Should I have more than one baby shower?

I don’t see anything wrong with having another baby shower. You’re celebrating this baby too! What you could do, for the gloomy gusses who want to rain on your parade, is plan a gender reveal baby shower. Don’t tell anybody the gender of the baby until the day of the shower. (Except the baby’s daddy if he really wants to know) and have fun with it.

Yes have one for each baby it’s a party to celebrate you and the baby. If you don’t need major things then ask for diapers or clothes

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Have as many as you want

Have one… it’s not wrong at all. Baby showers are to show the expecting mother that she is cared about and to get the baby important things that mom can’t always afford alone. No reason not to have one for each child

Why is the first baby showered with love. And the rest are treated like the red headed stepchild? :person_facepalming: Celebrate all your kids.


We are having a 2nd baby shower. Our 1st son was born 6.5 years ago and even though we kept everything we are having another shower for this baby … it’s going to much smaller than the 1st but it’s still a shower (sprinkle). We are doing maternity photos too.

I had a baby shower for both my girls

I chose not to have a second bc I needed nothing . Do you need stuff?

Every child deserves to be celebrated :heart:

New baby absolutely no matter what # kid

Hi for it they’re fun and needed. GL girl

It’s an old fashioned thing!

Most people have showers for each child. Have another shower for this child.

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Why not! Celebrate the baby I had 2 baby showers 4 years apart. People have to many opinions.

Yes have you a baby shower! I did with both of my kids.

If you have a friend willing to throw you a baby shower, go right ahead. The cost of diapers during those first two years is enough to make anyone want to have a shower!

It’s ok if u have 2. Showers rock!

you can have one its called a sprinkle not shower

You can always do a sprinkle… let people know you have the big stuff… just would like a few new to baby things! You should be able to celebrate all babies no matter how many you have!

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Each baby deserves a baby shower.

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Let people come celebrate you and your unborn child if you and they want. Ignore the others. They won’t be forced to attend. It does not have to be a gift grab but a celebration where people gift you and your unborn child if they desire.

There is nothing wrong with having a 2nd baby shower. Enjoy it


Celebrate each baby. The ones that say it’s wrong don’t invite them or have the around the baby.

I had 2 baby showers one in 2010 the other 2019.

I had one for each of my kids

If I had ten kids, I’d have one for each one. I only have two but I had one for each!

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You can have as many baby showers as you want most people don’t have a second baby shower if their second child is the same gender as the first one because they already have the same stuff now if the sex is different on the second child then you may need different gendered stuff which there for a baby shower is called for

Have one if you want one

You can have a “sprinkle” shower. How far apart are the kids?


Yes you should have another one

This is my 4th and I’m still having one it’s more about the celebration

I had 2 showers for my first son and one for my second less than a year later. It’s a new baby, a new celebration! Enjoy!

Don’t b selfish…b grateful

Have the baby shower! The world is full of ugly right now. What’s more beautiful than new life!

Back in the day, one only had one baby shower, But if someone is going to give/throw you one & people come, why not

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Everyone does it now. Go for it!! :blush::heart:

Yes, no rules how many baby shower you have

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I had a second one, but I also have a 10 year gap between my kids. Lol

Have one for your new baby

I was given 2. One for my daughter and one for my son 4 years later

You are going to need new things. It’s not like you have diapers and all that left over from the first one. This baby deserves the same amount of love

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I just did my second baby shower and I had two for both sides of the family lol

I have two kid’s I had 1 for each I think you should have 1 with every child it’s more of a celebration have one have fun

It’s not wrong to have as many damn baby showers as u want… Whoever tells u it is is probably jealous

I had one for each kid. Why should one be celebrated more then another? Baby #3 here. If they don’t like itvthey don’t have to come.

No rules about that my friend. Do what you want!

I had a shower for each one of my 4 kids. It’s a “love offering” to each of them. Not just the first

Yes one for each kid, every child deserves that attention :heart:

If they want to throw you one let them. Who cares what anyone else thinks.

In terms of “traditionally”, you only have one baby shower for your first. Then you can do a sprinkle, which is just a smaller version of a baby shower. Still speaking traditionally, they say it’s acceptable to have another baby shower if your previous child is 5+. However people are gearing away from that traditional aspect. There are so many people that do a baby shower with each baby they have, some have sprinkles after their first, or some don’t have either. I think you should do what you feel is best. If your mom wants to throw you one, let her :two_hearts: If people want to come, they’ll come! If they don’t, they don’t

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I believe ever baby should be celebrated. A baby shower is not just for gifts. It’s to celebrate the arrival of a new child. People honestly make such a big deal about anything these days. Do what feels right for you. Celebrate the life you’ve created! :heart:

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This isn’t the 1940s. Those social norms are long gone. Have the best baby shower ever! And btw, congratulations :tada:

I never even had one.

Yes have one no matter how big or small give ur baby that patty

A baby shower is to celebrate the child. Regardless if you had a baby shower with your first this baby deserves to be celebrated, everyone will have their own opinion my advice is just to ignore them. Do whatever you feel is best.

It’s your baby and what you and the father want

I didn’t have another one but you can

I had two different showers for one baby! You do you girl!

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Definitely have one but this time u know better what things u will actually use so u can ask for more practical stuff on ur registry

I thought the purpose was to help provide the new parent with essentials for the new baby. If you already have a small child, you probably have most of the essentials except for 1000 diapers and maybe formula. Little baby clothes lady forever because they only fit for 15 minutes.

It’s a personal preference. I had one for each pregnancy, but there are also 5 years between each of my pregnancies and the last two weren’t supposed to happen. My twins were girls, and I was told I couldn’t have anymore kids, so I didn’t save anything. Five years later my son was born and again, I was told I was lucky to conceive and carry him, and that I wouldn’t be able to have anymore. So again, I saved nothing. Five years later, my daughter. Have the shower, those who come, come. Those who don’t, don’t.

I had one for each of mine too

No. People can gift when ever or at baptism

If it makes you feel better call it a sprinkle instead of a shower… but have one!


Do what you want to do. Who cares what anyone else thinks.


I think the old tradition of one shower has totally gone out the window because people get excited and want to celebrate all babie.babies. so I personally would do another if you want to answer if someone doesn’t like it they don’t have to come.


Celebrate each baby!


I ws raised you have a baby shower when you are pregnant no matter if its one time or 12 times. you have a baby shower. When you get some stuff from the first one what was not used for that one can always be used for the 2nd. But the other babies is going to need diapers, bottles,binkies,wipies etc etc etc you sure cannot use the old one for the new baby. You do what you want to do hun and those that does not like it well tell them that is your baby and you will do what you want.


I’d have a baby shower. It’s a celebration of the new baby about to be here some people call it a sprinkle instead of a shower :)

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Schitt’s creek talks about having a baby sprinkle for your second kid. Like a shower, but smaller. So do whatever you want to do I mean this baby should be celebrated too

Usually a friend will hold a baby shower for you or your church could.

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Do what you want!! I had nobody come for my first and the next one I’m going to have one because it’s been over 5 years and well I’ve nothing really

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It’s up to you,and the person having shower.

Every new baby deserves their own celebration. Have the shower mama!! :white_heart:

I had one for my son not my daughter I wish I would have cause it would have been so much easier so if you want another one go ahead

Do what you like I had several that were given by other people

So what you want. If they think it’s wrong they don’t have to come.

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i never had any so i dont know

What the hell why is it wrong to have a second one? It’s for a different baby. Every baby is special and deserves to be celebrated. It’s what you and the father want not what other people want.

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Who ever is telling you it’s wrong is jealous

If the baby is a boy and you are sure yes you should have one and let everyone know so they can get the right gift it is so hard to buy when you don’t know

Most people I know have a baby sprinkle after their first baby shower, same thing just a different name.

EVERY baby deserves to be blessed and given a special day!


I celebrated every one of my pregnancies

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Let people do what they want to do you do what you want to do I had a baby shower for all 3 of my boys

I didn’t get one with my first it was planned but the day before in was supposed to leave to go to get it (I was out of state at the time of). I had totaled the car. When I got pregnant with my son we did one, mainly because my first was a girl and they are 3 years and eight days apart

I say do what you want and don’t worry what anyone else says. Who makes the rules anyway?

I had a baby shower with my first but didn’t with my other two but that was because to me it was a waste of my time and energy and money. But Its really up to you. I didn’t enjoy my first baby shower and it wasn’t for the lack of people showing up because there was about 20-25 people that showed up but I don’t enjoy being center of attention. If you want to have another one than go for it if not don’t have one.

I think each baby should have a shower!

What!!! My question why cant you have a 2nd baby shower? I had 4 and I have 4 kids so??

Have a second shower.

Nothing wrong with having a baby shower for each blessing coming into this world. Enjoy it all. Congrats

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Every child should have their “own” babyshower. Look at like this; everyone has a birthday and they celebrate it every year. You are bringing a new life into this world and a Baby shower is technically their very first birthday party. So live it up. Shower that baby with as much love and attention as you want. Don’t let others tell you what you should or shouldn’t do.


If it’s a boy you could but a lot of people just do a sprinkles after they have a baby shower

But do what you want if you want to second shower have one who cares what others think right

I had one for both of my kids. Though my first child was a boy and now my second one is a girl.

Have a baby shower, it’s a welcoming for the new baby​:baby_bottle::baby_bottle::baby_bottle:

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You have One baby shower.

Have a second one have a party to celebrate with the people that love you - I think it’s totally ok :+1:

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