Should I confront my husband about his search history?

I had to use my husband’s phone to look something up. On his search history I found porn hub videos. Ok, men like porn, I get it. But like 2 or 3 of the videos said, teen girls. They were like 18 and 19 yr old girls. This really bothers me. I don’t like that he watches those anyhow! But it really got me upset. He’s 50 yrs old. Would this upset anyone else? No, he is not a weirdo. We have been together for 20 years. It just bothers me real bad. Should I say something to him or just let it go?


Let it go. My hubby watches stuff that he knows will never happen

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I wouldn’t be too concerned, a lot of videos on porn hub have the tag of teen even when the girls aren’t. He could had just been watching ones on the homepage x

I’m upset u crying about it. Get over it. If you not happy with him you could always just leave him . It’s not like he’s cheating on you YET :joy:


Yeah most of what u click on from home page is young girls . Normal shit

I think you should talk to him about how you feel if it’s hurting your feelings. I get how it can make you feel insecure etc coming from a someone who’s been in the same position. But I don’t think he’ll stop to be honest he might be sexually attracted to them but at the end of the day he still loves you.

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Yeaa teen and college are a oretty popular category regardless of the mans age. Id let it go.


Was the search history “Teen girls” ? Or “18 years plus girls” ?
There’s a huge difference right there .


There are categories called teens, but they are grown women who have genes that make them appear younger. Lol. It’s all a role play, I wouldn’t stress it


I always love when I hear the first line. I’ve used a guys phone to look something up and yet I’ve never seen his search history, why? Because I wasn’t looking lol. So just be honest with yourself and others, you have been feeling like something is off so you went through his phone. Ok now that that is taken care of let’s move on.

Yes he’s 50 and looking at teen girls which is pretty gross in my opinion lol but a lot I won’t say all watch porn. They watch all kinds of it. If it is something that bothers you then talk to him about it and just ask him. If you’re marriage is great besides that I wouldn’t stress too much unless it really bothers you

i saw teens on my ex’s once but they were 16 and he was almost 40… and at that point his daughter was almost 16. i didn’t like that . it made me throw up in my mouth. and then after i left him i found out from a police report that someone reported him for saying he was gonna f*ck their 11 year old daughter… not saying your man is at all like that, but you can never truly know.

your feelings are valid, don’t let anyone make you think any different. talk to him about it and let him know how it makes you feel.

Yikes. That’s creepy. Especially if you have kids around those ages.


Just a quick Fact a lot of these teenage porn videos are girls who get trafficked and are drugged up to do these videos… Your husband is probably looking at a mom’s daughter who probably already committed suicide because of this dark and twisted industry…

Sure some of them do it for the money… I get that… But not all of them are that “lucky”…


You said you Used your husband phone so you obviously looked it up yourself


As long as he’s not watching through a window or behind a tree…
Let that man be


I would let it go. Its porn. :woman_facepalming:

Say something girl. If not its gonna eat u up inside!!!


Just went through the same thing . I was very bothered !!! I definately brought it up to him

Look, you went in his phone and looked at the search history so you can’t be mad at what you found. (Don’t ask questions you don’t want to know the answer to) The smartest move here would be to show him how to use incognito mode, it will save you both headaches and heartaches.


I would be upset if it was child porn but 18 is considered an adult nothing to be upset about it

What he watches and searches is what he likes it bothers you because you feel insecure cheated on I don’t know but it’s normal it shouldn’t be but it is men have a weird way of satisfying themselves don’t let it get to you and yes tell him tell him it bothers you tell him you don’t want him to do it again he’s still gonna do it what are you gonna be searching his phone every single day come on there’s a lot of apps to hide all that stuff good luck

Definitely say something

He looks up teen porn. Yes ma’am he’s a weirdo

First off, he has no way of knowing if the girls are that age. Secondly he is old enough to be their grandpa. It is weird.


I don’t necessarily agree with porn but I wouldn’t let it get to you unless he was actually taking pictures of underage girls or something like that. Porn is filmed for amusement and just because it says “teen porn” doesn’t mean it’s actual teenagers.

If it bothers you, say something. Noone can tell you how something should make you feel. If he knew it made feel insecure, he could stop. I get it, seeing your partner attracted to or turned on by something/someone completely opposite of you is unsettling. Tell him how you feel. I’m sure he didn’t do this to hurt you. He may be able to help you overcome this feeling by explaining why he looks at that specific category etc. Communication is key.


Definitely a Weirdo.


If it bothers you, say something and talk it out. It seems like you may be reading a bit much into the situation though. Porn is porn and humans are sexual creatures and sexual needs are a very real and healthy thing. It doesn’t seem like he is doing anything illegal or inappropriate. It seems like you have a problem with it, which should be talked out.

Yeah porn is super damaging. In many many ways. Changes the structure of the brain and it’s connections. They e slowly been inundating our society into thinking it’s “nothing” or “normal” but that’s couldn’t be farther from the truth. Ask him how he’d feel if you were doing this? Hate to say but men and women are different and the equivalent to men viewing porn is women seeking out attention from real men online. People who watch porn on a regular basis can easily become addicted to it. Under a brain scan it’s the same as any other addiction. Sad and pathetic really.

at least they were 18 and 19, and not underage


Yeah, he’s a weirdo. That’s gross. I’d be outta there.


I would say something. Apparently he doesn’t care what age they are . Sounds like a creep to me. 50 looking at 18 year old girls. All I hear is pedophile!


Honestly when it says they’re 18-19 they’re usually in their 20’s from what I learned. I would let it go. Why were you going through his search history? To me that’s more of an issue for invaliding his privacy. Just because you guys are married doesn’t mean he can’t have privacy.


Let it go. He doesn’t know these girls personally…
If you want him to know you can’t trust him, since you went through his history. These girls are fake.


At the end of the day it’s just porn. They are “adults” if they are old enough to make porn. I’d move on.


He fifty & tired of seeing your old wrinkles duh


Omg there are worse things that could happen ! They are legal age and still teens persay !!! If you been married that long and he’s been loyal you’re enough !!!


Porn is a fantasy. Everyone watches porn. If he was out tryna get local girls it’d be different. I’ve learned to just leave the phone alone :joy:

So legal young women are his kink. It’s not underaged girls. Everyone has kinks. I bet he’d cringe at some of the fantasies rolling around your head. Why make him feel shame?


The real question is why are you going through his search history :woman_shrugging:


I’m sorry but he’s definitely a weirdo you just didn’t know it!! Honestly if he’s 50 & looking at 18 year old girls he’s most likely a pedophile


William Ashley Wolfe she weird for not joining him she a boring wife


I did :woman_shrugging: I was on his tik tok going to search our Child up n his search history came up as “hot grils doing sexy dancing”.
I asked him about it and he said it “just popped up when he was searching for my sons tik tok as a suggestion” my sons is puppydogface3000 also he spells girls wrong so I know he typed it in.
Then later on he said he was sorry.
We’ve been together 10 years next month so I was surprised I saw that, I know I’m not hot or sexy so maybe that’s why it made me feel some type away cause I was super hurt when I saw it. he has since deleted his search history’s🤦‍♀️

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I would say something


I would like to shed some light on this issue, while watching porn is something most men do, I will point that on Porn Hub anyone can post their videos, they are not limited to legit film making companies, the reason why it would bother me if I found “TEEN” on the search is because of this man below who kidnapped a girl and was making a profit off of abusing her in the porn hub platform, for all you know they are real underaged teens, I would bring this up to him …… if he wants to watch porn I would recommend getting him a subscription to an established and verified source…… like the ones where MIA Kalifa comes out .

Leave it alone. If his search history said underage girls or girls who look 12 then it’s different. Porn isn’t a bad thing unless it becomes an addiction but that’s my own feelings.

Guess you should dress up like a school girl

Honestly he wouldnt be reading the discription just watching the porn I honestly wouldn’t read into it to much unless it was under legal age which would need to be reported to the police I personally wouldn’t say a thing

Yes it would bother me but at the end of the day they are of age and not a minor. I would suggest talking to him about the issue

I’m gonna be the odd one out and say first if your main concern is the age of the girls 1. ask yourself what would you rather look at A toned 20 year old guy or an older less fit guy. 2 . As long as he’s still willing to be intimate with you then it’s just a way to get rid of the urges when intimacy isn’t available. 3 communication is important in any relationship so talk to him let him know it bothers you but be prepared he may be upset for you invading his privacy (even if it was an accident) don’t get defensive or dismissive just apologize for that part, also agree with showing him incognito mode. 4 it’s important to remember that the people on that screen will never see him in person or touch him so try not to be too upset no matter how hard that is.


Yep that’s a man for ya.I would say something and be like,next time u want to have a good time with me u can go look and have fun with yr teen girls​:joy::joy::joy:


I seriously get so tired of the double standards. When a women in her 40s, 50s, 60s or even 80s is attracted to a younger man, even one who is 18-20s, it’s empowering. Go get him girl! Do you! Live life!
But when a man is attracted to a younger woman he’s a sicko, a weirdo, a creep, a pedophile. Give me a damn break! He wasn’t looking up underage kiddie porn. As far as he was aware, the women in the videos were of legal age (at least they’re supposed to be when Porn Hub screens their content before they publish the video) and there’s nothing wrong with him having an attraction to that. Younger women have a tendency to be more willing to perform kinks and fetishes, things that many women his own age wouldn’t want to try, not saying all women his age wouldn’t.
I’m all for empowering women but don’t shit all over men when they do the same thing. That’s hypocritical. Stay out of his search history and let him have some damn privacy.
Be glad he’s looking at videos instead of running out and having an affair with a younger woman.

Let that man watch porn…Jesus…rather him be watching porn than our cheating on you

My fiance watches it, doesn’t really bug me because sometimes I’m just not in the mood and his drive is so much higher than mine, but he likes to watch cougars and honestly it doesn’t bother me but everyone is different but I’d probably say something though if they were that young. Idk though we are 29

Honey gorgeous models still have guys that like porn dont take it personally. Its pretty normal. I would let it go

The fact he is 50 and he’s searching for 18-19 years old videos is weird!!!
Him watching porn i wouldn’t say is wrong though… x

A lot of people here enable child porn and dont even know it. Shame on any you for being rude about it. A 50yr old should not be getting off to 18 yr olds. Thats normal to you? See a psychologist pronto

Anymore a lot of porn says teen videos, as much as seeing the word teen is inappropriate, the girls are of age.

I’m pretty sure most men would rather watch a fit and young woman, (even if a teen, she is still a woman) than some wrinkled old hag. :woman_shrugging:


How do you KNOW he didnt go from the teen site to a child site? Whats the appeal to the teens in the first place? Having power, intelligence, experience over them? Or is it bc their bodies replicate being young. Explain to me how thats any better please? Genuinely curious for all the people claiming its “normal”, which doesn’t mean its right :thinking:


Listen they title a LOT “TEEN” they could be 21 22 … I personally watch porn but I hate there are one titled this way and I look elsewhere . Pornhub does try to curb anything underage as well. It could just be he likes younger then 30 but you don’t see videos labeled “28 year old takes it in the petunia” you may be over thinking this one … you said dome or all are titled thus way in his searches or downloads? He may just be looking around and have used those search words b4 and found what he liked.

Let that shit go mami lmao

It bothers me too. Especially when they click on teenage girl videos. Just ridiculous


Me and my man send porn videos back n forth to each other so I have no advice! WE "Facebook, do not know the details, such as, how often y’all have intercourse, or is there any romance at all.? Have you let yourself go? Has he let himself go? That stuff matters because it makes a difference. Like in my relationship,we got 5 kids, and not enough room in our house for all of us,so we aren’t intimate very often. Soo we send videos and do other things.

It makes me so sad how many woman don’t realise how truly beautiful they are that’s why thinking of your guy looking at these actresses and feeling like your not enough is actually so further from the truth most guys look at the nearest porn they can get on to there’s not alot of thought into it but you are there love of there lives and the biggest problem is woman and men feeling not beautiful enough or sexy enough unless your trained in acting you will never compare its all an act natural beauty is way more sexy the porn is more of a quick fix the only thing that needs healing is the way you feel about yourselves and falling in love with yourselves knowing your worth and how beautiful you are is way more important then wants on there history

Let that man live!!! Everyone is allowed a personal life even if married. What he wanks off to when your not around is none of your business unless it’s illegal.


Girlllll why are you searching his search history. I don’t go searching my gf just because I needed to use her phone. It’s just porn be lucky it’s not a person. You aren’t available for sex 24/7

You’ve been together 20 years and can’t address an issue with your husband?


Girl that’s like pedophile stuff. I’d lose my sh**!


They say that on all the headlines. It’s not a big thing. He’s watching it becuz your not satisfying him. Better get it together


Yea you should be concerned because if he’d look at a 18 yr old he’ll look at a 15/16 yr old y’all act like the age of 18 makes everything kosher :joy: bih if your man gets off to a 18 yr old he will to a 16 yr old that’s only two yrs difference stop dating and marrying predators. He’s a WEIRDO.


Considering they’re not even legal to purchase cigarettes… yes it’s definitely weird & creepy :unamused::nauseated_face:


I mean at least it’s not chick’s with dicks🤷‍♀️


If you go to the porn sites, most of the titles say “teen”. Generally it’s not really teens just women acting as teens because they LOOK young.

If you dig threw someone’s porn history you’re bound to get your feelings hurt… Or just be disgusted. Lol
I wouldn’t worry too much about it.

Just because you’ve been together 20 years doesn’t mean you know all. If he is looking up teen videos, he IS A WEIRDO.


As long as they’re 18 and not any younger than that I don’t see the problem. Everyone has their own preference when it comes to porn and as long as there’s nothing illegal it’s nobody else’s business.

Men aren’t wired like women. They are going to fantasize about anything and everything! I love my husband with my whole heart but if my celeb crushes made a porn you best believe ima be one of the first ones to watch it :rofl: It is natural for men to look at stuff like that and I’d rather my husband rub one out to porn star than going and finding it for real. Guess everyone is different but if it bothers you then you have every right to tell him how you feel

Ooohh… Yep pissed I’d be

Watch it with him and swop to see 20+ year men and see what he says …


Yes. It is upsetting
But you can not do anything with him.

I wouod have a massive problem with this they may not even be of that age maybe younger and 18 19 is still a teenager I defo would not be happy with that i wouldnt stay with someone who looks at girls that young not a chance


I’ve seen titles “girl bangs 3 footed man”…but the third foot is really just a foot dildo🤷

This right here is disgusting ALOT of you women engaging in RAPE culture. Human Trafficking. Seek help these comments are NOT the flex y’all thought they were.

:rofl::rofl::rofl: this is so funny. Grow up


The amount of issues some women have in their marriage with watching porn is so cringy to me.

So insecure that they can’t watch porn (even 18, it’s LEGAL) yet they always seem to find out they’re watching porn.
It’s like y’all are obsessed with trying to catch them doing something wrong, you just create an issue even when it’s harmless. Smh.

So it would be a non issue if he was watching Granny porn? :thinking:


Yall dismissing this are fucking WEIIIIRRRD.

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imo it ain’t that serious.

I look at porn that doesnt always involve people who look like my husband and goodness the women look nothing like me :sweat_smile:

Meeeeehhh sounds a little weirdo-ish to me :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:


People watch porn… :woozy_face: 18 and 19 year olds are legally consenting adults.

Go watch you some porn and get off like he is…you won’t care quite as much then :rofl:

You ever watch porn…most porn video labels are virgins…teen girl mom and step son or gang banging young girl or even stupid stuff like teen getting banged hard…dad and daughter…mom and step daughter…it’s not his fault the porn industry finds such nasty and yes perverted and pedophile labels for their videos…he is just after porn…don’t get upset at him for the names he doesn’t personally name the videos…go to any porn site and they list a bunch of videos…he prob scrolls through til he finds one he finds the people or female attractive and that’s the video to wack his junk too…he prob isn’t even reading the headline of the videos…so please don’t hate him for that haha…and I’d rather my man be walking his junk solo by himself then out their letting some other female do it for him or me so I don’t really mind my man watching porn…he is gonna do it and if I complained or picked fights he would just hide it better…their is way more important things to fight about he is a man…let him enjoy his pron…hell use it to spice up your own sex life…my man liked it…he wasn’t even watching it when we put it on to see if porn would spice things up…let the man be…and I suggest looking up porn to see what video labels pop up so your aware and not thinking your man is personally typing in teenage girls…most every other video is labeled about something of vigirn or teenage or a daughter or a mom or gang banged…the labels aren’t even what most men look for …so give him a break…let him wack his junk to videos and just be happy he is handling himself by himself…and no offense porn ain’t just for the male species either…give it a try…you may be surprised esp once you get over the awkward and uncomfortablness of it at first…but you may find you like it and be porning it up yourself

Most of the videos say 18 to 19. Also things like daddy daughter. Stepmother and son. It’s just headlines. Calm down. They are adults.


If you don’t like him doing you need to tell him

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One time my ex jerked it to porn when he was laying right next to me in bed (thought I was asleep) so I did the same thing and “thought he was asleep” :rofl: I’m petty like that though :woman_shrugging: you reap what you sow

I wouldn’t say anything, because you would probably be wasting your breath honestly. Might just lead to an argument that will go nowhere and stress you out. I’m not saying I agree with it…I don’t, it’s gross in my opinion, but if it won’t change does it really matter to bring it up? If you really can’t get past it, then get it out…

Maybe you should talk to him about a private browser. You obviously don’t have any interest in leaving the man and it’s not fair to ask anyone not to watch porn. You can also be interested
In multiple different age groups. The “teen” thing specifically would be concerning to me though. It would be different to type in say “college girl” which is still the same legal age range. I don’t care what anyone says about kink shaming it is weird to watch porn where a woman is posing as a 16 year old girl.


You have to make that decision but in all fairness they are considered full grown women. If it doesn’t bother you that he watches porn what is the problem?