Should I have more than one baby shower?

I need advice. I had a small baby shower with 10 people with my daughter. I am pregnant again and I find out the gender June 18th. Do I have another baby shower ? Or what do I do. My childs father wants to have one and so does my mom but some people tell me it’s wrong to have a second one. But my step mom had one for each of her kids.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Should I have more than one baby shower?

Baby showers for every baby :heart::heart::heart:


If it’s a boy I would have another.

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I’ve had a shower for both my kids. I didn’t know that was a thing lol

Have a sprinkle. It’s a smaller scale “shower” that still celebrates baby


It’s called a baby sprinkle for a second baby.


The only ettiquite rule is that you don’t throw one yourself.
If people throw them, have them.


I agree w Sarah Rose

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I had 2 baby showers for my first 2 baby showers for my second and 1 for my third baby all less than a 2 year gap so f*** what people say and enjoy your pregnancy

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I had two baby showers… my kids are also 12 years apart but I don’t see anything wrong with having more than one.


I see nothing wrong with baby showers for every baby! I’ve always heard though that you only have a shower for your first child of each gender… So if your 2nd was a girl as well then no shower but i don’t think it matters.

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I had one with my first, a boy. A small one with just family with my second, a girl. Currently about to have my third, another girl in the same season as the previous girl so we opted to not have a shower since we only needed a few bigger ticket items like a crib, etc that we would purchase ourselves. Every baby deserves to be celebrated and you should do what feels right for you!

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Yes. Sprinkle especially if opposite sex.

Every baby deserves to be celebrated. Have one! It’s your life, don’t let people dictate what you do with it. If they don’t like it, they don’t have to attend.


Do what you want. I didn’t but I wish I would have. All babies deserve to be celebrated. You don’t have to accept gifts if you have most of what you need either if that’s the issue you’re struggling with.


If you having a girl, no. You don’t need one. If you have a boy, you could.

Yes you should have 1 for every pregnancy it’s a way to gather loved ones around to get excited About new baby and celebrate new baby…you can only have 1 baby shower no matter how many kids u have 5 yrs or more rule was made for our parents and grandparents it’s an old logic doesn’t make any sense do what you want

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Have your baby shower and dont invite the people who said you shouldnt have one.


You dont only celebrate babies by having showers.

Have another and call it a sprinkle instead of a shower

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I never threw myself a shower. My sister, mom, mother in law, and cousin did. I say let them throw you another one especially if it’s a boy.

I had showers for both. They were different genders. I didn’t mind gifts but they were appreciated. I was just happy people came to hang out for food and cake.

I had a “sprinkle” for my daughter’s 2nd child. If you need stuff, have a shower! (Well have someone else throw you the shower) Baby shit is expensive! Take all the help you can​:heart::heart:

Have fun with friends and family!

Do what makes you happy!

I’ve only ever heard that you’re not supposed to throw the shower for yourself, someone has to throw it for you but I also don’t know to many people who have a baby shower for every baby unless they’re many years apart :woman_shrugging:t4:. I’ve had 6 children and have never had a baby shower. Something about the "showering of gifts " part always made me uncomfortable

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It’s usually just for your first BUT if U want another one go hard…

I’m pregnant and I’m gonna have 2

Generally if it is a boy then you would have a second. I know people who have them with each baby. It does not bother me. I think each baby should be celebrated and don’t mind buying a gift each time. Usually after the second I will ask the soon to be mom what she needs. And if all else fails, diapers, a gift card, or something for mom always works.

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Have another!! Each baby needs its own new stuff!

I had one for each of mine I even put them all together

It’s never wrong to celebrate your new baby with people you love and accept items to prepare for them. They don’t deserve any less attention because they’re number 2, 3, 4. Do you mama! Everyone else but daddy irrelevant!

Tradition says no, but tradition was made before clothes and other baby items were offered in gender specific and were made to last several years.
Modern convention is it is allowable, but unless it is a different gender or has been more than five years, no big items that can be recycled from the previous child, so things like clothes, blankets, diapers, soaps, certain toys, etc are fine as are car seats since it is NEVER recommended to recycle those, but the big items like cribs (unless the old one is still in use and the older one is still too young/ dmall for a toddler’s bed) strollers, high chairs, gates, etc are on the nope, don’t ask for it list.
A lot of people won’t even really do more than a celebration and a diaper raffle with a few games (maybe accept gifts if people feel like bringing them regardless) and call it a baby sprinkle instead of a baby shower if it is a second, closer in age baby.
At the end of the day, do as you will, just try not to ask for big ticket items if it can be avoided unless there is a five or more year difference between the two kids.

There is nothing wrong with having another babt shower or gender reveal. Your baby you decide.

Have the shower, it’s a new baby, every baby gets a shower. Whoever doesn’t like it doesn’t need to come. People always have opinions especially for a mom to be, and most of them should keep those opinions to themselves.

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I am pregnant with my second child and my husband’s third, we are having a baby shower. Our youngest are 6 so we don’t have any baby stuff. The minute I told family and friends I was pregnant they started talking about throwing a shower. I will never understand why people make such a big deal about having more than one. My husband and I are very laid back so we are having a BabyQ with this pregnancy. So more of a BBQ vibe with not so many “baby shower” games and no crazy decorations.

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I had one with ALL 3 of my kids! One for my first, then i got pregnant 6 years later with my second so i had another shower, then i got pregnant 13 years later!! So i def had another shower !!

I had a baby shower for all 4 of my kids if u want one do it

It’s called a sprinkle!

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I had one given to me by a friend and her family. I got a few gifts in 1979. My bf the father and future husband went out and bought and provided everything for the baby. Well… it was twins. He went out and had gotten everything all over again after they were born. Then after their baptismal a few months later, his mom had a big party and all of his family members brought lots of nice matching clothes and toys. After that we had an introduction to baby party for our other 3 children after I finished postpartum healing and was stronger to host.

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Different gender or far apart, sure. Close ish together, they tend to call it a ‘sprinkle’

Sometimes its even about the gifts or anything but just making that mama feel special and giving her some time to relax and enjoy a lovely day with friends and family

Have one if you want

I’ve had 3 and had showers for each that family members have thrown as a surprise to me.

Do what you want mama

Negative Nancies need not be invited. :woman_shrugging:t2:

No it’s not wrong a baby shower is to celebrate the baby and to help the baby and parents be ready for the birth of baby to come in this world and the parents be as prepared as possible for the baby. If anyone in the family has an issue about the baby shower then they won’t come it’s on them and that there problem not yours you enjoy your baby shower and your baby congratulations :tada:

Every baby deserves to celebrated IMO. If YOU want another shower go for it. Those that don’t agree with it can stay home.


A lot of people are having what are called “Sprinkles” a little shower. To add more what you already have. Its quite a cute idea. If you don’t need big stuff like high chair, crib, etc do this.

I had one from my dads family and my sister did another one with my moms side of the family and my work had a small one for me when I left
When my first was born and it was the same when I got pregnant the 2nd time with my twins loads of ppl tried to give me grief about but I had 0 control over any of them, it takes a real p.o.s let someone else baby shower effect them lol

My understanding is someone’ else usually puts on a baby shower

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Why not?? Every baby is just as special! If you have baby stuff and really don’t need any, you can always ask for diapers and wipes or gift cards… But yes. Celebrate away, if that’s what you want to do!

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I see nothing wrong with having a baby shower for each pregnancy. It celebrates the new tiny human about to arrive in your family. Even if the same gender for the second baby as the first you may find that you will need different things like new car seat for the second because the first child is still in that car seat or double stroller to accommodate two little humans if there is a small enough age gap that the older one will still need to be in a stroller when going out on walks/ festivals etc.

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Every baby should be celebrated.


I have 4 kids and each time I had a baby shower thrown by someone different! It all helped me with each baby


it’s never wrong to have a baby shower, i feel that with each pregancy u have u can have a baby shoer for each -nothing wrong with that !

You can do whatever you want. It’s not illegal. And don’t invite those who told you it’s wrong.

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It’s a celebration of the baby. Why not have another? Maybe not ask for the big things or like maybe outfits or diapers/wipes. Or just have people over for food, cake and games :woman_shrugging:t3:

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I’ve got 3 kids had one for each kid

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What happened to baby showers being a surprise? I remember them being planned by a close friend or maybe a relative. Maybe I’m old lol

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Do what you want to do momma!

I had two actually three. I had two with my son. My best friend gave me one and my SS Class gave me one. Two different sets of friends. I only had one with my daughter, totally different people, different city. It’s totally acceptable these days, my son and daughter-in-law have six kids. It’s nice to have new stuff for the newest member of the family, especially if the gender is different.

Have another baby shower
More gifts for you n bubs

EVERY Baby gets shower and as many of them as you want.

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It’s okay to celebrate every single baby. People are weird to be negative.

I had 2 with my first. One with my husband’s family and our friends and the second one with my side of the family. For my second baby, we had a gender reveal party but not an actual baby shower due to covid. Do what you wanna do Momma!

You can have a second one. You can have one with every pregnancy if you want. I had one with my first and second but I didn’t have a third one and honestly I’m kinda sad I didn’t. My daughters 2 1/2 weeks old so I think I’ll have a meet the baby one in a few months, when she’s a little older because of covid still being an issue and I’ll just let her get a lil bigger before bringing her around that many guests. But I def wanna have a lil party for her!

You can have a second one. You can have one with every pregnancy if you want. I had one with my first and second but I didn’t have a third one and honestly I’m kinda sad I didn’t. My daughters 2 1/2 weeks old so I think I’ll have a ‘meet the baby’ one in a few months, when she’s a little older because of covid still being an issue and I’ll just let her get a lil bigger before bringing her around that many guests. But I def wanna have a lil party for her!

I had one for all 3 of my kids. My first was a boy, my second was a girl, and we had an unexpected/unplanned pregnancy 4 years later after we had gotten rid of all our baby stuff.

I called my second a sprinkle instead of a shower. I mostly just needed diapers. It was fun and worth it.

Have a baby shower, either do yourself or get your best friend to plan it for you so you can just relax and uninvited anyone who made you feel like crap

Have as many as you want to have I had one for each of my 3 kidd

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Do whatever you want. It’s nobody’s business. :woman_shrugging:


Do you want one? If you do, then have one…if you don’t, don’t have one

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In my circle women only have one. Do what your circle allows.

I had three :woman_shrugging:t2: I wasn’t planning it, but multiple people threw me one on their own accord

Yes…2 children…2 different celebrations…

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Each child, every pregnancy should be celebrated

Instead of baby shower you could call it a gender reveal. Otherwise have the baby shower. It is about getting together and having fun not about getting stuff.

I had 3 showers for 1 of my kids.
I didn’t throw them, my work threw me 1 & 2 family parties, before & after baby was born.

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Have another and the ones that said it’s wrong don’t invite. Surround yourself with love :heart:


You can have as many as you want

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Yes no rule out there saying you can’t. This is a celebration of the up and coming newest member of your family share the joy.

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It’s technically the baby that’s getting gifts, not you. So, therefore, it’s acceptable to have a shower for every baby.


Have you a damn baby shower. Screw what others think

I have 3 kids. Went girl, boy, girl so I had 3 baby showers. Of course mine were spaced out 2007, 2015, and 2020 but whatever your family wants to do for you, allow them to

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Yes if its what you want. X

If you want one have one. If someone doesn’t agree they don’t have to go. I have 4 kids and had 4 baby showers

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Do whatever makes your heart happy. I didn’t have one for my first because honestly I don’t believe in baby showers…. But for my second which I had 14 years apart… my sister in law insisted and planned it herself.

Do you need stuff for the new baby ? Do you want to? That’s what matters

A shower is a celebration of a new baby , there’s nothing wrong with having a shower for each baby .

I will not invite those who told you that you can’t have it

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It’s not wrong, do what you want to do.

It’s totally fine to have another one! Every baby should be celebrated! Besides, it’s not like you’re trying to throw it for yourself - people who love you want you to have one, and I assume one of them would host it, right?

If you’re still worried about it though, or if you honestly just don’t need a lot of stuff, you can just do a “sprinkle”. You don’t have to put much on the registry if you don’t need much, it can be more about gathering with loved ones to celebrate the new little one.

Some people who have sprinkles - just in order to have a celebration, bc they don’t need any new items for baby - will put on the invitations something like: “We have everything Baby X needs, we just need your presence! But if you’d still like to bring a gift, a box of diapers or can of formula we can donate in Baby X’s name would be a blessing to families in need.”

So, you really have a lot of options! You can do anything from a full shower, to essentially a half shower, to basically a reverse shower where you’re celebrating your LO but your guests are bringing items to bless local babies in need with. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

It just entirely depends on what your needs and wants are! Don’t feel bad or guilty regardless of what you choose, ok? Congrats on your newest addition! :heart:

Have another it’s a diff baby I love baby showers everyone does

Have the baby shower. Celebrate each baby. Whether it’s your 1st or 5th. Have the baby shower.


Every child deserves to be celebrated :heart:


I don’t believe in the “only one baby is allowed to be celebrated” that’s like saying you can only have 1 birthday in your life. It’s wrong for people to even say that. Do what makes you and the child’s father happy! Have y’all a baby shower!


I don’t see anything wrong with having another baby shower. You’re celebrating this baby too! What you could do, for the gloomy gusses who want to rain on your parade, is plan a gender reveal baby shower. Don’t tell anybody the gender of the baby until the day of the shower. (Except the baby’s daddy if he really wants to know) and have fun with it.