Should I enroll my child in Pre-K?

Am I having double thoughts in enrolling my four-year-old to pre-k? would she be backed up if I just wait to enroll her till kindergarten? serious question!! I don’t want to feel like I’m doing something wrong if I don’t enroll her. please help


How is she developmentally? Is she a learner/curious? How social is she? Ultimately it’s up to you. Is she ready/yearning for more stimulation or is she content to be home? Each of my 3 were different. The oldest was ready to be Mr. social butterfly at 4 and begging to go to school, my middle child would have never gone to school if she didn’t ‘have’ to, the youngest was ready at 5 and was the youngest in his Kindergarten but you’d never know it. Every kid is different and you have to do what you feel is best for yours

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Should I enroll my child in Pre-K?

It really depends. I enrolled my daughter in pre school last year to get her use to the class room setting, sharing and being away from home. As long as you are teaching your little one letter and number writing, abc’s, coloring they should be ok. Buy a kindergarten prep book to see what you need to teach them that way it won’t be new when they start kindergarten


I personally feel like it helps tremendously. Even if they don’t need it for the academic parts the schedule and all the other parts is is huge help to prepare them for kindergarten.

We’re trying to do head start and Pre-K. Getting them used to being in a class setting might be very helpful.

I didn’t formally enroll my daughter in pre-k. The daycare she went to did pre-school from 8-12 and then daycare rest of the day. But they had the older adults in the morning during the pre school time and one was a teacher at one point in her career and had the education to teach. She went to kindergarten well prepared regardless though. As long as you prepping your child for kindergarten you should be fine, but make sure she has social skills too, for the classroom. And can handle a class room setting and being in school all day in kindergarten.

All depends on what she is learning at home or daycare. Because when my son left kindergarten he was reading. They need to know alot by the time they get to kindergarten

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I didn’t with my first but I really feel my 4 year old needed it because he lost a lot of social interaction with quarantine and social distancing.
Maybe try daycare or playgroups. Something to help with social skills.

My daughter is 4 and is on her second and last year of head start b4 going off to kindergarten honestly I think it’s a great thing to do it gets them use to being in a classroom setting and use to the swing of school also gives them a chance to make new friends and learn new things and get some understanding and independence away from mom and dad… both my children loved head start and had so much fun

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I think she should go it helps a lot and gives her an idea what to expect in kindergarten…it’s harder on mom than them…

It helps them adjust to school and it helps build their developmental and social emotional skills and being able to socialize with other children. It makes the transition into kindergarten easier!

My parents chose to do two years of preschool and held me back an extra year from starting kindergarten. I was older in my class, but did really well in school over the years. My mom said it was a great decision and wishes she did it with all of my siblings.

I would say its not really needed if ur practicing things at home besides like getting them used to other kids being away from home etc but if theyre in daycare tht helps with all tht. If they arent in daycare or havent been its prob a good idea to do prek so they get used to going to school. Tht first being away like tht will be hard for both of u if ur not used to it but as for learning wise tht stuff can be done at home.

I am a pre-K teacher, there are many developmental skills that we work on. It also helps them prepare for their learning journey. There have been lots of studies that show many of the benefits of pre-k. Myself and well as both my children attended pre-K. Learning can come from home, daycare as well as pre-K they are all reinforcements of each other. Each carries over to the other to help continue the learning and give children the repetition needed in different stages of learning.

I have been finding myself asking this same question lately. I’m leaning heavily on not enrolling my four year old at this time. Instead I’m planning on researching what skills she needs to learn, taking her to our local library for story time and craft time, and looking into enrolling her in some type of martial arts.

Enroll her in school in school in sure she’s looking forward to going

As long as you trust the teachers and the school that’s up to you momma

I enrolled my son in pre k so he could get more socialization outside of us and his brothers. Hes so excited to go to school and make friends. He talks about it all the time lol.

I am a Para educator for kindergarten and you can really tell which kids have preschool and which ones didn’t. It really helps more then you you think to send them to pre-k

Our kindergarten is 6 hours a day, the pre-k might help as a stepping stone to get use to all day school. But I am sure there are alot of kids who don’t do pre-k and everything is fine.

Honestly it won’t matter education wise. We only put our kiddos in the 4yr old pre k for socialize.

I didn’t send my kid to k4; they only offered half day for it and I couldn’t do it so she stayed at daycare an extra year

All 3 of mine went and absolutely loved it, they couldn’t wait to get there so they could see all their buddies.

It helps them adjust to school setting before getting to kinder. Our pre k is only 3hrs and they learn letters,colors,numbers, how to write their name and simple words. We helped her at home and with schools online last year she learned a lot with her older sisters home. They learn simple things that helped them a lot in kinder. They also learn to socialize with others. It helped my nieces a lot to prepare for kinder I would put my kid in it.

My daughter is starting kindergarten this year and did not attend preschool. Do what you think is best as a parent and don’t let anyone make you feel pressured one way or the other.

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My son did not go to pre k and is doing just fine, about to start 2nd grade. I myself did not attend pre k and graduated with a 3.9 GPA with honors. We made the decision with my son so we could easily split time with him 50/50. They’re only little once, but it’s completely up to you and if you think your child needs it or not.

I did prek woth 2 of my 3 and so far it has helped them sith everything

Yes. Send her to pre-k.

I couldn’t enroll in Pre-K because of how my birthday fell (at least that’s the excuse they gave my mom). When I went into kindergarten I was still well within my learning group, and even way above in my reading (my momma made me a bookworm :rofl:). Nothing against Pre-K but it really depends if you think your child needs it or not.

Pre-k could give her a head start on things like writing and counting and help with people skills. I think if you feel she might be a little behind in those things or if you think waiting will cause her to struggle with stuff like that then you should enroll her. If you think she’ll be fine waiting then I see no reason to enroll her other than to give her the ability to make some friends. My cousins daughter was enrolled and she made so many friends there and she was so happy.

PreK is a very good way to get a child used to the routine of school. It is a big change for kids. It was wonderful for my children as they craved interaction with others their own age.

Both of my sisters are kindergarten teachers and they say that there is a huge difference between a child that comes into kindergarten after going to preschool and a child that doesn’t go to preschool. Your child will be better off if she does attend preschool because kindergarten material is now like first grade material used to be. Preschool helps them learn the skills they will need when entering kindergarten so they are better prepared and will have an easier time with the kindergarten material. I would definitely recommend sending her to preschool.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Should I enroll my child in Pre-K?

My son only did one year of preschool and it was only 3 days a week for 3 hours, he learned better and absorbed starting kindergarten. So I say work with your baby at home so they know some and give it a try in kindergarten. Hope this makes sense lol

I enrolled my son in pre-k but not my daughter. As the parent, you know what your child needs. My daughter was writing her name at 3 Yrs old, knew her colors, alphabet, etc. my son had zero interest, hence why I chose to put him in pre school. Kindergarten isn’t what it used to be. There’s a ton of learning going on now and if your child doesn’t know their “sight words” among other key things, they won’t pass kindergarten. I’m sure you will make the right decision for your child.

As a Pre-K/Kindergarten teacher I would say to enroll her. It’s so beneficial on so many levels. It definitely helps when they hit those Kindergarten requirements. :two_hearts:


I didnt send my kids. I worked wirh her at home and enjoyed my last year having her home.

You should enroll her. It’ll be a great experience and she’ll benefit from her teacher.


We didn’t get to enroll ours into Pre-K so when he finally went to kindergarten he was behind all year I was afraid he wasn’t going to pass


I have 4 kids. The oldest two I kept home until kindergarten. The younger two I put into head start when they turned 3. There’s advantages and disadvantages to both. Keeping them home means you are responsible for teaching, feeding, entertaining etc. Pre-k means the teacher is responsible for all that plus the kids learn how to interact with other kids their age in a supervised setting. Not just play dates with moms and other kids. There’s nothing wrong with sending a child to head start or pre-k. There’s also nothing wrong with keeping them home until kindergarten. It’s all personal preference. If you are a working mom then pre-k will help out with childcare. If you’re a sahm, then that’s some free time for you to run errands, clean etc or to just have some time for yourself. Good luck in making the choice that’s right for you and your child :smiley:

My Grandkids all went to Chapel Hill and Elwood Haynes pre+k I think it’s a good idea

Mine went and is starting kindergarten off much better than if she hadn’t. They teach colors, numbers, reading, spelling, etc. and she gets much needed peer socialization which is crucial for development at their age. Plus it gives a chance to see how your child does being placed in school, shows how they’ll adjust, and things they may or may not need more help on/with. More and more people are going with pre-k because its important.


Enroll her. Start the learning early

Early childhood education and preschool and kindergarten. Helps out alot! My oldest never got to experience that early and preschool because back then they didn’t know how to handel kids on the spetrum. Definitely recommend getting kids in early the better. My two younger ones love it

My son went early due to a speech issue from ear problems. Since he is an only child, I think it really helped him socialize better. If u have no concerns that your child won’t benefit, I don’t think they would be “less” for not going.

I did not enroll my son in pre-k. But I stayed at home because daycare is stupid expensive so I was able to just teach him myself, which I had been doing from day one. He’s about to be 13 and has always been a straight A student. Weigh the pros and cons, evaluate what you are able to do for her at home, and see where you end up.

As a person who started school at 3 (kids with disabilities can start and most do around 3. Not saying your daughter has a disability but that that’s just what kids with disabilities tend to do) I think it’s important.
All kids should go to at least one year of school before Kindergarten. I truly believe that it helps in the early years of school. It gets them used go listening to teachers, following directions, sitting for a bit of time and learning academic skills too. Make sure there is a lot of play time for the kids. That’s really important too. But a half day Pre-K class i believe is very important.


I work as a counselor in a school. Pre school is a wonder thing. It preps the kids for kindergarten but slowly. We can see a huge difference in the kids that don’t go to pre school compare to the ones
That do!


Pre school is a great idea.

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Yes they learn so much, they also start to learn independence which they need, for a life they will be living. They learn to work with other children.

I didn’t enroll a few of my kids in the pre-k program & basically taught them from home & they were fine when entering kindergarten & had no problems at all.Alot of parents do it so their child has the interaction with other kids & to see how they do with other adults

I would. My kids teacher told me she can tell which kid has been in daycare, which has been socialized more, which kids have siblings. Prek is more about socialization than anything. They don’t do standardized testing, not many rules to follow. Just mostly about making friends. No reason not to.

Yea why wouldn’t you?

Enroll them as early as possible

Definitely enroll her, even if it’s just part time. It’ll help prepare her and she’ll meet other kids her age

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I didn’t. I just put my daughter in kindergarten. She blossomed! She exceeded in everything.

I would it’s great for them to interact with other children and prepares them for a day at kindergarten

Helps with socializing skills and starts the weening process the parents need to practice for leaving them at kindergarten….

You would be amazed at the jump-start it gives kids for school

Enroll her. It helps them in so many ways. Not only educationally but socially. My kids and grandkids loved it and looked so forward to going. It’s most times just part time a few days a week.

We didn’t have the option of pre-k back so I just taught my kid what he needed to know. He was ahead of his class when he started. We were military so my son was in kindergarten in 3 different schools. He started in NC, then we came home to Wisc on leave before going to Japan.

It has it’s good and bad sides… I think we r forcing kids to grow up way to fast but they do learn interaction with other kids… But my kids and grandkids never saw a day care ever!!

If she is somewhere safe and is thriving keep her in preschool. We throw our kids in school too fast. That age is about exploring /pretend play. Not structure all day long and less nap time.


I enrolled both my kids in pre-k. They loved it. Made friends did art projects.
And made transferring into kindergarten a lot easier

They didn’t even have pre kindergarten when my kids were little. They start so young now days. I wouldn’t. Not with covid. Just let him interact with other kids and teach um how to count and all that stuff. Life is short enjoy them being little.


I went to Kindergarten and my mom took care of me before then. Our state forced Kindergarten and I went when I was 4 (just about to turn 5) My mom wasn’t happy. Back in the 80s in High School I excelled in computers (pretty much testing out) and had a 3.75, graduating 18th in my class. Parents can exposure their own children to so much before Kindergarten… my sister and I were always over achievers. Back in the 80s I was training people to use computers. Let your child have a childhood but take them to museums and teach them things…

She’s better off at home with her mama


See if your school has half day classes. She will get the interaction with others and basic learning without being there all day. Some kids can’t handle it to be honest. That’s what we did with my grandson. He wanted to go all day so when the second semester came, we let him go. He loved going to school.

You should enroll her she would probably love it especially getting to Interact with kids her age my son loved it and is now ready for kindergarten

I enrolled all my kids in pre-k and im thankfulni did. It helped to prepare them for kindergarten on a 1/2 day schedule. They weren’t so overwhelmed when they started going a full day. They learn so much.

Two girls here. Neither went to preschool. One has graduated and just enrolled the second in high school. Both will have or hopefully will be graduated at 17. So IMO do what you feel is best. I chose not to.

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Yeah, best I recall from back in the 1980s, kids need to be home with one parent or another until they turn 3 and then they need to go into pre-K. They realize other people exist and they want to interact with other children. Besides, at age 3 they absorb, process and digest information (learn) like nobody’s business, at a rate like I hadn’t any idea. Until I had one and after work/preschool we would talk and watch Fred Roger’s. Keep it honest and know what you are talking about, there is nothing you can’t explain to them, they need the additional information.

Pre K is wonderful for students. If you are able to send your child, you definitely should. They learn numbers, letters and colors. They get to sing and learn how to be independent during cafeteria.

First, your kid is your kid. Their pace is their own. The worst thing you could do is try to pigeon hole her into a situation that she doesn’t thrive in. If she is a structured child and is a sponge - enroll her. If she is insecure and isn’t a social child - hold on a minute. Learning isn’t universally the same and behind is relative to your perception of society. Don’t teach her to be a follower. Teach her to lead and to grow in her best environment. I learned this from my own children. It is I who should have taken a lesson lol

Yes, do it. They’ll learn so much faster. I recommend at age 3. Before 3 important to still have them on a routine and having some learning and activities

I taught my daughter colors, shapes, numbers, writing her name, alphabet, etc. at home. I enjoyed being with her everyday and I never considered preschool. I worked nights so I didn’t miss anything with her. She did fine when she started school. It’s really a matter of how you feel about it. It is good for socialization and sharing, but she can learn the same thing with siblings/ cousins or kids at the park.

Yes enroll many great advantages come from pre k. Not just structure, it’s more of socializing, playing, and basic learning skills to help kick start kinder. Ultimately the decision is yours though. :slightly_smiling_face:

Just to let you know most children are in a childcare setting from 3 years old here in the UK. … They then move onto nursery / kindergarten age 4 which they go to in morning or afternoon and then full time school at 5… I can’t see it being anything but a benefit to your little one xx

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Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Should I enroll my child in Pre-K?

I didn’t send my two oldest but my youngest went it didn’t really teach her much they learn the most in kindergarten it’s up to you and the preschool my daughter went to was only a few hours a couple days a week

I wouldn’t. Not with covid


If you have the option I would definitely put her I’m just for the social part of it. Playing and getting along with others is a big part of kindergarten. Following a routine as well


If depends on where you live. If there isn’t an academic aspect to PreK in your area, then it’s really not a big deal if they don’t go. Its probably more of a social interaction and playtime setting. If it’s an academic based PreK program, then I would send them because they will be behind when they start Kindergarten.

With COVID-19 being a factor i would definitely say no and just teach her as much as you can at home. Alphabet, colors, and numbers is the main things they should really know before kinder. Well using the bathroom on their own and tying shoes is also a good start as well. But I definitely wouldn’t worry about not sending them if you can do those things at home.


One of mine did it and one didnt. Today they are both successful college graduates. Do what is best for your child.

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it could hinder her later on, we are sending our 5 yr old to prek this year

There’s nothing wrong with not sending her, if you don’t want to. I’ve sent all of mine to headstart to improve their social skills and it really helped them. My oldest went thru speech therapy in pre k and it helped him so much. My girls liked it mostly because they got to play. They all learned how to stand in line, share with others, write their first names and some other cognitive skills. It’s hard tho because I feel they are still babies at that age.


I didnt go to PreK and I was ahead of my classmates.

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My daughter loves going to school. It helps them learn letters numbers and how to play with other kids I feel like it gets them ready for kindergarten


I have 5 kids. My oldest 3 didn’t go and my two babies aren’t going to go! They’re completely fine! All good students and learn at a normal pace. My grandpa told me that it was just a glorified daycare lol ours anyway :woman_shrugging:t2:

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I enrolled my son in 3 and 4 k. It helped him due to speech delay as well as me having time to think without kids. Sounds kinda selfish, but I needed time to just breathe and be alone.

Not even sure what pre K is lol my kid did 1yr of occasional care (3 hours a week at a kindergarten)
1yr od Kindergarten (Same place as Occasional care)
Now in school.
Worled well as a transition and he loved it. We’d never been apart before he started OC. No regrets. My daughter is on her 3rd year of OC, will do kindergarten next year, then school. She adores the staff and loves going every week

Absolutely! There’s so much research on how beneficial pre k is for kids. Not that you’re doing anything wrong if you don’t. But it is actually so helpful to prepare for school & helps for years to come. It’s even shown kids who do preschool are less likely to drop out of highschooo

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Today’s pre-k is the kindergarten of my Era I would enroll if it were me.

I have sent all of mine to headstart and preschool and helped them when they entered into school. So honestly it is what you think is best I might have to enroll my 4 yr old into an online program because there isn’t a pre school in the school district which sucks!

My child has been in pre k since she was 3 an she has learned so much writes her full name knows what signs on the road mean she counts to 100 in English an Spanish lots more social skills an so much more an she already testing in a second grade level math

Here’s a really good article :slightly_smiling_face:

I have twins with a late birthday (December babies). We opted to send them to jk for the second half of the year… in total they’ve only had 4 months of in class learning all thanks to covid. Anyways… I don’t regret my decision to keep my girls home… you need to do what’s right for your kids, you and your family! :revolving_hearts:

I waited with my oldest until she started kinder but my youngest have been in preschool since 3 years old and I feel they are more advance and love school alot more since that’s all they know …plus their peoples skills are more advanced as well