Should I be concered that my morning sickness just stopped?

Ten weeks pregnant today at from week 6-8 I was so sick, every symptom you could imagine I think haha nausea, vomiting, hated meat & most food, and hated the smell of so many things… then all of a sudden day 1 of week 9 I woke up with every symptom completely gone. It was like being a whole new person or my old self again, haha. Dr said everything was fine but had this happened to anyone else?


Its super normal, it means your placenta has taken over.


Just be thankful. I was so sick from before I knew I was pregnant literally until I was pushing in labor.

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Yes normal, i had morning sickness right ul until i had my daughter my younger sister didnt get it at all

10 weeks is about the time you’re body figures out the influx of hormones. I was stuck for 12 weeks for 3 pregnancies.

I mean if the doctor said everything was fine I’d chalk it up as a win. I know someone who had to have a Zofran pump most of one of her pregnancies because without it she couldn’t eat or drink anything!

I’m day 1 of week 9 and have the exact same experience!

If the doctor says you’re alright, count this as a blessing. My morning sickness didn’t ease up till I was almost 6 months along. 38 weeks now and if something doesn’t smell or taste right I’m still at a risk of losing my lunch.

Lucky. Mine lasted to week 14 but I woke up the same way one day.

Normal, your close to the end of your first trimester. Be thankful, mine lasted the whole time during both of my pregnancies

It’s pretty much how it goes. Pretty normal.

That’s how it usually is, you have it terribly, and then you just don’t. But it never hurts to ask a dr. Ask them all of the questions you want. :slightly_smiling_face:

I was sick 24/7 from weeks 13-15 randomly… finally went to the doctor and got reclan ordered and the day I picked it up from the pharmacy I swear all my symptoms went away :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: 20 weeks now and still haven’t taken any

Get some zofran…I was sick with my first daughter like that… zofran was a life saver

Yup, I was so happy when I realized that it was lunchtime and I hadn’t thrown up yet. I spent most of my first trimester (second pregnancy) either throwing up or just being nauseous. Then a couple of days into the 2nd it just stopped.

Yes, all of my harsh symptoms stopped in my 2nd trimester and I actually enjoyed pregnancy.

Symptoms do not determine the health of a pregnancy. Every woman has different symptoms and to a different degree. It can and will come back through out your entire pregnancy. Stop over thinking and enjoy the days you feel good.

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Yeah I had terrible 24/7 morning sickness for 5 months. Then one day it was like someone flipped a switch and the morning sickness was gone.

Hope the kids are ok

I wish that was me today I haven’t been able to hold anything in my stomach… I’m 11 weeks

Take it as a blessing. Lol. I was like that with my first. Started miserable then at about 10 weeks i was fine. Best pregancy ever… Then i got prego with my second… MISSERABLE until 2 weeks after birth. ( major complications during labor, horrible emergency csec)
But man how i wished it was like my first. Lol

With my 3rd baby I was done by week 12. My old job was making me sick (I worked at tim Hortons for a min and the meat and food just blah. I was the donut maker) I started to get sick after 6wks (I dpnt test positive till I’m about 6wks) its completely fine.

I didn’t have intense morning sickness like that but the first trimester tiredness went away overnight just like that. What a relief though, right?

It’s okay and normal for it to just stop, but if you are concerned about it call you OBGYN or midwife and ask. I was so horribly ill for the first half with my last pregnancy (3rd) that I couldn’t hold down water and had to constantly go in for iv fluids. Around 20-22 weeks it just stopped and I was ravished (couldn’t get enough to eat). Health baby girl was born October 16th, 2014 and eats like I did the last half of my pregnancy.
You’ve got this and congratulations!!

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I was sick 24/7 with two out of my 3 pregnancies. Be thankful lol

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For me it stopped at 12 weeks, each person reacts differently, I never vomited. But felt nauseated all that time, then after 12 weeks it was gone.

No need to be worried. Enjoy it. You’re almost at your 2 trimester. 2nd trimester is so much better. You get energy back and stop puking. It’s great.

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You should be grateful :joy::joy::joy: my first daughter I puked all day every day my whole pregnancy. My second was so easy i was never sick just so tired every single day i couldn’t hold my eyes open and now my 3rd my nausea is all the time. I live for the days i have no pregnancy symptoms. :joy:


1st kid…sick first 2 months…either morning,afternoon or night…2nd kid just 2 weeks…3rd kid just 2 days…with some meny days in between them…thats it…everybodys body is different so everybodys pregnancy is going to be different…if your dr says its ok then i wouldn’t worry…dont want to get stressed out…and just ask your obgyn anything…i loved the one i had for my 2nd,3rd kids

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I dont want to worry you, but that happened to me as well. It didn’t end well. Everything suddenly stopped and an ultrasound revealed no heartbeat. In my other pregnancies, my pregnancy symptoms slowly got better, not abruptly. BUT dont stress it too much, everything could be just fine.

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Yes goes as fast as comes

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No need to worry! Prayers for you

No. You probably are getting used to your prenatal pills. Pregnancy will make you question everything almost every day.

Because it’s so new, I’d get checked out… but it will likely be ok :slightly_smiling_face:

I am pretty sure that is normal. I wish my morning sickness went away when I was pregnant with my daughter. It started about a week into the pregnancy that’s how I knew I was pregnant and I had severe horribly bad throughout the day sickness until pretty much birth. I would be thankful if my morning sickness went away this early on

I’m 15 weeks tomorrow and my symptoms seem to get worse by the day. I don’t want to scare you, but my doctors say it’s a good thing to feel the symptoms because that means the pregnancy is going well and hormones are rising well. If you stop feeling pregnant or symptoms maybe schedule an appointment just to be sure everything is okay as every pregnancy is different!

Honey, it’s easy to freak out about everything during pregnancy. I know I’ve been there. Morning sickness going away is a good thing! Be thankful. It might come & go. It might be gone for good! Enjoy your pregnancy. Use this time to get sleep, catch up with friends, practice your hobbies. Anything but worry.

Yes I went from being sick to no symptoms but again I didn’t know I was pregnant until I was 2 months pregnant

I was sick for two whole trimester!

First pregnancy right now, just over 13 weeks. I had bad morning sickness from like week 6 to week 9 and then it stopped. I was worried as well, but ultrasounds have been normal and baby is moving. I’m thankful it stopped because trying to work and feeling like that was miserable.

I never had morning sickness with either pregnancy

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Every person is different in their own ways. But morning sickness leaving is a blessing lol

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I’m 14 weeks and sick af still

No need to be concerned
You should be happy and thankful. Morning sickness is not mandatory in pregnancy hun only some of us experience it - not every single woman


That’s How it was for me. One Day I woke up and all the sickness was gone.

The first trimester was my absolute worst and it did improve a lot heading into the second. It very well could just be your hormones balancing out, each pregnancy is different!!

I was sick the first trimester all 3 of my pregnancies. I loved second trimester.

That happened to me. I was so sick for the first three months with both of my girls. Then, just as if someone had flipped a switch, it was gone. I felt great for the next three months and then I started to feel sick again towards the end. I hope all is well for you!

When I found out I was pregnant with my daughter I had morning sickness and I had a cold so I was very sick :nauseated_face: couldn’t eat anything or when my husband I went grocery shopping I couldn’t even be around the meat department I had let my husband finish the shopping I felt so embarrassed

(I was borderline entering starvation I was so sick this pregnancy) they told me that being sick is actually a good sign because that tells them my HCG levels are good, but I don’t know if it’s necessarily a bad thing if it stops. If your doctor isn’t concerned I wouldn’t worry too much. It’s hard to ask about movement because your baby probably isn’t moving quite yet either

Normal and you are lucky!! I was sick the entire time all 3 times

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Don’t stress but if concerned ask the doctor for an ultrasound. I have 4 kids and with all but my first one I never got morning sickness.

I’d go to the doctor… I lost all signs and I knew something was wrong. Lost my twins

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I didn’t even start getting sick until 14ish weeks and stayed sick until about 25-27 weeks. Everyone is different

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Happened to me at 9 weeks, but came back with a vengeance after about a week.

I would probably go in.

I wish it happened to me that early. If you start to feel off, ask your doctor again. Mine stopped around 20 weeks

YASSSSS, me right here !! It was like someone flipped a switch, and turned on a :fire::fire::fire::fire::hot_face::hot_face: cuz I just wanted to :bone: alllll the time after that!!:woman_shrugging:t4::grin:

It’s normal. Things change and fluctuate during pregnancy a lot. Nothing to worry about :slightly_smiling_face:


If really concerned, ask for an ultrasound.

It can be normal.
Let your doctor know you’re concerned amd see where to go from there.

I was hardly sick and could eat anything i wanted just vomitted 1st thing in mornings for maybe week or 2 but not much n was fine rest day still did 9 hr work shifts have a 20month old he was fine

As long as your doctor says all is well, I wouldn’t stress about it too much.

I mean who wants to deal with morning sickness if they dont have to?

You might possibly be further along than you think. It is normal for sickness to go away in the second trimester which your not far away from. If you’ve checked up with the doctor and they’ve said everything is fine, then take the blessing that it’s stopped :joy:

As some one that has had 2 completely different pregnancy, please don’t worry it is normal for morning sickness to ease off.
With my first I suffered HG and was vomiting daily and couldn’t hold food or water down and was hospitalised for dehydration. I was vomiting up until I pushed her out.
With my secound I had a little nausea that just disappeared at week 10 not vomiting just nausea and just woke up one day around week 10 with no nausea.

I had 3 pregnancies that were riddled with morning sickness, well, I called it all day sickness because I threw up from the time my period was only 2 days late to the time I literally delivered my girls. My last pregnancy, I thought something was terribly wrong because I did not throw up once. I had nausea at times but not a single throw up. Lol. I even convinced the doctor to do special testing because I was convinced it wasn’t normal to not be sick with a pregnancy! Everything came back perfect. :sweat_smile: don’t stress about it. If something ends up being wrong at some point with testing and ultrasounds it would more likely than not, be found. Every pregnancy even if baby is the same gender is/can be totally different and each woman carries different. You’re probably just fine! Good luck!

I am going through the exact same thing right now… at same stage too! tripping me out :joy: but have totally gone off meat though like even eating it but I think that’s been coming for a while lol

Get yourself checked out. I miscarried twice before my daughter and my symptoms stopping was one of the signs. My sickness also stopped at 12 weeks with my son, so it could be that you’re further along like someone else suggested. Always better to get yourself checked, to be on the safe side. Call the midwifes rather than the drs :two_hearts:


It’s perfectly normal to feel sick one day and great the next. Hopefully that first trimester morning sickness is over for you. :heart::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Be happy I’m happy for you I threw up for the whole 9 months on all 3 pregnancies. It was awful I carried bags in my pockets when I went out and a bucket in the car :rofl: I laugh now but I wouldn’t wish it anybody. Enjoy feeling great :blush:

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It’s because the placenta is completely formed by that time and morning sickness ends for most women if lucky

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If I had to guess you are probably further along than just 9 weeks…the 2nd trimester which would start at 12 weeks…they say the morning sickness goes away

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Same i hit 12 weeks to the day and felt a 1000 times better

Like hitting yourself with a hammer…It feels so good when it stops!

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Same here until week 22 and still feel nausea and hate smell of pretty much everything food, perfumes, cosmetics :nauseated_face:

Yes during both of my pregnancies. Congratulations

12wks for me, vomiting etc after that I ate everything & kept it down.

absolutely. your going to be fine all smooth sailing now

I didn’t have nausea but had very bad heartburn.

I sure was the same thing not morning sickness all day sickness and she was a healthy 8 lb baby so dont worry

12w on the dot for me all 4 pregnancies

Everyone is different. :blush:

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No worries. Happened here too, twice. Rest easy momma, enjoy it.

Do your research. I swear half these questions wouldn’t even been asked if you actually read about pregnancy. No it’s not concerning. I’m 32 weeks pregnant with my second. Haven’t had morning sickness with either. Every pregnancy is different every women is different. You could have morning sickness at the end of your pregnancy for two days. You never know.

Second trimester, it stops with some women so I hope that’s the case for you

It happens like this sometimes. Relax and enjoy now

After the first trimester, it does go away.

Yes. If Dr says it’s ok, relax.

Yup it can come and go like that

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Listen to your doctor. He should hear the heartbeat, I think. When my symptoms stopped, my baby was not viable but that’s just one person. Enjoy the hiatus and feel good!

Probably nothing to worry about. I was sick all nine months with my daughter including labor. I told the nurse I was going to throw up and she said you can’t throw up your in labor…joke was on her. Only first trimester with my son. Every pregnancy is different


The only thing that happened to me was that I passed out every single time for the 1st 5 kids that I had. It happened in the 1st trimester. The last 4 I had nothing. All my kids ranged from 7.2 lbs to 11.3 lbs and length was 21-23 1/2 in.

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I only had morning sickness with my kids each once. Around 6-8 weeks I’d guess. I had upset stomach and couldn’t deal with certain smells and threw up as a result. So yeah that’s normal. Some people never have morning sickness or like me have a very mild case and it just goes away.

I was never sick nor showed any signs of pregnancy…if I didn’t have a belly and feel the kicks I would have had zero clue. Had a healthy pregnancy w no complications.

My morning sickness hit the minute I acknowledged I was definitely pregnant and I had it morning noon and night and even woke up during the night throwing up. Lasted until the brat (:heart_eyes:) was born, she’s 27 now. My second pregnancy was hit and miss with sickness throughout the pregnancy; never lasted more than a day or two at a time.


When i was pregnant i would have one symptom for a while then wake up one day and it was gone and the other way too wake up and something new was there. Your body is just doing its thing :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Yes I was so sick couldn’t eat or even walk due to severe nausea. I woke up one morning and felt completely normal. Found out later that morning that our dear friend passed away. I have always felt she put in a good word for me. Thank you mama K.


Never actually got sick but I passed out at random times for the first 3 months of my first 2 pregnancies (both boys) With my daughter I felt like I was on a boat in rough seas for 4 months, barely ate and lost 15 pounds. Starting the 5th month it disappeared but I could only eat eggs and chicken, and drink milk, smells bothered me, flowers,perfume, coffee and soap.

My son will soon be 24, but when I was pregnant , the only thing that made me sick was those darn prenatal vitamins! Couldn’t take them, so my obstetrician nurse set me up with Centrum High Potency Vitamin, iron liquid , and a folic acid tablet! My son was born just fine. He is ADHD but has settled alot with age.

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Nope. That’s exactly how it happened to me. I was so horribly sick in my first trimester of pregnancy that I lost six pounds. Then one day, I woke up and I was STARVING! I made up for that six pounds and gained four more in a week.

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