Should I keep on potty training my girl?

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Should I keep on potty training my girl?

I mean she’s barley 2 I’d try working with her a little but not pushing hard

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My daughter is 2.5 and started showing interest in the potty at 2. I follow her lead but also encourage her to try and potty when I go to, we have good days where she is on top of it and days where she just has no interest except first thing in the morning and before bed. Try not to put to much pressure so it’s not a negative experience but a exciting and proud one :grin:

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Is she showing interest or are u tired of changing diapers
Just sayin

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If she’s ready don’t use pull ups etc. Regular underpants work best

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Potty training is trial and error and can take up to a year. Don’t stress her out maybe just let it go for today. Start fresh again tomorrow. Encourage her take her to the store and let her pick a pair of panties…these are special we do our best to have no accidents in them.

3 years old was the magic number for both of my kids (girl and boy). I didn’t have to do much of anything honestly. I didn’t stress over it and made it fun and they just did it. I think kids will do it when they are ready and stressing over it and forcing them might make it harder for them. Enjoy your time with her while she is little, they grow up so fast. :heart: ~rene’


Just keep trying and dont scold her for accidents. My daughter was 8 years old before she stopped peeing on herself at night. I took her to the doctor several times and they said until their brain fully developed in that department Theres nothing you can do.but keep up good hygiene and love them.

Just keep at it. It takes time. My kids started learning around 2 and didn’t really get the hang of it until closer to 3.
Is she interested? Have you taught her what the potty is for? Does she actually want to learn? If yes, then keep going but don’t expect her to get it right away. If NO then I would wait another 6 months or so to teach her.

Is the potty in the bathroom? When you go take her with you🤷🏻‍♀️

My son was 2 when he showed interest and wanted to use the potty, he was fully potty trained within 3 days he’s never had any accidents. Don’t use pull ups its confusing, go right to underwear. He’s 5 years old now and still has no issues with using the potty.

Use actual underwear instead of pullups. Only use pullups at bedtime. Make a basket of small treats/rewards for her to pick out when she uses the potty. Hype her up, give high fives, tell her shes awesome. Dont make it a task & dont get frustrated with her about it.
My daughter was fully potty trained by 2.5

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Uhh well accidents are part of potty training…

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All kids are different I have 3 boys and all 3 have been very different when it has come to potty training so I say you know her better than us and if you feel it’s best to wait a little longer then wait a lil and try again. Or Everytime you change her have her sit on the potty and see if that helps

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Just remember we all learned to use the potty. Don’t stress. Everyone learns at their own pace.

my daughter turned 2 in may and we have 2 different potties and I don’t believe in forcing her if she isn’t showing interest because it will just make it all around stressful for us both. if she wants to take her pants off and sit on the toilet she does and i’ll ask a few times if she needs to use the potty and if she says no or she doesn’t want to I leave it that. all kids are different and develop at their own pace dont be discouraged by other children her age being potty trained it doesn’t mean she is behind at all :relaxed:


All 3 of my girls started early 2’s they showed interest in big girl panties and it to off from there! Still did trainers at night and packed 1-3 sets of extra outfits in the car or bagpack as needed. The oldest was the easiest and fully day trained in about 3/4 months :+1:t3: but the night time took about 6 more months from there. To each there own with kids :woman_shrugging:t4: good luck and stay positive :wink::two_hearts:

Yes keep pushing, put an alarm every 20 to 25 mins to remind you to take her then you take her and make her a sticker chart stay with her at least 5 mins there she will eventually pee and when she does let her put a sticker wherever she wants on the chart and keep doing this take her before bed for sure, it’s hard but gets better my daughter got potty trained at 2 actually both my daughters and they learned in around 1 to 2 weeks max! I did not use pull ups only underwear, and also encouraged them alot, good luck!

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I only used pull-ups at night . My girl started taken her diaper off when ever she was wet that’s when I knew it was time big girl undies

Only start if she’s showing interest, not if you think it’s time because of her age


It depends on the child.
My daughter had shown interest after turning 2 so I got her a potty chair and some training undies. It was very clear the first day she just wasn’t ready even if I thought she was so I didn’t push the issue. Every once in a while I try again and see how it goes but so far she just isn’t ready and that’s ok 🤷

If she’s showing signs of being interested I would continue. But accidents happen and are a part of potty training.

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My daughter turned 2 in July and we have had some of the same issues. She’s one strong willed kid… :roll_eyes:

You could always try buying her, her favorite character panties… see if that helps. If she was a bit older I’d suggest the same thing but tell her that (insert favorite character here) doesn’t like to be wet or dirty so make sure you tell mommy when you have to pee.

My son learned at day care. They were teaching one group of kids and he was so upset he wasn’t in that first group… he caught on quick when it was his turn… I don’t remember how old he was though

Every 20 minutes is a bit overkill. It will frustrate both of you. You know your daughter. Watch her and look for ques that she may need to go. When she does, make a big fuss about it. Lots of snuggles, praise, and a small treat. No punishments for mistakes. They will happen often.


If she isn’t showing signs of interest you’re gonna spend more time fighting than potty training. Accidents will happen no matter what really, don’t punish for it.
But my daughter is about to turn 3 in less than a month and shows interest on and off every few months for like a day or two and then nothing so I’m not pushing it


I started all my kids at 3. They were all trained within a couple weeks


Keep trying make it fun reward her for just sitting on the potty but reward with something she really likes if she goes on the potty lots of praise

Don’t stress yourself ,she will pick up on your emotions .

“oh crap! Potty training” BEST. BOOK. EVER. focuses on this age group specifically! Worked great for my boy and started at the same age!

When my daughter was around that age and we tried the potty she did the same but the more we tried to make her go the harder she fought and now she’s 4 and still struggles with the potty. I regret that everyday. She may not be ready yet.

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I didn’t push. My kid had no interest in potty training at 2. No joke his third birthday he started going and was fully potty trained in 2 days. He’s 100% now and even wears underwear at night. I let him decide and it worked

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Get some training pants with the extra thick padding to help soak up if she has an accident

once my daughter turned 2 she had e ery sign she wanted to be potty trained but every time I put her on the potty she would scream and throw a fit so I gave it a little more time an sooner or later her big sis came to help and cheer her on and she wasn’t screaming no more and eventually after putting her on the potty every 10 mins she got the hang of it and with in a week she was potty trained i used toddler underwear so she knows that she peed on her self when she did bc she would know and learn her bladder more when its full and how long she can hold it before she can’t make it

Yeah make it fun and every 20 minutes will make you both crazy , just maybe , morning, afternoon, before naps , after , before a bath and make it fun. Sing the potty dance song :musical_note: , and clap and give reward. :clap:

My oldest 3 were day trained by the time they turned 2, my youngest has just gone 14 months so I’m about to start the process all over again :sweat_smile: but I’m not pushing at the moment just as she shows interest. Every child is different xx

At daycare they put them on the toilet every nappy change, maybe give that approach a try? It’s why I’m doing at home with little one now too :slightly_smiling_face:

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Unless she shows interest, I’d wait til she is 3, then use the favorite character as motivation. I used this with all 3 of mine and all 3 of then were train within a few days, and did great both day and night. Don’t stress over it, she’ll get there when she is ready.

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My daughter hated the “big potty” but really took to the little pink one we got her. Would that be an option for you?

Don’t get discouraged. I have twin 16 month girls currently potty training about 3 weeks. We have only had about 3 potties a piece in the potty. They sit well most of the time. We just got 2 where they know when their wet, they go 2 the bathroom 2 get fresh pull ups on. It takes time they are learning a new skill just like any other they will not get it right away. Patience and consistancy is key. Some tips that might help u, if u haven’t already get her a potty that looks identical 2 the big 1, take her when u go 2 show her what she’s supposed 2 be accomplishing, lots of praise and small rewards go along way, taking her often and sitting atleast 5 min a time is a good start. My oldest wouldn’t train as long as she was wearing any kind of diaper I put her in trying panties she was trained in a week. Some people let their kids run around with no pants on until they are trained because it’s easier 2 tell when they need 2 go. If she feels more free doing it that way u might get her 2 train faster. Traumatizing her and forcing her 2 do those things won’t get her 2 train it will just take longer. It’s OK u got this! Just don’t give up.

All my kids started at 18 months and did great, i also started them at about every 20 min. its a lot of work and takes lots of patience. I had them in loose pants no underwear they each had about 3-5 accidents and nothing after that. My oldest still struggled for a few more years with having accidents while sleeping so I still had a pull up on her for naps and bed but she’s all good now. My boy was doing great til he hit 2 and a half then all of a sudden refused to go poop in the toilet, then the night before he turned 3 he decided he was ready and didn’t have anymore accidents.

I started both my son and daughter around 2 but it didn’t go well and I refused to force them and make it about my control rather than their development. I kept it in mind and encouraged them when they showed interest but didn’t make it absolutely necessary. Both of them at the age of 3 just decided to start using the potty (we had the seats u put on the toilet) and never looked back. All on their own. Ur not failing at parenting if she doesn’t get it right now. Don’t worry, she’ll get it.

Unless you want to be putting her on the potty every 20 minutes for several months, it’s probably okay to wait until she’s either a little older or shows signs she’s ready.


when you go take her with you. and keep the panties on except at night. And once she wakes up take her to the potty and put her undies back on.

Wanjiku Rosemary comments its not easy …

When she wakes up dry in morning (usually around 3) was what pediatrician recommended and was good advice for my kids.

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My youngest is 21 months and showing no interest in sitting on toilet but tries to go in there to play with water . But my oldest daughter which is now 13 she was fully trained by this age

I found the easiest way was to use a small portable potty that basically went everywhere with my daughters so they had less accidents. They dont always have time to get to the bathroom. Loose pants or panties are better than pull ups or training pants

One thing to note when you’re starting training, expect some accidents

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Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Should I keep on potty training my girl?

Honestly every kid is different i have 4 girls each one ready on there own at different times but by age 4 to 5 for sure with accidents here and there. My youngest is 3 and its been on and off until her birthday hit last month she started ripping off all her wet pull ups with only one pee in it and said i need new pull up so i put her in panties full time lo and behold she is potty trained with occasional accidents at bed time and depends on drink consumption what they drink how often ect. The more she eats less she drinks better chance of a dry bed in the morning

It can take weeks. My kids started training at age 1 took awhile but I never have up


I had a hard time with my son and I worked really hard with him for 2 weeks with no headway. I woke up one morning with a really bad headache and just couldn’t do potty training that day so i put him back in a diaper. That’s all it took. He was trained. He wanted nothing to do with diapers.

Don’t give up. This is hard for you both. Encourage her, take her to potty when you go. Sometimes they need to see how it works


My mom told me this story and it helped me stick with it. This mom asked her 5 year old when are you ever gonna learn to use the potty?! The kid said when you quit putting these diapers on me. I started at 2 and had no luck but with baby #2 on the way when she was 3 I stuck with it. She had sooo many accidents! Eventually she got to where she hated being wet and started using the potty. She still has accidents especially at night but she has gotten so much better! She just turned 5.

I bought both my girls a bright red pair of lacy butt panties. At 18 months old. Never peed their pants again.

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What motivates her? Stickers? Small piece of candy? My daughter liked candy so I gave her a small piece each time she used the bathroom. 30 minutes after she went potty she was heading back into the bathroom. I asked her “what are you doing?” She said “I want more candy so I’m going potty again.” It worked for me.

Just keep working with her takes time but once you start stick with it.

Wait a couple of weeks and try again. If you push too hard, she could completely refuse later on.


Try giving her a small piece of candy or ? Each time she uses the potty. She will learn really fast. Works well

I gave my kids stickers and Skittles and gave them more alone time after they potties. We have so many kids that the ones potty training asked for alone time so just give them things that motivate them and keep up with the 30 minute timers it helps alot

My daughter honestly didn’t even start using the potty until she was 4, she refused until I took all her pullups except at bedtime. I didn’t even buy her any & she just stopped having accidents & that was the only thing that worked for me but we tried with no luck up until then.

My oldest is autistic and I tried every day for three years to get him to go potty but as soon as I started potty training his little sister too he took off his pull-up and refused to put on another, he hasn’t wore one since!

So sometimes it helps them go potty with other kids to see that it’s ok

My son and daughter both potty trained better when they were ready. You’ll know when they are ready. I introduced them each to to potty and when they showed more interest I put them in underwear and they caught on fast! If you push to soon then you can scare them with it.


it is kid dependant, and she’s learning accidents happen in the process of learning, my kids are older but I’ve gotten into the practice of telling them my embarrassing stories, and how I try again, it sometimes helps. However, maybe just keep the potty out see if she wants to use it, when she wants to use it. My little girl trained herself. It helps to exaggerate the awesomeness of successful ones, help her brush off the accidents.

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I tried with my son and gave up. Different reasons. A day care owner told me what to do. I fully dressed my son and when he peed his pants. I told him he had to undress . Shoes socks pants and underwear. That was it. Never had another accident. Good luck.

They have training pull ups at Walmart cheep. They work everytime. Sing the pottie song.But dont give up.

Potty trained my daughter when she was 2, I would put her on the potty every 20-30 min she would still have her accidents and even if she didn’t pee I would still make her at least sit on the potty. We would sing a song, read a book, play w stickers. She did really well for about 6 months improving everyday and then all of a sudden she decided nope, I don’t want to do this and the accidents came ten fold. When she regressed I didn’t push the issue I figured eh she’s only 2 so i put her in pull ups (not diapers!) And once an hour I still made her sit on the potty. One day she pooped in her pull up and came to me and said “mommy I pooped I don’t like it change me” I responded with " well Sloane you realize if you just sit on the potty when you feel like you have to pee or poop you won’t feel that yucky in your pants" and ever since then she has been 100% potty trained. Up until the last 6 months I would wake her up 1x a night (she goes to bed at 9 and I usually woke her up around midnight) to use the potty so she wouldn’t pee the bed!!!

They are ready when they are ready, we tried our son and he was having more accidents than wee’s, we left it 3 weeks and he was trained both day and night within a couple of days. It can take longer if u try and force it, not to mention how time consuming it is constantly putting on potty etc

My first daughter was so excited to get big girl underwear, she was my easy one had a hand full of accidents if that and she was good after that, trained before 2. Now my youngest didn’t show any signs of wanting to be potty trained, she was a little over 2, she always wanted her diaper on, i had extra diapers laying around but I threw them all away. Outta site ,outta mind, only big girl underwear, she had multiple accidents but she hated the feeling on her and being wet in underwear. Stick with it momma ,you got this!!!

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She nor u will get on the first day if u feel shes mature enough to patty train keep at you guys will get it good luck

Take her to buy big girl panties and let her pick out the kind she wants. Buy a lot!

I literally put potties everywhere! I had one in the living room, one in each bathroom, and one in any other space that wasn’t in close proximity to those. The potties sat there before she was really interested in using them. But she would sit on them, and then when she could communicate enough to somewhat know she had to go, and what the potty was for, the pull-ups came off and she peed on the floor a couple times, but she was pretty good about using the potty. Except to poop, that was a task all on its own. There was also a book call Potty Train, it’s super cute and I recommend reading it to her, and really going all out with the exaggeration of the writing. My daughter loved it!

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Just keep doing it. I’ve been trying to train my kid since he was just under 2. He’s almost 4 now and finally out of pull ups for day time. Night time is still pull ups but we’re getting there.

Get a washable marker and let her sit on the seat back words and let her color on the back of the seat my daughter loved it and thats the only way i could do it

Keep trying and praises. She won’t learn and make it a habit after one or two times. Keep working at it. Then pooping is another one. :slight_smile:

If it’s warm out…take the pants off and let her run around outside. She won’t like the feeling of pee on her leg. Don’t give in.

If she is ready it only takes a couple of days and if you try to soon you can actually make her go backwards in learning. I say wait and let her tell you she is ready and do not traumatize her by forcing her to sit on the toilet

Is she showing signs she is ready ? She may not be ready

Once you start stick to it, I believe it more confusing if you bounce back and forth.


Do they still make little girls silky panties? Those feel horrible when they get wet

Keep trying! She’s going to have accidents, that’s just part of it. She will get the hang of it!!

Should 9f started at the age of 1 lollipops did the trick for me

My daughter did a sticker board for her son and it worked wonderfully

Too early, it will only cause future problems

Yea unless you want her in diaper until she’s 6

I slowly started my son at about 1.5 by taking him when he first woke up for the day or from a nap so he would start associating it and then slowly through out the day. I had him in pull ups and he would go in those but underwear he hated being wet. He’s 3.5 now and has had a handful of accidents since switching to underwear (pee accidents we still are working on pooping on the toilet and have gotten no where) but he pees 99% of the time on the toilet

Every child is different and each child will start to show signs when they’re ready. There is no magic age. Three of my four children were older when trained. The only one who learned early was also my only bed wetter. If you want less drama and trauma surrounding potty training, don’t push it.

My god you’re a parent she’s two who the boss in the house her or you

Kristy kristy, Kaitlyn44

Keep putting her on.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Should I keep on potty training my girl?

if she has already peed in the potty that is wonderful. Keep it up they have accidents but once they get it they get it! She is on the young end to. I tried to start at 2 with my boy but he wasn’t completely ready until 2.5 and he was completely trained in 1 week!

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Don’t stop! This is a great age for learning something new. Accidents are part of potty training. For as long as she’s known you she’s been asked to go in a diaper…it’s going to take time to learn to go somewhere else. Expect a lot of accidents the first few days while you learn her cues and she learns to recognize what’s happening inside her body. I recommend reading “Oh Crap! Potty Training”. Lots of great advise in there. Best of luck!

Not too early. I just stayed home for a few days , kept my daughter naked from the waste down and kept a potty in the room we were in (roll up any are rugs to save yourself some work). Within 3 days she got it, but just needed to have a potty really close by for a while…I kept one in the car for a while. She asked for the diaper because she hates the feeling of pee running down her legs…in short order she will make the connection that now she uses a potty instead of a diaper


I started mine by this age use underwear and remind her every 5 minutes ( gets repetitive) bht it does work. Accidents happen but i used smarties as Potty treats when she used it for any purpose even just to sit down i knew she was understanding and only took 4 days before she had no accidents atall and hasnt since xx

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I would recommend taking her to take her and pick out “big girl” underwear so she’s included in the transition. Also the potty trainer on Amazon timer. That reminds them to go to the potty. Or getting a toilet seat ( for the kids to put on the toilet ) or getting her a themed toilet beside the potty.

I think it’s very important to communicate, and let her be involved in this transition. Such as maybe making a potty chart or something fun!

I also think it’s very important to be understanding if she does have an accident. Ask her how come she didn’t tell you? And remind her she’s not in trouble and it’s okay and next time if she feels like she has to go to tell you.

I wouldnt force it but keep offering her the chance to go my daughter was this same way i started trying wen she first turned 2 she turns 3 in dec and we started again last week and she is almost completely trianed

From personal experience, I would try for a couple days and DO NOT push it, my kiddos are stubborn as heck and potty trained at 4 1/2, it’s sort of a control thing that they sometimes don’t want to let go of (that’s what their doctor said basically)

Go by the signs in the almanac. Works much better if signs are right!

I tried at 2, 2.5 and both of mine finally got it age 3. One girl. One boy. You will know when she’s ready. Since your asking, my guess is your probably already thinking she isn’t ready. Don’t push her if she’s not ready. Try again in 6 months.