t This this would have been the first time that he has done this but even if it was it’s cheating enough to be out of that relationship. Would you want this for your own daughter? Or even better yet would you want your friends and everyone you know think this low of you to TRY and save the marriage even though he will probably do this same thing when the marriage gets to boring or a fight breaks out? I know that I wouldn’t give him the time of day because you said it yourself. He denied everything on his phone and making you out to be lying about the whole thing. I have no clue even with this story on this post you are justifying him and he still has no remorse for his actions!! And yet you are STILL acting social media what we all would do… again nothing to do with locks on the phones!!

This popped up on my feed for some reason. My wife and I have codes on both of our phones but we know each other’s codes. The codes are mainly so other people can’t access our phones. If someone is hiding a code it’s because they have stuff to hide. If they have stuff to hide than leave. Relationships are built on trust and respect and hiding a code is none of those.


Leave him yesterday. Wtf is you doin

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Get out he’s cheating

Argh I’d be so hurt :sob: you poor thing! Surely you know you deserve better

You shouldn’t be looking in his phone in the first place even if he’s hiding stuff that’s wrong on you. But since you did so anyway and found the thing every partner is looking for hot the jack pot , like many other people here I would suggest you break up. Have some respect for yourself.

Toxic person, he’s probably capable of hitting you, Id leave.

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No matter how much you fight its not an excuse for his actions


Who cares why he said or did it. All that should matter is that he DID it. Boy bye. He isnt worth your energy.

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My fiance and I have locks on our phones to keep other people out. We have each other’s codes. We trade phones some days, I trust him.
Thia situation, however, I’m sorry dear but you need to get away from him. He doesnt respect you in the slightest and your kids WILL notice something is wrong with you. My daughter reads me like an open book when I’m emotional. You need to get away from him. Do what’s best.

Two wrongs can never be right.nobody is above mistake.there is no mister perfect right. Understanding and mind of forgiveness is always important in marriage. Get him on the round table as a lovely family .men uses sweet words to get what they want from their side chics because it is what they want to hear from any married man or who is in a serious relationship .i don’t mean that’s right. It’s absolutely wrong but women open your eyes to understand your married hubby better and talk to him with passion when there’s misunderstanding and mistakes along the line than creating more conflict and definitely you will regret it at last. Talk with him first before taking a wise decision.

The fact that he can find emotional or physical comfort in another woman proves he doesn’t love you. And also, I think going through phones is ridiculous, same as having a lock so someone can’t go through your phone. Either you trust or you don’t. And usually without trust relationships don’t work out. I have been with my husband for 15 years. I was 14 when we started dating and now 29… we have been through it ALLL! But I have never once gone through his phone. He hasn’t ever given me reason to. But to me I feel like if another woman can comfort your man or another man comfort you better than the person you are with then you aren’t meant to be.

Trust your gut girl, it knows what it’s feeling

If you have to start questioning why then it’s time to leave. Your significant other should never give you a reason to feel unwanted, unloved, or ask why there are certain things on their phone when there shouldn’t be. Same thing goes the opposite way. If you’re doing those things to your significant other then it’s time to leave. There’s no love when your affection is toward someone else.

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Me and my hubby have locks on our phone but we both knew each other’s password lol

Hahahaha ya that’s kinda lame tell him u wanna know the lock iv shared fb accounts and all if unhave nothing to hide u dont need a lock and if its cause maybe someone migbt steal ur phone then why cany wife have the unlock code hes cheating period

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Do you have self respect (yes ) then you know what needs done !


Screw this a hole hunny. He sounds like a piece of work.

Uh leave. We both have locks on our phones but we know the passwords…