Should I ask my daughters father to help cover tuition?

yes and frankly I would get it court ordered that he pay %0% of all school fees and all extra craticular.

Legally he doesn’t have to if he doesn’t want to he’s paying what he is ordered to pay.

Now you can take him to court to see if they will order him to help pay it.

You can ask, only way to find out. After all it’s his daughter to

Absolutely ask. He may not say yes, but you did your part.


“The only school convenient to work and home is private…”. It reads like this decision was made solely out of convenience. What if he can’t afford that extra expense? Is he then labeled a deadbeat?


Yes it’s called parenting


You can ask, but he has the right to say no.


Was he a part of this decision???


If he has no say in sending her there, it should be on you to pay. You don’t HAVE to send her to private school.


If you can both afford it absolutely.

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If you have a good relationship, hopefully you can come to an agreement. My ex husband and I have it built into our parenting plan. So, in addition to child support, we share half of school tuition and any extracurricular activities. We both have to agree to them and either can enroll and request half.

Yes you should ask him. Her education is his responsibility too. If he refuses you can apply for a court order to make him pay. If you go that route ask that half of all extra activities (sport, religious or educational) be covered by him into the future as well.

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Yes. It’s no different than paying for daycare in my opinion.


Depending on where you are are your child support case can be amended to include the cost of schooling, like they do daycare. School is something that should be decided on by both of you, especially if he is involved in raising her. If he only pays support then, you do what is best for you.

Absolutely. I don’t know about yours, but in my my decree me ex has to pay half of everything school related

It’s worth asking. All he can say is no

Yes. It’s only fair.

That is what the child support is for!

U can ask but he doesn’t have to there are free schools

Never hurts to ask. On a side note however I do feel that if you want him to help pay you should have discussed your child going there with him first before enrolling them.
If he says no you could always take him back to court and have tuition fees added to what he already pays.

Why wouldn’t it be ok to ask ? , it’s his daughter too . He could be a Asshoe and say No , But atleast try.

Pretty sure he helped you create your daughter lol he can help pay for her education. He may have a little problem with it because he pays his support, but that doesn’t mean it’s not his responsibility. If the support he pays isn’t enough for her necessities plus the tuition then definitely ask. Being a parent doesn’t mean doing the bare minimum. Like…oh yah I already pay child support I don’t have to pay that😂. We all know being a mom isn’t a bare minimum job, so dad’s shouldn’t get a pass either

In NH our judge told me I can not get help with daycare or school clothes/activities that is covered with child support. I get 40 a week and went 8 years with no support. Goodluck

It’s his child. Yes, he should cover half.

If he refuses you could always take him back to court and see if they can help you get him to help you.

Best to go back to court to request he pay half.

After reading this child support is really different in each state. In PA they do have to pay for anything extra like dance, karate or any sport. They have to pay whatever % that court has order for each parent. Our order was divided that I was 43% of expensive for anything extra out of child support and his is 57% since he makes more money. You should look over your agreement. Or go to a mediator.

All he can do is say no.
Honestly most women and men recieving child support arent receiving enough to even help with regular Bill’s and the expenses involved with raising a child. I put all the extra expenses in my decree. Damn shame more parents dont make it a must to help with everything unless asked or forced. Thankfully My ex always paid whatever necessary for our kids.

Closed mouths don’t get fed. Ask. If he says no, then you know. Everyone that is on court ordered child support is not bitter about it. In the past, if you were not married in the military, they required you to be on child support. And there are cases where men have signed themselves up.
Now, if he says no, just reevaluate how you use the child support money. As a single parent myself, I never counted on CS. Trust me, you are better off not relying on it. Your child deserves it, but don’t plan your and your child’s well-being around it.

If you took him back to court to make him pay half of school fees, sports and things like that then yes he would have to pay half plus pay child support. I think it’s crazy to make a man pay child support plus want more money for other things but that’s how the courts work.

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Yeah No I don’t agree with this he’s paying child support that includes schooling and shit like that. Besides you only chose private school because it’s convenient for you

Please look into scholarships in your state for private school. My son went to a private high school for the past 4 years at$10,000/ year. I didn’t have to pay anything but the annual registration and uniforms because of scholarships. You can reach or to me if you would like some advice on where to look.

That would be a “no” in my state. If he’s paying CS, then the money should be taken from that. Private pre-k isn’t a necessity and the custodial parent would be responsible for the tuition.

So not only, from my understanding, was he not given an option in her school or where she goes as you said you were going to enroll her, you want tuition help too. Some of ya’ll need to learn what coparenting is. If you can agree on a school and maybe a schedule that fits both of you not just surrounded around you, then i say do that. Instead of asking for money ask for involvement.

No it’s not ok, child support is his portion of money towards the child’s maintainable. School, clothes ,food you name it
Use that along with your potion

Most men only pay what is ordered through child support. But that doesn’t mean you can’t ask. Depending on what he says I would just go back to court and ask for an increased in child support. If his income has increased his child support might also. But if his income has remained the same then you will be denied. Hopefully he helps.

Yes. It’s not one person’s child, and it’s her education which is important. Child support is nowhere near enough for tuition lol unless you really made out but I know I barely get shit :roll_eyes:
Besides you’re asking for help, not for him to pay the whole thing. I don’t see a big deal.

Yes. We only have private prek or daycare. He spilt 2 years of rather expensive preK with me. No daycare as my parents always/do watch him. I have almost all custody.

Yes. Ask. My sons dad pays me child support and anytime there’s an extra expense he pays half. But that’s just how we are. It’s worth a try.


Pre-k is voluntary and free where In FL. Where do you live?

I don’t see the harm in asking. Child support is meant to help pay for expenses like that though. If it becomes a problem, you could always try to adjust the court agreement, but since it’s not a must that she go to pre-k or a must that she go to a private school, I’m not sure how far you’ll get.

No he already pays child support. Enroll your child in public. An inconvenience should not be an expense for the other parent

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You can ask, if he refuses, enroll her and then have support modified to match the new child care expense.

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Doesnt hurt to ask…and if so why not set up a college/educational fund

If one has shared custody take care of your house if you decide to enroll the child so you can have the child with your address at the school you take care of your business, if you have full custody again take care of your business.

A lot of men don’t know and get taken advantage of but have the right to shared custody which will reduce support.
Eliminate support and watch how things change in the mind of the one that has the child.

No harm in asking but tbh this is your decision so you can’t expect him to pay xx


Public schools are fine


I would use his child support to pay for his portion of it since you have a job and you chose to put your child in that school this is your responsibility legally he already does his part he also has a life to take care of for himself and his own bills to pay you could easily put your child in a public school that wouldn’t cost an arm and a leg so you can approach the subject but in the end if this was fully your choice and he had no say you have no right to ask for more money from him.


He pays child support. Why should he pay school fees when there is a perfectly good free education available. It seems you are choosing a private school for your own convenience. You could always ask him but if he refuses let that be an end to it.


Time for him to give half of the cost of school fees. If he doesn’t, take him back to family court.


He should have to pay for half of all her expenses and if he doesn’t get it in writing and go to court asap!! How daft are all of you that this little girl has an opportunity… I’m sure they can work out something. Regardless he should be paying half of all that little girls expenses… What just cause she can go to better school… Sac up and get what you need to for your kids!!


Has anybody thought that maybe with his own expenses on top of child support he maybe can’t afford to pay extra? Was this discussed with him and agreed upon to send the child that you both share to a private school? Was he included in the process of choosing the school? Being the custodial parent by no means gives you the right to decide shared expenses for the child without including the non custodial parent in the process. The father should have had say and should have been given the opportunity to screen the school his child will be attending. Not just asked to help pay


No that’s what child support is for.But if you explain the cost to him he may offer.


My husbands custody agreement was for him to pay school fees amd supplies. She was also worthless so we did school clothes too. Just bc he pays child support does not mean he cant pay for other things as well


If you expect him to pay half the school expenses, you should expect him to have an opinion on where your kid goes and how much it costs


No it’s not ok to ask for half if you’re putting your child in private school.
I had gone through it and lost. Because the court says he pays child support so hes not obligated to pay for private schooling.
I was told to put the child in public school if the tuition was an issue and he couldn’t agree.


I would ask your attorney if they think the court would order it. I am surprised that child care wasn’t addressed in the child support. Once kindergarten comes there would have to be an agreement to spend money on private school

He should go half on all schooling, afterschool afterschool activities, sports, music lessons and instruments. He helped create her. If you work he should pay half of the childcare. Ever year you should get papers to have your child support reevaluate do it. If he makes more money your daughter should get more. You keep a roof over her head, her tummy full, her dressed and she knows you will always be there for her.


So seems to be the biggest reason for this is so YOU can work and this makes it easier. The parent without full custody pays support. Unless you’re ex is in a very high paid job then no, you shouldn’t ask. He has to put a roof over his head and pay bills as well as support. You’re not talking pennies here. Schools have breakfast clubs and after school clubs to help working parents. Also maybe he could help with childcare while you work if he isn’t at that time. Universal credit helps towards childcare costs if you’re a low paid single parent.


no , she’s putting her convenience over needs , she’s chosen to put her into that school so she can get around her work and her life not his .

Millions of single parents find a way around it and expecting someone els to pay for your convince when they already support there child is not ok


When my son was younger we had written up in the agreement that child support was just that for every day life. Everything else like dental , sports was 50/50


Re evaluation is necessary. You need to calculate what you each make, what expenses come along with your kiddo, and break it down by 50:50 if that’s how you split time or 70/30 or whatever the case is. Your child grows so do expenses, both parents will be shelling out more and that’s just it.

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Before enrolling a conversation needs to occur in regards to cost and commitment. Do they offer financial assistance? Scholarships? How much are you asking for in addition? Do you have a better job than him? Does he have a job that could support this! Just because it’s convenient does not mean it is affordable and it must be for both! He is not an ATM and does deserve the respect to have a life as well. Making it a burden on him isn’t fair! A private school is great but it must be within both parents means! If this is approached the right way it could be that he agrees!

Child support is for the basics! You want her to be in private school? So ask him if he can afford it his name should go on the documents for the private school if he agrees!


He absolutely shld & believe is obligated to until high school depending where you live; but I’m not positive! I know my father paid my HS tuition! But he shld pay it, it’s the morally right thing to do for his daughter!


Child support pays for their basic needs. As for finding a good school for your child…and its whats best for your child…then yes you sld ask if he cld help pay half the tuition. A childs education is very important. But if her going to that school is just for your convenience…then im not so sure. But either way you guys have a child together. Maybe both of you sld discuss whats best for her on her education.

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Local school not convenient!! I as a child walked nearly 2 miles to school and went home for lunch. As a mother I took my child to school as I pushed a pram 1.5 miles and did the shopping on the way home! Private schools give children a superior attitude and keep them from mixing with all types of children. Some private schools employ unqualified staff to save money. I know this because I was one of the qualified teachers.


Would be better if he had custody of the child and you paid him support.


My daughter goes to private school and has been going there since Pre-K. Me and her father both made the decision for her to go there and for her of school he paid her tuition because he made more money than me at the time. Most private school offer you financial aid and scholarships that make it affordable for you. But you really need to have a talk with your child father before you decide to put your child in private school if your going to need his help financially

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Child support really ought to be enough…combined with your income too…


No, if he pays support on a regular basis he shouldn’t be expected to chip in for other fees. Use part of the support to pay a portion of it or find something more budget friendly.

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Check with the school to see if they offer scholarship opportunities or grant programs. This could help everyone out with reduced cost. Then split the difference. It also doesn’t hurt to ask him. The least he can do is say no. Then if you desire this choice it is all on you.

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So you want him to pay extra so you are not inconvenienced ? Sure you can ask…good luck with that…


If it’s not part of your parenting plan/child support order then no. You can ask, but he isn’t required to pay for it.


His child support will go up if you submit it to the courts the cost

Ask… I’d even go so far as to put in a request with the court for this expense. My ex husband initially refused, but the court required him to help.

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A lot of factors come into play in this situation. Instead of straight out asking for tuition (as it gives him absolutely no say in the matter) why not arrange for a lunch to discuss her education and present him with the information about this school and why you think it would be best for your mutual child to attend it. If he says, “No.”, then perhaps seeking legal advice for family matters would be best. Depending on your specific state and previous agreements it might be that he is obligated, or that he is only obligated to help out with post high school tuition, or it might be that he doesn’t have to pay any extra. Discussing it with him is best. Good luck!

It doesn’t hurt to ask. The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

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Your choice , he shouldnt have to pay anymore as you already get child support

You need to do order to show cause in court to ask for any increases.

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Yes it is ok explain how expensive it is.

Yes ask my ex always helped with extra things tuition sports ect…

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You want to put your kid in private school just because it’s convenient for you. So you pay for it. The dad is already giving you money for the child’s NECESSITIES. Going to a private school is not a necessity.


You can ask. Just don’t expect.


Child support is for basic needs. You can ask for an adjustment due to a new expense for sure!

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It doesn’t hurt to discuss it

If he pays support, domestics could also make him liable for a ℅ of tuition.

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You get child support… Use that.

No! He pays you already…

Ask him. This is an extra expense probably not factored in to the child support.

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If he agrees on that school then altering the order is not needed. Putting his name with yours on the contract to pay the school with will put the onus of enforcing any delayed payments on the school to chase down, not you. If he doesn’t agree then you’ll have to pay it yourself or pick a public school.

Ask but not obligated.

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Why is this even a question??!

nothing wrong with asking, but if you choose a private school he shouldn’t be forced to pay…use the child support.

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We all want the best education for our kids but if you cant afort it dont do it!!# hes an a hole for not hellping.

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That’s what child support is for he didn’t ask u to put her in private school for her convince


That’s seems to be your choice on the school… court order child support means you left him… so yes ask… but if it’s a no… you need to women up and deal with it yourself…

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You think she might eligible or a scholarship? I would talk to him and see what he says. It might be too much financially for him. But talking about it is a good start and right now would be a good time to sit down and discuss this

In NYS, he would have to pay a pro-rata (EG, if your combined income is 100k, and he makes 40k while you make 60k, he’d pay 40% and you’d pay 60%) amount for out of pocket childcare and medical care. Child support is a BASE. Kids are expensive. The important thing is that the kid is happy, healthy, and well loved. I am sure that he is a reasonable adult and you can discuss it with him. If he will not help out, then there is family court.